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  1. It seems that you never watched the movies, so i dont care about your opinion 🙂
  2. So, since the release friday the 13th game amount of players was going low every month. Maybe because the game isnt scary as the public was thinking? (Im talking about the public that is not "fan" of the movies, but people that knows the existence of jason and curiosity for play the game). Or maybe because the game is too repetitive, always the same mechanics?? So, in my opinion, the first problem of the game is the maps. You can see if jason is near or not because of the low amount of trees, grass and bushes. If the woods had much more vegetation, so players couldnt have a large-view of the map, it would be scary. If the game brightness of woods was darker (and not editable) would help too. Moon phases: Full moon, half moon bla bla bla... Random moon phases would determine the brightness of the map. Another thing they could have created is nude skins and sex action, so they could feel relax and lose fear. But if fail skillcheck... you know what happens... Counselors shouldnt have many weapons for attack Jason. Jason should feel more powerfull while counselors try run! In the movies the counselors didnt had all these options for attack jason! Also disabled terror radius until jason be very near of counselor, for give a little jump-scare and then in chase terror radius back to normal. Increase Jason speed (For all jasons). Its boring to run and know that jason will not reach u, only when he uses shift ability or lucky in windows. This is one of the biggest problems of this game. The amount of windows. This is not how chase should work (Running through windows). Another thing is about jason abilities. If each Jason had one ability, like: Jason part 2 can use bag-traps and counselor get stuck and cant see anything. Jason part 3 can hidde in beds or something, Jason part 5 can be a "fake counselor" and more things. Every Jason is almost same thing, they dont have any perks. WHY THE HELL JASON DONT HAVE PERKS, ONLY COUNSELORS?????? Dynamic things in map lile: a bridge have chances of fall if player drive on it; Savini Jason can burn houses and more. Man this game could be much better if they made these things like the movies. Even with lawsuit the game could get much more sales. Like GTA maybe.
  3. Im not new here honey i visit this forum since 2017. im creating a friday the 13th free game on GTA San Andreas online mod and i want put many contents that players here suggest
  4. The problem is that every new content is only visual - new maps, new jasons... only models. No new abilities (Like possession jason of part 9), no maps with dynamic contents (Maybe a bridge that have 50% chances of destroy if a car drive on it) like friday the 13th part 3. There's so many contents they could have created, but everything is always the same. Maybe this is the reason of the steam amount of players going down more and more every month since release.
  5. If only gunmedia/illfonic wasnt the developers of the game... because since the game released and they put the first new content (1 map + 1 counselor) everybody knew that this game wouldnt have much life. Low amount of players, many bugs, server problems, stupid DLCS that only add new visual for the game - nothing new about gameplay. They wanted bring everything exactly the same of the movies - example how chase works. But it doesnt worked. And the team dont care about the game anymore, maybe since the release of legendary perks that bring alot of bugs. Its sad to know that a big horror movie was in hands of a newbie game company.
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