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  1. i need the mods to remove the gamma settin from the game an make it so the tv handles it not the game cuz the game is kinda broke it makes it way to dark so dark in the default ou cant see nothin to have a normal gamma you got to set it to something like 2.8 to be able to see everythin inluding tiny small rocks that for some wierd reason stop you from walkin or running and with the gama at default u cant see when other campers put traps to help jason kill ya also please make it so the car can only damage jason not regular campers cuz lately to many ppl are just gettin in the car to run ppl over
  2. what needs to be done is reduce the damage jason does that is most important trust me it is unless u want everybody to throw this game in the trash jason is just to over powered with powers he never even has in the movies what needs to be done is 1reduce the damage jason does to campers and 2. make it so jason only has 3 traps and cant not put more then 1 trap in each location if he does jason will be automativcly Banned for life
  3. it seems asking for the free dlc was bad luck as after this my tv broke and i had to use my rent money that i later found out that the person holding my rent money spent most of it on something i changed my mind i dont want the swimsuit dlc anymore thnx im just gona not be on here for a while bye
  4. i dont play as jason and i have the halloween pack i just need the swimsuits an the extra dances thats all
  5. cab i get a free code to download the swimsuits and the emote pack 1 from the playstation store ?? thanx in advance !!
  6. id pay for a dlc but it must inlclude infinit stamina an bionic legs and flame trowers n granades n infinit shotgun amo otherwise its not worth it
  7. ya on packnak i saw someone get on the roof using a trap on the balcony and i also saw some 1 on the roof of the bathroom house amd on that blue house all they gotta do is let jason grab em an they break free an land outside the house
  8. what it needs is to have jason nutured an have all campers have flame throwers and c4 mines an chainsaws basicly yr option 1 is not what the game needs but it needs more ways to kill jaosn and humiliate him completely
  9. i will answwer honestly as i am the only 1 that saw all the movies 1. he did drown an die but pamela was into the occult she used black magic ti bring him back an keep him alive he still ages an gets old but she says so in the game he cant die nothin could kill him only choppin him to bits an cremating him will do the trick? 2. he just put it on a table thats it? 3. no he is just a simpleton and he breaks stuff 4. that was the remake they jazzed it up to make more money at the box office 5. it happens when the movie makers wanna make tons of money LoL 6. the area aint cursed jason is his curse is he cant die nomatter what they do to him 7. this 1 il answer later cuz its been a few years since i last saw the movie an need to remind myself answer coming soon 8. jason x was jason in outer space and the future so why not its cool an not boring i saw it at the mall i wasnt bored my thoughts is i hope they make a few more movies and add the space stuff to the game
  10. thats realy good cuz seriously theres dumb guys now using turbo button controllers as jason an thats agaisnt the law i report all of them
  11. ok yes its sometimes at the boathouse or garage in the big map i found it once close to where the blue car an i just found some maps on google so everythings ok now
  12. i been playin a long time i memorized all the fuse box locations but on the big crystal lake map i cant find the fuse box sometimes its like its not even there an i know where it should be but its not is the game broke ?
  13. i vote for a legendary perk for infinit stamomia and super jump and super punch to knock jasons head off
  14. what we realy need is for ppl with headsets to be able to hear jason from 2 miles away and heer him walk outside the lil houses cuz right now its broke some jasons use a trick to make the audio stop on everything
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