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  1. No i play as Jason and counselors .My abilities to play the game are fine. I was simply saying making Jason harder to stun and kill may be to much in the other direction. Jason is about balanced enough .Making Jason un killable will ruin the game. Its always exciting to see if you can cordinate with other counselors get the sweater and the mask off for the kill. Difficulty settings on Quick Play would work and this is how if a player cant find a game lobby on easy then the player just tries to find a game lobby on Medium or Hard difficulty settings . Also im not a Jason killer. I play Jason alot.
  2. I still say that having difficulty settings like offline bots will help players with more experience find eachother and play the game at their likable settings . Easy,Medium ,Difficult,Nightmare game mode difficulty settings . Someone that wants to play in an easy game mode difficulty lobby will be able to gang up on Jason and kill him. Also having difficulty settings will keep squeeker kids in the easy mode lobbies.
  3. Strigoi

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Well if i misqquoted you and didn't understand i apologize . I've been digging and reading online and i really belive that Wes Keltner is Friends with Ryan Turek and this has opened the door for Malek Akkad and Halloween .
  4. Strigoi

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Thats Simple the Morph Ability should be used On Michael Myers because the story of Halloween Michael Myers is a supernatural evil being a supernatural evil force drives him .
  5. If Jason is going to be more powerfull and take more hits without being stunned. Then can we add more axes and Machetes in the next update . In Friday the 13th part 3 Cris Higgins stuns Jason with Firewood while she hides outside the door. She also Knocks Jason out in the Barn. I Never remember in the Movies Jason being so powerfull that no one could hurt him. In most games i play Jason kills 4 people and 4 people survive just like the movies. Alot of Games Jason goes to Blairs Cove first in Higgins Haven map and stops the 4 seater repair then that gives time to put the fuse in so the 4 other counselors escape . NO everyone is not supposed to die . The game was made with multiple ways to escape with teamwork . The game wont be any fun with A Super Jason on Steroids That kills everyone . I suggest difficulty settings the same way that offline bots has difficulty settings of Easy,medium,hard Because The Jason players and counselors are Never going to be Happy . Most players in the forums Are Jason players ive looked at old posts that are old and people We're complaining about Jason being whimpy back then.
  6. Strigoi

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I seen an interview recently with Ryan Turek where he says he wants to Reboot the Friday the 13th movies after the Miller vs Cunningham suit. Maybe Ryan Turek is a big fan of the Friday the 13th the Game . Id Say that Ryan Turek is Wes Keltners connection to John Carpenter and Malek Akkad .
  7. Strigoi

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Well im sensing some Heavy sarcasm when you say that its proof of A Halloween game .
  8. Im ready for a Halloween game next
  9. Hey know those are some darn good ideas.
  10. Strigoi

    "Halloween" is back! And so is John Carpenter!

    Id like to hear or see GunMedia working with John Carpenter .
  11. Strigoi

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Well we know that Wes Keltner is involved for with Ryan Turek and that to me says Halloween .I know the rest of you dont belive that and thats fine.But it was a strong enough indication for multiple recent youtube videos from Slash n Cast and other reliable sources.
  12. Strigoi

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Im hoping that Wes Keltner drops hints here and there. When i heard that a Halloween game may be in the Works my legs started jerking and convulsing out of control and i suddenly Exploded and Screamed and wailed in Ecstasy .
  13. Strigoi

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I still think it could be Halloween because Wes Keltner Said that he cant comment on the next game hes working on .
  14. Strigoi

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I messaged Randy Greenback on Facebook and asked Him if Halloween game was next and he said that He cant comment . We Do know for a fact that Wes Keltner tweeted that hes working on another horror game . Also we know for a fact that Ryan Turek The producer of The last 2018 Halloween movie is involved . We dont know for certain what Horror game that Wes Keltner is working on its most likely Halloween but it could turn out to be another Horror game from Blumhouse.