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  1. nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co

    Is anybody interested on a guide on how to play sweater girl?

    OK I will do one these days Hi Count, I am afraid I am not the best person to do this, I am barely decent Jason
  2. I may answer your messages once you can make an argument and conduct a proper debate. Precisely! thank you for your point, this patch was a weak and unsuccessful way of trying for a balance. SORRY FOR DOUBLE POSTING, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT Note from mods: Please report it next time so we can fix it.
  3. As the title suggests, if few people are interested in what perks, how to play, tactics etc on how to play sweater girl I can do a guide with few videos to show this part. I have around 400 Jason kills (all kinds of Jasons, good, bad, Savini etc) and more than 50 kills since the new patch If you desire I shall prepare it
  4. Your sentence doesn't really hold much substance in it. Serious teamers who are committed to wiping your lobby tend to grab the sweater or die to become Tommy Jarvis rendering the kill impossible. It is obviously a poorly designed patch because it addresses a complex problem (balance) with an easy solution (invulnerable). This comes from a place of an INCREASED number of kills for me (all proven with footage at least 60 Jason kills since the new patch). I am killing Jason more than before because I am not being cocky and engage Jason just because I can. The patch simply ruined the fun aspect of the game which was the final fight and final chase. Poor design at its finest, on a merrier note it solved the login issues so props for that
  5. nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co

    Jason question

    Oh, Slasher my man! such a long time, I hope all is great with you You stand correct and I am probably just dreaming and hoping for the invulnerability to go for something different, but you know dreaming is quite free so I will keep hoping I had many useful convos regarding DBD killers with the dev team, which I am fairly confident brought to improvements of the hag (my favourite killer) so not all hope is lost for me. Anyway, have a great day, speak soon!
  6. nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co

    Jason question

    Hi Ahab, apologies I may have not explained myself properly. You stand correct when you call them meta perks, my remark is on the fact that in a group of hunters you don't usually find them together because that combination sucker punch/medic/thick skin is inferior to swift attacker/sucker punch and either medic or thick skin. We did intensive testing and the best combination to bring more wins home is like this: Sucker punch is needed when you are sweater girl as you may need to save a Tommy or a demasker, it is also needed by the demaskers because they need to come back as Tommy and make sure they will kneel Jason so that must be part of the picture. Swift attacker is godlike for savings people and PK are not always around. It gives you the chance for a free hit, uncounterable, on a running Jason without entering on the kill zone when someone is keeping the aggro on Jason and it also guarantees a non-dodgeable, even by a great Jason, hit when the killer come out of a stun. So after months of testing this is something you need to have in team play. So two perks are gone, as for the third one or the other is kinda the same, we mainly run thick skin on demaskers and medic on possible sweater girls/runners but it is mainly a matter of choice. As for the rest, I don't really play private games unless we are training but in real match I only do quick play and in quick play killing Jason is often the most reasonable thing to if the lobby doesn't cooperate (which is 80% of the game in EU on ps4, never tried PC it may differ). We have been trying to escape for the whole last week and in the end after few minutes when nobody is doing anything, then we need to resort to try a kill to try and save the day. Most of the time I end up with no car keys because people keep them, no fuse for the same reason and then you are done. Given this very common fact, it becomes a necessity to try and kill Jason especially now that our team is only 2 people for the 2 left after the patch. That doesn't mean you cannot win obviously but in a non-collaborative lobby, two well-coordinated players are more independent to try and get the kill rather than try to escape. It is a simple fact that fewer people steal the sweater as opposed to taking care keys and fuse. I get decent lobbies maybe once every 6 games, the situation is dramatic. This has forced some players to simply accept the fact of the need to risk and try for the kill and if you fail you die and so be it. Prior to this patch, there was another great option which was to fight back and survive the night, which was probably my favourite thing to do. Now this option is gone, unless you just try to run for few minutes which isn't something I particularly enjoy doing. It is my hope that invulnerable Jason will be fixed soon with something more logical like a stun protection for few seconds, like 5 without rage and 20 with rage, after a stun which would grant Jason the possibility of slashing through pinata parties but would also give the chance for a dramatic final chase, which is very much part of the franchise of Friday the 13th. Final girl desperate standing is a trademark of many films. Let's see what the future holds. Have a great night/day whichever ones suits your time zone
  7. nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co

    Jason question

    Hi Ahab thank you for your input and, with all due respect, regarding your position, your opinion on swift attacker seems quite partisan to me. It is a perk which is EXTREMELY useful even outside of direct 1v1 combat, think outside of the box, possibly one of the best perks of the game when used properly. Also, I have read several times your posts bashing on the thick skin + medic combo, which is a combination that very few people run when highly skilled in combat (I don't know any of my friends who uses this combination at all). On a different note and on a more generalistic tone, the experience I am reading on the forum regarding the new patch does NOT match at all the experience I am having playing quick play on the EU server. I don't see people doing objective at all, I have hours and hours of footage where it's either mostly us defeating Jason or Jason winning because almost nobody does anything. I don't know where you find these lobbies of people collaborating for the greater good. I am either extremely unlucky in the lobbies I end up with or our experiences do NOT match at all. To close this post, I am not about to be concerned anymore about the game. Out of the 4 people of my previous team, 2 left and I am also taking the game less seriously after the game completely ruined the experience of the final dramatic chase which was one of my favourite things to do. Oh well it is what it is, at least I have more free time
  8. I don't play Jason too often, maybe once every 6 matches so I am not really qualified to give you an advice here. What I will do I will tell you the perspective of a counselor who doesn't die often. The single biggest challenge for a skilled counselor when facing Jason is losing track of him. This is the number one reason why I die (beside a stumble when in Jason's face or a lucky shift grab). I know how to counter Jason as long as I have stamina, but it becomes hard to counter what you can't see. So your goal should be, how can I approach a counselor without being seen and how do I move out of his/her sight once spotted and go for another attack? That's the best advice I can give you
  9. nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co

    Dedicated servers disabled

    Yes I understood that sorry, it used to happen to me as well. I was just showing that the servers are up, so you may need to reinstall the game
  10. nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co

    we just killed a weird cyclops looking Jason! what is it?

    ah thank you for this, I hoped it was a special Jason!
  11. As in the title, I met a weird cyclops looking Jason in a game where I was NOT prepared to fight (I was using AJ with marathon, restful and my dad is cop) but since I had never seen this Jason we decided to kill him. Is it a real Jason, is it a glitch? Minute 5.56 for the Jason entry and minute 14.50 for the kill (kinda he rage quit while dying)
  12. nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co

    Dedicated servers disabled

    this is not correct, EU servers are up and running. It sometimes takes a bit of time to find a game but since the patch plus the hotfix, the situation has improved a lot See this for yourself, this game is after patch plus hotfix, please go to 1.06 to see EU official server
  13. nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co

    Changing the CP idea for perks

    Thank you Ahab, an excellent thought-provoking post Let's now hope that prestige points wouldn't count as new content and maybe we will get a better perk system
  14. nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co

    Changing the CP idea for perks

    Hi Ahab, thank you for your input. I understand your point about abusing and I would say I don't think it is wrong that someone after 80-90 matches plus all the previous months of game to have a maximised perk. It is precisely the concept about leveling up and empowering your character and after tens of hours of game I believe there is nothing wrong with having a character exactly like you want him or her to be. This random system is frustrating, I have gone from level 1 to level 150 twice in the hope of getting the perks I really wanted and it did work mostly. I just need a better medic perk without penalties, and it doesn't seem terrible to me to have a +10%/0 medic after almost 2 years of game and extra 80-90 matches. Having prestige points would be simply a goal to pursue to improve my characters. Now, if this is new content and impossible to deliver then
  15. nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co

    Changing the CP idea for perks

    A good controller really changes the quality of your experience As for people with thousands of CP, then maybe we could introduce prestige points PP with a new update, and these are the only that can be used to improve a perk. People keep their CP like now and we have another system equal for everybody to improve a perk. 50 to 100 PP per COMPLETED match and 2000 PP to add or remove a 1%, this will require 80-90 games to improve all of my perks, I think that's fair