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  1. PC. I'm fine, offline mode is too easy, on hard I can kill all of them very, very quickly. I mean, I killed 4 trolls that match, so there's something, but if they would've played normaly, it would be a lot easier to kill everyone. I already have set on my settings that I want to play as counselor and i've got Jason...
  2. Ok, played a match. Got a really, really bad headache. 2/6 players were squekers, another one was retarded screaming dude. I was all the match hitted, couldn't grab anyone, from a single hit I got stunned, that means I got stunned thousands of times, atleast killed the trolls (there were 4 of them). If I could, I would refund, but I can't, so I won't. Would not recommend anyone to buy this game, atleast until they start banning the cheaters/dudes who use exploits, glitches/maybe even the troll dudes, like an 7 day ban or something. Also Jason needs to be made stronger 1,83 quadrillion times more powerful. Might play sometime again, prob with friend or sth, but for now - no. Back to dbd. Edit: wait times are actually okay if somoene is wondering. Takes 1,5 min to connect to lobby, 1 minute to collect up the players and ready up. Now i'm going to the kitchen and taking some pills from migraine. Best game to get migraine. 10/10
  3. Damn, again? What's going on with the whole thing lmao.
  4. Bought it, thanks guys. Are DLC's worth it? Thinking about getting only the two clothing DLC's, because they look good and in my opinion are worth it haha.
  5. Like I'm not a huge fan, but I like it, the calm atmosphere, the oldschool dresses, the campfires, wooden houses. The sad thing is that the game could've have become a national top 100 game, because the idea was really good and if they would've fixed all the bugs, added what they promised to, balanced some things it really would've become a very good game indeed. I think I will pick it up indeed, just can't decide do I go for the main account for 12€ or my second account (it's on indian server so everything there is cheaper) and pay 6€. Probably I will, can't decide do I go for the main account for 12€ or my second account (it's on indian server so everything there is cheaper) and pay 6€. Thank you so much for in-depth and honest answer. It really does help.
  6. Yes, I already know about the offline mode where you play as jason vs counselors. I already know how to play jason and counselors, since I have played it for like 3-5 hours and watched many, many, many streams and videos haha. Btw, lawsuit is already over, Miller won it. To sum up, gunmedia didn't pay the money to Miller for the license to use all the content from the film as I understood. Great video to watch:
  7. Hello, I've considered this question for a very long time and can't decide myself, since I don't have suficient info. Will there be coming new content like offline counselor mode (I'm not asking for new dlc or let's say jason x, just new features like offline counselor mode, bug fixes, better bots etc.)? How long do you need to wait on PC platform to fill up the lobby, so you can start the game? Don't care about bugs much, played a loooong time ago this game, when it came out on friends pc and didn't care about bugs. How about community, is it more toxic, do people talk less (don't use mic) more than back then when the game was released? Should I buy on second account that I really don't use much for 7€ or pay the extra and get the game on main account for 12-13€? Lots of questions, but I hope somoene will find some time to honestly from their perspective to answer those. Thank you.
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