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  1. No, his mask has to be off to kill him. While it isn't necessary to enter the shack, it is to kill him. Maybe that's where the confusion is coming from?
  2. This is the first I'm hearing it. That doesn't mean it isn't happening or anything, just might not be getting reported. Let me check in with the team on this.
  3. @TimDuke 01 We tracked down your ticket, as it wasn't submitted as a new ticket, it was attached to an unrelated ticket. Took a minute to figure out that you added it to a whole other ticket. In the future, please submit new tickets for each individual issue, and ALWAYS submit any video or screenshots you have with the appropriate ticket. HWID Bans are extremely serious. We don't toss them around lightly.
  4. The team is still working to close the access points in the backend. Step one of that is getting players back online. Step Two is closing out access and restricting the ability to tamper with players accounts like this. The ticket to JKB is all that can be done at this time. The support team is working with development partners and as soon as we have more news on the subject we'll share it in the original thread and respond to those tickets associated. I know this isn't an optimal response, but it's the situation we're in. I can't emphasize it enough: JasonKillsBugs.com reports are a MUST for any of these issues. We need to be able to track these tickets, track the people affected so we can help when we get the situation under control. While I appreciate the heads up in a PM, there is not a lot I can do through a forum PM. We NEED the tickets.
  5. We have a statement out on the status on content in game: https://bit.ly/F13Content As for necroposting old threads, it's a common forum rule not to do so. We're pretty mellow on new threads, especially if the topic is similar but not identical. So @Top_Cat in your case, best bet would be a new thread with exactly what you're looking for. And @Kodiak is 100% right in the handling of it. Hell, it's an infraction on some forums, after a warning. It falls in line similarly with "bumping" threads, etc.
  6. @Strigoi bud, a lot of folks are trying to give the benefit of the doubt here and give you room to participate in the same way we expect of all other forums members. Hell, it's even clear that you are on a second account for reasons that are an infringement on the forum rules, yet we're letting it slide so that you can be a part of this community you clearly love. Please do try and take the mentions by Kodiak and others to heart and think about the post before posting. That aside, yes it costs money to create those items and assets, but we actually DO create them. They're called promotional materials, and it's in the name. We're not currently in a promotional swing of any kind at Gun. We're currently head down, working from home, and trying to tackle things like repeated hacking attempts in our game. Content in game aside, because I think you realize why we can't go plugging jack-o-lanterns into the game everywhere, the rest of what you mention like streams and video interviews etc would all fall under the category of promotional materials and/or live content. There will be time for that. Streams WILL be back, so will coverage. But not right now. And, frankly, creating a hundred posts on the forums requesting it is NOT a viable way to get them back. I am here to say I hear you, you want certain things from the franchise. I'm telling you why they aren't happening. You need to understand and accept the answer because simply disregarding and asking again is not going to get you a different answer and it's only going to create more friction. On another note, I often refer to the difference between a community manager and a community developer. I hint at my job being a lot more than hanging around reading social media. I promise you that part of that is planning for ways to not only create a community around the things Gun works on, but to cultivate that community with events, items, etc etc. But I NEED you to understand that it's not something that is happening right now. Not tomorrow either. It needs to make sense within the overall plans and strategy for Gun as a studio. Please do, take a beat, and think on this a little. I hope that you'll settle into a spot where you can participate in the overall Gun Community with less friction and less instances of these same issues cropping up. Because I can see the interest and devotion in you. EDIT: We're so far off topic I almost forgot to say @Dunken if you change your mind, we'll be here. Thanks for the support.
  7. I'd love to do something, anything fun for Halloween. But in game is a no-go and live content is extra tricky with everyone being on work from home still due to Covid.
  8. Cross play would be amazing! No denying that. But unfortunately, there's other items to attend to and adding cross play at this stage would not be practical for Friday the 13th: The Game. It is something that has gone from a dream to a common reality in the last few years, which is huge for gaming. But for this specific game, the train for that has left the station, so to speak. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  9. The team is working to expedite as much as we can. Hang in there, gang. Thanks, bud. Didn't want you to think I was ignoring your comment!
  10. The team is still working on some aspects of what's gone on, this being one of them. Support will follow up once we have more news on this, so make sure to keep an eye out for any info. I can say this, closing off the access that the hackers have that has disrupted servers for the players is first. It appears we're being hit again. As the update stated, we still have a step left to close this off. The team is monitoring and working as quickly as possible to get the last steps completed. EDIT: I also wanted to note that tagging as you did isn't tagging me in for some reason. Seems it has to be @mattshotcha <-- Like that for me to get a notification. I caught up to the thread anyhow, but just FYI. @Psychophonic your tag didn't ping me, but @rewNATION's did.
  11. I will check in on the status. Please send me the ticket number in a private message.
  12. Contact JasonKillsBugs.com for troubleshooting. It's tough to say, as there may be a few reasons for this. So the support team will be the best bet for accurate troubleshooting. Same here. Usually, a hard reset of the console will help here. Also making sure everyone you're inviting is not already in game, etc. But if it persists, JasonKillsBugs.com is your best bet for troubleshooting further. Apologies for missing your first. Feel free to tag me in any time if something gets missed.
  13. Wrong! But this is a bug that the team is investigating. As with bugs, we're going to focus on fixing the bug, as that's on us to correct. Also: Naming and shaming is against forum rules. The best bet for something like this is a report to JasonKillsBugs.com.
  14. This is something the team was investigating prior to the server situation. Once we have this under control, those investigations can resume. Unfortunately, there are a lot of kids claiming things they aren't actually capable of. It's obnoxious, but without us being able to verify they've actually done something, we can't ban them. On that note, the team we have contracted is moving along well with their investigation.
  15. Right now, Switch is in the fast track through, but we don't have a date for it yet. I'll be checking in again on status in the morning, so I may have more details then.
  16. Is this the thread for that topic? Start a thread with your concerns.
  17. That's the third time I've had to merge your posts, which are off topic, nonsensical and trolling. I'm not sure why you're trying to catch forum infractions, but I'd caution you to maybe read the forum rules again.
  18. That thread was well and truly derailed. So far off topic it was past the point of return. And I replied. I didn't ignore you. If you have something to bring up, there's a whole list of sub-forums. Find the appropriate sub-forum, start a new thread.
  19. I think the 12 page thread about what color Roy's coveralls are is explanation enough. It's a debated topic among fans whether it's green or blue. Where are these concerned fans I've ignored? EDIT: Before we go off and derail another thread, please do let me know if I missed a post in the thread that I missed, not here. Let's not derail the entire forums in one night.
  20. Hindsight being 20/20 is the only way we could have known that 3 years later our dedicated servers would be taken down by hackers. That aside, it's never disingenuous to expect a bit of human decency. And make no mistake, the "thin on patience" I described was in reference to players. Players are frustrated, I get that. Be frustrated, be pissed. But at least read what we've shared. Some of this we're talking about is aggression while not even having read the post. Some of it is aggression based off an assumption about how the game works, which again is cleared up in the thread of the post. There's 8 pages or so of questions and answers there. I'm not ignoring any of the pain points this community has faced over the last 3 years. But I am saying that you still have to interact with each other with some decency, us included. And I'm sorry to say, but there is no instance where the community developer is a punching bag. You yourself have called into question my professionalism while saying at the same time that I should expect people to not be able to express their issues without lashing out. So what we're really discussing here is that you want a community developer that you can kick cause you're angry, but you don't want them to have anything to say about. That's not how the community/community developer relationship works. I'm not a rage pillow for you to scream into. I'm here to help you all, and I'm working my ass off to do so. There are plenty of community members here who have been extremely frustrated with the state of the game, but still managed to express themselves without telling me to go f*** myself, or calling my job into question, or expecting me to be a stump they can kick on a bad day. I think this interaction has given you a bit of a one look impression of the dynamic I have with this community. The reality here is, I'm going to focus on the next steps. The history of this game is what it is. I'm not disregarding it or pretending like it was all roses. But I also cannot go back in time and change any of that. All I can do is work forwards, and if you have any interest in this game still, I'd appreciate you working forwards with me.
  21. Believe me, I know. I'm seated at my PC still at 10:30 at night. These don't count as "normal" office hours. But I do stand by what I've said. I've spent hours on hours clearing up as many of those questions as humanly possible over the last few weeks of this server situation. This thread derailed into bad territory with the outburst from a user. From there, it really should have been locked, and anyone with further questions can prop those up in new threads and tag me in. There's a couple of issues here, though, to highlight: First off, all the messaging I can craft isn't going to mean a damned thing if it's not read. We have posts being updated as frequently as possible that are still somehow flying under the radar despite living on this same forum. These have all the details on what's going on, what's coming next, etc. Secondly, everyone is a bit thin on patience. I get it. But coming in hot on a thread and going at the community developer expecting a punching bag is NOT going to happen. We're in a spot right now, and the team has been working their asses off to get this thing sorted out. If any member of the community is in the dark on something and somehow has missed the bulletins we've been sharing, that's fine. I have answers and only ask for a tiny bit of decency in return.
  22. I saw this thread with "unread" replies and thought this debate was opened again. Close call. Leave Royhees alone!
  23. There isn't a legit concern in this thread I've overreacted to. If you mean the situation with SirMang, that's been ongoing for weeks now across multiple platforms.
  24. Hey, my job doesn't require me to agree with you. Especially when someone starts a comment off with "I'm surprised you still have a job." There's a human element at play here and if this discussion is going to go into the territory of my job and my abilities, I'm going to make a case to the contrary. I don't consider anything I've done in this thread argumentative, aggressive, emotional, or unprofessional. If you feel I've acted in any way that is unfit for the role I hold, I welcome you to utilize the support site or contact email to report me. There is nothing more to say about what you said. The team patched the car issue. Your comment and the patch are unrelated. I'm not sure what part of that comment you'd like answered, but again, this isn't the thread for it. Feel free to start a new thread, preferably with clear and concise questions you'd like answered, and tag me in.
  25. My job is not in jeopardy, but thanks for the concern. I've worked community on multiple titles, I've managed teams of community managers, and developed communities from scratch. My manner in interacting with the communities is human, because I'm a human being. I find it incredibly insulting to assume I'm either inexperienced, ill-equipped, or otherwise unfit for my job here at Gun. But then again, given your approach to claiming you "solved" the car issues, that seems to be standard operating procedure for you. We are way off topic for this thread, so if you'd like to discuss my qualifications and emotional state further, maybe fire up a new thread.
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