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  1. No it does NOt i seen that movie and No thats Not teleporting or shiftin as the misinfomed think also it may be ilegal to post copyrited images or video from tv stations with out there consent and approval
  2. the game was badly made with a jason thats over powered n has stuff not in the movies the sad truth i wouldnt pay money for the game its not a true represintation of the movie but i would go see a new friday movie
  3. thats a cheat the jason players use the same as when they do the trick to make the players feet stick to the ground as they walk or jog forcing them to run and also the other cheat where the stamina runs down in 1 second and they u cant walk or run
  4. btw i need the devs to fix the stamina its unrealistic it runts out to fast
  5. i heard ppl been gettin on the roofs after the update
  6. i just tried it an the characters still cant walk or jog slowly forward there feet stick to the ground
  7. does anybody have a 20 persent off code for the playstaion store? i need it urgently
  8. also this needs a fix wen u have the walkie talkie jason can hear u anywhere u are but get this jason does not have a walkie talkie that cheating nurfe him now cut off his ears
  9. did you fix the problem where yr trying to walk or jog but yr charachter is walkin as if its in molasses or somkinda sticky glue i geard that was something done by the jason charchter as a cheat to win an catch the campers
  10. is it just to save the games you want to get or can yr friends see the list an buy em for you ? like on amazon ?
  11. ya if they do that id throw the game away and DEMAND a full refund first person sucks big time
  12. in real life i can demask jason with 1 hit that needs to be fixed in game cuz 3 hits to unmask is unrealistic also we need more real stamina for the players like in real life i dont get tired in 5 seconds of running yes im serious
  13. i been investigatin on my own and ok it seems you get this error when you have been banned and or you get this error whhen you got an enemy thats doin this to yr psn name so you cant log in
  14. ok i was talkin to someone that plays this game alot an it seems someone found a way to not let ppl play but not lettin them log in and that why some get this error
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