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  1. To each there own. I did favor part 2, 3 and 6 the best honestly. Simply cuz one, I love playing part 3 Jason and two, I also really enjoyed the characters in all of them. I love seeing the PACKANACK house and Higgins Haven. I swear they made this game sooooo close to the movies with how things are placed and how realistic the houses look. But I did enjoy Tina since she had all the mind power. She made Jason look weak but like I said, to each their own. I just kinda got into the whole Friday series from my boyfriend who is a HUGE AVID Friday fan and has a collection you’d have to see to believe *some made by savini himself and signed* as well as actual artifacts from the movies he paid thiusands of dollars for *with certificates of course* but he also favors part 6 and 7 the best out of all of them, as well as part 2.
  2. Honestly, I REALLY wish they would make Tina a special playable counselor. Like a Tommy Jarvis, she should have the one power to also defeat Jason. She was so badass in part 7 and she would be the secret weapon and should be the only counselor able to defeat Jason besides Tommy. But I know the devs would never make her a playable character in the game. She’d be too OP for gameplay, even against Jason, using her mind as a weapon. Not a bad idea tho to have her come back as a backup to Tommy for another way to kill Jason or survive the match.
  3. I’d say 5/10 games I’ll run into a lobby of people joining together and teaming up. It used to be bad before the patch but now it’s kinda scarce and seems they disappear or find no meaning in helping. But I do still run into my fair share of lobbies full of friends. That’s why i pay attention who joins and how many people join at the same time knowing they are all in a party. If I see that, I just leave. But if I join a full lobby and not knowing who joined together, I’ll scope it out and if I feel Jason spawns ON TOP of me, then i now for sure someone is hiding under a bed, scoping the map and telling him where everyone is. It’s pathetic! But me and my boyfriend have killed a many cheating Jason’s even with their friends beside them. There’s no stopping us!
  4. I’ve been guilty of calling out Jason’s being trash BUT under certain circumstances. My definition of trash is ones that literally GRAB GRAB GRAB and have no skill in hacking or trying to put up a fight. It’s just super annoying playing an ENTIRE 20 minute match with a grabber that just won’t stop being annoying. Those kinds of Jason’s win the *easy* way. It takes no skill to L2 all the time. At least hacking your trying to give counselors a fight and a challenge instead of finishing a match just by grabbing. And Jason’s who cheat and have friends who help are the trashiest!! I’m a pretty skilled Jason. If I know there are more than one counselor around, I will never grab knowing they will knock me down and rescue the counselor. I’m mainly a hacker and if I run them out of health and trying to spray themselves, then I’ll go in for the grab in hopes they don’t have a pocket knife or I’ll get them down to using their spray lots of times and I’ll keep hacking until they use what they have and then go for the kill by hacking more or grabbing cuz either way, if they have a pocket knife then they will be hobbling the entire time for a good kill.
  5. You could also be a skilled Jason and hack when needed as well as grab when the time is right instead of doing so many grabs. I can survive a hacking Jason but grabbing is almost impossible without a second delay between grabs and being able to build stamina, even with restful on, especially with a running Jason who run constantly and can’t gather enough stamina without having to swipe at Jason just for a stamina boost in hopes he doesn’t grab all the damn time
  6. If possible, could they make it to where I can also be a counselor in the offline bot mode? I’d like to test my fix it skills as well as getting help from fellow bot counselors for escaping and/or killing a hard level Jason. Practice makes perfect! I’d love to be able to choose between playing a counselor or Jason offline mode.
  7. ORRRR I’d like to run while equipped but in order for that to happen, I’d like to have a second to pick up my weapon after being grabbed and rescued. Without having to go look at wasted empty cabins for weapons, that gives Jason more of an advantage to grab either me or my partner. I’d like to be prepared and able to run after rescue to hide away.
  8. And this is what needs to STOP. This is my whole point. Never have time to get weapons and run cuz of those damn L2 grabs instead of hacking and at least then one, maybe both, of us can get away. It’s so ridiculous that there’s no small second in between grabs. It’s damn spam grabbers and it makes the game hard, boring and not very fun. Video games are meant to be fun and exciting yet challenging at the same time. They need a small second delay in between grabs to give counselors a small fighting chance of survival
  9. Bottom line is, just give a second delay between grabs. I don’t care if he can’t be stunned or even killed! I just don’t like grabbers continuously grabbing not giving time enough to grab my weapon and get away. That’s my main concern. If I knock someone loose, give time for them to get their weapon and run away. I’m not asking for a long period of stun time, but enough to gather the weapons and get the heck outta dodge. I’m used to his rage now and of course I prefer hacking over grabbing cuz I’ve handled it perfect so many times and know how to defend myself BUT the quick grabs is just annoying is all. Just a suggestion and wasn’t meaning to start a war. Thanks for everyone’s input and opinions. 😁😁
  10. That was the first thing I did. It’s up to 4 the highest it can go and I still have to tweak my TVs actual brightness to see everything and it still is a bit dark. They should make it brighter and it would be better to play. That’s the only reason I don’t play it cuz I can’t see and using flashlight will attract Jason and get me killed. Just a suggestion
  11. It seems easy to navigate and not too big but challenging. I’d love to see a change in the map choices in quick play!
  12. I’m new to this and don’t know how to put more than one quote in. I don’t get on here often and quoting each one in one reply is a lot and having to delete all and go through ALL of it to put certain paragraphs in. My attention span is horrible and my patience is horrendous. So just bear with me. And no I’m not stupid or acting annoying or anything. I’m simply putting in my opinion as everyone else is and hoping for good results. Jason only resetting traps that were disarmed with pocket knives is a good idea. The ones that are stepped in can’t be reset yet a counselor can’t spray themselves. It’s more of a decision challenge and figuring out what’s better, disarming and having him reset it again or stepping in it and losing health and not healing yourself. In my eyes, they are good ideas. But everyone has an opinion so we can agree to disagree with each other.
  13. My most is packanack and Packanack small.. as well as crystal lake small. I don’t mind Higgins and Higgins small. I’m not a fan of pinehurst at all, knowing how huge the map is and the fact that Jason’s shack is either located at the top left or all the way bottom right and running that map even with marathon and restful is almost impossible, especially with a rage Jason following you the whole time and the cabins are far and in between.. only at the corners and some up top middle. I COMPLETELY agree with a pinehurst small to make it easier to maneuver the whole map without having to stop 200 times to build stamina, even while trotting, it takes forever. I completely agree! I hope they put a pinehurst small so I can enjoy it more. Im not really a fan old Jarvis house cuz of the way it’s set up and it being so dark. If we could make Jarvis house BRIGHTER I would play it much more often! It’s a very dark map, even with the lights on. I have to actually set my tv brightness just to see my way around and then change it back for other maps since it makes it more *white wash* and not as clear. That would be a reasonable suggestion. @mattshotcha could you also look into making Jarvis house a bit brighter so it’s not so dark to walk through since its much darker than the rest of the maps, even with the lights on. I would be completely and highly grateful! As well as a small map of pinehurst so I don’t lose my stamina 200 times when running from top end to the bottom end, even with marathon and restful. Thank you so much! Amazing idea!!! I actually like those maps and easy to maneuver and the cabins aren’t so spaced out. Yes yes yes
  14. THIS 👏🏻 RIGHT 👏🏻 HERE!!! Yaaaaassss I completely agree! People who call out and complain about the people who complain about the new patch OBVIOUSLY are the ones who complained the most BEFORE the new patch!! If they want everyone to adapt to the new patch, why in the world didn’t they adapt and get used to the old way pre patch instead of complaining to GUN media about Jason being bullied. HYPOCRITES at its finest! Thank you @Thunder for pointing this out and I’m not alone on this! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I agree with this to a point. Jason should be able to re-set traps of his especially the ones who don’t have many. Part 2 doesn’t need to. He starts with 7 i believe *i don’t play him that often. I play part 3 the most cuz of his grip strength and attack strength* but I feel the only traps Jason can re-set are the ones the counselors disarm with pocket knives, to make it more challenging and easier for counselors to lower the trap count and then stepping in traps that cant be reset as well as challenging and easier on Jason to re-set the traps they disarm seeing there is only a max of, what, 3-4 pocket knives per match so there is still an advantage for counselors to avoid getting damaged by traps as well as Jason being able to re-set traps ONLY if the counselor disarms them with a pocket knife. It also is a decisions of which traps will be disarmed and which are worth stepping in. The ones in front of the car should be stepped in so they won’t be re-set again by Jason so it makes for an easier fix and escape, rather than the ones he puts outside windows and doors, as well as his shack and disarm them and slip away easy cuz you won’t have to go into those areas anymore. It makes it fair around the board cuz if you lay 5 traps and only 2 have been disarmed with knives, he can still reuse them but the ones that they step on can’t be re-set at all so it’s fair play on both ends. BUT the twist is that IF a counselor decides to step in a trap instead of disarming it, they shouldn’t be allowed to heal themselves to give them the ultimate decision. I forgot to add that in last time and THAT will be a fair challenge if you ask me cuz then they need to ask themselves, should I risk my health and not get healed if I step in a trap that Jason CAN NOT re-set OR disarm it to save my health and him having a chance to reset it. It REALLY makes you think of the decision on what to really do as what’s more important. It is funny when the counselors dance on Jason BUT I do find it rude and annoying most of the time, especially if they keep doing it over and over again and it gets old. Bottom line, instead of making Jason IMPOSSIBLE to stun in rage mode, why don’t people who play Jason LEARN and ADAPT to using the battle stance and BLOCKING counselors hitting them cuz he WILL FOR SURE break all their weapons after a couple hits as well as he will NEVER get stunned, making it harder and more annoying on counselors and BOOM problem solved with the trollers, especially the annoying Chad trollers who hit and dance with an already almost unbreakable weapon if he’s equipped with the bat. Get them in a spot away from cabins or worst case scenario, smaller cabins where they can gather weapons and get them to break their weapons, THEN go in for the kill. They will be defenseless and if they have a pocket knife it will be used then you can either hack them to death after or chance another grab in hopes they don’t have another pocket knife and then kill them off. That would have been a better idea rather than making Jason unstunnable in rage mode. I actually feel when Jason is in rage mode, rather than not making him stunnable, he should be able to be stunned still with flare guns, shotguns and firecrackers. Those should be the only ones BUT only have him stunned for about 5 seconds. But blocking and battle stance, plain and simple.. is easy to do. Jason can battle stance and block all incoming hits and their weapons will be easier to break, even the annoying Chad will have a broken weapon after a few hits in block stance, sending the trollers running for their lives!! MIND - BLOWN!!!! 🤯
  15. I feel these are good suggestions and feedback for the game. • Putting a map voting option in the lobby to vote on maps. I seem to always get into lobbies where they won’t pick a map and it’s always on random. I know what everyone is going to say BUT just hear me out. I feel it’s a good option because majority of people don’t like certain maps and prefer certain maps. I love packanack, Packanack small and crystal lake small as my preferred map choices. No one wants to sit for 3 minutes waiting on a map that will be a crappy one like Jarvis house or pinehurst. As well as waiting for the lobby to fill up with people coming and going if they don’t like the random map choice. It’s time consuming. • Also being able to kick players for cheating or shit talking. Being harassed doesn’t make the game fun if I have to keep lobby hopping and just keep encountering foul people in every lobby and they won’t stop or leave the lobby, forcing me to leave and finding other lobbies and possibly another shit talker or cheater. Please put an option in to vote players out so it can be a better and fun game experience, especially if I’m the host of the lobby so I can keep a clean, fun lobby 😊
  16. Ya know I go in to play with him, not against him. We help each other out and that’s also the point of the game to help yourself and other counselors survive or escape. Don’t be a CHAD!
  17. The only thing I ask or have suggestion for is no matter what perks I use, me and my boyfriend can’t outrun or get away from his grab if he grabs one of us and we knock each other loose cuz then either my boyfriend or me will get grabbed again TRYING to flee and run away. So either one of us dies while the other escapes and that’s no fun. We go in together every game. I could have perfect perks for outrunning but they will go to waste if we can’t even escape his grab everytime we knock each other loose. He will just keep grabbing and we will never get away. He should get a tiny stumble to give us time to pick up our weapons and fleeing fast
  18. He said he tried to sign up but only gave him a sign in screen. I can’t remember how I signed up but we have different emails and log in from different phones. There has to be an option cuz I’d love for him to join me
  19. I’ve already signed up but my boyfriend is tying to sign up but ots not giving him an option to. It’s only telling him to sign in and he hasn’t registerd his email. I know it’s a stupid question but he would love to sign up. Thanks!
  20. I was just throwing out suggestions if all fails with trying to kill him.. not just in a general lobby of just beating on him into oblivion. Just a small delay between grabs to give them a small chance of grabbing their weapon again or to help fellow counselors. It’s just plain annoying. Not trying to change the game, just make it easier and less annoying for us to get away if we need to. It’s hard to keep stamina full and just trot, especially if it’s a running Jason and trying to save stamina is useless cuz he will just chase you down and just continue to grab, not giving anyone a chance to even hit him to at least have a chance at filling stamina unless another counselor is around to knock you free. I’m also not trying to cheat Jason out of being completely difficult cuz I LOVE a challenge but damn L2 grabbers is what’s ruining the game and makes it no fun, ESPECIALLY while raged. My objective each game is to kill Jason, not just escape or survive. That’s the main point of the game. So my perks are there for that reason. Anything after a kill fail is obsolete with the perks as they won’t work in rage BUT a small delay in between grabs would be beneficial. Just an idea and not trying to debate how bad or hard the game is. It’s not, just annoying with grabbers. Yes exactly! Just a tiny delay to compose myself and get my weapon long enough to run or help my boyfriend if he is getting grabbed.
  21. I can’t post the video I have cuz it’s too large but I do have it on my phone as to how frustrating it is to survive and rescue friends with him constantly grabbing! Just a small delay would be good to pick up weapon and at least get a head start. I also play to KILL Jason! I have over 100 kills wishing my first month of playing and I’ve already reached 150. I have my perks set to kill him even when he’s raged but if it fails and the sweater glitches or tommy can’t knock him to his knees with an axe, at least five counselors a more possible chance of fighting back and being able to run and escape. I love killing Jason and am very successful as tommy, but when I rarely fail it, I’d like to take time to escape and tho my perks aren’t equipped for marathon and restful, give us counselors extra stamina boost and/or make Jason grab every 1-2 seconds after getting loose from his grip since we can’t stun him.
  22. As I’ve said before, it will take away from more beneficial perks that I use. Sucker punch, man at arms and double healing. I wish they would let you use more perks, maybe one or two more making it 4 or 5 perks. I have all my perks set up to make each counselor stronger in certain weak areas already and I took lots of time lining them all up and getting them to work out perfectly. It should make it alil easier on conselors with a boost just like they helped Jason with not getting “bullied” and he can’t get stunned in rage. It should be the same for counselors. Give them a boost in a weak spot or make their strengths a bit stronger to help them. I feel it’s fair It’s easier to get away like that and at least keep your weapon in your hands cuz then you can run and spray instead of having to keep searching for your weapon and before you get it he grabs you again. So so sooooo annoying! It’s hard to save friends when he’s all over you and they have to keep chopping and then when I fall I’m scrambling around for a weapon just in case he grabs my boyfriend so I can hit him free. Just very time consuming and annoying
  23. I can handle being slashed cuz I’m used to it and being grabbed once in a while so my healing sprays can be used since there aren’t enough pocket knives in the map Thank you to everyone who agrees with me on certain aspects. It just makes it so difficult to even pick up my weapon and doesn’t give me any time to pick up so if my boyfriend gets grabbed I’m shuffling around looking for a weapon to knock him free and it’s frustrating. there’s no time to even RUN away when you knocked free, especially inside of a house with furniture and your scrambling around in an already black hole and can’t see your map, tho they have nerves of steel it takes away other beneficial perks that can help me survive. If they can fix it and make it alil easier to pick up a weapon and run at least, I’d be happy with that.
  24. So since we can’t stun Jason in rage mode, is there a way to limit how many grabs Jason can do on a counselor, even throughout the whole game, especially in rage mode? It’s hard to run and hit and survive when he runs you out of stamina and he keeps grabbing while we try to gain stamina back. Or could we make the stamina boosted on all counselors once Jason raged so we can run longer and it can fill up faster to try to survive while he’s raged? I just played a game and literally we had to knock each other loose, no joke, like 7 times in a row and then he kept grabbing still and he finally died. I’m not complaining about it but pointing out maybe an easier way to escape his rage as a counselor. I don’t mind him not being stunned but give counselors some boost to help survive and limit how many grabs Jason can do per counselor and make pocket knives more accessible once rage hits. I did save the video on this recent game where he kept grabbing and it is annoying it I can’t upload it since it’s biger than the file size.. but I can email the videos to someone. Thanks.
  25. Here’s me and my boyfriends gamer tags on PSN TaraBohall BrandonBohall we are known as the Slashing Bohalls!!
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