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  1. I’ll slash only to slow them down, then do a grab kill or an environmental kill. Tommy will have be slashed to death, though. He’s too annoying to deal with. I love doing grab kills, because they are fun to watch and I try to kill each counselor a different way per round like in the movies.
  2. I use pig splitter. It’s a fast one handed weapon with the most horrifying kills! Machete is classic, but pig splitter is brutal.
  3. A. J. For me. I’m an ass man and she’s got what I like. I wish they’d give her a better 2 piece bikini to show off the goods.
  4. For me, hottest final girl is Chris from part 3. Best all time girl is Tina from part 5. She dies, but she’s great to look at.
  5. Create a counselor would be tops on my list. I love to customize characters in video games and this would be cool here. Counselor offline single player mode would also be cool. New York map would be awesome. New counselors I would add: Creighton Duke from Jason Goes to Hell, Sheriff Michael Harris from part 6, Demon, Tina & Eddie from part 5. Those are some of my favorite victims from the movies I would like to see.
  6. My favorite map for sure is Pinehurst. I think it’s the most beautiful map in the game with the sky and pine trees in the distance. I really do enjoy the rainbow blood, too.
  7. I did ass anal-ysis on the ladies and definitely A. J. has the bigger ass, even in the swimsuit and she gets my vote. She needed a better swimsuit for sure as it’s not as flattering as it should be. Victoria on the other hand, seems to have the bigger boobs. We just need a new swimsuit on her to show the goods.
  8. Before I picked up Friday the 13th, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 14 for about 5 years.
  9. Another thing that should’ve been added at the beginning is random map select & weather select for offline. I’m surprised it’s not there.
  10. Tommy tends to get stuck in the upper right corner on the rocks by the fire in Packanack Small if he spawns there. I check there 1st once he spawns. If not there, I go mid south and he’ll be in a cabin. If not there, then the hunt is on. I use part 8 Jason for his destruction and has more traps then part 4 Jason who is my favorite. I can guarantee a trap sprung if placed under windows in Packanack Lodge. I break 1 generator before I begin the hunt. 1300 XP with this method and all environmental kills.
  11. Hello. I was referred to come here. I play on PS4 and go by Anton_Xul.
  12. Hello. I was referred to come here. I play on PS4 and go by Anton_Xul.
  13. Yeah, I got all of the challenges done which was a lot of fun and just finished the 1st virtual cabin. That was a real challenge. Still haven’t gone in again to see what else is in store since double XP kicked in, I have been grinding offline mode. I’m up to level 85. I have a good pace going. If Tommy pops in, I can get 1300 XP (2600 XP with double) per match. I haven’t figured out if I can get any higher than that offline. Ill be be sure to check out those links. Thanks all.
  14. That video had 2 of my top 5 My top 5 would be Demon (The Loving Brother) Creighton Duke (The Hunter) Teddy (The Jerk) Tina & Eddie (The Lovers) Tina & Eddie would work as a tandem as in they would work best as a team and have complementing stats to each other. As a secondary 2nd chance character, I would add Officer Michael Garris. He would show up only when the police are called. Telekinetic Tina, I just couldn't stomach that character. Even though it is already dealing with the supernatural, zombie Jason, adding super powers was just too much. I wouldn't like her character at all as it would cheapen it a bit.
  15. I think the biggest thing missing would have been Create a Counselor mode. That would have been fun to toy around with. It would have been interesting to see all the different designs people would have come up with instead of watching 4 A. J.s running around with 3 Vanessas. A variety of counselor models while playing would have been a lot more visually interesting instead of duplicates. I would have done it where after I create my counselor, next would be to select who's pre-made stats you'd want to play with. This would give Jason and other counselor no idea what their strengths and weaknesses are at the beginning. A little mystery goes a long way. Offline Counselor mode should have been there, but I heard it would have been difficult, but it still counts as it should have been there.
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