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  1. i have asked but havent gotten the items free yet im livin off foodstamps and social security an all that goes to the rent n the rest just lasts 1 day after that the whole month im pennyless so free items are better for me
  2. thought bout this alot what we realy need is 8 to 10 perks including bionic legs back abd eyes to see jason in the dark an far away also as a parting gift nerf jason turin him into the real jason from the movies a sad lonely old geezer that just kills cuz his mum makes him do that
  3. its on ps4 the ps4 has no antivirus that i know of and ** files the ps4 is using the 7.50 beta system but it cant be that cuz when i first got it it worked i did messge the devs a while ago askin for the free swimsuits could i get banned for that ?
  4. but they should add the blonde that akchuly killed jason in part 2 at the end and make that dude that always gets killed at the start of every match be a playable and add jasona dad an make the dad kill jason very easily to
  5. i have been trying to get into a game for the past 1 hour and cant i tried joining a friends party in game cant i tried makin a party an cant so i thinkin ok i been banned so how can i get unbanned cuz i been banned unjustly ?
  6. its friday the 13 it needs compltete nudity by the girls only an then only tiff n jenny everybody else needs full clothes
  7. i never died as jason cuz i never was jason but me an ppl in my session have killed jasons more them 20 times some nights every game we kill a jason some times even when the jason has ppl helpin him by runnin us over with the car
  8. yr kiddin right they made jason over powered with powers he dont even have in the movie what they need to do is removed those powers and make him like the movie just a old geezer that kills ppl cuz he was born retarded n nuts thats all
  9. i to have to noiticed the windows are borded up i guess they wanna make things easier for the jasons
  10. did you fix the thing where if you run up to jason an he does a trick he messes up yr character an you cannot open doors or pick up wepons ? also did you fix the thing where jason has more stamin then is normal for a 90 yr old ?
  11. if this happens to even things out we need infinit stamina bionic enhanced legs an back and infinit jumps n run
  12. ya they should remove the dead body scare thing i mean in real life i saw a dead body wen i was about 9 or 10 after that i seen a few an it dont make me react like the charcters in the game they are all over doin it to an extrem thats wierd
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