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  1. The glitches I see counsellors using the most are Packanack roof, the rock on the north part of Crystal Lake and the Jarvis house porch. While very annoying all 3 have pretty easy counters that Jason can use. The glitch that I see more than any though is Jason throwing knives at the car and hardly see it mentioned on here. I think this is a bigger cheat than all the counsellor glitches & blatant cheating. It’s a glitch that leaves the police as the only escape option. Jason’s don't have to bother trapping cars so can overload the fuse house or other places with their saved traps instead. All the people in the car can get thrown off the map causing them to be forced to leave the lobby. I really hope it gets fixed in the next patch, it’s a blatant cheat used by nearly every Jason I see who can get close to the car and affects the match more than any other glitch in the game at the moment.
  2. Fair enough. Thought it might be what people are accusing me of doing. What you’re experiencing does sound like blatant cheating. meant to quote post above.
  3. How do you know they are using an infinite composure cheat? Not arguing just honestly wondering. i main Jenny with 20% fear resistance, I’ve been in lobbies where Jason players have been chasing me all match unsuccessfully and afterwards messaged me saying I was using cheats and glitches because I didn’t ever stumble or run out of stamina all match and they were going to report me. What you're seeing may be totally different but I get accused of basically using an infinite composure cheat all the time.
  4. Throwing knives to glitch the car. This is no different than counsellors glitching on roofs or rocks where Jason can’t go. The last time it happened I was about to escape in the 4 seater with three other passengers. The fuse wasn’t seen all match either so the only option was to get the sweater and go for the kill. Bet Jason regretted cheating as Tommy was slamming an axe in his head.
  5. Voted for holding key items and doing nothing with them. One counsellor doing this can make the only viable chance of surviving being lasting out the night. Worst of all is if it’s a teamer that’s doing it. Had a match where a Deborah was teaming with Jason and had a set of keys, the fuse and Pamela’s sweater with them. A teamer that that runs about opening doors for Jason is bad enough but at least they and Jason can be countered with skill. When they keep hold of items so you can’t use them the only option is wait out the clock, all while Jason and his helper chase you all match.
  6. Will watch the video after work. I main Jenny, guessing she’s listed as one of if not the worst counsellor to use going from the comment above?
  7. Check the lobby’s level before the match and kill the lowest level players first. Hopefully you’ll have a low level Tommy who is easy to kill. Sometimes trapping the tommy box at the start can work against you. I was in a match where I morphed to the Tommy box at the start then cut the power and trapped it. With just a couple of counsellors left someone had got the call to Tommy off and a high level player came back as Tommy. Some rounds it’s best to try and control who comes back as Tommy instead of trapping the Tommy box and risking a high level player player coming back as Tommy later in the match and potentially killing your Jason.
  8. Hi all, been lurking the forums for a while & been playing since launch. Finally signed up to the forums to give my 2 cents and idea to stop Jason being bullied & killed too much. The main problem is that in a random qp lobby a good Jason will clear the lobby most games and the same Jason will be killed most times in a private lobby full of 150’s. An idea that hasn’t been mentioned yet would be to not allow party’s & party chat in qp. For private matches have Jason’s Hp customisable.
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