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  1. I had a thought I figured I'd share with the rest of camp. What if counselors were able to use the cots in the cabins for gettin' busy, but just like the Jarvis radio or phone call, it takes like 2 minutes to complete the animation. You'd make a lot of noise on the radar sort of like when you swim. If Jason catches you, you're both dead. If you complete the animation, each of you is rewarded, perhaps with a knife. Thoughts? Other ideas? Just for fun.
  2. As a seasoned Jason I always check out who I'm in a lobby with and tend to go for important counselors, while avoiding anyone who's purposefully toying with me. It can't be good if someone is trying to distract you, stall you, or let you freely kill them. Save them for last
  3. Well I don't know if you would call this a glitch but I was playing and some ding dongs maneuvered a car in the doorway of a barn and then stood inside the barn and danced because I couldn't reach them. So I stopped playing as Jason for a few moments to send them each messages reminding them they are pussies. Then morphed to another section of the map and stood there while the clock ran out, not giving in to their shenanigans. I'm sure this is probably an old problem but it's the first time it's happened to me. Is there nothing you can do? Someone in the match messaged me and told me to hit it with a knife to flip it. Does that work here? Like what are the odds of that working lol.
  4. I'd be totally down for a new updated game. I think it's been mentioned though that they wouldn't because they already did most of everything they wanted to in this one, which I disagree with. I could spell out a laundry list of things that are missing.
  5. Same. Never a problem getting into a full lobby. Is there some source I don't know about that tells you how many people actually play?
  6. The camps I went to as a kid never really had much good butt meat.
  7. I wasn't sure if this poll meant who do I hate as in when I'm Jason, or who do I hate playing as? I still chose Buggsy lol. He annoys me both ways.
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