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  1. He literally just said “Get Gud” and that’s it, how’s it not a troll? It doesn’t bring anything new to the conversation, nor does it help.
  2. I realized that even if you hit Jason in rage mode when he has a counselor, he can insta grab out of that pretty quickly. Which honestly sucks.
  3. Get out of here, nobody needs numb skull trolls like you. Besides I’m level 112, you get gud.
  4. Facts, the unstunnable Jason puts Tommy Jarvis and everyone else to shame. Hopefully the next patch update adds somewhat of a counter to this, or at least reverts the changes.
  5. I think it’s past your bed time since you mentioned it, and nice to see you sweat this game out.
  6. How am I a Jason troll? I Just wanted to express my opinion and that’s it, if you don’t want to hear together people’s opinions then what are you doing on a forum?
  7. You think a monster would brush that off? Exactly. You played yourself
  8. Bruh, have you seen how much of a goof Jason is? Guy gets kicked in the balls and stunned, and he also gets knocked out by a plank of wood.
  9. The escapes aren’t much different, however the amount of times you’ve died due to a Jason not being stunned in rage mode is quite infuriating. Especially when your low on stamina, and need to get a quick hit in. Also, playing it solo with randoms also sucks to get objectives done with.
  10. I played the game since launch bud, and I’m level 110. You’ve got nothing on me, besides if you saw me play you wouldn’t be saying that.
  11. I played at launch kid, don’t try to school me. Anyway, as Jason I never feared the chain stunners and fighters. They were easy to counter by blocking, but I guess some people have half a brain to realize that. Anyway, he wasn’t even OP before. His gorilla swing hardly had range, and you had to spam it to actually get someone. Honestly it should just go back to the previous update.
  12. People realized that you could put Jason down by grouping up, that was essentially the meta.
  13. Honestly man they should just go back to the way it was before, but I guess the devs just had to pander to the demographic of terrible Jason players who always cried about getting stunned and never got good. I occasionally got stunned as Jason, but I never went to the extreme lengths of crying about it and asking for a buff.
  14. There used to be balance, but now it’s just absurd. Also, killing Jason is now even more difficult. You have to stun him with two shotguns, and then make a quick change to a machete since he’d be in rage mode at that time. Another thing is, they should add more shotguns or at least somewhat of a counter to this new change. Since it just seems outright impossible to deal with Jason’s new rage mode.
  15. Honestly, Counselors are getting burnt out by this non stunnable Jason since we can’t even regain stamina by stunning him anymore. RIP the counselor stun meta, it’s basically unbalanced now. Hopefully Black Tower games reverts this change or something, because the game isn’t even fun anymore for counselors.
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