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  1. I didn't know you could play it offline, what? so you don't have to pay anything? If that's the case then I might get it after all, they don't explain this to you in the shops, they seem to know everything about the game but told us you need the internet and have to pay, not just one shop either, a few, and none of them mentioned the offline thing
  2. Hi, I only joined this site to complain, I'm not bothered about been a member here, no offence to you lot, but I do mean a lot of offence to the people who made the game Friday The 13th, I'm new to PS4, iv'e had PS1 and 2 years back, I am disgusted that you have to pay to play this game, I thought it was a bit daft that you have to have the internet to play it, but then I found out you have to pay and play against other people, how fucking stupid, why can't it be like back in the day where once you have bought a game, you simply just play it, no fucking about with subscription and internet, I can't believe it, I'm very disappointed, if you didn't have to pay to play, then I would have bought the game, it looks really good, my mate was going to get it an all but didn't for the same reason, a lot of people won't buy it because of that, it is fucking ridiculous.
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