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  1. Oh wow, the grammer gestapo is hear? HOW ORIGINAL XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This forum has ridiculously small max file sizes for attachments and for your avatar is my point.
  2. Posters, please don't make this into a "Do videogames make children violent?" arguing containment chamber. I cannot tell you the amount of times somebody who is obviously very young goes into a lobby. Sometimes they act like one would want them to, unfortunately with a high-pitched voice but that's not too bad. Others, they're annoying and know it or they're so dumb to the point it comes off as trolling (maybe) that they're unaware and really ruin the mood. Apparently we're monsters for giving the new guy a hard time, shit like "DO YOUR HOMEWORK" or "GO TO BED", limitations of an actual kid because at least one person talks about how you "can't do that" It's a fucking little kid in an adult game, we're not supposed to be their babysitter. If you have an annoying voice, use a voice changer to sound something normal, don't use a mic, or quit being a bitch and stick it out until your voice has matured enough, hopefully you have too by then.
  3. Some trolls ran the car right into the river, that shit was hilarious !
  4. Can there be a deal struck up between Burger King, and the devs here so the Burger King Mascot can be an official Jason? I would pay money for that shit!
  5. I routinely get called a faggot, and many other names when I'm Jason for cutting them down into pieces, instead of grabbing them which will get me Pocket Knife'd. It's a valid move of play, so what's the issue?
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