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  1. I Understand and im trying to stop posting things threads with no facts or that speak for others. I Also have stopped posting things about Gun Medias next project. I Understand that there is no more new content. I Understand that Gun Media is not ready to share its next projects etc. I Apologize if ive bothered anyone or have upset others.
  2. I Like the way the game is now. but if the devs update the game i wish they would add different game modes etc.
  3. It sounds as if it will be harder to get Jasons mask offin the next update. Im just assuming this because Mattshotcha gave us a hint of it being more difficult to kill Jason. But i think there should be more weapons added to each map.
  4. My previous thread titled the difficulty of the Jason kill was locked by MATTSHOTCHA. People became angry when they found out that the Jason kill is going to be REWORKED. Ive come to the conclusion that forum members HATE playing Jason because of the possibility of being killed by counselors. The Majority of forum members are not satisfied with mattshotcha dropping hints that the Jason kill will be reworked because forum members want the kill totally REMOVED FROM THE GAME. Some people want Jason to Be an Unrealistic Army Tank that Just mowes everyone down. But The Game Must Have Structure and Relate to The Movies stories where Jason does DIE. Truth be Told as long as there is a Jason Kill Jason will be Hunted by counselors. Structure and Balance means that there must be a way to gather with other counselors to kill Jason.
  5. Well have you seen the 8 bit NES Version. Use Your Imagination. Fighting Pamela Voorhees Floating Head makes complete sense. Its another way to make it harder to get the Sweater.
  6. You know what are you getting at here. im at level 150. i have the roll credits trophy. ive killed Jason lots of times. but some of the suggestions and claims that are coming from this forum are outrageous and just lies. I Play friday the 13th at night and alot of the time most people choose to escape.
  7. Removing the Jason Kill Completely Will Ruin this Game. The Jason Kill is an Awesome Fun Thrill Challenge. Why Would you remove it Completely. Maybe make the Sweater Harder to get by Fighting Pamela Voorhees head.
  8. What about adding the pitchfork and spear gun to quick play. will Jason still be able to be killed. Will the Sweater and Tommy Jason kill be completly removed from the game. What about each player setting a profile of difficulty setting to search for in quickplay. so there will be no difficulty settings on quick play. if the spear gun is added could it be an easier way to kill Jason or be used by Jason to easily kill counselors. Could there be a mode to fight Jasons mothers head in a cabin to receive special weapons. Will Jasons mask still be able to be removed with enough damage. What about making the Jason kill possible with the mask still on. The pitchfork weapon could be used by counselors and Jason.
  9. A Voting system on each map of quickplay match to decide difficulty settings and extra weapons etc. not everyone should be forced to play the way everyone else wants to play the game.
  10. I Was just about to say a voting system on each map match would be the best option to choose difficulty settings and other things.
  11. What about adding difficulty settings to each map on Quick Play managed by the host of the game map. Not everyone wants to play at a higher difficutly level with a raging extremly difficult Jason. While it may be a challenge and fun for some to have an overpowered brute Jason.its not fun for others. Maybe the difficulty settings could be automatically set by how many higher level players are in a lobby. can you explain the difficulty settings on each map match being chosen.
  12. People who claim that they see Jason being killed almost every match are obviously lying.
  13. These ideas sound good for a HARDER DIFFICULTY MODE SETTING.
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