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  1. Jason Shouldn't be able to morph away when the sweater is being used. Gosh im sick and tired of people trying to remove the Jason kill .
  2. Im Angry Because I dont want my favorite game Ruined . Theres a Trophy and Badge for killing Jason its built into the game . Wouldn't offend you and make you Angry if Friday the 13th was your favorite game and Forum people are trying to push the Devs to Make it Almost Impossible to kill Jason .
  3. For years people have been complaining on this Forum that Jason is Weak . When will you all be Satisfied .
  4. Ther Is Like 3 axes available in the camp and one in the shack. If anything else is taken away from counselors than this game will be Ruined.
  5. Im sorry for the insults but everytime that ive visited this Forum people have been complaining that Jason is Weak. In Fact years ago i visited this Forum and i wasnt a member yet but i remember back then years ago people whining and Complaining that Jason is Weak . When will you guys Be Satisfied. I Know the awnser when the threat of Jason being Killed is Gone or too Difficult to Do. I Know this because some of you have told me flat out on Facebook Friday the 13th group that we are from the forums and we are going to keep pushing the Devs untill you cant kill Jason . Others have told me that they feel like this Is Jason's game and that Jason Shouldn't be able to be killed period.
  6. They devs should somehow add this officially on to the game since its all ready there it doesn't qualify New Content .
  7. If Your a Jason player Think Ahead before the game starts what you must do to Stop The Kill Set Up . First Thing is to cut the Electric out at The Tommy Jarvis Radio House and Then Trap off the electric box. The Tommy Jarvis radio House is Easy to Find once You've played enough Games you can try diffrent spots that have the Electric Flash symbol on Jason's Map. Next Step is to Immediately Morph to The Shack once you hear The Pamela Voorhees voice Warning Alarm then proceed to Slash The Sweater Girl . If People Gang up On Jason The New Rage Buff will soon kick in ans Jason can Slash everyone .
  8. Im telling you that the steps that Jason players need To take to stop the kill set up are easier for Jason players . All Jason players need To do is Kill Tommy Jarvis or the Sweater Girl and if you cant do that as a Jason player them maybe you needto practice . Counselors Have to do more work to make The Jason Kill Happen. Counselors Have to Risk Jason killing them while getting the sweater an alarm alerts Jason . Counselors Have to call Tommy Jarvis . There has to be enough female characters left in the Game. The Challenges that Counselors face to be able to kill Jason are Difficult . Jason has tons of oppertunities to stop the kill set up. If This Game becomes more difficult for Counselors the game will be Ruined. I cant belive that The Devs listen to A Bunch Of couch potato stoners on social security that sit around on the Friday the 13th forums all day trying to find ways to make this game stupid where Jason just walks around Killing everyone .
  9. If you guys Push the Devs to Buff Jason again or try to get it almost to where you cant Kill Jason then The Game will be Broke and unplayable . No One wants to play a Game where they just wait to be Killed at a Campground . Maybe Jason players need To Better their Skills . Making Counselors defenseless and Helpless equals No Fun. Fixing The game to where Jason just Kills everyone while they run through the woods is retarded. Jason just got A Rage Buff And He Doesn't need to be A Over powered Character that Kills Counselors with no Defense.
  10. I never said i haven't been killed as Jason . I've been killed as Jason twice in all the dozens of times ive played as Jason .
  11. Its Allready a Rare chance to kill Jason . If Your Good at Playing Jason you can Slash Tommy Jarvis to Death or Kill The Sweater Girl . Things Shouldn't be Handed to Jason Players . Maybe Jason players need To Better their Skills. Jason players Have so many oppertunities in a Match to stop The Jason Kill Set up.
  12. A Counselor that Cant Be Slashed to Death would be awesome perk. A Counselor that Cant Be Detected By Jason's Sense would be another great Perk .
  13. Yes i do play as Jason and i hate playing As Jason because the Fear i feel during the game as Jason . Hearing People taunt me and Try to Stun and Kill me is Nerve Wracking. Playing As Jason makes me feel Fear. I love playing As a Counselor . Its fun fixing things. Most Matches that ive played other players are So Obsessed with Fixing The Cars. In Fact ive been Tommy Jarvis and cant get the other players away from The Cars. Most People find it super fun to fix the Cars. Its Hard Enough to Kill Jason .I Rarely see People trying to Kill Jason .
  14. I Hope The Devs can see that everyone here is Exagerating that its too easy to kill Jason . I cant wait till it gets Announced That Ther will be No More Updates.
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