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  1. Seems there's been a lot of problems producing the covers...So I'm assuming they'll be sent separately when they're actually ready. My guess is it's gonna be a while, which is why they decided to at least send out the physical game copies and the stickers/poster. If I had to guess further, I'd say the covers will be sent out when the steelbooks are ready. My conversation with Randy assured me I would be getting a Steelbook with the slipcover and it will be shipped wednesday.
  2. Just heard back from Randy. Just got done chatting with Randy. Here's the gist of the conversation. ME:Hey. I have never gotten a email notification about my product shipping out. This is what I am suppose to be getting. Physical Machete Steelcase Collectors Edition Rev. 2 of Friday the 13th: The Game - Xbox One Randy: Ok. I’ll check into what’s going on and I’ll ship it out personally on Wednesday if it hasn’t already been sent. Me:Will I get an email? Also, This version is the Steelbook version with the slipcover right? Randy:You should get an email as soon as it ships Yeah It will indeed have a slipcover Randy mentioned he just got back from Germany so he hasn't been able to see the posts. He said they had 12,000 backers and are packaging 1,000 a day. I mentioned for him to hit up the f13game reddit forum as some are unsure of what is going on. He mentioned that you should follow him and then tweet him so he can DM you. This is the best way to get ahold of him. I hope this helped everyone.
  3. I just wish he would reply back.
  4. Just heard back from Randy after adding him,wes and limited games in their tweet. Here's what was said. @Randygbk Why are customers who ordered Rev 2. steelbooks only getting regular copies that are not steelbooks and have no slipcovers attached. @Finchered This is likely a small group of people affected. People with issues can reach out to me and I’ll help them get resolved. I'm going to DM him and see what he says.
  5. Here is another group of guys I'm chatting with on the reddit f13 game forum.
  6. I just sent a tweet with randy and wes in it to Limited Run games. Let's see if they respond. It's sad that i'm calling them out like this. But I want answers.
  7. Hey what's the name of the company thats doing the steelbooks for Gun? Anyway to get a phone number or email please?
  8. Randy on Twitter addressed a gentleman who said he never got his slipcover. Here was Randy's response. "There was a shipping error and your exclusive sleeve wasn’t sent by accident. This will be fixed Tim, and you will get your cover." I tried finding the phone number for Gun. I tried calling it but ended up with a generic voicemail. I'm still waiting on the guy who ordered his from eBay to see what happens with his order.
  9. Hey, guys I'm a backer for the Rev 2 copy. I have sent tweets to randy,wes and game support after reading what's been going on. I'll let everyone know what they say to address this issue. I'm extremely upset with how this is being handled.