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  1. I would use the second one if you were also using My Dads a Cop. If not, I'd keep the 20%.
  2. This happened to me today too, I escaped in the car and others escaped in the boat. I came back as Tommy, and tried to pick up the fuse but it was on the main road beyond the edge of the map. Makes for a boring match when there's no other way to escape and Jason hides to avoid being killed πŸ˜‚
  3. People do this by going underneath a bed in a way you're not intended to. As Jason, if you go in the room (room on the left upstairs at Pinehurst) you can kill them through the bed
  4. Do you emphasize a counselors strength (like Marathon on Vanessa) or weaknesses (marathon on LaChappa) or a combination of both? Just curious 😌
  5. That sucks! If a few people are nearby, I drop the part at the boat, so someone else will fix it and I can get in first.
  6. The kill where he kicks the counselor and throws an axe into their head... why is this called backstabbed? I feel like it used to have a different name, anyone remember?
  7. I also just got this trophy as I was killing Jason, which I had already done several times before.
  8. I agree with both of you. Some lobbies are full of them, sometimes I don't see one for hours. I also get called a teamer for things like Jason killing someone else instead of me. Yesterday I got called a teamer because I escaped in the car alone. IMO there's not as many trash players as what people think, but they are out there for sure.
  9. Yes, this has been happening to me too. I reported it to Jasonkillsbugs.com so hopefully they can fix it!
  10. I played a match tonight and we immediately escaped in the car, leaving 18 mins to spectate. I was thinking that would be an ideal time to roll perks, customize clothing, emotes, and Jasons. But, since I'm level 150 anyway, I just leave and join another match. Could it be possible to change this?
  11. I've wondered if there was any meaning behind that too, but this is hilarious. Thank god he's not a sweater girl, can you imagine how many teabagging, leopard-print speedo Chads would be killing Jason? πŸ˜‚
  12. As a non-backer, I'm fine with not having him. Playing against Savini is like a treat- if everyone had him it wouldn't be as fun.
  13. PS4 tips: If your search goes on longer than 2 minutes, cancel it and try again. You'll get in on the second or third try. If you have a poor internet connection like I do, go to your PS4 main menu - settings - network - test internet connection. Anytime I do this I get into a match on my next try. I play daily and there's always a ton of active players
  14. I'd say Kenny. At first I thought he was well balanced with no weaknesses, but when you play him you realize he has no strengths.
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