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  1. I played a game just now where it got down to the last counselor. I searched and found a cabin lit up. I went inside and didn't see anyone so I began breaking shit and stabbing furniture. Nothing. Walked over to the last bed and it wouldn't let me stab it. I walked outside to check and see if the cabin was still red and it was. When I walked back in the counselor was standing on top of the bed, well, their feet were inside the mattress. I walked over and it still wouldn't let me stab it. Tried to slash and it wouldn't work. Tried to toss a knife and it wouldn't work. Finally after that for some reason it allowed me to do the stab animation and I killed them. Was this a one time glitch, or has anyone else seen this happen? Anyone aware of an exploit?
  2. The most fun experience I ever had with bots were the "Duke Bots" in Duke Nukem 64 lol
  3. Through much experience I have determined that I suck at trying to repair (especially the phone) without alerting Jason, so I have stopped playing repair characters for now. I found it's a much better fit for me playing as Vanessa and just running the parts where they need to go and dropping them for someone else to install.
  4. It's all good, I didn't mean to sound confrontational if that's how it came across, more like, "This is the crap we sometimes have to put up with, but it's legal, so we all must deal with it." When people glitch or get to an unreachable spot I just forget them and move on.
  5. If you're not wise enough to realize that people cheat in this game and you need to leave those players and go after someone else (or if they are the last one just wait the clock out and collect your points), you are playing the wrong game. Never be a dancing monkey. F on...F off daniel-son!
  6. I love when kill squads come after me, all the sweeter when I use Arkham tactics to take them down one by one. If they are wasting their time not working on objectives, well, that's on them. Find (numerous) ways to either pick off Tommy or the sweater girl without being turned into a Jason pinata. Creatively placed traps, knife tossing, slash and run, utilization of morph and shift, ect. I've been killed as Jason one time and I'm a level 84. I tend to play things safe and not allow them to gang up on me in the first place. Trust me, 1 or 2 here and there will break off and you can always widdle them down. Keep your mask on and hit rage and then it's REALLY go time!
  7. I played yesterday morning and hit 8/8, cleaned house. Didn't notice much difference.
  8. I like knowing where my teammates are and what they are doing so I can decide whether or not they need help.
  9. There are probably lots of ways to make it a little more difficult without crossing the "new content" lines. Just off the top of my head, you could have more Jason cabin spawn locations (instead of 2 per map or whatever) to make Jason's cabin a bit harder to find, could make it a bit harder to knock his mask off, could give Jason better stun cool down in case he's getting ganged up on, ect. Be these good ideas or not, my point is I'm sure there's ways.
  10. I'm confused, you say it's not connected to the network but it is? Anyways, in most cases like this, I would say it's best just to wait. Usually a network problem and not anything you did. Fully reboot your system. Wait a few hours and try again. Try tomorrow if that doesn't work.
  11. Everybody (clearly) wants Uber J. I wish they could just find some way to let it go and make it happen. Maybe it would keep you from being relentlessly pestered over it lol. Or maybe everyone would hit you up for other stuff after that. These are rabid Jason fans we are talking about here, myself included. It's crazy we get all the Jasons in this game except the ONE everybody totally wants to rampage a camp with. But that's life.
  12. Tell us how you really feel! But seriously...who cares if YOU don't like it. Bzzzzz
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