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    Jason is weak

    jason is not realistic not like in the movies ok first you guys must remove the telepoting and the morphing cuz morphing means you change into a difrent person jason does not teleport he just walks and chooses to do so cuz he is 80+ years old now xcept the jason in the jason x space movie that 1 was rejuvinated with nanos an has robot enhancmnts but still he dont teleport he just walks an the roy jason is just a avrage guy wtf he should go down an stay down with just 1 hit an the shotgun should distroy him also in the movie its a blond girl that kills jason with the machete an sweater so makin it that only tommy can do that is kinda wrong an femenist may sue for that
  2. MovieWatcher101

    Funniest Experience?

    i heard about this happening now i saw it happen
  3. sadly no the truth is jason is just a retarded 80 yr old guy with arthritis
  4. best advice as soon as you get to level 100 retire
  5. ok i got to answer this wat it really needs is if hit by jason the player should get a adrenolin rush n make the player faster then jason could ever be cuz as it is jason needs nerfin cuz in the movie jason just walks no teleporting no shiftin
  6. MovieWatcher101

    how can i know if i been banned from the game ?

    im the guy from south padre island i got a ps4 an i got f13 for free cuz it was october been playin since my fav map is higgins haven cuz it had no glitches or tricks people could use but that never mattered to me since i dont play as jason cuz it has way to many buttons to rember fav cousuler is 2 of them the blond dude and jenny cuz they are the most balanced all the others are just either to slow or just for running around i dont play the offline stuff in this game to bad they wont be making new content for this game i liked it its 1 of my all time fav games
  7. MovieWatcher101

    how can i know if i been banned from the game ?

    ok i solved it i made changes to the router lastnight an ijust added the ports again an now everythings ok so it was all me my mistake sorry for losing my head about it
  8. i need a way to remove the patch it has banned me from playin so i need to remove it asap
  9. MovieWatcher101

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    im on ps4 i think this patch did something bad very bad i been trying to get ion a game all morning and i cant im either banned or its this patch i can get in a game lobby then as the game starts i either get in an cant open doors or click anythin an everybody in the game is standing still then i get kicked out to the main menu
  10. MovieWatcher101

    how can i know if i been banned from the game ?

    the patch didnt do anything i got in a game just now im in a few but cant open doors cant touch anything then i get connection error n im back to the main menu :*(
  11. MovieWatcher101

    how can i know if i been banned from the game ?

    ya the patch yr talkinn about is just for the pc version i dont have that
  12. i just joined today becuz it seems i may have been banned either last night or this morning so im here to ask why ? problems i been havin today that seem to confirm i been banned from the game 1. im in the game lobby an the game starts an im in but soon im kicked out 2. i am in the lobby an the connection disconnects 3.im in the game lobby the game starts but im stuck in the pre start screen and them im kicked out can this be fixed by makin a new gamertag ? cuz i didnt do anything to be banned