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  1. Thanks for the response. I knew someone had probably thought of it, so thanks for saving me the trouble of searching the forums myself. PS You welcomed me before, Slasher. I'm just offline for long stretches, so my activity is intermittent.
  2. This has probably been covered a hundred times and I apologize that I didn't search the forums very well to try and find an answer for myself but is there a reason that the online lobbies aren't topped off with AI bots after last call for real players? Seems to me that a few bots running around would be better than having a 4 or 5 player game going.
  3. I'd really like to see a more in-depth score sheet of what everybody did or is doing within the game. How many traps tripped, who fixed the car, how many grab escapes etc. It'd be something to amuse you while you're dead and waiting, and also a better idea of who is actually playing and how useless Vanessa is.
  4. Something I'd like to see is the option to change your spawn preference from within a game lobby. I do enjoy playing Jason - but not when there's 3 or 4 level 150 Vanessas in there. As a novice Jason, I'd like the option to switch back to a counselor if the competition seems too tough from the get go.
  5. Just to weigh in on what I've seen on the state of the game: I'm a relatively new player. I play on PS4 and I live in Canada. My internet usually sucks so bad I'm literally incapable of catching more than 1 or 2 counselors (when I play Jason, that is). (I think lag and bad internet is probably responsible for many of the Game Leavers that people seem to complain about, so I don't really blame them.) I often play around 2 AM on Weekdays PST. (I work graveyard weekends, if you're wondering.) Game runs fine. I never have to wait more than a minute or two for a game. I only remember seeing the same people once or twice, otherwise it's always someone new. People are generally friendly (in the rare occasion that they have a mic). My only major gripe is all the high level Vanessas and Bugsys that don't help at all and run out the entire 20 minutes running circles around a Jason that obviously can't catch them and making me sit and watch (even when the Police are RIGHT THERE) which occurs probably in probably close to 50% of all games. In conclusion, it's a good game. Tell your friends and come and play.
  6. I'm a pretty new player but I'm not sure I understand the problem with committing suicide. I do understand that it would be kind of jerky to kill yourself if you don't get to be Jason, but I've never seen this happen and I don't understand why anyone would. You'd still have to sit and watch the whole game unfold without taking part wouldn't you? Secondly, if I'm the last one standing and no objectives have been completed (so there's really no chance of escaping on my own) I usually just kill myself to rob Jason of the satisfaction of getting me. Is that bad sportsmanship? I don't want Jason to be happy do I? Also, I know I really dislike it when there's a Vanessa as the last one standing and no objectives have been completed (partly because she sure as hell didn't do anything the whole game to help us get away), there's still ten minutes left and everyone that's dead has to watch her run circles around Jason for ten minutes.
  7. I'm pretty new but I'd say Jason getting bullied or killed is a fairly rare occurrence - maybe happening 1 in 7 or 8 games on PS4 - and even then, not always successful for the counselors. Just to throw in my 2 cents, however, I think it would be neat if Jason had some sort of a counter measure to deal with it. Someone said that a buff for Jason when there were 3 or more counselors in close proximity would be good and I would expand on that and say that each individual Jason should have something unique that would unlock for him when 3 or more counselors were on him. A few ideas could be an Area Effect hit that would do a little damage and a minor stun, another AE that would be a little damage and a weapon disarm, and yet another AE that would be damage and an item disarm. A stun resistance buff for Jason or a weapon durability debuff for counselors. Stamina or fear debuffs for counselors. A power increase for throwing knives. Things of that sort. It would take awhile to figure out which Jason had which too.
  8. Hello, Everyone, Been playing the game for a few months on PS4 but I've been loving it so much that I was compelled to join the forums as well. I live in Canada, Eh. I'm not a fan of horror, but oddly enough this game is responsible for me watching all the Friday 13th movies in the past few weeks. Don't have much else to say, but I'm looking forward to being killed by all of you.
  9. I've only been playing this game for a few months and only trying Jason for a few weeks but virtually every counselor that is wearing a weird costume seems to have a couple of pocket knives. I rarely see less than 4 not counting Tommy, So, to answer the original post - I've resorted to primarily slashing because it's all that seems to work.
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