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  1. NightmareFuel

    Drop em!

    Thanks. We could all go there where you said and update the list...or just drop them here. Or both. I think I will post there too.
  2. Have any of you found any hiding spots that you swear by? I have one for sure, and I have proven that it works time and time again. It's so stupid too but results don't lie. I forget which map right off hand, but it's the one that has the 2 large houses close to each other. One house has like this rear shed/basement that you can walk into. Only one way in and one way out (Not the house that has stairs that lead down to a basement, the other one). When you go in there I think there's like appliances and stuff around. Anyways, in the middle of the basement is like a support beam for the roof and I think a refrigerator sitting up against it. I'm not kidding, sometimes I will just go stand behind the fridge, and angle my pov so I can see around it and still see the door. But whoever comes into that doorway looking into the room can't see me standing behind the fridge. On multiple occasions have I witnessed Jasons freaking out as time widdled down and they frantically searched the house above me. Sometimes even coming down to the basement 2 or 3 times and looking in, then leaving again. The only potential problem is if another counselor decides to come down there and stand next to you and completely give away your position. I realize hiding isn't the ideal way to win but it IS a fair way to win, and when you're the last person left on a large map and surely doomed, do what you can. Share yours!
  3. Not your pants! Your user names. I will be off work a few days this week and I'm planning to play a lot, would be cool seeing some of you on the battlefield. I have Xbox btw. But non-xbox users feel free to use this thread anyway to drop your gamer tags. Just make sure you specify what you're playing on.
  4. NightmareFuel

    Sweet Trap Locations

    Part 2 DOES have a mean morph regeneration. This makes him a prime objective controller.
  5. I have noticed a few times recently where Jason keeps shifting constantly and runs me down. I thought maybe it's just my imagination at first but clearly it's not. Not that I want to know exactly how because I'm not a cheating bastard, but just out of curiosity can someone vaguely explain this? Is this something they do to their xbox's? How are they hacking Jason like that?
  6. If I could have one thing for Christmas, it'd be a longer idle kick time limit
  7. NightmareFuel

    Sweet Trap Locations

    Yes. If you are a 5 or 7 trap Jason then you can definitely spare a trap or 2 for non objective placements. It's incredibly rewarding to catch someone with a surprise trap.
  8. Where are some of your favorite places to set traps? Places that aren't obvious, and that have a high success rate for you. Counselor or Jason. My personal favorite is when using Jason and in front of the steps of the Packanack Lodge near where the car usually is. It never fails. I want to hear you all suggest ones I never thought to try.
  9. Yesterday I had a Jason throw a knife at my car and it flipped the car and destroyed it...
  10. NightmareFuel

    Jason Kill Scenero - Question

    Couple things. If they want to waste all their time jack assing around and not completing any objectives...great! They are doing you a favor in that regard. You could still pick them off one by one different ways. Use your knives and traps, do some wounding. Forget grabs, if they plan on staying in the one cabin all together you are just going to have to work them down one slash at a time. Even in close quarters with a hunting party you should still be able to run and juke and slash little by little until they run out of supplies and their numbers begin to dwindle. Now if they already have the sweater, and Tommy is on scene, it goes without saying that it's imperative that you do your best to specifically target the sweater girl or Tommy first before your mask comes off. If you take one of them out and then your mask comes off afterwards it won't matter. Others may have different tactics they prefer. This is how I'd probably work it. Of course there are also preventative measures. Trap Jason's cabin entrance. Quickly take out the power boxes as soon as you can (I used to go after the phone first but that's not only predictable, it also USUALLY takes the counselors a while to get the fuse to the box, so I usually get the power boxes first now. It's a better gamble in my opinion to try to avoid having Tommy on scene than to worry about someone fixing the phone right off the bat). Do these things and you will surely ruin their plans.
  11. NightmareFuel

    Question regarding certain perks.

    I thought I read if you hit Jason with the flare or landed it anywhere near him it would shine him on the map? Though it would make more sense in reality if you shot it in the sky. Haven't ever tried it.
  12. NightmareFuel

    Constructive criticism wanted

    Good show old boy!
  13. Mad because a slasher slashed? Hmmm
  14. NightmareFuel

    Super Jason

    This could be an excellent way to bump Jason up a little in a fair and balanced way. Counselors will just have to work harder and restore power if they want to call Tommy!
  15. NightmareFuel

    Super Jason

    Good point.