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  1. I took the time to put the battery and gas in the car and I ran all the way across the map to get keys. I go back to the car and I look at my map I see this dot going towards the car Im like, 'god not like this' and ofcourse this guy [player name removed by moderator] steals the car that I took the time to fill up. He didn't even stop for me either, damn near ran me over too. Ofcourse he gets away and then Jason kills me right after. I have my preference on random for counselor. I'll never be playing counselor again or doing anything useful for anybody
  2. Im getting P2P when I do quickmatch on Xbox im pretty sure. I see no server names. I recall seeing server names on ps4.
  3. That sucks it doesnt work on ps4 for you. I feel your pain lol. Thats good it works on PC, I heard pc is the lowest playerbase though
  4. Pro Friday the 13th player follow me on xbox or ps4 at ken9ru43 if you want to group up
  5. Ill help you out im one of the best players on the game follow me psn ken9ru43
  6. Never had a problem with joining a match, I can either get in, or if it takes a few minutes i can cancel and get in another lobby. Maybe its your connection, try restarting the modem. I know gun medias servers are probably screwy. Never had a problem on the PS4 with dedicated servers. I just have that problem on xbox one. I think there are actually no real dedicated servers on xbox one. Just hosts, and if they quit the game ends. It can be a lagfest on xbox as well.
  7. just cancel your search if it gets too long and restart it follow me on PSN ken9ru43
  8. I try to get into lobbies where my pings not too high. I have been able to work around that not a big issue, it still lags when I throw knives, kind of annoying. Only xbox has this issue. I have read there are dedicated servers but if this is true then why doesnt it tell me its looking for a dedicated server when I hit quickmatch Not only that I finally got to play as Jason, and the game kicked me out and it told me the game ended cause the host quit?? So there are no dedicated servers then otherwise a host quitting wouldnt even be a thing.
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