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  1. well i do wish there was an easier mode for counselors. if this game ever gets a full make over by another company after the lawsuit maybe we will see a full complete friday the 13th game with all maps and extra chrachters. im hoping people really push sean cunningham sfter the lawsuit is over to create a bigger friday the 13th game.
  2. thats part of the new updates of the game. the metal rod pipe bounces off jason without a stun sometimes. so does the big wrench. if you try to stun jason repeatedly with the bat,wrench metal pipe it will bounce off him and not stun him. ive noticed that the shotgun now will not stun jason sometimes when hes in rage mode. all these things are happening because all the complaining people have done. certain people want jason next to impossible to kill. ive been playing friday the 13th every night for a month and im telling you no one tries to kill jason with tommy and the sweater girl. Jason in rage mode is just too powerfull for people to try and kill Jason. The new updated Rage mode Super Jason has really ruined the game. it used to be fun to get a pocket knife and weapon and go find Jason and beat the crap out of him. the developers have forced everyone to play in a harder difficulty that is no longer fun.
  3. Gunmedia never will touch Friday the 13th again. but that doesent mean victor miller couldnt get a game design company to create a video game based on his story in the franchise as victor miller won the lawsuit.
  4. Since The game and the forum has inspired so many people to add to the Friday the 13th story and charachters could we see Victor Miller hire another company to create a game based on Pamela Voorhees. These are good questions for Slash n Cast youtube personalities. why cant we see a Pamela Voorhees based game and movie. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2018/11/new-script-friday-13th-beginning.html
  5. Past Friday the 13th script writers and movie directors are blown away that an 80s monster like Jason Voorhees can make millions still and the wide interest that Friday the 13th the game has caused. This Forum is legendary and will probably appear in future friday the 13th documentaries. Fans have shared thousands of valuable threads of information that original Friday the 13th writers have used as refrences to write new scripts for F13th movies. So many Friday the 13th writers have gotten new ideas and inspiration from this Forum. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2019/07/when-rights-battle-ends-jason-lives.html?fbclid=IwAR2pFmthBcwdlT07ji86bN2E3ONemtWdoeP_hOV5Tb4dY4njTQgExLYqEWs
  6. https://ew.com/movies/2019/06/26/glenn-danzig-verotika-screening/
  7. Im a HUGE DANZIG fan Im happy that Glenn Danzig is directing movies. Verotika is supposed to be a very strange movie. Danzigs Next movie is supposed to be a Vampire movie.
  8. The New Rage Mode discourages and stops counselors from ganging up on Jason. Like i said ive played all night 3 nights in a Row and i dont see counselors trying to kill Jason or gang up on him your making shit up to support your case. weapon strikes bounce off Jason all ready when hes not in Rage. how much more help do you need as a Jason player.
  9. Even when Jason is not in Rage when i try to hit him with a weapon it just bounces off of him with no damage to Jason. The devs have all ready made this game in Jasons favor. The new Rage For Jason in the game scares and discourages most people from trying to kill him. Making Jason any more powerfull will unbalance the game and ruin it. Ive played for 3 nights in a row now all night and i havent seen one Jason kill. The New Rage Mode on Jason has slowed down the Jason Kills. Im telling you. you guys are being unreasonable. Ive seen Stupid Beginner Jasons night after night not get killed because The New Rage Mode Discourages counselors from trying to kill Jason. What you guys are trying to do is push the devs to make it to where you cant kill Jason. Jason Players Have Got to learn to move Duck and dodge Weapon strikes and Hits From Counselors. Ive Played the game with really good Skilled Jasons that Move and Dodge weapon strikes and protect that mask. It Seems as if we have a bunch of Jason player cry Babies who want the game to be easy as it all ready is for Jason.
  10. Id like to see a Halloween game that covers all the movies in the franchise. Rob Zombies Halloween Halloween 3
  11. Croud funding gives fans better options of custom orders and packages that Gamestop cant give.
  12. Not sure when Beyond is broad casted online. how can we get MATT SHOTCHA involved in this thread and conversation. i wonder if Wes Keltner give us a clear reason as to why he wouldnt consider revisiting THE SUMMER CAMP game title and plans with Kane Hodder. can someone post the link to the next Broadcast of Beyond.
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