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  1. ya if you get them limping best to finish them off like a talented masseuse. Someone can spray them and then your back to square 1 with that counselor. Espicially the female counselors. The one you spare could be the one that gets that sweater.
  2. Ive noticed this 50/50, but with something that does have glitches I just chalked it up to that as long as he still dies mission accomplished. But it is weird
  3. I say unlock and allow all glitches but give jason the ability to fly. Problem solved.
  4. Honestly I play alot and Ive never seen this particular glitch/exploit. Makes me wonder what else is out there undiscovered. Do newly discovered glitches/exploits count as new content? Im gonna phone cunningham and miller.
  5. I simply voiced my opinion about sea of tears flooding out my playstation vents. I think its hilarious sorry your on the wrong side of this issue. Jason is a force as he should be. All this crying is from people who use to rely on combat as a game strategy which if you are familiar with the franchise this is a laughable concept. People who worked repairs actually escaped the right way are having zero problems. Even Jason hunters are having zero problems. This update only affected trolls or people who would willingly engage jJason in combat as a strategy. Facts are facts and its still funny
  6. The update got it alot closer than it has ever been to Jason being...."correct". I hope for more in the future. There are moments in the film where he would simply pop-up out of nowhere. I always had hoped they would add that like a sort of from behind kill. He grabs you through a window, from behind a bush etc..... But alas, I get what there is now and that is it. Happy Shifting, Lance (How did Jason get the powers of the evil dead monster?) Bloodworth IV
  7. I have waited for this buff to Jason forever and now I am loving listening to all the tears and howls of anguish. Your tears sustain me...lol
  8. traps are your best friend I set all my traps phone,car/s boat, before I even start pursuing counselors gives everyone a chance to get going and allows my special abilities to develop. I normally dont go after anyone till my shift pops up. If they happen across me Ill snatch them but I wont pursue them much.
  9. one time on the archery range I was able to bullseye 3 of my throwing knifes while the remaining 4 counselors got away in the 4 seater. True story....3 bullseyes
  10. No you get put in a group who mains counselors. Since the games inception during beta there have been those that chose to play as counselors and those who have preffered Jason. They have always said (both sides) that the other was overpowered. Hence counselors saying Jaso is to powerful and vice versa. I am a unicorn in the fact that I love and play both sides equally. But as a counselor I dont think a 140lb back street boy should be able to stun a killing machine tank like Jason with a stick. Its nonsense. Like I said, in the films if you came across him you would be virtually donezo. Thats why I personally believe he should be stronger. But thats just my opinion and words are wind.
  11. Theres no wrong way to kill a jarvis. With the name vanessaismymain kinda stands to reason you main counselors,also deduces why you think Jason shouldnt recieve another buff. I like playing as both. When I am not Jason I feel like if you run across that should be a wrap for me as a counselor. In the films you recieve no quarter. Once he is on you....your done for. I feel like the game should play this way as well. Escapinng should be the exception not the rule. End of speech
  12. Yes Buff him! Like Brock Lesnar on steroids juice him to the gills! Escape should be a much rarer occurence making it far more rewarding. When I play now I expect to escape.....that shouldnt be the case
  13. I say make them more practical and suited to the new gameplay after the update. Restful is huge. Im finding my old perks like suckerpunch,thick skin less practical. I just wish when they would hit the percentages for the new perks remove the - penalty. Some of them nearly cancel eachother out. If it improves one stat why must it hurt another? Are they aware of the meaning of the work perk and or perks? There is no negative conotation unless we are discussing white priviledge. I always thought it would be cool to have a perk set that if you jacked up repair it would make no failure noise for jason. Epic Repair and grease monkey stealth? lol. I know nothing John Snow
  14. I stunned him with the flare gun while in rage mode last night. It was a shot of desperation but somehow he was stunned. mask was already off
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