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  1. A trick I’ve started doing to try and get a match is join a dedicated server lobby, if the match crashes create a private lobby and invite the people from the last match to join it.
  2. Just played a full match on the eu servers. Hopefully not just a one off or something. Next match crashed after opening 2 drawers.
  3. Had it happen recently. If you’ve got a spray put that between them & you’ll be fine. Got interaction locked after using the Flair gun recently. Happened with Jason chasing me and his Bugzy friend blocking doors which made it even worse.
  4. It would definitely help stop a lot of the teaming. It would also freshen the game up & could make the game scary. You may be in a big cabin when you hear a door open inside. Could be Jason in stalk or a counsellor who is staying off the map. Just like when there are false scares in horror films.
  5. The main reason as you said is teaming. Another is when players run to other players to get Jason off their back. Staying away from a car driver going on a kill spree. A high stealth counsellor who doesn’t want to be followed by a Vanessa all match. There could be many reasons.
  6. Most people don’t use any sort of chat in game. Some people don’t have a mic or don’t want to use it for various issues. A lot of people dislike that their player is shown on the map for others to see. Needing a walkie-talkie to show up on the map and be seen gives them another use and gives people the choice if they want to show up on the map. It wouldn’t stop people from using them to talk to others if that’s what they want to do.
  7. When the game launched the point of walkie-talkies was to be able to speak to counsellors over mic who also have walkie-talkies but are somewhere else on the map. Over time they have become pretty useless, do many players here actually use them to coordinate with other counsellors across the map? An idea I had to make them more useful & it would also help counter Jason teaming would be to make it so other counsellors wouldn’t show up on your map until you both have a map & walkie-talkie. It would make sense realism wise as you wouldn’t know where other counsellors were unless they had a map & walkie-talkie to tell you. Plus certain counsellors may wish to stay off the map the whole match so they could just pick up the map and not the walkie-talkie and stay more hidden. Jason’s teamers would not be able to say where everyone is either. I think for such a simple change it would add a lot to the game and freshen things up quite a lot. What does everyone think?
  8. Any changes to the game then the players adapt to that change to counter it. Eg Tommy starts with knife so 90% of time Tommy gets slashed now. Your Tommy going evil idea means the second Jason dies everyone would just gang attack Tommy. Making that idea pretty pointless. Possibly funny to see once or twice but still makes no sense game wise & adds nothing but a group murder at the end of the match.
  9. Does it even matter? My post was about sense when counsellors are hiding while in Rage. Go in private with a friend, stand outside a locked cabin and get your friend to go in and out of a bed hiding spot and have a listen.
  10. @HaHaTrumpWon umm yeah. If you’re outside a small cabin you will hear the counsellor get out of a hiding spot inside it. Seriously.
  11. People call it abduction. The Jason player is cheating basically. Even if you have a knife it won’t matter. Best thing you can do is make a note of the Jason player and avoid them in future matches. I’ve seen Jason’s do it to Tommy or Sweater girl then drown them to avoid the Jason kill.
  12. Anyone noticing sense being a little funny after the update? I play as part 3 Jason & had a round on Packanack where 2 hiding counsellors wouldn’t show up even with rage. Eventually found a Vanessa after sense spamming a cabin 5 times but never found the other (a Shelly) Both were under level 20 so probably didn’t have amazing stealth avoidance perks. Had it happen another match with a Deborah, no sense showing her even with rage. I happened to be outside her cabin and heard her exiting a bed hiding spot then the cabin lit up. Never had counsellors not show when rage is up before.
  13. I have that happen quite a lot. Sounds like Chad running out of stamina or getting slashed. I also get a high pitched beep during some matches too.
  14. I kept all my Jason’s with the original weapons. I mainly play part 3. If other players hadn’t checked my level or I joined a lobby after the countdown screen they’d assume I was a lower level player and do dumb stuff and get killed easier. If a part 3 with an axe starts the match everyone kind of takes it easy. If a part 3 with a machete starts the match the players know it will be a tough match and play accordingly.
  15. This 100%. The difference from 19-20% is very noticeable. I play on Xbox now and I'm on 19%. I had a 20% on PS4.
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