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  1. lol running people away? not hardly. I see you die in the first couple of mins all the time so don't get too high up there lol Actually this update if anything is makes Jason more of a joke now, watching him chase people that can't stun him and still not killing them ALL is priceless! Just goes to prove Jason isn't weak, he never was, just people that play as Jason do not play him right. And you guys never take into account counselors have learned to play better over time, so it's not gonna be ez every match. My game plan hasn't changed one bit. In fact when the evil bunny comes out and I play the way you guys say to play im still a troll lmao you guys will never be happy!
  2. Nothing was off topic, the topic was Jason is weak. Your friend came in with a book in detail how he starts a match, a fail proof match. It's you who are out of line, threat away bro
  3. Yeah same here, no one likes a try hard early on but in our league matches they kill when they can for obvious reasons, again like I had said there's too many variables to say Jason is totally helpless without his shift, not to mention some who play as Jason can't shift grab very well which goes back to my original comment that Jason is overall weak. I don't think he is weak far as strength and abilities but they need to improve his grab. In the old days a counselor wasn't going to do this running right by in a hallway while Jason is grabbing air, if you remember they changed the grab a long time ago which I myself stopped playing the game for a while because of that reason. Playing as Jason became a joke. Now he more or less is a punching bag for the trolls. At least that's how it is on the PSN might be different on other platforms. Now we're seeing guys go get the sweater early and use it so their friend cannot be killed. I think they should improve the grab some and on some of the Jason's like part 9 especially they need to include more traps for him. He has what 3 traps so on a map with 2 cars, a fuse house and a crew that wants him dead, he doesn't have many traps to help manage the map.
  4. You're ** Reported for? Telling your buddy his opinion Jason is helpless on spawn kills? Beats all I've ever seen tbh... countless times people die quick for various reasons, no good weapons near by, character they choice has poor stamina, their character stumbled, the list can go on and on. In your friends scenario, it sounds like a nice novel but in a lobby of veteran players that isn't typically going to happen. Have fun bossing around new members that have different opinions with your threats. If I did something out of line sorry, but you guys live in a fantasy world from the looks of it. Your friend wrote out, in fine detail, every step he was gonna take. In his world it must take Jason about a minute to crash a door, his weapons must be unbreakable and so on. I seriously doubt any Jason can kill him from what I read. Maybe we read 2 different things.
  5. she was in combat stance idiot watch again lmfao but the there is too many variables that come into play, your statement that Jason is helpless is pretty stupid, just in that clip, spawn on an island, no where to go, no good stun weapon, and you claim Jason is helpless? You're more than welcome to add me if you use ps4 and join in our lobbies and we can test your weakness theory lol
  6. right unless you're dealing with someone who has learned to quick throw, those kinda hard to dodge, all depends on who the Jason is really and what map it is, like pinehole for instance, I have been seeing some cabins not even have a melee weapon lol yesterday circled the entire map, went into every location except the top right island, just found 2 health sprays and a map lmao so there's a lot of variables in there but I do what you mentioned if I see it's taking a bit to catch a counselor just move on to the next
  7. here at 1 min is what happens against a level 150, you're blowing smoke, stop
  8. Yeah it looks better and the music goes well with it, in regards to your reply to Tommy86, I sometimes put traps at the fuse box, gens etc and it's funny to watch Jason get trapped himself lol in one pub lobby the Jason wasn't that good so we had time, enough to round up about 6 traps and placed in the cabin we were at, was funny he steps out of one to go into another lmao then some noob AJ decides shes gonna run out and dies cause she steps in one 😂 After 2 knives in the back most will be limping, unless they have a good thick skin perk, on ps4 since so many noobs are on most don't have any good perks atm most are running AJ or Deborah so they can't run much more than 20 seconds on sprint so if it is gonna take up to 5 mins to catch them then whoever's playing Jason needs to set to counselor preference only 😂 Thought I replied but it just takes around 10 seconds to break a door and Jason can throw knives, unless they are running thick skin most will be limping with 2 in the back, if they are running an AJ or Deborah they can only sprint around 20 seconds or so, if it takes Jason 5 mins to get them on spawn then he doesn't need to set his preference to Jason 😂
  9. Yeah when they changed the grab it made it easy for counselors, even good Jason's miss a lot of shift grabs, even in a hallway it's too easy to juke him now, before it was a little easier to get someone but too many complained so now look what you've got lol honestly after they changed the grab I seldom play as Jason anymore, I just set my preference to counselor for the reasons of what you just said
  10. yeah people look for Jason now, we do, he don't need to come to us lol in a time not so long ago though that was different
  11. When I say Jason is weak its not saying he is under powered, he is under movable, make sense? Like the grab for instance, too many times counselors just whiz right by not a foot away and he is useless to grab them, at least the old grab Jason could have got them but now he has tunnel vision and can just see straight ahead, I think they should have the Tommy gen or at least Tommy house marked on the map so Jason can see where that is because some newer people have no clue where it's at. and alert him when Tommy has been called, like when cops arrive or cops called etc
  12. LOL any time Jason is around you're in danger! I used to have your mindset that it's early on in the game, just go somewhere else trap something, destroy a gen but Jason has knives and doesn't need to wait on his abilities to be used! Counselors trip, make mistakes etc. Should be one of the easiest kills for Jason seeing as the counselor more than likely cannot find any resources
  13. Jason is too weak! little kids are killing Jason! Kids should fear Jason, instead they toy around with him and yeah they may end up dead due to being slashed but the point is Jason is not the Jason he was when this game first came out! I can remember when this game first came out and we would spawned in the fuse house... first thought was "oh no im fkd" now its ehh leave the doors open whatever you know lol Jason is weak you are 100% correct and you got guys bragging how many they kill... kids are killing lmao
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