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  1. My guess is that it was super difficult to manage and moderate and police the friday the 13th the game forums. lots of trolls and strange multiple accounts. If Gun interactive would start a payed forum member package then it would keep trolls out and there would not be as many problems.
  2. Merry Christmas everyone. I Hope you all are having a good time with your families.
  3. I Have to agree i would rather have another forum for Gun interactive's new game. But it probably costs more money to maintain a forum. If it were a pay to join forum it would be cool cause it would keep trolls and duplicate accounts from spreading. Id pay 20.00 dollars to join a Gun interactive forum as long as it is a one time fee. Maybe a good incentive package like 45.00 dollars to join the forum and then receive extras like advice and a rare dlc map.
  4. 1.Will there be new online forums for Gun interactive's new Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game. 2.What extra and deluxe editions can fans expect for the texas chainsaw massacre the game. 3.When will Gun inc's new game be available at Walmart and Gamestop. 4.Will there be limited edition exclusives for hardcore fans. @mattshotcha
  5. Im sick of explaining over and over again. couple years ago Randy Greenback told me that it was absolutely being talked about getting a license for Gun to do a Halloween game. Now since i mentioned Randy Greenback all the cry babies are going to email Kodiak and complain that im causing problems. Why cant Gun simply explain what their position is on a Halloween game license. there is nothing wrong with Wes and the Gun guys explaining why they didnt choose Halloween.
  6. Looks like they are going to have to explain it. because alot of fans are not happy and want to know why Gun and Wes Keltner could not get Halloween.
  7. I Just wish Wes and the Gun guys could make a podcast explaining why they couldnt get Halloween. How could Gun and Wes fumble the chances of a Halloween game with Blumhouse and everything else at their finger tips.
  8. Everyone on Twitter to youtube wants Wes Keltner and Gun to get the license to create an official Halloween game. Now ive heard rumors that Kane Hodder let it slip that Gun's next game will have multiple killers. If Gun's next game has multiple killers then it cant be a Halloween game. Can Wes Keltner and @mattshotcha do a podcast episode explaining the Halloween Fumble and why Gun could not make a Halloween game.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. hope everyone is doing well. i turned 39 this year. nevermind im not going to say anything negative.
  10. Im a HUGE Ghostbusters fan and collect the comics and toys.
  11. I Havent seen Halloween kills yet at the theatre. Anyone doing anything special for Halloween.
  12. Why cant Sean Cunningham just buy out Victor Miller's half to the rights because there is no other way to resolve this. Why does Sean Cunningham continue to pay big bucks to lawyers instead of just buying out Victor Miller's half to the rights to the original Friday the 13th backstory. To be honest im not interested in seeing Friday the 13th campground movies without Jason Voorhees.
  13. Can anyone post a Larry Zerner analysis on this situation. Can anyone post a Slash n Cast video update on this report.
  14. Well we dont know what Gun media's next game will be. but my guess is if there is multiple killers then there may be lots of guest celebrities in the game.
  15. A Death match between horror icons from a wide variety of films would be cool. Now that Kane Hodder has announced at Flashback Chicago in July of this year that Gun media's next game will have multiple killers maybe Wes Keltner wants to go more in the direction of Dead By Daylight and Mortal Kombat. Well at least we know for sure that Gunmedia's next game is NOT Halloween. I Just wish @wes could do a podcast explaining to us why he couldnt get Halloween for a game maybe later. I
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