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  1. The posessed masks from Halloween 3 are the demon masks. I Talked to Randy Greenback on facebook and asked him about Gunmedia doing a Halloween game and he just said that getting a license for it is hard. he also said that he cant say anything else.
  2. THIS QUESTION IS FOR ALL OF YOU. If Gunmedia Does a Halloween Game ? How Do you think the Mechanics of the game to Defeat Michael Myers and The Demon masks should work.
  3. I Realized after seeing the video of Jason getting Demasked so easily by Bugzy and how stressfull it is for Jason players in a match. I Think stunning should be removed. Jason should be worn down by hits not stuns.
  4. Yes it is me. I have just changed my mind about stunning and the mechanics of the game. Its Difficult enough to play as Jason and Fight 8 or 7 other players in a match . Stunning Ruined this game and let me tell you why. Stunning never happens in the movies except for Friday the 13th part 2 and 3. Jason shouldve had a Damage meter when the damage gets intense his stamina and Health get low and he can be stunned with the sweater. Strikes or hits to Jason should only cause him to drop a player he is trying to kill there shouldnt be any stunning. In Halloween Michael Myers Gets Stunned Only by Hangers,Sewing Needles and Gunshots which is not really stunning.
  5. I Think that stunning should be removed from defense from Survivors, teenagers,college kids Rage mode should be added even if there is no stunning. Ive thought about it and Friday the 13th shouldnt have ever let counselors beat on Jason. Instead there should be a point where enough damage and hits wear down Jason and Then he can be stunned with The Sweater. Michael Myers in the movies doesent respond to Stuns from weapons. The Only thing that Stuns Michael Myers for a short time is a series of Gunshots. The Mechanics and Objective of a Halloween game should be to wear Michael Myers down till he falls to his knees and then Dr Loomis or Laurie Strode can BeHead him with a fire axe or Set Him on fire inside of A Building.
  6. If its a game from the late 1970s like Halloween then we should get some 1970s dance emotes. The MANO CORNUTO HAND GESTURE. The 1970s disco dance moves
  7. Those Old Fashioned 1970s Long car flashlights could also be used as a weapon to knock Michael myers off of you. but after a couple of hits with the flashlight it may quit working. I Still like the idea of wearing down Michael Myers and then using a fire axe to Behead him. Fall clothing packs and Halloween costume packs are something i look forward too. It Must be difficult to Bring Michael myers to his Knees with enough damage to his strength and stamina.
  8. I Agree i like all those ideas. But id like to see a croud funding campaign that offers deluxe versions of the game with extra maps. Id also like to see Halloween costume packs Kiss,Universal monsters,1970s Marvel costumes. Dance emotes from 1970s movies like Saturday Night Fever. Virtual Michael Myers house with all versions of Michael Myers in the Glass tanks. Haddonfeild 1981 map to include The School and Haddonfeild Memorial Hospital. Expansion of the supernatural story of SAMHAIN and the Dark forces that drive Michael Myers.
  9. If a Halloween game is being made and done by Gunmedia what would you want to see in the game.
  10. Yes but most companies dont fight through all the bullshit that you have to fight through just to get a license to make a Horror game. Wes Keltner and Gunmedia have proven they are more dedicated to the Horror genre. Its a Miracle that we got what we got with Friday the 13th because it was SUPER SENSITIVE RULES For Friday the 13th and every single thing had to be approved.These are part of the reason as to why Wes Keltner never wants to mess with Friday the 13th again. No other game company would have gone through the headache and torture of the super sensitive approval needed in everything in friday the 13th. If Wes Keltner works a deal to get a license for Halloween i belive the first 2 million dollars for the game should be croud funded so that fans can get special collectors items and packages not available in stores. Wes Keltner and Gunmedia have proven to be more dedicated because most Gaming companies wont fight through all the Bull crap that it takes to get a License for these games.
  11. Sometimes ill have a pocket knife and it doesent work. Jason still grabs me and crunches me. This has happened a few times now so i figured i should report it. What about adding 2 more pocket knives to the game also.
  12. I agree no other game company would go out of their way to make a good Horror game. Gunmedia is going way out of their way to put together a great Horror franchise video game.
  13. Im Just Happy that there is a Game Company Like GUNMEDIA That will fight and pursue a Horror franchise game like Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If Wes Keltner gets the Deal done for Halloween I Will Cry and get down and kiss his shoes. I think It was Wes Keltner that said something simmilar to this, ' No one belives in video games. they think Gamers are just a bunch of Weird people who live in their mothers basement'. If the Next game is Halloween it makes sense to add costume packs for Halloween. Id Like To See 1970s costume packs Kiss costumes,Universal Monsters costumes,1970s Marvel Costumes. Dance Emotes from 1970s movies like Saturday night Fever. Face Paint and Masks costumes.
  14. There is a Friday the 13th Marathon on AMC channel today starting at 10 am. AMC AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS Channel. I Remember when i was 11 years ols buying vhs blank video tapes to record THE FRIDAY THE 13TH MARATHONS In the early 90s on channel USA.
  15. If a Halloween game was Done by Gun obviously there would be lots of costume packs for Halloween night. I Think the Dancing Emotes and Costume packs are cool and fun. I Dont understand why people dont want dancing and emotes in slasher games. Halloween and Saturday Night Fever Combined would be awesome. I Want Elvis and John Travolta dance emote moves.
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