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  1. I remember at one point Jason couldn't be kill and the community was UP IN ARMS about it, week later they fix the problem now some still cry its too easy. Makes no sense.
  2. We discontinued our PS4 league due to scheduling and running 2 leagues.
  3. majority of games are on Mixer. Cracker Killers is on Mixer Cthulhus are on Mixer as well.
  4. I apologized, my mother passed away while back if your still interested. Visit our site n13l.webs.com and join our Facebook group.
  5. Hi, I created and been running the National Friday 13th Gaming League, what was originally started as a tournament turned into more than that. But it was away so people didn't lose interest in this game and continue to meet awesome people. And we have been running strong we started off with only 8 teams and now we are at 12 teams and will expanding at 16 this summer. We run two styles a tournament base and season base-(think NFL), Always seeking more players who want to have fun and come join us and have fun as this game continues to be fun and entertaining. We run on both Xbox One & PlayStation4. Always seeking more players and teams. If your interested please reply and I will reply with rules etc.
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