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  1. True. i would be Happy with just a movie and some new action figures. I Own some expensive Sideshow toys Jason figures that i got off ebay.
  2. WOW THIS COULD BE IT. THE BIG HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. If the lawsuit settles in february or sometime this year. Then maybe we can petition Horror inc and Victor Miller for a New Friday the 13th game made by another company.
  3. I Used to live in a home for mental patients called Transitional Living in ohio. Now i live in a house with my mom and my collection of Heavy metal records,cds,action figures,books etc. I Mostly read,play video games,study pick up artistry,study occult books and witchcraft,read books by christian authors. I Study my Friday the 13th camp crystal lake memories book.. Im a writer and i write sometimes.
  4. Well having an online multiplayer exploration mode with multiple players that can just walk around explore and wait for an online Jason to come into the game isnt really new content. But maybe we can get these ideas in another friday the 13th game years down the road. It would be so cool to get a exploration online mode with other players where you can fix cars and drive them and have the option to turn off being able to run over other players. then suddenly without players realizing an online Jason suddenly enters the map while players are exploring and not paying attention..
  5. Why cant we have game modes with no new stuff. Why not a game mode where you can explore the camp without Jason and practice driving car and shoot arrows with bow and arrow. Attack other counselors with Bow and arrows and paintball guns. maybe an online Jason can secretly join in an exploration mode without others players knowing.
  6. The Spear Gun and Pitchfork are all ready in the game. why cant you open your eyes to new possiabilities.
  7. Not really. this explination does not provide any facts or reasons of why the pitchfork and speargun can not be added. its only an unofficial opinion. maybe someone from Gun media can explain.
  8. Well both weapons are all ready in the game. i wonder if the Pitchfork and Speargun could fit in online multiplayer without new animations or any new additions.
  9. Well if counselors had to find pieces of the spear Gun around the camp and put it together and then find the spear gun ammo. Make Jason be able to destroy counselors spear gun by hitting it with whatever weapon he has. Why not let Jason start out with a Spear Gun or the pitchfork from the barn.
  10. Strigoi


    i would call the police. it could be perverts and voyeurism. people try to catch nude photos of people and put them online. or it could be someone trying to listen in and invade privacy.
  11. The Pitchfork goes with sackhead Jason. The speargun is such a cool weapon its a shame these 2 weapons cant be in online multiplayer
  12. We need the Pitchfork and Spear gun added into the online game and offline bots. The Spear gun could be disassembled and needs pieces to be put together. The spear gun could be hidden and spawn in different locations . Jason and counselors can use the spear gun if found and put together. The spear gun ammo arrows could be hidden somewhere in the camp. The Spear Gun when used by counselors on Jason it takes 3 hits to the head to kill Jason with spear gun. Pitch fork can be used by counselors and Jason. explain why these weapons can only be in single player challenges.
  13. 1. The spear Gun being an option to be used by counselors or Jason. 2. Selecting tasks for counselors to do in offline bots. 3. example for selecting tasks could be 1. fix car 2. Kill Jason which would include counselors getting sweater and machetes to demask Jason and call Tommy Jarvis. 3.Find fuse,fix phone box 4. fix boat. 5.Find hidden spear gun and hidden spear gun Ammo. 6.Jason can be Killed by 2 shots from the spear Gun. 7 Exploration mode with no Jason and counselors can kill each other. 8. Jason in game and counselors can kill each other.
  14. Id like to be able to play as a counselor against Jason. I Just wish i could give commands to other counselors to co operate with me. maybe have a selection of another counselor follower. be able to have settings where offline bots try to remove Jasons mask and help you try and kill Jason. maybe a selection of goals and tasks options to turn on for all counselors to try and help you do. selection tasks fix car and call Tommy Jarvis,Get Fuse and fix Phone box, get a machete and keep swiping at Jasons mask,go get sweater,call Tommy Jarvis. a list of tasks you want counselors to do before the offline bots game starts. 1.Try and kill Jason 2.fix cars and get fuse,fix phone box. 3.call Tommy Jarvis 4.stay together and try to remove Jasons mask. 5.fix boat. 6.Find the Spear Gun before Jason does. 7The Spear Gun instantly kills Jason if its a Head shot. 8.Jason instantly kills counselors with Spear Gun. 9. try to find the spear ammo for the spear Gun.
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