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  1. I've wondered if there was any meaning behind that too, but this is hilarious. Thank god he's not a sweater girl, can you imagine how many teabagging, leopard-print speedo Chads would be killing Jason? 😂
  2. As a non-backer, I'm fine with not having him. Playing against Savini is like a treat- if everyone had him it wouldn't be as fun.
  3. PS4 tips: If your search goes on longer than 2 minutes, cancel it and try again. You'll get in on the second or third try. If you have a poor internet connection like I do, go to your PS4 main menu - settings - network - test internet connection. Anytime I do this I get into a match on my next try. I play daily and there's always a ton of active players
  4. I'd say Kenny. At first I thought he was well balanced with no weaknesses, but when you play him you realize he has no strengths.
  5. Design your own counselors. Design your own maps for others to play on (like Super Mario Maker) - I live on a farm and would love to be able to recreate it in game. 😭
  6. I was just thinking about the game in the early days. I remember team killing, having to press a button to launch your pocket knife, Tommy coming back without items, and the dreaded "Connection to host lost!" What are some other gameplay changes you remember from the beginning?
  7. I've had them run over each other. Just like playing online 😂
  8. If you spawn in the Packanack lodge living room, open the door to the kitchen. If it opens toward you, the gun is guaranteed to be in that little closet in the corner. If the door opens away from you/toward the kitchen, the gun won't be there. Just something I've noticed lately 🙂
  9. This is why I mute everyone. People will whine whether you slash, grab, knife, cheat, or play legit, so keep doing what you're doing
  10. I was having this problem for a while, but it hasn't happened at all in the last few weeks. Not sure if they played around with it or fixed it.
  11. That's impressive I don't know if I've ever survived as Deb or LaChappa (against a skilled Jason), and I've been playing for 2 years.
  12. I play a lot, and in my experience it seems to be completely random!
  13. I've seen this too, if you look carefully 2 guns spawn there, whether you have a weapon or not. (At least from what I've seen on PS4) When it happens, I can't seem to find another gun at the campfires or anything, where I assume the other one was supposed to spawn.
  14. emchapps

    Fan Art

    I'm a fan of perler beads and Friday the 13th, so I combined them! Here are some mini counselors I made. And of course after I took the photos, I realized I forgot Shelly 😢 I would love to see your fan art as well!
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