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  1. Not really cheating but had a match last night with a Jason & his buddy teaming (both around level 70) Managed to survive despite they’re best efforts. After the match I messaged the Jason & said “Cant even win by cheating” straight away he sent me 10 messages just saying “Toxic”. Even the teamers think people are toxic if you don’t let them kill you.
  2. It mostly happens when new players join the lobby on the second lobby screen just before the match starts. Can be a bit annoying but doesn’t happen too much. What seems to happen a lot and is very annoying is going back to the title screen after a match. It’s hard to find a lobby now anyway & this seems to happen after 1or 2 matches every lobby.
  3. Every Jason match I play certain counsellors will get special treatment. I’ll ignore the higher level counsellors even if it’s an easy kill & make sure I kill 2 lower level counsellors first. It should be pretty obvious why I do that. What might look for all the world like teaming might just be a Jason playing smart.
  4. Just had a round where noob Jason put all his traps outside the shack door & his teaming buddy Vanessa was inside with the sweater on. They were both in there the whole match. If you went up to the shack window Jason would come out & chase you for about ten seconds then run back inside.
  5. I like when Jason is chasing me & the car driver is teaming trying to run me over at the same time. They are usually lower level anyway so I go inside a big cabin & do everything I can to piss Jason off, without fail the driver will leave the car to go inside the cabin & help his Jason buddy. I then leave the cabin & hop in the car that is conveniently still running, reverse over the teamer who is desperately trying to get back to the car, give Jason a beep & drive off. Works nearly every time with Jason & car teamers & is the most satisfying win in the game for me.
  6. Cheers for the reply mate. Next time it happens I’ll just make a drink & have a quick smoke while the timer runs out. I won’t lower myself to they’re level.
  7. Any ways around this? (The one where they are laying on top of the bed) Had a Jason match where every grab landed a cleared a lobby with nearly all 150’s in quick time then had to wait 15 minutes because two low level Chads we’re doing that bullshit.
  8. If someone has medic and uses a spray once then if someone else with medic picks up that spray it’ll only have one use left. Has anyone who runs medic found a spray that’s already had one use? Even the ones found on dead bodies always have 2 uses. I’ve never picked up a random spray with only one use.
  9. Isn’t speculation & debate part & parcel of an online forum? Theres always a very defensive comeback about anything said about Gun Media On here. People are just passionate about this game & are disappointed it’s ending soon & just want something similar when this game dies. It isn't a personal attack against Gun Media. No speculation, assumptions or debate in a gaming forum. Posting videos showing yourself cheating in quick play and talking about it is fine 👍
  10. I’d put Jenny in the top two tiers and swap Mitch & Chad around on your tiers.
  11. The only time I’ll get the sweater & try for the J-kill is if it’s a Savini. As for the topic I prefer part 3, no weaknesses in traps, shift or morph & his weapon strength helps to deal with fighters & kill squads. I normally stick to random but If it’s a lobby full of 150 Vanessa’s then I’ll probably change it to part 3. I’ve never played Savini so can’t offer an opinion on him. Although his stats are somewhat similar to part 4 I’d imagine he feels more like playing as part 8 just with a better shift & weapon strength.
  12. You’re in the cheat/tech thread talking about & showing videos of you using cheats/tech to deny a kill squad killing your Jason in a public lobby.
  13. I’ve been playing since launch. I never once hit Jason through a door as it is cheap & would annoy me as Jason when it happened to me. Claiming cheating is necessary and a smart choice is a joke. It’s not about being too blind to see it. Your openly admitting to cheating in an online game.
  14. As far as I’m & thankfully most of this forum is concerned cheating is still cheating. Trying to break each one down & say they don’t really make a difference doesn’t matter. Whether they help a lot or a little. Just using abduction a Jason doesn’t really have to worry about being killed as they can just use it on Tommy or Sweater girl if the need arises.
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