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  1. Pretty sure everything is one per match. You can do multiple things per match to add one to each. One car fix, one boat, electric box, hit Jason with bat etc. You’re best off just playing the game and not worry about them. You’ll have all the badges, tapes, trophies/achievements before you even get the 500 Jason match trophy/achievement. Then you’ll have over 500 Jason matches left with nothing else to aim for if you want the platinum achievement.
  2. It sounds dumb but its actually a good idea: I remember when the game launched and teamers would start the car and Jason would stop it & they’d keep doing it till the round ended. Same with the boat. To cheat and get the badges quicker. Plus ruining any matches where one is Jason. I’m not sure if they changed the badges to 1 credit a match to counter this or if the teamers were unaware it only counted once. You’d still be seeing teamers doing that now if more than one credit per match was awarded.
  3. Played a few matches last night and the first lobby had 2 Savini’s and one of the players was a level 56.
  4. I started playing the game again on Xbox after getting the platinum trophy on PS4 about a year ago. The whole time playing on PS4 I would hardly see a Savini Jason. Maybe one a month or so. A whole year later and it seems like every 150 player on Xbox in the eu servers have Savini Jason. The first few I saw I assumed it was either backers or people who bought him in the store mix up at launch playing the game more now due to being stuck inside. But when i looked at the profiles they’re all fairly new players, most started playing August-December 2019. There has been 3 in just a couple of matches today. Anyone have any idea how this is possible?
  5. If I see you in a lobby I’ll make sure to just quick knife and slash you to death without using any abilities to keep you happy.
  6. Had a guy DDOS me during a match. Some troll kept following me trying to kill me (back in the team killing days). Eventually had enough so went for the shotgun and got rid of them & kept playing as normal. He came back as Tommy & missed his shotgun shot at me so chased me trying to open doors so Jason would kill me, didn’t work & Jason killed him instead. Had a message then saying enjoy playing offline & my internet shut down. When my internet came back I had more messages saying random locations which I think he thought I was from. Plat’d the game on PS4 about a year ago & recently bought again on Xbox as it was on sale and to play for a bit of fun. Had a few messages of people complimenting my Jason play. The Xbox F13 community seems a lot friendlier than PS4 from what I’ve seen.
  7. No fear Jenny for me. The always quick stamina regen even when Jason is hounding you is great. Quick car starts, doesn’t scream around Jason and can jog quicker than the zombie Jason’s. Her big downside is if everyone else is dead you’re probably not going to fix anything else so surviving the night is your only option if nothing isn’t already fixed. Though she is one of the best at surviving one on one if it gets to that.
  8. Some kid playing as part 7 did it and was laughing about it. I went straight to the shack & he was dead not long after. I normally hate Jason killing too.
  9. Not really trying to survive but a couple of times the bots have managed to hit me as I’m coming out of shift going for a shift grab. No human player has ever done it to me and on the couple of times I’ve tried I couldn’t get the timing to pull it off on a Jason player.
  10. Got called an absolute tw@t last night playing. Cleared the lobby in about 10mins as Jason. Next round is Pinehurst, 4 people leave as match starts. Part 4 Jason is on me in the first minute. I survive 14 minutes, taking him on a tour of Pinehurst. A Vanessa comes over and helps Jason finally kill me. I watch as they both team and kill the other counsellor together. I come back as Tommy, Jason is on me straight away. Lead him around for another 4 minutes till the match ends and I survive. left the lobby and got a message off the Jason player: You absolute tw@t
  11. I always put one trap on the shack door just incase. One benefit that I haven’t seen here is if sweater girl tanks the trap and grabs the sweater even after spraying her health is not quite full so with a weapon strength Jason you can shift slice, quick knife then slice again for a kill. Pretty tough to do and you need a weapon strength Jason and hope the counsellor isn’t running thick skinned. Only pulled it off a few times myself but has saved my Jason in the past. As with most posts on this topic it depends on the match and situation you find your self in as to what’s the best option to keep your Jason alive.
  12. A shift grab isn’t a 0 skill insta kill. It takes practice and skill to pull off. The more you play the game the better you will be at avoiding it and utilising it when you are Jason. If you start playing any online game three years after launch you are going to have a hard time till you’ve learned the game and gotten better at it yourself.
  13. I bought the game for a second time for Xbox last week after my PS4 broke (Had it on there since launch). I’m surprised how active the game still is, get a full lobby within 20 seconds nearly every time. When the servers shut down the devs have said they’ll look to add client side saves, I think that’s what it’s called. So you can access all your Jason’s and things for offline play.
  14. Thanks. Surprised by how active the game is on Xbox, always get a full lobby within 20 seconds. Couldn’t find a match last year on PS4. Been having fun surprising & killing high level Jason bully’s who think I’m a noob and want to hit & t-bag all match.
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