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  1. that forcing u to walk has been in ps4 since i got the game they wont ever fix it cuz they want jason to win
  2. they need to remove the broke stamina thung in real life i can run more then just a few minutes n not get tired
  3. this is crazy i just spent 2 hours waitin to get in a lobby to play crazy its broken
  4. im on ps4 been trying for a couple hours now an cant connect to any server or session whatever its called
  5. cuz i been trying to connect for a couple hours now an i did connect once to a sever 2 or 3 poeple in there but the mic didnt work and i left an since then cant connect is it the game or maybe my router or modem ?
  6. so i thought id ask here for maybe a 20% off code or a free code to download the game on ps4 how about it please??
  7. is this a new recent patch for this or last month cuz i dont rember getting it an also im here to report they are still gettin on the roof of several house on sevaral maps
  8. i report all jasons that use this and use turbo controllers and i also sue them
  9. they already gave him powers he dont have in the movie stop with that be4 u ruin the game for every 1
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