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  1. ya they should remove the dead body scare thing i mean in real life i saw a dead body wen i was about 9 or 10 after that i seen a few an it dont make me react like the charcters in the game they are all over doin it to an extrem thats wierd
  2. the sad truth is they made a crap game cuz they didnt even watch the movies they gave the campers stamina bars but jason who btw is a 90+ year old fart can walk an run forever without a stamina bar that is punishable by suing an the ppl who worked on this game basicly they got everything wrong in this game maybe someday some 1 will make a good game but it wasnt this game
  3. Yes i completely agree here with this the game was put together very badly they took a great horr movie thing an ruined it by throwing in some things never in the movies theings they made up to what make the game enjoyable to pple that wanna be the killer and use that to ruin pplss fun things you need to fix remove 1. jason dont stop cars the cars mess jason up LoL throw him down 2. jason dont swim he drowned for crap sake he aint learning to swim ever cuz he is retarded 3. jason is just a mere mortal ya he can heal fast but thats it also after the part 3 ending where the girl axes his head hes not just retrded now also brain damaged look i found the clip but if its not allowed mod please delete but dont ban me im just trying to educate ppl here thats all now check it out i went to see this movie in the theater in 3d
  4. if they do that then they must give the counselers the ability to call in the army air force and have perks for bionic legs arms and also include flame throwers and asid round for the shot gun
  5. update it so NObody can be jason an jason is always like a boss character NOT controlled by a human person do this an you can save this already unsavble game this is how it shoulda been from the start
  6. jason is way overpowered as it is leave him as is or nutuer him to make it more even the counslers realy do need more stamina and speed to make them at least normal humans as it is they were given the stamina of 5 tear old children with asthma
  7. free swimsuits n dances dlc for all to celebrate the day !!!
  8. ok so recently i noticed some wierdos goin around as soon as the game starts 1 started following me as i clicked the button to call tommy the person did the same n n the game kept fuxin up i told em to buzz off then after that whenever i grabbed a wepon it was invisible please fix this as the griefers doin it are annoying
  9. is the hdmi thats in the ps4 slim box a hdmi 2.0b also the ps4 slim i got was in stock at walmart a long time its a 500gb model not the newer 1tb model
  10. i been thinkin bout this alot and the simple answer is to fix it by removing that crap bout jason bein gaster under water i mwan the idiot drowned as a kid he dont know how an never learned to swim 2. remove the teleporting he dont do that cuz he dont have magical powers 3. remove the car stoping crap he cant do that not even in the movies removing all that will make the game great an playable an enjoable to everybody
  11. the game an all dlc for black friday free !!!! or $5 bux !!!!
  12. thats completly fair since all jasons are over powered with non movie powers n they all use cheats anyways
  13. yes he should be 6ft tall thats all but in the game he seems to be 5'9 not 7'1
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