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  1. no wat we realy want is free codes to get the swimsuites and maby more diffrent outfits an halloween outfits
  2. i have to say i saw the movies an jason was hunted an he was even taken into custody by the army dudes the nuked em an kept him locked up that should be in the game get the army in there with flame throwers an bazookas
  3. if they do that we need for them to add bionic legs for all counselurs
  4. the sad truth NO it wont its not even a accurate game its just a mishmash of what the developers think jason is and stuff they made up lets hope ppl lose intrest in this an it gets put in the 1 bin at the dolar store an then later in the future a real game developer makes a good real accurate version of friday the 13th
  5. ok see the stamina in this game is completely broken cuz why ya the developers dont know what stamina is an it seems they dont excesize at all so they must put in real stamina and perks with bionic legs
  6. if they do that they must fix the stamina remove the cartoon stamina a n replace with real life human stamina where see i can run for more then 10+ hours without getting tired like the cartoons in this broken game
  7. its the dumb game its broked its happend to me i like hiding under the bed but dont do it much cuz they never fixed this my advice if u hide under the bed an see yrself get out n stand next to the bed exit the game it just broked for u if ur still under the bed but cant get out an cant see yr legs exit it just broke for you trust me its the game bein all broke
  8. to celebrate thy should give away the game for free and the swimsuit pack for free oon ps4 !!!!!! happy friday everybody !!!!
  9. i think they should make it more realistic an like the movies no morph cuz the developers dont know what that even is and no sense cuz he dont have that and sure he is a bit strong but thats all
  10. killin jason is not easy evern worse when the jason players uses turbo button controller
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