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  1. to me it seems they put the walkie talkies in to help jasons cuz he can hear u across the map if u got a walkie talkie so my advice always block and mute the jasons be4 gettin a walkie talkie
  2. a better more good way to nerf vannessa is to mke her staina a 3 and her composure a 1 and her luck a 0 and her speed a 2 since she is female this will stop all those cheaters from choosinf her in the game
  3. another update this monrin timeout erros so i changed macs got new ip and i was able to play 1 game then after that timeouts again ok cant they just shut off the servers remove em send a guy to the electronics store he buys new servers and brings them back connects em up and the starts them up an the game works again ??
  4. My build would be: Composure:20 Luck:600 Repair:1000000000 Speed:infinit Stamina:infinit Stealth:ninja Strength:hercules strengh
  5. other i value security n privacy if i cant have that my lawyer will have to play in the matches with me to keep the other players in line
  6. i got a sorta update i dont get the connection error anymore now when the match starts it just crashes to that normal error with the blue screen on ps4 im rebuilding the database now
  7. update it was sorta working yesturday but all day today connection timeouts erros timeout after timeout
  8. i just got on an started playin found out i cant grab items cant open doors i tried changin ips and after that still cant open doors an some cabins have no doors or windows whats happenin ? this is happenin on ps4
  9. did the new patch break the dances cuz i got the dances pack thats a dollar on the ps4 store and none of the females do the new dances only some of the dudes?
  10. i have been playin since the patch that jus came out an if players join right be4 the match stars yr character even tho is was 1 u chose its switched out to a random 1 that u didnt choose another thing 1 person was killed by jason an there character was dead standing up it looked wierd
  11. ok it seems i forgot to say that 1 of the most important things they must fix remove is the way the counselers get scared witless when seein a dead body that must be removed forever if they want to save the game cuz theres nothing worser then running away from jason when suddenly yr charackter stops mid run just cuz the dead body scared it see this is crap jason must be nutured cuz the jason get there budys to join the game n get them in rage super fast some even instantly as the game starts thats cheating rage must be removed seems u never watched any of the movies not realy cuz the jasons use moded controllers trust me i seen it happen
  12. to stop this from happenin we need unlimited stamina and more amo for the gun and the car to knock the crap outa jason just like in the movie
  13. the jasons are way over powered an the developers help them by shuttin all windows by givin jason no stamina bar even tho he is a decrepit 90 yr old that doesnt not own cardio equpt it cant be done cuz they allow the jasons to use moded controllers and they cheat an use other mods to be unkillible
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