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  1. we need weapons not to break so easily. plus double stunning Jason needs to return. after stunning jasone once with a machete or axe the machete axe will break and not allow a second stun.
  2. We need weapons to last longer and become more effective against Jason. Weapons should be able to stun Jason at least twice before the weapon breaks. Stunning Jason 2 times in a row needs to return to the game. Jason is an over powered brute.
  3. Very funny. my post about broadcasting from my bedroom was not meant in anyway to have weird overtones. My Horror and heavy metal posters are in my room with my action figures and friday the 13th memorbillia. I Having shocking revelations to reveal about Jason's supernaturalism.
  4. Why do i not have the right to post but everyone else does. What do you mean that i dont know how to read the room.
  5. Can we get a thread area reserved for uploaded videos or forum members explaining strange ideas of Friday the 13th. Also videos from forum members could provide insight and give us a chance to show off our action figures. If you dont want your idenity exposed in a forum video just wear a mask.
  6. Im thinking of doing my own broadcasts from my bedroom. but my broadcasts do not represent gunmedia or any employess of Gun Medias company.
  7. not soon. i want to show off my action figures and explain my theories of Jason and camp crystal lake. i want to show off my friday the 13th collection. i want to show off my Heavy metal collection,Black Metal etc. i want to talk to others about Jason's strange supernatural experiences. I Want to talk about the strange occurences from the realms beyond in camp crystal lake.
  8. The Axe should be more powerful. One hit with the axe stuns Jason and knocks him down. Trying to hit Jason with the same axe twice doesent work. the axe breaks the second time you hit Jason with it.
  9. The Axe stun needs to be improved. The Axe stun needs to be guaranteed. The Axe should stun or knock down Jason with every hit. When you hit Jason with the Axe it stuns him the first time and then hitting him again with the same axe it doesent stun him and the axe breaks. Each Axe should stun Jason at least twice if using the same axe 2 times in a row. The Axe should only break after hitting Jason 4 times with the same Axe.
  10. After the lawsuit is over. why cant Wes Keltner help a professional modding team company get permission to add mods to the game.
  11. Im hoping Beyond the Stream returns on March Friday the 13th. I Suspect the reason behind the awkward silence from Gun Media is because A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT A HUGE HORROR FRANCHISE VIDEO GAME IS GOING TO BE ANNOUNCED. Ive made secret plans to upload my own podcast broadcast about my ideas on the forum. Ill be broadcasting from my bedroom.
  12. LJN WWF Rubber action figures,GI JOE,MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE ESP SKELETOR,KISS TOYS AND LUNCHBOXES,IRON MAIDEN TOYS AND LUNCHBOXES,Sideshow toys Friday the 13th,Jason voorhees,any and all Friday the 13th figures.heavy metal figures ,Black Sabbath ozzy osbourne figures,mechandise,boxed sets.
  13. I Want mY character to be added to the next HUGE Gun media horror franchise video game. I Think me being a character would help weed out and remove useless generic characters. The question is how much money would it cost to be in Gun Medias next HUGE HORROR FRANCHISE TITLED VIDEO GAME.
  14. This is HUGE NEWS. If the lawsuit settles this summer ill be so happy. my guess is that it will go back to the jury court.
  15. Usually after i die and i look through the camp ground and if i see people not doing anything but hiding in cabins i quit and move on to another lobby or start playing skyrim. Usually if i become Tommy i will search for a female character player and try to get this person to follow me to the shack. esp if the match has become a disaster and bodies are everywhere and nothings done.
  16. I Guess you could talk through the mic and pretend your really camping and running from Jason. My Counselor is The Hippie Mitch Floyd. I Dont see a way to role play and get into character more when playing the game. If you want to play the game with me my gammer tag on ps4 is Trumper-Punker
  17. wow this is awesome news. ill add this to my amazon.
  18. What kinds of costumes and dance emotes would you like to see in Guns next video game.
  19. JPOPS WAS CAUGHT ON TWITTER TALKING ABOUT PRE ORDERS. JPops @turryjustturry Just when people think pre-orders are bad We are at the point of a pre, pre-order. Cant wait until we roll out the Pre, Pre, Pre-order.
  20. Well we can ask Wes Keltner to negotiate a cheaper price so more unlockable characters can be in the game.
  21. Every post thread that i create someone taddles and tells Moderator KODIAK. Moderator Kodiak has warned me not to NECROPOST OLD THREADS. BUT Moderator Kodiak also encourages me to search old threads before posting. Im just going to complain to Gunmedia Ben that i am being picked on every post thread that i create. Why is there something wrong with every thread post that i make. If you cant Necropost then how can you search for thread subjects topics all ready made. There is people on here that find it boring talking about just the mechanics of the game. Some people think that the only thing left to talk about on this forum in general discussion is the bugs and mechanics of the game.
  22. Well there is lots of strange horror and heavy metal guys into friday the 13th.
  23. You have got to be Kidding me. I Dont have that kind of money. they need to make it cheaper so that forum members can be characters in the game. I Clearly understand from Matt Shotcha's posts that Gun Media is not ready to drop hints or share anything that they are doing next at this time. But i Hope later this year the Wes Keltner and company drop a HUGE HINT. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FLIPPING NUTS NOT TO WANT TO BE A PLAYABLE CHARACTER IN AN OFFICIAL HALLOWEEN GAME OR TEXAS CHAINSAW. Maybe we can negotiate a lower price for people who want to be in the game really,really bad. I Guess your characters clothing and style would have to fit 1974 or 1978 time periods.
  24. Im hoping Wes Keltner will have a small crowd funding campaign for Gun Medias next game. I Got to figure out how to get my character in the next game. Id like to be a strong Metal Head character. Who understands strange messages in books and dark puzzles,can find my way around cemeteries and secret passage ways without alot of fear. I Imagine the cost to be in the game would be around 2 grand. 2000.00 dollars isnt that bad to be able to be in a video game.
  25. Well this thread is about there may be some sort of special broadcast or beyond the stream on MARCH FRIDAY THE 13TH 2020.
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