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  1. Im hearing promising things about a Gun media Halloween game.
  2. Your right in a f13th facebook group a guy from Kentucky said that he knows the people that are doing the packaging and it is Halloween.
  3. When a Halloween game is Announced most of you will here me say i told you so. I Just wish the Gunmedia guys would have listened to us fans and forum members as to what kind of deluxe editions and dlcs packages that we want.
  4. Your right thick skin perks are enough to balance the game out fairly.
  5. I Hope in this next patch counselors get buffed up and can take more damage from Jason. 3 hits from Jason and your crippled as a counselor its just ridiculous.
  6. Lets hope its Halloween. I Absolutely love this forum. I Love horror and sharing my ideas. I Apologize to Ben and the rest of the forum members for being so silly and causing problems in the past. I Cant wait to join the next forum with Gun medias next game. My name will be Darrin Strigoi in the next forum. Its been so much fun posting here and sharing ideas with you all. Thanks To Mattshotcha for giving me another chance. Untill next time your friend Darrin.
  7. Ill tell you what, If Guns next video game is Halloween then i will do an irish jig and a couple of cart wheels. I Still think that this old dev Wes Keltner wont dissapoint. If its Texas chainsaw until they get Halloween then it wont be that bad. Im hoping for an announcement from Gun media about the new game sometime near July. What kind of DLC Costumes would you want if its a Halloween game.
  8. by any cars. if i spawn by cars i move quick because i know Jason will be there soon.
  9. I Posted a link above somewhere where Malek Akkad talks about a video game for Halloween after Dead by Daylight used the michael myers character. I Think Gunmedia has got the rights for a Halloween game from Malek Akkad and Miramax.
  10. Heres a video of motion caption that is most likely Kane Hodder.
  11. Heres the video of Kane Hodder explaining that Gunmedia's next game is a big horror franchise game. https://trancasfilms.com/
  12. You know i dont want to hurt your feelings but i keep noticing a strong attitude of superior knowledge from you. You seem to always know more than anyone else or at least you believe that you do. How do you know that Malek Akkad's film company Trancas Films wont approve opening the game to mods. The Truth is you dont know. I Can Explain, Wes Keltner said that it was so dog on hard to work with Horror inc and Sean Cunningham because every little game design had to be pre approved. Wes Keltner said he will never work with Sean Cunningham and Horror inc again. Wes Keltner NEVER said that every big horror franchise when it comes to video games must not be open to mods. If a Halloween game happens and i think it will i want Halloween costume clothing packs and cool dance emotes. https://trancasfilms.com/
  13. I Just wish Gunmedia would ask us what we want to see in the next video game. We all ready know from Kane Hodder saying that Gunmedias next game will be a huge horror franchise video game. My question is what kind of costumes and dance emotes can we add. If its a Halloween game then costume Halloween packs and face paint should be an option. Costumes like Kiss Costumes, Universal Monster costume pack,Star Wars Costume pack.etc Also Opening Gunmedias next big Horror game to Mods and special and weird game modes.
  14. Its so aggervating to hear the same thread over and over again people complaining that Jason is too easy to kill. Jason is not to easy to kill. The Devs have tweeked and tweeked Jason with Rage mode to making the mask more difficult to remove. Why do people whine so much about being killed as Jason. People dont seem to think being killed as a counselor is bad. I Dont agree with people that want to argue that Friday the 13th is Jason's game and Jason is the star of the show. I Play the game to hunt Jason and demask him and kill him just like in the movies.
  15. If Dead by Daylight can get a license to use Halloween carachters then Gun media can make a complete Halloween game.
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