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  1. This is awesome news. Id love to see a Stephen King script.
  2. Another company may buy all the unreleased stuff from Gun media after the lawsuit is over.
  3. No problem friend. Im happy to see a podcast of Wes explaining everything.
  4. Heres a cool tweet and video from wes keltner on twitch i believe. Wish it was on you tube. It aired today in the afternoon. I Cant wait to watch it and understand more about IP Intellectual properties of video game license.
  5. Ive Checked out Black Tower game design teams website and it looks cool and Gothic. I Think Black Tower is an Asian company that specializes in occult or gothic themed games. Anyways im happy to see Wes Keltner tweet recently that he wants to sell Gun media gamer clothing and that there is a game that Gun media has been kicking around and working on.
  6. Maybe Black Tower is a great design team. Ill have to check there web site. Why would Gun Media use 2 different design teams while they are busy on the next game. Does anyone know how large of a team Black Tower design team is.
  7. When i read the article that @Dogmatic shared about the lost tape of footage from friday the 13th part 2, the article said that every death scene is longer. they should have just used the whole tape as an uncut deluxe version of friday the 13th part 2.
  8. I Just wonder if The Black Tower design team can be the best design choice for Gun Medias next video game.
  9. Yes but at some point before the next game is finished i hope the Gun media will reach out to the fans and ask them what they want. Deluxe collectors game packages. Full campaign story mode game levels and unlockables. Open the game to Mod creators and extra creation purchases.
  10. Well that explains what is happening. There is no Kickstarter or crowd funding campaign needed. The reason us fans are hearing nothing is because games that are being worked on take years and years to complete. I Just wish that fans from The Gun media forums could make requests and share ideas of what they would love to see in Gun Medias next game. I Just wish there was DELUXE packages with limited edition dlc and collectors items available for Gun Medias next game.Now that Crowd funding will not be used. What about Mods and Extra creation add on store to the next horror game. If this next game is a 3 to 4 year project then in 2 years maybe Gun media will reach out to the fans and reveal there next big horror franchise game and ask fans on The Gun Media forums what they want to see in the game.
  11. The Akkad Brothers Malek and Tarik both own the rights to the Halloween franchise.
  12. Malek Akkad and Tarik Akkad are the producers and controllers of The Halloween movies franchise. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0015443/ Im sure that Wes Keltner and @mattshotcha have alot more planned when they are ready to share the next game. Its hard being patient but we have to respect Gun medias wishes. Whatever happens next from Gun media im sure we all will be happy and surprised. Sadly it wont be this year or this Halloween and that is something we will just have to accept. There is a Covid 19 virus that is slowing sales of video games and movies and it may be foolish for Gun media to make another big move in the middle of a panademic.
  13. Well we know that Gun media is working on something because Matt Shotcha and other Gun media employees have said they are not ready to share their next project yet. Ive begged like a dog and broken record player for Wes Keltner and Gun Media guys to reveal what their next project is. Ive been warned not to ask or make threads asking for projects from Gun media or i will be banned. Gun media employees have a secret coded saying. GUN IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE ANYTIME SOON. Gun is going to continue to make Horror games for Horror fans. There is alot of tweeted evidence that Wes Keltner is at least friends with people who know The Akkad Brothers Malek and Taric.
  14. I Want a Playstation 5 console that plays both digital and physical disc games. I Just wonder if my ps4 digital downloads that ive purchased from the playstation store will carry over to ps5.
  15. Quora is a website where you can ask questions all day long about horror,the occult and anything strange or weird. Im just so happy that i found an outlet to shake my sillies out and wiggle my waggles away.
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