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  1. I typically do this only because i haven't gathered all my points for beating up Jason, lol. So i wait at the exit, and use all my stuff and maybe troll a couple more minutes just for fun.
  2. I typically only send a message when Jason's hunt me down, because I know there's one other person alive. I make sure to sound extra triggered so that they feel the need to message me back. The person alive gets like 7 minutes when he's chasing me. They typically always escape because the Jason always responds and wastes their time 😆😆
  3. Personally I find it really hard seeing Jason ever being killed nowadays especially on console now with all the new players that piggyback off of everyone else so nothing ends up getting done. So right now I'd say the kill rate is like 1-10, and it should probably be more so like 11-25 because its very rare to see it now imo.
  4. First. The random counselor bug has been in the game for 2 years now, how hasnt it been fixed? Second, why im making this. There's a bug where if you get slashed by jason and he's right behind you running and spamming your vault button doesn't work to go through the window. Therefor I die a lot trying out run Jason because I can't jump through the window because of this nasty bug. Anyone else notice this?
  5. I was playing as Tommy Jarvis with Jenny previously having full fear resistant perks... Clearly not a fear issue... Not only that but my screen wasn't dark and my minimap wasn't gone.
  6. The kill is only ever easy when planned, but TBH there's a bigger problem with counselors not being able to regain stamina from hitting Jason in rage mode... Even if you can when you hit him it still doesn't stun him so you get rendered pretty useless when it comes to stamina and regen unless your on a stacked counselor and even then I mean really. I'm finding myself forcing to run all stamina perks because more than half the time I'm dying to running out of it because no one seems to know how to play the game when it's fairly simple. Just an opinion... But I've started to dislike this game slowly more and more since the Jason Nerf. It makes it way too frustrating because its nice for Jason to become as invincible as he should be, but at the same time it never balanced out the counselors to be slightly better stat wise to be in rage mode.
  7. Today I got a bug I'm not sure if I remember happening previously or not, I'm not sure what causes it but it causes your HUD of your inventory to disappear. I had a med spray on me and mid game it disappeared and I was the last one standing and I got hurt and because of the bug I had forgotten I had a spray on me and when I died like 10 seconds later it popped up and I just got so frustrated... This happen to any of you?
  8. Agreed, but if that's going to eventually happen (ha) a visualize sound effects setting would be awesome as well.
  9. Just a personal thought, kinda sucks placing a trap just to have Jason see it shining when it's dark and completely avoid it.
  10. I know how to play as Tiffany very well, I've been playing for over a year now and I can still last matches well it's just inconsistent as before it was more consistent.
  11. Probably just a coincidence of perfect timing of an unperfected combat system... Of a buggy game. 😬
  12. To be honest, a lot of the stealth characters that AREN'T Vanessa have definitely seen better days. Vanessa is the best for stamina, but even then the rage mode buff nerfed stamina by accident imo.
  13. Issue with this that I have is after rage mode, it makes most stamina counselors very useless during it, running is a risky thing to do especially late game when your running out of stamina, items, and cabins especially when Jason insists on hunting just you the whole game. I mean the purpose of the stamina based counselors was to be able to stall Jason for a long time, however buffing Jason the way they did practically nerfed stamina on accident. I was really sad about this buff to Jason as my favorite character is Tiffany, and now it seems like im dying a lot more since then, and it almost makes Jason go after you because he knows your just going to be an easy kill early game and late game, it's like just a bug flying around right in front of your face. If you can stand early game, as soon as he gets rage mode your pretty much screwed because by then your probably out of items (because you'd have practically no time to search for stuff in the first place) and you can't stun him so it just sucks being hunted like that when the Jason is the one to choose who he hunts... So why are you chasing a Tiffany when they're wearing high level clothing? Your asking to piss yourself and the other person off.
  14. Oh that bug happens a LOT. I experience it allllll the time. I mainly experience it when I try running instantly right when it's fired and I think it just involves it "locking up" per say with another action like running, going through a window or whatever etc.
  15. This could just be an issue on itself I'm not experiencing, but a while ago I figured out that a flare gun will not stun Jason if you hit anywhere but his head. If you hit anywhere on his body it will JUST mark him on the map for other people, but if you hit his face it'll stun him 100% and if your doing that and it's not working then yeah, that's a problem. This was a change a while ago, but you could be experiencing a bug I haven't if your hitting his face everytime.
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