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  1. So learning those thing require skill and learning the subtleties and timing of fighting Jason to a very high degree do not... OK Or learning to stay alive when tunneled as you wait for Tommy jarvis to spawn also pointless, also OK And all the other things required to be a successful hunter especially when things do not go the way you were planning. Do you not see the absurdity in this? As for myself, I have quit the game so it doesn't really matter what will happen in the future in terms of jasons power. You do have a very valid point though, what the hell am I still doing here? Of which I respond that you are correct and I won't spent further time. Thank you for pointing that out
  2. On ps4 the game is in a downward spiral in terms of numbers of players, waiting time and quality of gameplay. You are not the only one who sees this, few people are doing objectives if any, and I often saw people dying with fuse or keys on, even if they weren't really helping with the objectives... Very odd indeed
  3. Done? You know writing a long post doesn't change anything? The numbers and the comments I posted came from another user on the forum, you can go on the whole day arguing how healthy is the game but it isn't, and no amount of positive thinking and long walls of text will change that. They are official steam numbers and they would be worrying for any game, ESPECIALLY a game that is cheap and with few dlcs. But of course Ahab wants to be right and even if the numbers are low the game is and I loosely quote a previous post "hitting an high in terms of numbers"... If Ahab says so, probably the numbers are wrong and the game is thriving, ok.... As for pounding the chest do you realise that in a large number of your posts you are referring to yourself as the one who : 1: I mastered the art of long-distance knife throwing 2: I can shift and stop basically any driver it's my bread and butter 3: I have a counter to swift attackers with my super skilled quick throw All of these " claims" are publicly available, with different words, on the forum. Sounds like chest pounding to me
  4. I agree with you Jack, unfortunately, it will be hard for people in this forum to move away from their position even in spite of the evidence being produced that the numbers are at THEIR WORST EVER since the patch, they will always praise the patch. There's really no point in arguing
  5. What you are suggesting is basically the same of using a roof glitch... I think you are running out of arguments, you lost the debate the moment you suggested cheating in the argument... unbelivable
  6. Are you so desperate to use glitches to win a match? That's basically your strategy, someone is outplaying you and you suggest resorting to essentially cheating...
  7. Well the steam numbers are clear, there's a topic which shows a big decline of the game in the last two months, so it doesn't seem to be the correct way to act according to the numbers shown These are the numbers mentioned, you can find the whole topic here " We now have numbers for the first 2 months of 2019, and the numbers...do not look good. Around the midpoint of December 2018, Gun Media permanently reduced the price of the game by 50%. However, even this did nothing to staunch the hemorrhaging of players. January 2019 Player numbers continued to slide, however, this loss percentage was more slight than previous months, possibly due to the new permanent sale price. The average player numbers for the month were 425.4 people, with a peak number of 806 players. February 2019 This is the month where we start to see playerbase reductions return to their June 2018-September 2018 highs. The average player number weas 324.1 (a reduction of almost 24% of the existing playerbase in just 28 days, and almost hitting the previous low of 318.7 from September 2018), and a peak number of 673 (placing it in between July and August 2018 numbers) Last 30 Days (3/12/19-2/10/19) This 30 day period is where the numbers get even worse for the game. In the last 4 weeks, the game has now hit a NEW LOW for both average players and peak players, with 304.1 and 596, respectively. These numbers are lower than the lows hit in September 2018, before the massive pre-Halloween sales jacked up the figures. It wouldn't be surprising to see the average player number sink below 300 by the end of March. These numbers should be concerning to any fan of the game, as they ask the real questions "How long can the game hold on in its current state?" and "At what point does the game become such a money loss that even Gun can't support the upkeep and maintenance the game requires?" In addition to a consistently dwindling playerbase, Gun has now announced that it will be expanding the game to a 4th platform, Nintendo Switch, this spring. Theoretically, while it may appear that they could increase their playerbase by 33% now to a 4th platform, this also theoretically means that bug fixes and patches for all consoles will come out 33% slower than before, considering they now have a new platform release to care for and debug. Also, will a platform that has reduced graphic limitations like the Switch even CREATE a fanbase for an almost 2 year old game that has lost almost 95% of its players in that time?"
  8. I think you should improve your capacity as Jason, you seem in dire need of some guidance. At the same time, you keep comparing two situations which don't match at all. Escaping in a coordinated team is extremely easy, much easier than killing Jason. Jason cam deny the kill, worst case scenario by hiding, but he Cannot deny an escape. I played against plenty of Jasons which were terrifying in their skills and cleared the whole lobby despite our best efforts. If you cannot do this, maybe reconsider what you can do and improve it. Or do as I did and change game Oh BTW I said Bugsy vs Jason one vs one in the previous example, not two or three vs Jason
  9. Lol if you lose 1 vs 1 with one Bugsy you have bigger problems than a kill squad, you should train in combat a bit more
  10. Blame the devs, I do not have power on what Jason can and cannot do. What made me play this game for almost two years and thousands of hours was the fact I've always considered it to be a fun time killing game. If you do so losing to a kill squad it's no big deal. Or so as I did, change game and find a game with more costumers support, more patches and more of a ranked reward system. Friday has never been that, maybe fruday part 2 could become the game that you desire. Good luck with that
  11. IF they can do that in your face do they NOT deserve a win? Shouldn't good game play be rewarded? again you want to insta win, it doesn't make much sense
  12. I am afraid you are comparing two things that are NOT the same. Killing Jason easier than repairing? Come on... Five counselors with good coordination will repair and run away EXTREMELY easy, what can Jason do really against them? They can stun him so the other can do objectives and then one or two good drivers will evade Jason most time while driving away. You CAN always create a scenario where Jason loses against coordinated teams because it is the nature of the game 5 vs 1 or even 7 vs 1 what can you do? The only option for Jason to cope with that scenario would be to have Jason to be unstoppable most of the game, until the last character and/or Tommy. This would mean, no stuns unless you have a firing weapon which you would limit to one each, 1 shotgun, flare gun, and one set of firecrackers. No funny emoticons, no dancing moves, no vomiting counselors, no speedo Chads etc This would give you a serious tone, and possibly a serious horror game. I don't know who would play this game though I probably wouldn't. As for the numbers US vs EU, the game on steam is dying everywhere, this is just a fact, it's not yet dead but the nerf to combat, a beloved aspect of the game it is, in my opinion, not a smart move for a game that ALWAYS featured combat. Probably they should do F13 2 (assuming no lawsuit) and make Jason unstoppable, and who knows it may be a success, I doubt it but you never know
  13. So what are you expecting then? Would you like an instant win? If it's 5 vs 1 with combat and killing allowed and they are also coordinated what do you expect? This game was never meant to be taken seriously, its a fun casual game built to be silly and allow people to unwind. If Jason would have been this unstoppable force where you could only escape and hide maybe it would have been different but I'm not sure how many people would have played the game. With the new pstch, so beloved in this forum, the numbers are showing the game dying on steam. Being half empty on ps4, at least in the eu servers. It doesn't seem a huge success to me, if you like it good for you, I'm sincerely glad. As for me, it just pushed me away from a game where I spent thousands of hours on
  14. I'll answer in one message as I am not capable of quoting via my phone. There's plenty of Jason's players, they enter a lobby with Jason in preference and if they don't get Jason the dc and try again. It does happen quite a lot on ps4 eu, you suddenly see two people disappear at the start of the match. As for killing Jason being easy it depends on the numbers of team and the coordination I mostly did it with only one more player, just two players vs Jason with often me demadking Jason on my own, this is all documented with over 50 hours of footage. At the same time if you don't like the killing example, I also have plenty of footage of me simply occupying Jason in combat for 10/15 mins per time. This was through the spectrum of bad Jasons and great Jasons. And you know what? This is devs fault because I can tell you that after ten hours on the game this stopped being a horror game for me. Because the design allowed me to do so since week one. And in a horror game based on slashers movies it doesnt make sense to allow the average character to fight back against the killer, its nonsense. If the purpose was horror then ONLY allow the final character or Tommy to fight back, as consistent with the lore of the saga. And as much as people in this forum are praising the new patch, numbers are showing thst the game is dying. This is due to many reasons but alienating frequent players to cather random players doesn't seem a smart move to me. With thst said I'll go back in the shadows, since it's pointless to argue for a game I quit. Regards
  15. They are a huge part of the problem, especially when they confuse skill with the need for a buff which in turns made Jason invulnerable killing combat in f13
  16. With the sue respect, That is not correct I am afraid. Since week one on console you could stun Jason efficiently, and the stuns were even longer than now (no perks involved) even too long tbh. After the first games when the novelty and the fear were wearing off, the game has always been a funny game more than a horror. Keep in mind that I loved the game the way it was until this last pstch, I never cared about a strong Jason but the fact that the devs allowed teenagers to stun Jason easily simply invalidates the fact that the game is supposed to be horror. Especially when they allowed funny dance moves, Chad in speedo, bunny Deborah and so on. The game was a casual fun game, not certainly Alien isolation
  17. I don't really see the point of the complaint here, once a game allows fighting back or killing the killer it is obvious that some people may decide to master that and use it to their advantage. IF the intention of the devs was to have a scary unbeatable Jason they should have done so from day 1 BUT that's not how the game went. Once you allow Jason to be stunned by counselors with 1 point of strength with pots and branches you are part of the problem. Second thing to be noted is that, no matter how powerful is the villain but if a player learns to fight with a counselor better than the Jason player it makes sense that they can destroy him and no amount of buffs will change this. As an example I am an average killer in DBD and when I run into survivors (who cannot essentially really fight back) I sometimes encounter situations where the survivor is uncatchable and I need to give up the chase. In this scenario, that survivor is simply way better than I am right now and so be it. I have roughly 400 Jason kills with my team, and we mostly play in 2 or 3 people, and the reason why we often win is due to coordination and having done the same actions over and over again until they are mastered. We often win (well used to because I quit f13 but that's another story) sometimes we lose due to Jason disrupting the kill conditions, in which case GG Jason. With a larger group you may have 4/5 people who are coordinated and have mastered the steps of the kill and combat it is unlikely to win period. that's because it is a 5 vs 1 scenario what do you expect? The game was designed with flaws, do 5 vs 1 without possibility of fighting back and you will get a different game (which I wouldn't like) but it would probably be more of a horror game than the one we have. See this clip, which is pre patch and watch the Chad player, he is basically unkillable, when he plays with us and he is part of the team UNLESS WE MESS UP the sweater a regular Jason cannot win, why? he is up against thousands of hours of gameplay. I think that's fair, so the problems with this game came from the design, once combat was part of the equation you could have expected Jason to be defeated/bested in some cases. IF the purpose was a horror game, the execution is poor I am the Vanessa player BTW
  18. Precisely my point, I played the game with the premises I could fight back I am not sure I would have bought it otherwise. Still, with an unstoppable Jason, with only 1 shotgun, 1 flaregun and 1 set of firecrackers and no sense, it could potentially be a nice stealthy horror game. The premise here would be that NOBODY in their sane mind would melee Jason. Imagine if only Tommy (if called) and the final counsellor remaining (to mimic the ending of each film) could actually use a melee weapon to fight back, it would certainly be a different game, probably scarier than it is. Because let's be honest, Deborah and Jenny stunning Jason with a pot or branch do not make much sense if the game is to be taken seriously
  19. I see your point and I believe this was a flaw of the game to begin with, let me clarify the point now: IF the devs wanted a horror game where Jason was king and you ONLY had to run away, the game was wrong since launch. In what kind of dream can Deborah stun Jason with a frying pan? total nonsense given these premises. So IF the purpose of the game was to have an OP Jason like some people claim, the structure of the game was wrong from the start. They should have made a game without the possibility of fighting back unless you find a shotgun, flaregun or firecrackers. With these premises the game and its community would have been different and the game would have been more like a horror game. BUT these weren't the premises, once you allow me to fight back then there's the chance of me beating you regardless how OP you are, on top of that the DEVS (NOT THE PLAYERS) introduced funny emoticons and costumes into the game. They made the game more of half-serious horror movie from the 80's, very similar to some of the nightmares on elm street dark humour. With THESE premises, the game shouldn't be taken seriously and Jason can be stunned, beaten etc THIS is the game the devs made, they made these things possible themselves, thus you attract a certain kind of people with certain kind of behaviours. I don't think the game was EVER intended to be taken as a serious horror game and if it was then they failed spectacularly! Speedo dancing Chad in a serious game? seriously?
  20. Nice topic, I shall add my take! I do not have numbers to back up my statements, but in my recent experience on PS4 EU server, finding a game had been very hard with half-empty lobbies. I think the game on PS4 EU after the new patch is dying, we had an on and off team of 10 experienced people and literally nobody but 1 is playing consistently after the patch. This includes me, I have kinda given up on the game as I don't enjoy it anymore. As I said, this doesn't from a place of WANTING something because I moved on to finding new challenges in other games. Maybe it should be considered that removing/reducing the combat aspect of a 2 years old game wasn't such a smart move like some people claim it was. Anyway, enough moaning for me, good luck in finding solutions to improve the numbers. This was one of the best games I have ever played!
  21. I agree, on ps4 in the eu server finding a match is quite difficult and you often end up with, roughly, the same people. I don't think it's a technical error though, I think it may simply be a dwindling player base. That's my experience trying to game from London UK
  22. I have also kinda quit and moved to DBD, I will keep an eye to see if things will change in the future. For now the F13 is more or less over for me
  23. This also applies to Jason, I have a plethora of videos where Jason rage quits when almost dead. This is especially true for level 150 Jasons. In both cases, counselors and Jasons, the animation should finish and the XP be awarded anyway even if you quit. I am not sure how technically difficult this is but in DBD when the killer disconnects you get your victory BP, at least on PC
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