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  1. A Death match between horror icons from a wide variety of films would be cool. Now that Kane Hodder has announced at Flashback Chicago in July of this year that Gun media's next game will have multiple killers maybe Wes Keltner wants to go more in the direction of Dead By Daylight and Mortal Kombat. Well at least we know for sure that Gunmedia's next game is NOT Halloween. I Just wish @wes could do a podcast explaining to us why he couldnt get Halloween for a game maybe later. I
  2. YES But Kane Hodder already announced months ago that Gunmedia's next game will be a HUUUGE HORROR BIG FRANCHISE GAME. The only franchise i know of with multiple killers is Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  3. I Just hope that Gun media has not sold out and hopped onto the Dead by Daylight band wagon.
  4. This is terrible news. Now im hearing that Kane Hodder has confessed and let it slip that Gun media's next game will have multiple killers.
  5. I Read the thread on Reddit that claims Gun media's website leads to a secret texas chainsaw massacre game entitled Leatherface the game. This is not accurate as the the thread on Reddit the posters there admit that someone purposely bought the online domain and set it up falsely to look like Gun media's next game is Leatherface. Ive heard from multiple sources that Gun media's next game is Halloween. Of course we dont know for certain what Gun media's next Horror titled video game will be.
  6. thanks for sharing this. I Think Gun media could be working on a Texas Chainsaw massacre game also. But i still believe that Gun media's next game is Halloween.
  7. I Just hope that Beyond the Stream will have A STRANGE EERIE AIRING FOR HALLOWEEN. The forums being archived is fine with me because im so tired of having to worry about not posting old necro posts. A New forum will be great to share ideas for Gun media's next game with more space. Well i am Eager for Halloween. I Love the Halloween season and my birthday is in October. I Turn 39 this year on October 11th. I Suspect this year that we may get a new forum and a special Beyond the Stream Broadcast live that is spooky and creepy.
  8. Ive always liked The Dukes of Hazard General Lee Rebel flag car. I Jus like old cars and i love the orange dukes of Hazard car. I Need to look on ebay to see if i can find an old toy car of the Dukes of Hazard model metal car.
  9. I Think Halloween 2021 will be the best yet. A New Halloween movie. maybe a Surprise announcement from Gun media. this Halloween is going to be great. Maybe some more Misfits shows with Glenn Danzig. Rob Zombie is doing The Munster's movie.
  10. Im just Happy that Wes enjoys the Halloween season as much as i do. I Like Peanut Butter Halloween candy.
  11. I Have also started christmas shopping early. Im just dissapointed when my local Walmart doesent have the new 80's toys re releases of G.I Joe,The Real Ghostbusters and Teenage mutant ninja turtles and Masters of the universe. Im tired of seeing the toy aisles of my local Walmart stores unstocked and close to empty. I Think here where i live Walmart has canceled layaway this year because of covid 19.
  12. Glad to see that your also a big Pee Wee Herman fan. Im a huge fan of The first 2 Pee Wee herman movies. I Have not seen any of the new Pee Wee Herman movies but im going to search for the new ones on dvd.
  13. Well i havent been spamming as your suggesting. I Made this thread months ago. Im just very excited and happy that Gun media is working to expand there podcasts. I Hope Gun media has the best and indepth broadcasts ever. How is it being impatient to be a huge fan of Gun media podcasts and Beyond the Stream. If i would have never asked questions then people in the forum would never have known that Gun media is expanding its campaign for Beyond and Tales. Not sure how you are saying that this thread shows me being impatient somehow.
  14. I Love decorating for Halloween also. I Like Jack o lantern pumpkins. My favorite candy is anything Reese's or Butterfinger. I Like to listen to COAST TO COAST AM Radio especially on Halloween night. I May go with my family when they take there kids Trick or Treating. It sounds as if you really enjoy Halloween and decorating for the trick or treaters.
  15. Well im sorry you feel that way. I Didnt think that the forum is here to support problems with Bugs and Hackers as @mattshotcha told you in your thread about ps4 being hacked. Well i was hoping you could let go of your hard feelings and we could be friends. I Sincerly apologize.
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