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  1. 5 minutes ago, MrSketchyFungus said:


    I think the 12 page thread about what color Roy's coveralls are is explanation enough. It's a debated topic among fans whether it's green or blue.

    3 minutes ago, MrSketchyFungus said:

    Cause you've been ignoring messages from concerned fans, so...

    Where are these concerned fans I've ignored?

    EDIT: Before we go off and derail another thread, please do let me know if I missed a post in the thread that I missed, not here. Let's not derail the entire forums in one night.

  2. 1 minute ago, MrSketchyFungus said:

    The thing is, I know ya'll are under pressure, but we all paid for this game, so it's understandable that people are gonna be upset. Secondly, I think that the community developer thinking they're a punching bag right now is kinda ingenuine. This game has been extremely buggy since release, and that's something that hardcore fans have been coping with since the game cant out. Each patch has broken other component of the game and its unfair to ignore that. Its kind of  ridiculous to act like we should be gracious now that you're finally trying to stabilize servers that should've been stabilized before launch honestly. 

    Hindsight being 20/20 is the only way we could have known that 3 years later our dedicated servers would be taken down by hackers. That aside, it's never disingenuous to expect a bit of human decency.

    And make no mistake, the "thin on patience" I described was in reference to players. Players are frustrated, I get that. Be frustrated, be pissed. 

    But at least read what we've shared. Some of this we're talking about is aggression while not even having read the post. Some of it is aggression based off an assumption about how the game works, which again is cleared up in the thread of the post. There's 8 pages or so of questions and answers there.

    I'm not ignoring any of the pain points this community has faced over the last 3 years. But I am saying that you still have to interact with each other with some decency, us included.

    And I'm sorry to say, but there is no instance where the community developer is a punching bag. You yourself have called into question my professionalism while saying at the same time that I should expect people to not be able to express their issues without lashing out. So what we're really discussing here is that you want a community developer that you can kick cause you're angry, but you don't want them to have anything to say about. That's not how the community/community developer relationship works.

    I'm not a rage pillow for you to scream into. I'm here to help you all, and I'm working my ass off to do so.

    There are plenty of community members here who have been extremely frustrated with the state of the game, but still managed to express themselves without telling me to go f*** myself, or calling my job into question, or expecting me to be a stump they can kick on a bad day. I think this interaction has given you a bit of a one look impression of the dynamic I have with this community. The reality here is, I'm going to focus on the next steps. The history of this game is what it is. I'm not disregarding it or pretending like it was all roses. But I also cannot go back in time and change any of that. 

    All I can do is work forwards, and if you have any interest in this game still, I'd appreciate you working forwards with me.

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  3. 1 minute ago, MrSketchyFungus said:

    I mean he's one, and I know he's aggressive, but some of your responses still seem pretty harsh all things considered. A lot of people just have questions man. 

    Believe me, I know. I'm seated at my PC still at 10:30 at night. These don't count as "normal" office hours.

    But I do stand by what I've said. I've spent hours on hours clearing up as many of those questions as humanly possible over the last few weeks of this server situation.

    This thread derailed into bad territory with the outburst from a user. From there, it really should have been locked, and anyone with further questions can prop those up in new threads and tag me in.

    There's a couple of issues here, though, to highlight:

    First off, all the messaging I can craft isn't going to mean a damned thing if it's not read. We have posts being updated as frequently as possible that are still somehow flying under the radar despite living on this same forum. These have all the details on what's going on, what's coming next, etc.

    Secondly, everyone is a bit thin on patience. I get it. But coming in hot on a thread and going at the community developer expecting a punching bag is NOT going to happen. We're in a spot right now, and the team has been working their asses off to get this thing sorted out. If any member of the community is in the dark on something and somehow has missed the bulletins we've been sharing, that's fine. I have answers and only ask for a tiny bit of decency in return. 

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  4. 5 minutes ago, MrSketchyFungus said:

    Well no, but you seem to spend a lot of your time being critical of members who have legit concerns, and your job kinda is to work with that. Not tryna hate, but it seems like you overreact a little when people have problems with the company...

    There isn't a legit concern in this thread I've overreacted to. If you mean the situation with SirMang, that's been ongoing for weeks now across multiple platforms.

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  5. 29 minutes ago, MrSketchyFungus said:

    I mean, arguing with people who are accusing you of acting defensive maybe isn't the best bet? 

    Hey, my job doesn't require me to agree with you. Especially when someone starts a comment off with "I'm surprised you still have a job." There's a human element at play here and if this discussion is going to go into the territory of my job and my abilities, I'm going to make a case to the contrary. I don't consider anything I've done in this thread argumentative, aggressive, emotional, or unprofessional. If you feel I've acted in any way that is unfit for the role I hold, I welcome you to utilize the support site or contact email to report me.

    22 minutes ago, Mdw22 said:

    Fantastic to hear, sorry to insult you. I never claimed to solve anything. "make sure it's something I actually said". (quoting you there) I only said it seemed coincidental. Not standard procedure what so ever.  Can you at least address anything else I said? or did you just focus on what you thought personally had to do with you? 

    This is exactly what I meant about unprofessional. 

    There is nothing more to say about what you said. The team patched the car issue. Your comment and the patch are unrelated.

    I'm not sure what part of that comment you'd like answered, but again, this isn't the thread for it. Feel free to start a new thread, preferably with clear and concise questions you'd like answered, and tag me in. 

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Mdw22 said:

    I will say this though, @mattshotcha from what I've experienced, and have read, I'm very surprised you still work there. You seem to take everything as a personal insult. As a representative of Gun Media, you handle interactions very poorly. I don't mean to be a jerk, but I would assume your job is customer relations based. I would hope you had some sort of training about how to direct responses, but it doesn't seem you do. I feel like I'm talking to someone who's very "emotional" and not very professional. That can be fine in some cases, but here, I feel like it's inappropriate.

    My job is not in jeopardy, but thanks for the concern.

    I've worked community on multiple titles, I've managed teams of community managers, and developed communities from scratch.

    My manner in interacting with the communities is human, because I'm a human being. I find it incredibly insulting to assume I'm either inexperienced, ill-equipped, or otherwise unfit for my job here at Gun. But then again, given your approach to claiming you "solved" the car issues, that seems to be standard operating procedure for you.

    We are way off topic for this thread, so if you'd like to discuss my qualifications and emotional state further, maybe fire up a new thread.

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  7. 17 minutes ago, Mdw22 said:

    Isn't that being looked at already anyways with the game being long in the tooth? Client side profiles? We've asked for this over and over, and with the current situation, a local area network player based lobby, with player hosted details would be better than what we can't play now. At least then we could progress locally, while playing with each other. Isn't that the end goal after dedicated servers are shut down? P2p lobbies? Or will everything still be server side for profiles, that is awful if that's the case. Every game gets shut down eventually, and we wouldn't have the ability to play what we paid for. If not we're stuck with part 3 and part 5 with no perks on any counselors, and counselors locked behind a server login which may not exist eventually. Give the game to the community. There are plenty of talented modders that could breathe new life. Not allowing client side profiles, and a LAN party system is ridiculous, it was in the programming already and worked just fine in cracked versions of the game. Worked just fine in legit copies as well with a modified pak file until it was removed. So saying it's difficult, is certainly a cop out. Difficult for the small development team now? Possibly, but these people are being paid. That's their job. To figure out the spiderweb of a mess that the previous coders left. from my understanding a majority of it was blueprint. They should be able to trace it easily. It's not code, it's a graph that links pseudo code. 

    First off, yes, it's being considered. But it's not, or at least wasn't, being considered with the urgency we need right now. We had planned to eventually swap over to peer to peer, but keep the database servers running. So that info would be on servers, yes, but a much lower impact to Gun than dedicated servers are. So we could keep them running into the peer to peer days.

    Before any shut down of the servers that store player data, we would look to move to local. We wouldn't cut off access to player progress, etc. But we aren't there yet, as even if we swap to peer to peer tonight, we'd keep the player data servers running. 

    And before you call something I said a cop out, make sure it's something I said. Because I never said it was "too difficult" I only stated that it would not be any quicker to do that NOW than it would be to continue with our current patch plan. Which is not a bum patch, it's just not fully deployed yet.

    What I also said was that it wasn't a simple switch flip, and it's not. But that doesn't mean it's too difficult. It only means that this misconception that we could swap to peer to peer tonight and everything would be better is just that: a misconception. In truth, it wouldn't resolve the problem for everyone, it wouldn't be quick, and it wouldn't be complete. 

    As for local saves, that's a bridge we have yet to cross. First up is getting servers, as in dedicated match servers, stabilized. When we get to the point of switching back to peer to peer, player data will stay on database servers which will stay ON. If we decide in the future we need to terminate the database servers, we'll swap to local saves at that time.


    11 minutes ago, BannedForTruth said:


    We don't silence people for criticism, yet have no fear I @mattshotcha, did just that.

    You're just as incompetent as the people who try to fix this game. 

    Make my vacation permanent, I'm done here.  And... have a lovely day. 

    "Silenced" as in you had a 7 day ban from a forum. 

    You're being melodramatic now. Not only is that hardly silencing you, as I suspect your voice works elsewhere other than just this forum, but it wasn't even permanent. None of your comments had been deleted, not even hidden. How "silent" is that?

    Now, of course, your ban becomes permanent.

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  8. 9 minutes ago, SirMang said:

    No there's no issue with player data.  People still play in private lobbies and the data is just fine. 

    If you disabled the dedicated servers, then everyone would be on public P2P servers thus it wouldn't take as long. 

    If all of these local saves are susceptible to hackers, as you want to claim, then why was the game initially released without dedicated servers where those saves could have been potentially compromised?  If these local saves are susceptible to hackers as you want to claim, why do we have private lobbies that are P2P as well? 

    You want to play this fearmongering game that the big bad hackers are going to come and steal your bread, yet the game was released without dedicated servers and still allows for private lobbies.  Both of which fly in the face of your remarks here.  Both of which still *gasp* saved player data.

    As apparently the patch you just released was garbage, as in it did not work, it was a waste of a month.  So take another month apparently and do the easy solution. a solution that  is simple, disable dedicated servers. 

    @mattshotcha oh so if I make simple comments with simple solutions while pointing out you're wrong both now and based on the history of the game you don't want to hear my opinion?  Awesome.  Silence the critics!  Keep up the ass kissing.  I hope you can figure out a solution to this problem before next year then, I'm sure you all are doing a bang job.  Especially with how fast you patch anything in this game.  

    Last comment...you really think people shouldn't be frustrated at the incompetence of fixing/patching/securing this game?  Seriously? 


    You need to re-read what I said. Even before dedicated servers, player info was stored server side to keep it more secure. We always had player data on the database servers. Local saves are susceptible, but have never been a part of this game. If you would read what I'm replying instead of lashing out, we might find some understanding here. Peer to peer or not, player data was server stored, always.

    Speaking of reading what was already said, please re-read the statement on the patch. It clearly states that we're working with smaller increments of change, and the full fix won't be in place until all platforms are patched, due to how the backend is structured. So it's not that the patch didn't work, it's simply that we do not have the Xbox and Switch versions up yet and the effect of the patches will be incremental until we do. 

    And no, you can make all the simple comments you like. No one is silencing critics, I'm simply asking that you read the info we have put out and do at least the minimal amount of preparation before launching into profanity and incorrect solutions.

    You have already been warned of the increasing hostility. I think it's time for a cool down.

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  9. 10 minutes ago, SirMang said:

    Your bolded is 100% bullshit.  Point blank.  Period.

    If you get into a P2P QP lobby the game works fine.  If you play in Private servers, also shockingly P2P, it works fine. 

    You know when it doesn't work fine? Your dedicated servers.  That's where.

    So the fix is simple since no one on your side can figure out how to fix over a month long problem, disable dedicated servers.  It's going to be done at some point anyway. 

    There's still the small issue of servers that host player data, no? So before you go over the top hostile, consider the fact that database login, aka logging the player in to retrieve their data from the database, which is stored... on servers, still needs to happen.

    I've explained this to you numerous times.

    Just because if, and that's IF as in it's a chance not a guarantee, IF you get in past the database login, you can play peer to peer. But not everyone is getting in to that point. That's why those public peer to peer lobbies take so long to fill. And IF we were to decide to commit to swapping over to peer to peer, we'd need to create a patch that would shift player data to local saves instead of server saves, which is incredibly susceptible to... hackers. 

    Here's another big huge IF for you. IF we did say "screw it, the local saves are susceptible to hackers, but let's give it a shot anyway" that patch we would need to create? That would take approximately twice as long as rolling out the patch we're already essentially done with and trying to get through submission to close the system.

    So, again, no. It's not bullshit. And I understand how frustrating this is, but if you cannot keep your frustrations from causing you to lash out instead of simply trying to understand what I've been saying, share those frustrations elsewhere.

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  10. 44 minutes ago, Methodicalize said:

    Further updating this situation. Testing Quickplay now, after an hour has passed and things seem stable?

    We had 4 lobbies in a row, across all streams with Twitch where the disconnections began.

    Maybe stable? Still inconsistent? Not sure. 6 1/2 hours of no issues today before they began.

    Seems good now?

    Refer to the running threads to stay up to date. As stated there, you'll see some improvements, but things won't be completely stable until we get all patches out.

    So it's great that you're in game now and I hope it holds out, but remember we aren't out of the woods yet.

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  11. 7 minutes ago, Methodicalize said:

    I guess what is baffling in my reference is the fact of the person who is claiming the hacks, they've posted 3 different videos as proof on their youtube.

    We know right where the source is "supposedly" unless they are full of s*** of course.

    Just wish things were stable as a diehard of the game/franchise. Been missing lots of time cuz of this ordeal.

    You know I can't share details of the investigation. But regardless, even if the person or persons responsible for spreading this had been arrested, stood trial, and already tossed in jail, we still have to close the security hole. And that's going to take some more time, as detailed in the server status statement threads.

    6 minutes ago, Laotian Lam said:

    For the last month or so I have only played in Xbox Private Matches and I've been ok with that.    Biggest thing I would like to see them change in Private Matches is adding a ready up timer.  With QP not working there are a lot of people playing Private Matches without a mic which is fine but it means you have no idea why they haven't readied up or if they ever will.  Its the one big downside to Private Matches (and the host quitting)

    I'm not sure what this would require or how much of matchmaking it would touch (touching matchmaking and potentially opening a can of worms would not be wise right now) but I will mention it to the appropriate team members for a look.

  12. On 8/8/2020 at 5:05 AM, Somethin Cool said:

    Nobody wants to touch this franchise.  They haven't for a long time. They're certainly not going to want to after what's happened with this game. It's easy to make a character in a hockey mask, throw it into a game and call it Jason Voorhees. But to make an actual Friday the 13th game with everything in it like they did with this one, probably won't ever happen again. 

    Why won't they continue with content? New games sell. New games make money. Old games don't. Could they charge for dlc and make money that way? Yes. But then they'd have to maintain it.

    The coding in this game is a ticking time bomb. That's why they wont revamp the perks. Or even loosen up the perk roll to get higher odds of good perks. There's a good chance if they touch anything they'll have to completely rework it from scratch. And there would still be a chance of it not working. I'd imagine that goes with any other part of the game as well. Without the original coders they're pretty well screwed.

    Overall it was a good idea. Not the best execution, but hindsight is 20/20. In any case, how many times can you kill or escape Jason before you lose interest?

    Even with new content here and there it'd end up being something like GTA. They release content. People play for a month or so. Lose interest. Move on. They release more new content. Rinse and repeat til the end of time.

    But unlike Friday, GTA is big enough to do that. How many Jason's, kill packs, clothing packs, and maps could they possibly release? There were only 10 movies that they have licensing for. 

    The only reason I still play is competitive play. Random quick play bs was mind numbingly boring a long time ago. It'll be ok. Life will continue long after this game dies.

    This is critical, but well said.

    I'd also say that cosmetics and minor DLC and such does generate money, it's true. But think about whether that money is an offset to expenditures to keep things maintained, servers, and so on.

    Then mix in a dash of the house of cards concept described here by @Somethin Cool and the lawsuit, which is still not only not settled, but something that would require a new renegotiation of the license, as per the statement from legal, and you have a bad business decision. A blatant one.

    And let's be honest, you all love Friday the 13th: The Game. We love it too, believe me. But after detailing all that would be required to release some more clothing and such, how much more meat do you see on that bone? How much more franchise accurate, canonical content do you see that isn't included? Grendel, Jason X, but what more? And please don't say things like "Add in another killer" or "Add in a winter map" because we've already detailed our approach to the franchise and game as being one rooted in accuracy to the Friday the 13th world.

    We could bicker about one or two more items to add in the actual property that aren't in game yet. But that's quite a few leaps and bounds to make for a couple more pieces of canon.

    And, as much as it may whip up the speculation frenzy, let's be honest. There are more horror games to be made and more horror gaming experiences to still be had.

    We love and appreciate the fans. But these frank and honest conversations have to be had. I hope you all can see the things I've detailed here and even if you don't fully agree, understand the position Gun has been in since we first were told to hold content.

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  13. 23 minutes ago, SirMang said:

    So much for that patch to fix things.

    The answer is now clear @mattshotcha it's time to disable dedicated servers and allow us to play P2P. 

    Because a round here and there with a host quit that throws everyone back to the menu is better than not being able to play any rounds. 

    You keep saying this and I keep replying that there's more to it than the flip of a switch, as well as the fact that we need servers of some sort to stabilize at the least for player progression. If you had peer to peer right now, still not everyone would be able to play. And there's no magic button for swapping servers back to peer to peer.

    18 minutes ago, Methodicalize said:

    The fact that there is no legal prosecution when this has been ongoing for 5-nearly 6 weeks is baffling.

    The legal side of it is really not that baffling. These things take time.

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  14. On 8/8/2020 at 9:49 AM, kepps2020 said:

    Tried to get in some Friday. Back to not working for me. Guess we will have to wait in an update from @mattshotcha to see what’s happening now. 

    Hey, this is kind of part of the process. The improvements will be incremental as we move towards patch parity. But as I said, we aren't out of the woods till the last patch is complete. The only other option would have been to not patch anything until the last past was done. So i know a lot of folks are frustrated thinking that they're waiting for a patch for another platform. But the truth is that the wait would have been there, either way. Either patch what we had done and wait for the rest or wait for them all to be ready at the same time.

    On 8/8/2020 at 10:59 AM, The Milwauking Dead said:

    It does not run “fairly smoothly”. This game has never run “smoothly” since the unnecessary engine upgrade. That did nothing but make the game unbearably darker. It’s been a nonstop glitch fest and waiting game ever since then.  

    You are free to disregard any of the numerous times we've explained why the engine upgrade was needed. You want to choose not to read those posts and information, choose not to take in any conflicting information to the narrative you've got in your head, that's fine by me at this point. But don't go kicking up old dust in a thread where players are trying to stay up to date on THIS issue.

    The engine upgrade was needed. The content had been paused for us so we focused on that. That pause ended up being the full stop that we faced. That's the facts. Believe them, don't, your call. But don't derail this thread with the same old nonsense as we have players in here trying to get info.

    On 8/8/2020 at 11:51 AM, _Matt_ said:

    Within an hour, the servers were working twice for 10 minutes. At that time there were about 300 people online. Now it's a fatal error again. @mattshotcha

    That's that up and down we'll face, for now.

    On 8/8/2020 at 5:32 PM, Dragonfire82877 said:

    They have said the issue will not completely be resolved until the patch has been rolled out for all platforms. They still haven’t rolled out the Xbox and Steam patch. 


    On 8/8/2020 at 8:02 PM, kepps2020 said:

    Do you really believe a PS4 server will be affected by the lack of a PC patch release?! Cross play isn’t even a thing on F13. 

    Cross play is completely irrelevant to this topic. Backend info all ties together for all players, as they're accessing the backend on multiple platforms. 

  15. The team is looking into what's gone on over the last 24 hours. We saw improvements, then another round of issues.

    While this patching process is going to be a bit of a slow burn effect, we're still working away at it. This is not going to be a patch and done magic patch, but more of a battle.

    That's about all the info I can share at the moment. I'll be back with more as soon as I have it. 

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  16. 41 minutes ago, KOOLLAYDTAC said:

    So I have this game on Steam and I gotta ask, but if all you guys are patching is server side crap then why do you need to patch 4.1 gigs of game data in order to do that if the game is hosted server side? That doesn't make any sense to me. Shouldn't it be the back end data that needs to be updated? 🤔

    Not strictly backend, no. The game has to communicate with the backend.

    38 minutes ago, 4epuxa said:

    i cant connect to data base


    19 minutes ago, Slash32 said:

    yeah, me too

    Are you both still unable to connect to the database? Sometimes on patch days you'll see that error for a short period of time following the patch.

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