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  1. Is there any word on another F13th game next gen? like Ps5 or the minifridge X box is pushing?
  2. For me personally I have found I am a lv 150, 99% completion so after about 6 months of playing for fun I realized, Its pointless. Why cant they raise the cap? is the number 150 part of the lawsuit? I have all the tapes XP doesnt matter, offer us something we actually want!
  3. Im just over here wishing they would raise the level cap Ive been 150 since a week after they raised it last time
  4. I absolutely love the game and the franchise.Regardless of the lawsuit results, this game would have slowed by now even with new content. People get tired of things w/ online play unless its a R* title with major funding. I feel at this point it would have fizzeled out anyway. No matter what happens we have offline play, and the single player challenges which is what was most important to me as a backer. so 10 years from now I can find my ps4 in a box in the closet, hook it up and play Friday the 13th for a hit of nostalgia. I thouroughly enjoy it but dont play it all that much anymore. It was well done, it was a game I have dreamed about since 5th grade, and Im glad it came to fruition. "Make peace with your now moment. Live in this very moment and be happy with what you have."
  5. The only way they will get more of my money is if they pry it from my cold dead hands.
  6. Question, if its so dead why are we hear talking about it?
  7. From its inception this is my favorite video game....like ever. I wished for this game since I was a kid. They made it a reality I will caually play until the servers shutdown, even then I will turn it on once a month and play some bots or the challenges. Given the budget, the small team behind it, that we payed for the game it is nothing short of a marvel. I love it.
  8. I respectfully disagree. Jason is supposed to be a supernatural, homicidal, and persistent psycho killer from which there is little to no chance of escape. If you see him face to face 99.999% chance you are toast. This should be in the game as it is in the movies.
  9. Ive seen times where it simply glitches and it doersnt work unfortunately it is part of the game, Ive been playing since beta and I feel the amount of times it simply doesnt work for no good reason is 90/10. Works fine 90 times doesnt work 10 in 100 matches.
  10. NOt sure of the spelling but it sounds like ( La Yorona) Translated means the wailer. I guess it is made by the people who created the conjuring. Mexican folk legend where a woman drowns her kids in a river is cursed and dies. Her spiritual entitity wanders the woods crying ( Donde esta mis hijos?) Where are my children and if you see her its your ass. Anyone gonna see this thing?
  11. I get number 4 has low traps and a quick shift. However after the update he is the Michael Jordan of jasons, Quick on his feet ,solid weapon, and great reach Ive been running him lately and hes great. Before the update I would run part 2. Never understood the part4 hate.
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