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  1. The Jason hadn’t killed anyone that match. There was only 4 counsellors & the Jason player. I picked 2 players up in the 4 seater & tried picking the last one up but they wouldn’t leave the cabin so i escaped with the other two knowing the police would be there in a minute anyway. Spectated the last counsellor when we escaped thinking they were waiting for the police to arrive. Timer hits 0 and they stayed under the bed till Jason shows up & breaks the bed. Match ends showing Jason 0/4 and all counsellors escaped.
  2. Saw another player doing this yesterday but instead of standing through the bed it looked like they were laying on it. They were the last player alive and the police were at one exit. Jason eventually walks up to the bed and destroys it causing the match to end but the player on the bed is listed as escaped and not seek & destroyed? Anyone seen anything like this?
  3. I had a final girl Vanessa do this to me after eating two of her pocketknives a few days ago. The lobby had to wait till the timer ran out cos of one cheating player. I’ve read online it is possible to kill them with knives or seek & destroy if you’re standing in the right spot but neither have ever worked for me. Maybe someone on here has a workaround? Most online games if someone is cheating they try and hide it and won’t admit it. Also get banned during the match they’re cheating in. This game has had different types of cheats & glitchers from day one. No one even tries to hide it & instead will taunt you with emotes while cheating.
  4. It should be even easier to level up offline, seems to always be double xp these days so a handful of bot rounds should gain you a level. You've been stuck on level 46 for months playing offline? I don’t know how this is possible unless you're running around as Jason trying to fix things and wondering why you can’t pick up the gas or battery?!
  5. Every time I block an attack on PS4 my arm drops and I have to release the button and press it again to raise my arm back up quickly. If the arm isn’t raised back up in time for the next hit I’ll get knocked on my ass.
  6. Had a pocketknife disappear from my inventory yesterday. Had Keys, knife and firecrackers. Found another firecrackers in a draw so dropped the one in my inventory & grabbed the one in the draw. Jason enters cabin, used firecrackers in inventory & grabbed ones on the floor. Used second firecrackers straight away & knife disappears from inventory as I use them leaving only keys in my inventory.
  7. There is definitely something up with the eu servers on PS4. Haven’t got into a lobby since the patch last Monday and seen a lot of people on here complaining about it.
  8. Had my first Jason death on my 821st match as Jason. Only took a good Vanessa & Tommy to do it in the end. My Knives seemed to be going through both of them without damaging them & the Vanessa was using the spray cancel trick. Ive been dreading being killed as Jason for a while but was actually kinda relieved when it finally happened, even messaged the Vanessa to say well done after the match despite them using some questionable tactics. (Health spray cancelling & hitting Jason coming out of animations)
  9. If I’m a 3 trap Jason (Have it on random) I trap one car battery & the other gas so I can tell what is being worked on too. I agree part 4 is a bad Jason. I’m happy when I’m any Jason except parts 2 and 4.
  10. People will always be salty in games when it comes to losing. The 2 things I can think of that Jason players can do that other players have a right to complain about are teaming & using knives to glitch out the car once it’s started.
  11. I’ve had a Dos or DDos attack happen to me playing this game. A troll was following me and trying to set traps in doorways to trap me in cabins so eventually I shotgun’d him (was a few days before team killing was removed and my only team kill ever) They came back as Tommy took a shot at me and missed, then grabbed a machete & chased me with that. All the while Jason is after both of us. In Packanack lodge & Tommy tried body blocking the door so Jason can grab me. I stand there & wait till Jason is about to grab me & run the other direction so Tommy gets grabbed and killed. I run off troll free & get a get a message saying enjoy playing offline, then my internet shuts down. Turns out the troll has a video on YT trolling people in games and was in a Destiny forum complaining about being banned for dos’ing people on that mid match.
  12. Had probably the strangest bug I’ve ever seen in this game just happen in a match. Crystal lake, playing as Jenny. Got grabbed by Jason and he tried throwing me through a window and the kill glitched. I stood there waiting for him to go back to normal and kill me as he caught me fair and square. Jason doesn’t come out of the glitch state so I try going into the cabin to get a weapon to unglitch him, I realise I’m glitched and can only move about and not interact with anything either. The next thing the screen goes black and I’m back as Tommy. I look for Jason to try and unglitch him again and see another yellow triangle on my mini-map(the one showing your player) I go over and it’s my Jenny just jogging across the map. She was jogging in a straight line straight into everything, so not like a bot or anything. Anyway, found Jason and fixed him & carried on as normal. I noticed later Jason morphed to where the Jenny was and killed her (assuming so as the other yellow triangle then disappeared) Didn’t want to start a new thread but had to share this. Sorry for the long read. Anyone seen anything like this ever??
  13. Been playing mostly this game since it came out, my preference always on Jason and currently on 730 games played. I think something like 250/500 or 333/666 matches should’ve been what is needed for the Jason trophy’s. Most players will have all trophys, badges & tapes done long before even getting near 500 Jason matches.
  14. A stats screen showing games played, deaths, escapes, percentage of escapes and how etc. Also an extra after match screen similar to the in game status screen showing the players name next to the fixed items. E.g - Repair fuse box - Players name who did the fix. Call made to cops- Players name who made the call. Same with the car battery, gas & driver.
  15. The glitches I see counsellors using the most are Packanack roof, the rock on the north part of Crystal Lake and the Jarvis house porch. While very annoying all 3 have pretty easy counters that Jason can use. The glitch that I see more than any though is Jason throwing knives at the car and hardly see it mentioned on here. I think this is a bigger cheat than all the counsellor glitches & blatant cheating. It’s a glitch that leaves the police as the only escape option. Jason’s don't have to bother trapping cars so can overload the fuse house or other places with their saved traps instead. All the people in the car can get thrown off the map causing them to be forced to leave the lobby. I really hope it gets fixed in the next patch, it’s a blatant cheat used by nearly every Jason I see who can get close to the car and affects the match more than any other glitch in the game at the moment.
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