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  1. Yes it worked only for one match and after that I needed to do the DNS change again to find another lobby. I am living in Oulu, Finland. To clarify my previous post, I have very poor WiFi mobile broadband (download varies between 1-25 mbps and have NAT 3 type). I have had similar matchmaking/server crash issues before with other games and then I was recommended to change my DNS to the aforementioned Google DNS, for example. My trial and error analysis suggests that the problems in Friday the 13 matchmaking relate to players' network speed and type. Probably faster DNS servers helps somehow especially when player is suffering from slow internet speed? Friend of mine here in Finland has high-speed broadband +200 mbps and he can find servers quite easily. These are just my reflections without any deeper expertise in IT but hopefully they can help someone having similar troubles.
  2. For those who are having troubles finding servers in Europe with PS4, try to change your internet DNS address (primary) and secondary There is many videos in youtube to show how to do it if you don’t know. It worked instantly for me and I have had troubles many weeks with finding any EU-based servers. After the change it took maybe 8 seconds and I was in a full lobby. Someone who understands more about the logic behind this trick could explain more. I am sorry but I cannot.
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