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  1. Do you mean when someone is trying to kill him during rage mode or before rage mode when getting him to kneel to do the finishing blow? Because if you can't kneel him down to kill him before/during rage mode via stunning with a gun or Pamela's sweater and hitting him to get him to his knees, then I agree it is totally pointless.
  2. It's gonna suck a lot for those people playing with toxic Jason teamers. And then you're gonna have to watch them live out the rest of the match because Jason won't kill them.
  3. People abuse this all the time on the PS4 platform for those who play Jason. I've had that happen to me so many times. Countless level 150's I encounter and even lower leveled people who caught wind of this glitch trick do this to screw people up. Instead of chasing the car, they throw the throwing knife and it sends the car flying into the air. It totals the car so you're left scrambling to try to survive which most of the time, that's when Jason kills everyone all because they can't keep up with the car and are exploiting a glitch that works in their favor.
  4. Totally agree! Once you run out/low on stamina in the last third of the game, you're gonna need some means of defending or buying yourself time at the very least, especially if you're not within the proximity of a cabin to run to or if you're playing a low stamina and strength counselor. It's even worse when you're the only one by yourself when everyone has died or escaped, and you're running out the clock. I really hope there is a tweak to this update in the future regarding this.
  5. So what are counselors going to do when he's in rage mode and he grabs someone you're trying to save by hitting him with a melee weapon? Will that not stun him and just let him kill your counselor buddy unless they have a pocketknife? Or will it just flinch him for a split second, which will lead him to spamming that grab button again or resort to slashing the both of you to death? That'd also mean firecrackers and flare guns are useless for the counselors who aren't fit to fight like Deborah or La Chappa. Shotguns are already so rare in the game if you have to rely on that only to save someone else...the most I've seen spawn in a round is 2; usually around a campfire and, if you're lucky, in the big house/bathrooms. The other exception is Tommy Jarvis who comes with a shotgun already. Not saying that the update is bad; it's good they're patching up glitches that people are abusing. I get that it's supposed to be more challenging with the buffs for Jason, even more so with the limited number of supplies and weapons for counselors, but I feel the 100% invincibility to an already powerful Jason during rage mode is a bit much. A more reduced stun chance seems more logical than locking out the stun chance completely, which makes sucker punch a useless skill toward the 10-15 minute mark when there is most likely only 1 or 2 counselors left. There are also various other glitches like the throwing knife to a moving car that work in Jason's favor, which puts even the best of counselors in deplorable situations that leaves them to die.
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