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  1. Hi guys, My sole reason for buying the ps4 was knowing that this game was being made. I downloaded it on release but was working towards completion of South Park & Resident Evil games. As a result, I've only really started playing regularly in the last 2 or so months. I have enjoyed the offline modes, but cannot yet complete some of the challenges due to currently being on level 31. I mainly stick yo offline bots as a way to level-up as I always die within a very short space of time playing online. I would like to obtain all of the badges within the game, but don't think I'll ever get there. As a gamer with a disability I always struggle with some game more than others. But, as a huge horror fan (and a fan of the Friday Franchise) I've really enjoyed playing Friday the 13th. I would appreciate anyone within this community willing to help me in improving within online play. gamertag: maxProvident
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