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  1. Jasom need buff but not that rage shit lmao i destroy lobby before i get rage
  2. To piss pro Jason is imopssible even the best counselor player cant piss pro Jaso for me to stun my friend jason is impossible he is to top jason and i m top counselor
  3. Yes Jason is not weak i'm tryh with jason and you can kill kill squad
  4. The best fun was if you are last counselor and jason is big tryh and you 1v1 him and try to stun him it was so much fun to survive but now to play vs tryh is not that much fun with only jogg
  5. We need the old Jason back with buff but not that rage shit it is so boring to jogg with Jason to his rage quit because he suck and cant get me
  6. 100% true he is trash as fuck Jason is to weak lmfao block idiot or play better xD
  7. Why did jason have guard when he cant get hit in rage mode or die Tommy should stun rage jason because he is the hero and need to defend the counselor
  8. I play every day it is fun if you know how to play xD Damn Tommy can survive 51 min with 1 weapon Vanessa can survive 37 min and Chad can survive 28,6 min Only when They use the pot and get all the time stun and Jason use 0 shift perks they use man at arms marathon and another good perk
  9. I spend 100k cp and i got only 1 perk better from 1% to 0%niccccccce
  10. No if you press R3 and R2 to hit after that press R3 R1 you can block the swing but the timing is relly hard it is possible
  11. Okay sorry ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Sorry we are all in the same boat
  12. Wow noob tunnels you are so good you avoide the 1v1 so you are weak as fuck ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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