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  1. It's all in the description box, if anyone is interested, i suppose.
  2. I have the same issue on 60ms since the update, i keep getting glitched while blocking, didn't happen on 60ms before the update, the Jason game is recorded on my channel.
  3. Well go have a read now, plenty of more stuff now. Great insight. There are many many solutions too being presented now as more people are seeing the video as for guru exploiting in a public lobby cut the kid some slack, public lobbies are so boring for some, sometimes i wonder what goes on in the players minds in QP and i also just give up playing as it isn't rewarding at all. He was having fun, I'm sure he got killed or let Jason kill him in the end, its on the devs imo they should get rid of said exploits, people will always abuse game mechanics, doesn't make one a bad person now for being bored and "sliding", it's actually not as easy as it looks and requires a level of skill to perfect does sliding, and is a challenge in it self.
  4. @mattshotcha your thoughts? The comment section has good insight too.
  5. Actually, i change my stance on that. Half of them are still doing atrocious with this buff which holds their hand.
  6. @mattshotcha Seems like this update was made for the causal players. As for the pros and veterans, playing Jason is too easy and boring now and just screws them over, its not even fun no more playing as Jason. From a counselor perspective it's definitely more fun and challenging but i like to play both sides, the balancing seems off. All jason needed was a buff in HP and block to be fixed for client so there is no delay in combat stance entry time as opposed to host, which there is none and it's instant. Combat stance entry time is delayed for off host and the delay increases the higher the ping goes. This delay is less noticeable when blocking on 60ms and feels fast as if you were blocking on host usually in 1 on 1 instances with counselors (who don't have SWIFT attacker) when it infact it isnt and you'll realise this when you get grouped up on and gang banged on as client. Fixing block was the issue! Even once this kill bug is fixed in rage it won't make playing Jason any much more fun, there just seems to be no skill gap in playing Jason any longer, which sucks. Matt you should join the Facebook pages to keep up to date with all the opinions and chatter on this new patch. The non causals Jason players do not like it at all, maybe the casuals too but i don't know how accurate that would be if i were to say that but knowing them they probably love it as they are good as the great Jason players now when it comes to getting easy 8/8s @DEVILS_REJECTS7
  7. What about this person? He's very under appreciated in my opinion. Boredem Era. He's awesome for the community with his helpful tricks and tips videos and tutorials, sharing his knowledge with the general playerbase with his neat little concise videos. He's great for the game! @mattshotcha
  8. If anyone is interested in watching or having their Jason gameplay footage reviewed, analysed and critiqued by one of the top players on this game as Jason in particular, Check out these links: Just send him any of your Jason/counselor gameplay footage if you have any, if so. @mattshotcha Great community initiative? Seems a tight knit community in some parts.
  9. Haha, who are they and which game video are you referring to? Those players are probably just good in groups since that's what most public lobby kill squads are good at, staying together in groups. They probably are not high level kiters in the slightest or could survive the night solo versus a good client Jason as what I've experienced in public lobbies myself of these groups, i could even bet quite a bit they don't even dodge cancel which will further highlight to me they are not solo players. What's worse than having 1 solo great counselor? Is having 7 of them, all in a passive 'gang bang'. Running into 7 true great counselors in a public lobby is very very rare, you may get 3 or 4 at best on average. There is a difference between counselors who are really good and the ones who know how to kill, you can deal with the latter. The true art isnt killing a Jason but surviving the night on them and clocking down the timer, especially solo it's not really too taxing killing an off host Jason and then it's a squad? Even more of an ease! Could that same team you refer to kill a great host Jason? That would be the true challenge and test of the team. I doubt there is true hidden gems of kill squads in public lobbies, there's only so much you can develop before you hit a glass ceiling in quick play, it's just not the same, although I long to be wrong lol but i feel like I've seen it all with the tournaments and what not that are going around and feel like i have seen the best already in terms of both Jason and counselor and a certain few who have made me go "wow". I need to go easy on the links lol but last one, same team vs same counselors -Pinehurst, just the first game. Not your average day kill squads. Btw not a team per say but great counselors in the same lobby. Just for you, maybe can change your opinion, who knows 🤷‍♂️@Dragonfire82877
  10. Yeah, unfortunatly. Blame the old devs. Again, block off host being the problem. These "two players" have posted all their games, they have a few deaths on their channel too and struggles, @Ahab didnt i link a game where he got killed rather easily and dominantly? Did you just assume they were all dominant games? and i follow them quite closely actually. But even so most of it is live/stored on twitch, if they did ever decide against uploading their bad games. Also, they never want to play as client but as host of the lobby and i don't blame them 😂. There's a big disparity as playing as Jason on host and off host against good counselors, so hence why. I don't know about your Jason game, but of course Jason needs a buff, not as exaggerated as you claim though. And delaying the inevitable if we were to increase his HP? Not necessarily, the pro to this raised HP means more chances of creating opportunities for Jason before he is demasked which can to lead to it being harder to kill Jason if he capitalizes on these new found opportunities and in the long run lowers the death count for Jasons. Most the "good" counselors you talk of are okay at best. The really good counselors are too far and in between, the average quick play lobby is very easy, to the point buffing Jason makes these lobbies even more of a leisurely walk in the park. The games i linked above are probably SOME of the the best counselors you'll find in this dwindling playerbase and community. Well they play it substantially more than the average player and against better competition too, whether they are talented at it from the get go or not is not the point, they are very experienced is what I'm saying and even then when i watch back I'm like... "hmmm... they could've done that differently." So goes to show not many really really great players but i know of some who are breathtakingly good. Now, this indefensible dmg after coming out a stun is laughable at times with the amount of people who miss and time it so wrong. In groups, yes it is a problem, one or two of them will land hence the increased HP I'm craving. But this indefensible damage is good for the game, adds an element of dynamism in my opinon to the ways you demask Jason certainly not all do it, neither do all understand it. Removing this and fixing block on top of this will make killing Jason so much harder to the point that really great players will never really die. But then you wanting to also lower counselor stun chance may counter this indefinsible damage removal for the people who didn't approve of it in the first place as non stuns will occur more frequently (as we know non stuns are the ones damage inducing and carry the full damage not the stuns) and therefore more damage, but why so many changes? Why not one simple change to solve most these problems - Increased HP. Increased HP is what i really want and a fixed block, that's just me though. Well then methodically tunnel certain players and effectively stamina drain so they are forced to engage, block at the last second and counter with grab or slash then there is no issue of them not engaging while your in block, to be honest you should'nt even be holding block if they are not engaging but to sucker them in by doing it last second..
  11. I have just said, you can come to that conclusion off host due to the non functioning block. He is somewhat weak against a team of knowlegable smart counselors. You should read the posts again. And also your just going to get some exceptional counselor players in this game who outmatch the Jason's skill, especially if they are a few of them working together as a team that's how games are I'm afraid. Well ... not all the time, for you. 7 tryhard counselors: I agree, on client a different story however. The goal was to survive the night.
  12. Wow, someone who agrees with me that the counselors are not up to scratch in this community. Thank you. You don't need to make a part 2, i don't disagree with you to be honest. Watch these two games: Or If Jason plays against these sorts of teams then he may infact should be called weak. Passive players, who like to kite, engage only for stamina, dodge cancel upon hit etc etc but this guru player is just very good so makes it look easy. The last link does highlight Jason's struggles vs passive smart players. The first video was 6 counselors and all of them chad, chad not having the greatest of stamina but 6 counselors with no Tommy and chads at that too rather than Vanessas or even Tiffanys playing smart ran a very good Jason around for almost 18 minutes. The goal was to survive the night, which made it much much easier for Jason, throw in higgins is not known to have many sprays and a lot of open space, didn't fair too bad. Now, if they go for the kill or push objectives too, this really could be tough for Jason as J cannot now just tunnel for stamina drain as his attention is needed on multiple objectives.
  13. Yeah they will agree with what i just said. Lol. Not a fully functioning block for client and also they probably won't mind a HP boost aswell most likely. Seems like they are having a blast playing J on host though. Maybe @DEVILS_REJECTS7 you should talk more about the block rather than Jason being weak and specifics.
  14. Are they ever going to compare how slow block is on Host as compared to off host (client)? That is one MAJOR complaint by the higher tier playbase, clearly it's not been heard as there maybe a lack of. Not many people block as Jason so doesn't suprise me. Take a look how fast block is on Host, go to the time stamps in the comments sections of the video on the first link: This was once achievable off host (client) too, not any longer as of the engine/grab update as client. It's too slow, and gets slower as ping rises. Combat stance entry is delayed as client. Back before that update it seemed ping didn't relate to block speed at all as it was same speed (quick) on all pings.
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