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  1. Just wanted to drop in to say that the team is investigating and working on the recent server issues. I, unfortunately, do not have anything more to confirm at this time. I'll update you all as soon as I have more info.
  2. You can currently do all of that in a Private Match with friends. It actually only takes 2 to launch a PM.
  3. I think this would be a lot of restructuring and development time for little impact.
  4. The team has been investigating and will continue. I unfortunately do not have more info at this time.
  5. Yes, the team has reopened the investigation on this.
  6. Connection definitely could be it. Did the Jason disconnect? Cause I've seen that a lot as well in the kill once they kneel, they quit. Also, just like Jason's grab kills, if there isn't room in the environment you could end up with a "no-swing" moment. And @Strigoi you simply type @ then start typing Matt and I promise you my name will pop up. There is no need for a Bat Signal, or flare gun, or carrier pigeon. Just tag me. But honestly, this is a low priority bug at this time, if it is in fact a bug.
  7. Yes, this is the Random Counselor bug that we had initially implemented a fix for, that fix turns out to be incomplete. The team has fully reopened investigation on it. More news as soon as I have it. As for the standing dead counselor, strange things can happen when ya ragdoll. But in all seriousness, probably a disconnect after death or during. Could also be just a ragdoll bug, but would be very low priority comparatively at this time. I'll keep an eye out for more reports of similar issues.
  8. I can bring this up to the team and see what might have happened to the audio. I know issues like this are lower priority, but it never hurts to check in on them. EDIT: Pinged the team on it and we'll take another look. In all honesty, it may have been something that fell through the cracks as lowest priority. But we'll take a second look.
  9. The team has reopened investigation of Random Counselor.
  10. The firecracker issue has not been fixed in this patch but is still under investigation for next patch. The team has struggled to recreate the issue in testing so any info you have on what makes it occur would be helpful.
  11. Ok definitely let us know if you see the same behavior again and we'll continue to monitor. That's the thing. A photo does nothing to prove what's happening because there is no mention of process or even when it happened. I don't want to sound harsh, but do you have any idea how many times someone has shared old pics of old bugs and said they were new? It happens all too often and I need more than a photo with no other info in order to try and track it down. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, just trying to get actionable info in order to either reopen an investigation or debunk it.
  12. We still haven't seen a single screenshot of this. As of right now, it's rumor only and unconfirmed. The Perk/CP thing is going to take some time to clarify. Random Counselor is being reopened. Pinehurst stairs is still unconfirmed. And I haven't seen a single report for a car problem. That's something the team is investigating.
  13. I would say that a lot of the Jason kill videos I've watched over my time on the game, show the Jason player walk up to the sweater girl and Tommy like they've never heard of the kill and what it takes to complete. What I've seen as a Jason tactic to avoid being killed is much more interesting. I've seen high level plays of Jason dropping a trap and luring the Tommy and SG over to it. One is useless without the other. I've seen throwing knives used to cause a first aid spray, then a slash or two on the healthy one makes them run, creating distance. There's been a lot of interesting plays to avoid it, but they are situational and can backfire. I'll be keeping an eye on the thread for info. It's an interesting topic.
  14. You should be able to grab it on a PC by logging into your Xbox account on PC, then navigating to your Xbox One videos, and save it to the PC. From there, a ticket on JasonKillsBugs.com with the video would be great, we appreciate it! We'll be keeping an eye out for more reports. Thanks for the info!
  15. I think this is a known issue, but I'll report it to the team. Another known issue, but not sure of the status of this one. I'll check in on it. We'll replicate this in our next test try. Thanks! We'll keep an eye on similar reports. By any chance, were you at high ping during these matches? Same question as prior, what was your ping? This is the first I'm hearing of the stairs issue still being a problem. Can you provide some more detail? The first sounds like it could be a ping issue. Second issue as well. The third could be a lock, I'll report it to the team for a look.
  16. The mask is still not going to pop off on an exact amount of hits every time. I think what you're seeing is coincidental rather than concerning. The only instance where it would be a static number would be for counselors who deal well over the required damage, and the fail safe is at play. That said, I'll keep an eye out for more reports and we'll evaluate if we start to see a pattern.
  17. Ok, not doubting you guys at all. Trying to track down what we're missing here. We jumped back in with some perks that should be solid for this, and cannot get the mask off in less than 4. Can you guys either PM or reply here with perk combos that you used to accomplish this?
  18. Just hang tight, as the team is tackling the tickets for this.
  19. I believe a hard reset will fix this, but you can submit a ticket to JasonKillsBugs.com for troubleshooting. Please submit a report on JasonKillsBugs.com and include the platform you're on and any details that stand out. We're currently investigating what might have gone wrong and we need this info in JKB to document and track. We'll look into this. Please submit a report on JasonKillsBugs.com and include the platform you're on and any details that stand out. We're currently investigating what might have gone wrong and we need this info in JKB to document and track. 5 hits is within the tolerance considering it was a machete, and 6 minutes into the match is not nearly as bad as it was. The Buggzy situation you describe is definitely not as optimal, but still I have questions. Did Jason take any other damage? 1 or 2 hits should never happen. Are you sure the Jason player didn't take any other damage from traps or pocket knives?
  20. Patch is rolling out now! Please make sure to download the update and fully restart the game before matchmaking!
  21. Yeah, I would reco Sucker Punch for the kneel, every time. But after this patch, there's no 1 hit mask off. I know you were referring to prior, I'm just saying for anyone reading that may have missed the rest of the convo.
  22. In that respect, Sucker Punch is definitely a valuable perk, post patch. And yes, those instances are definitely a bigger concern than just a hit, stun, hit. But again, I'm not sure that removing a well timed strike is the answer. We'll have to see this in the wild. Apologies, for missing the first on this. But like @Dragonfire82877 said, it's simply not live just yet. 4 hours and it will begin rolling out.
  23. Absolutely understand. But I do think that if we're talking about Jason defending hits, we could talk about defending the first hit, not giving the chance for the return from stun state shot. The timing of the hit really became important due to the stun hits not dealing accurate damage, so players could get that shot timing down for full damage hits, minimizing the time it took to get the mask off. That's not the case anymore. While the well timed hit still leads to a bad situation for the Jason, due to not being able to defend it, the Jason could have defended the first hit, and render the rest moot. From our point of view, though, it felt like it would be too much to remove that as well. Players who can time that hit out, similar to moves in fighting games, deserve to see the benefit of that timing, since it is a close window. They still can't juggle stuns, or remove the mask quicker as a result of that timing. They can only deal more damage. If we're talking competitive level, the Jason player should be just as good at defending the first hit as they potentially could be at defending the second, if it weren't a vulnerable state. Assuming the damage player doesn't get the mask off, I suppose in theory this should be a good bet. But I think it's going to be more about having a Sucker Punch for the kneel than anything else. As I'm not 100% that the probability will be affected by perks like stun is.
  24. Would it be cool, yes. But there’s dev time associated in that and we currently still have items in higher priority.
  25. Yes, once you get hands on I want to hear from you on the feel of the mask, etc. Remember the fail safe though, which is somewhere in the range of 4 damage dealing instances before the mask can come off, at minimum. This includes traps and pocket knives, but should only be reached by attacking with an optimal counselor for the mask removal. Most counselors and perk combos will take more hits, significantly so, to get the mask off. But your perked out Buggzy might make the 4 minimum attack mark. Should never be below that. Keep in mind, bear trap damage and PK damage count in that minimum.
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