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  1. Yes. i cant wait.Evil Dead the game releases in about 2 days,im super excited.
  2. Wow so you bought the super deluxe version with Savini skins and actual physical t shirt. Im sad that i missed out on the super deluxe version. But This Evil Dead game looks good. Im going to pull out The Evil Dead dvd's and watch them. I Hope you and your wife both enjoy this game.
  3. Im super excited and pumped about evil dead the game. has anyone ordered Evil Dead the game deluxe edition from a game online store. has anyone played The Beta version of Evil Dead the game.
  4. Im just trying to be nice and remind everyone. I Missed buying the Savini skins for Evil Dead The game. dont miss out on buying Evil Dead the Deluxe version this month is the last month i believe.
  5. All i know is that Tom Savini was working with Boss Team games and they mentioned doing a Friday the 13th video game at some point.
  6. What i cant understand is how Boss Team games was supposed to release a new Friday the 13th video game in 2021.
  7. Well i havent seen any community developers from The Gun Interactive Texas Chainsaw Massaxre Reddit group say anything officially yet about Dance emotes,Face Paint,Seasonal costume packs,Seasonal based maps. However a community developer from Reddit did explain to me that players will not be able to kill the killers in the game.
  8. Absolutely ! im still here. If your still here, why shouldnt i be here. Im just as important as anyone else thats here.
  9. How do you know this for sure about IP'S. Also whats your opinion on what will happen to the game once the game goes totally offline with no server support.
  10. I see alot of lower level players that dont arm themselves and run from Jason while they are carrying batteries and gas cans. I Get frustrated with low level lobbies of players that dont do anything but hide in cabins while Jason is chasing me. I Rarely see the Jason kill,and when i do see The Jason Kill its very late at night when high leveled players get online. Also ive seen Jason take 2 shotgun blasts to the face and good axe thrashings and his mask still stays on. Jason's mask seems to be glued to his face at times.
  11. Well anyways, i wonder how the game will work once it goes totally offline.
  12. I Think The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game needs to be interesting and fun as Friday the 13th. Celebrating after you stun the killer is a Gun Interactive classic. Id like to see cool costumes and facepaint also for Texas Chainsaw Massacre the game. @mattshotcha will there be costume packages,dance emotes and facepaint for playable charachters.
  13. I Briefly recall Wes Keltner saying that he will not work with Horror inc again,I Think it may also have been on Beyond The Stream.Wes never used the words that it was a pain in the ass to work with Sean Cunningham,these are my assumptions. @mattshotcha did say that every little peice of the game for friday the 13th had to be pre approved by Horror Inc.
  14. Why cant Sumo Digital take over and maintain Friday the 13th the game.
  15. Dont say that there is NO MORE OR NOTHING For Friday the 13th the game. Months ago im sure that i read in a thread here that there will be tweeks and adjustments for Friday the 13th the game,when the game goes offline and has no server support. What we need to push for is NO MORE Jason buffs. Counselor buffs are needed. Why Cant Gun Interactive sell Friday the 13th the game to another company. Wes Keltner has allready said that he will never do business with anything Friday the 13th relatd ever again,Because it was such a pain in the ass to work with Sean Cunningham and his company Horror inc. Maybe another company could upgrade and add on to the game. Will we be able to play as a counselor in an offline package of Friday the 13th the game.
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