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    Road Trip

    Tiffany and Mitch - both for obvious reasons 😉 Jason - „Snacks“ with Mitch and Jason should be a hell of a ride! 😂
  2. The issue affects PS4 players in Germany, Finland, France, UK and Eastern Europe and the US (east coast for sure). I have talked to people/friends from these regions - I myself am currently living in Germany. I think it is safe to assume it is a somewhat global issue. The other day a friend managed to connect to a EU server (only the gods know how) and invited me and we had a stable connection and playing experience. After 1 1/2 hours we got booted from the lobby and couldn‘t find another match for well over 20mins and decided to call it a day. So servers are out there, just near impossible to find and connect to.
  3. Can‘t they just roll back the game to it‘s state before patch 1.30? Everything worked fine before... who really cares about bugfixes if you can‘t find a match to play?
  4. Hey guys! Any update on the current status regarding a fix? I‘d love to be able to jump back in, but the issue is still preventing me from finding lobbies on PS4 EU
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