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  1. If Gunmedia does decide to do a Halloween game next. The game will be about Halloween night and costumes, trick or treating,face paint and masks. Id like to see Wes Keltner and company get the license to add 1970s Marvel comic costumes,Star Wars,Kiss costumes,Universal monsters costume packs. face paint and counselor customizations. Ben tramer myers costume.
  2. i just wish a company would make a P.C CONSOLE that is playable on tvs. i bought an dell alien alphaware i7 pc console and it is junk. Ian Bell's MAD BOX Console is supposed to be BETTER Than PS5 And Xbox. it would be great to be able to play Friday the 13th mods on a console that uses a television like playstation and xbox. My guess is that friday the 13th has such a cult following that pc mods will continue to show up. I Just wish a good modding company would add new maps. An abandoned camp map etc. The Large Gothic cemetery and sheriffs station from Camp Forest Green.
  3. Its time for Gunmedia to move on to another big horror titled game.
  4. I Dont know. but i imagine that some of them do probably look like that. The feminine talking guys are annoying.
  5. I Dont care or disrespect people from the LGBTQ Community. What makes it an issue is that the feminine guys throw their voices on the mic and try to force me into their reality. the feminine guys have asked me to put in the car battery for them or they hit on me.one guy called me out in the whole lobby and told me that i had a sexy deep voice. It makes me angry because these guys are allowed to sexually harass straight men just because they are considered a minority. If i try to add women who look attractive or have a sexy feminine voice people go beserk and call me thirsty or a perv in facebook friday the 13th groups. I can play the game with anyone as long as there is mutual respect.
  6. Usually after i see a good Tommy Jarvis Kill Jason I try to add The Tommy Jarvis and The Sweater girl player so that i can play with them in a match later on. I Dont know why that Friday the 13th the game attracts so many people of alternative lifestyles but it seems that often when i add a player with a female name a male voice speaks through the microphone. Out of all the video games online that ive have played or Amusement parks that celebrate Gay day. I Have Never seen such A HUGE GAY Following in any other game than Friday the 13th. It Aggervates me because i dont like being bothered and i just want skilled players to play the game with. People Harass straight men for wanting to add women that have sexy feminine voices to their friends list and call those men pervs or Thirsty. Ive tried really hard to find others to play the game with but it seems always to be kids or Men who prefer to talk with other men. I Just want to play the damn game. with adult experienced players. Ive tried advertising that im looking for others experienced players on xbox and playstation groups and the only people that respond are men who are into alternative lifestyles.
  7. A Halloween Haddonfeild Memorial Hospital could work in a good map for halloween. the basement of the hospital contains the hot tubs. the next Halloween movie will include halloween landmarks and classic charachters.
  8. maybe your right. but im hopefull to hear something new in october. but your probably right. it will probably take till next year to hear anything about Gunmedia doing a new game.
  9. I Understand that this forum is about Friday the 13th. I May pop in once in awhile to talk Friday the 13th. but im trying to establish my self on the Halloween forums.
  10. I Wonder who the game design company was that made this small Halloween game.
  11. I Should clarify that i understand that there has been lots of patches,work and Gunmedia continues to work on Friday the 13th the game. for some reason people in other groups still complain about Gunmedia. Im tired of talking about Friday the 13th the game nothing else is being added so why keep posting in this forum. Last night i joined the HALLOWEEN Forums as Strigoi. Heres the link to the Halloween forums. The Official Halloween Message Board
  12. I Cant understand how this company got the rights or license to make this 16 bit game. https://www.escapemichaelmyers.com/?fbclid=IwAR3FiQK4fA-VLeQwhxaBMeuIL0kNgl9xd-WoL7Ii9NT7es3QAt_zGag_WIo
  13. well im sorry you feel that way. im just trying to think of ways the game could continue.
  14. Thanks for the pep talk and the encouragement i really do appreciate it. Its nice to hear a positive view point.
  15. Well im just hoping that something HUGE GETS ANNOUNCED IN OCTOBER. Maybe Gunmedia will open a huge Horror franchise title too croud funding.
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