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  1. Last night the phone was at the Packanack house, so I trapped the box and both front and back stairs (I can manage the cars if they fix them). There was this user at the lobby bragging all the time about how good he was. He was the first to die. It was so satisfying to hear him screaming at the mic “who the fuck puts a trap here?!”. The second the match ended I could hear he was still having a rant and screaming and talking with one survivor about how bad I was as Jason, but he didn’t get to my nerves and thought “bitch, YOU died!”. I left that lobby because they were so toxic, but God how good it felt to catch that little bastard!
  2. Hello everyone! My name’s Abel, I’m from Barcelona, and I started playing F13 last October on PS4 thanks to the PsPlus offer. I play mainly with my coworkers (we try to set different objectives every time we play to make it more interesting), but I hace become so addicted that I also play it by myself. I wanted to join the forum to talk about it without the toxicity of some user I’ve encountered on PS4. Nice to meet you all!
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