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  1. No, the perk system was unfortunately something we would have had to either rebuild or not tinker with. I know that sucks to hear, as there are quite a few things we would have liked to be able to tune. If the host of the match quits, it will end the match for the players in that lobby. We explored our options to negate this effect but it was not possible with the way the current matchmaking system is built. Matchmaking in this game is one of the areas where we ran into similar troubles as I described in the reply about perks. We hit a wall of either completely rebuild or keep it as is, with little to no in between.
  2. The game will be playable still. I understand that peer to peer instead of dedicated is not the best scenario for stable matches, but it's also not the doom and gloom end of the game. There's fixes in here that the community has been waiting for, and they'll be online and playing on Friday the 13th with those fixes in. While I have confidence in this patch, I understand where you're coming from. It's not as if the team is cut loose the minute the patch goes live. We'll have opportunity to fix anything we see as an emergency following the patch deployment. I'm sorry to say, but offline bots pathing was not as high a priority as some of these other big ticket items that we wanted to get resolved. I know that's not what you want to hear, but if you think about it, it is understandable. Part of that decision is the fact that while it isn't the best pathing for the bots, it is still able to be completed.
  3. Stay civil folks. Telling others to shut up unprovoked is not going to fly here, regardless of where we are in the life of the game and these forums.
  4. Patch Notes - 11.10.2020 - Final Patch Patch 1.39 This patch will deploy on Tuesday, November 10th. Patch is scheduled to start rolling out at roughly 10AM Eastern US Time Tuesday morning on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Switch will be delayed. As soon as we have definite timing for the Switch we will update here. Combat Stance Commonly referred to as Sliding or Teleporting, the team has fixed an issue allowing players to manipulate combat stance changes. Players may still see, when in spectator mode, counselors attempting to perform the exploit, however this is a visual artifact. Pocket Knife Issues Instant break free by using health spray or firecrackers when grabbed, resulting in not only an instant break free but also retention of the player’s pocket knife, has been fixed. Loss of pocket knives in circumstances when firecrackers are used has also been fixed. Jason - Game Play Ability Unlock/Recharge Rate toggle in private matches has been fixed to include both parameters. Lobby icon irregularities resulting in an inaccurate lobby icon have been fixed. Abduction, when Jason is able to Morph while holding a counselor, has been fixed. Mask HP loopholes where use of a flare gun or firecrackers could get the mask to come off too quickly have been fixed. Jason Kill Sequence - Kneel: The issue where the kneeling animation during the Jason Kill process could be repeated has been fixed. Counselor - Game Play Hiding Under Bed: An issue where players could hide under beds and become stuck in a way where Jason could not kill them has been fixed. While it is still possible in some instances to cause the bug, the counselor will be able to be killed by Jason in that state. Lobby icon irregularities resulting in an inaccurate lobby icon have been fixed. Numerous safe spots around the maps have been fixed, including the Pinehurst Roof method by way of Tommy’s bed. Players will now see an error if they roll and sell perks too quickly, but the game will stay functional and no longer lock up. Players can then continue to roll and sell perks, being cautious of not overloading the roll system. An issue causing the Counselor clothing options to not save properly when altering color/items has been resolved. Feel free to go back to playing Pink Cop Kenny. Tommy Jarvis voice lines have been restored, and this is between him and Jason. General Various Interaction Locks have been fixed, particularly those that occurred when players would input either multiple button presses or rapid button presses in short succession, rapid pick up and put down of items, and multiple inputs appearing with on screen prompts. Fuse Box and Fuse spawn for the Cop call has been extended to ensure the fuse does not spawn inside the house with the fuse repair box. With this patch, matchmaking will shift away from Dedicated Servers and onto Peer to Peer Matchmaking for all matches. The game will still be playable online publicly with the Quick Play option and privately with the Private Match option. For more on this change, as well as the status of the game going forward, please follow up with our statement here.
  5. I would have to check with the team on what happened there and why. I also would prefer to not have our official forums house unreleased anything, of any sort.
  6. The current plan is to revert to offline saves, but that will only happen if the database servers need to be shutdown, which is pretty far off.
  7. Sliding and pocket knife, confirmed fixed. For the full list, you'll have to be patient with me for a short while longer while I get the finalized notes together. Offline Saves are not being implemented with this patch, because database servers are not being shut down. Those servers are far lower impact to keep up than dedis are. Dedicated servers and patch cycles will end, but the game stays live via peer to peer. This. There's a lot of reasons. Not least of which is the fact that dedicated servers are far more expensive on a monthly basis than I think you realize. With no new content possible, there's only so much that can be done to keep that side of things balanced. It's a reality of this business. Ok. Care to expand on that profound legal insight?
  8. The issue is that we won't be actively monitoring or otherwise handling these forums, so we can't allow things to potentially happen here in "our house" for lack of a better term, without a commitment to users that we'll run the forums as promised in the rules. Because we "own" these boards, they are our responsibility in a number of ways. So we either have to commit to maintaining them or close them off.
  9. Yes, it is a high priority item and will be corrected for the next patch. No, Quick Play parameters stay as they are. Private Matches do have friendly fire though.
  10. We know. We knew. Consider us all quietly letting that fact go as your invite to anything we do in the future. Your love for the games we make is obvious and we know sometimes that love can get a little twisted up in discussion. Never a hard feeling or lingering issue. As long as you stay on the right side of any rules, you are always a welcome member of any community we run. That all said, the OP has a community they are working on. It's unofficial, but a fan driven community. Might be a great place to spend time after the locks go on here. As for our next thing, you'll know where to find that community when the time is right. In the meantime, stay in touch on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Discord. Not yet. It's still too early for all of that.
  11. These fan driven initiatives are really great to see take shape and continue to harbor community members whenever possible. All the best!
  12. Those were unfortunately not in the scope of the last patch. We have some fixes (like the sliding/teleport issue) that we put our remaining time and resources into.
  13. I've asked the team for clarification on this. I know that we have explored the option, but want to get the details right before commenting. Sit tight, though. As soon as I have clarification I will let you know.
  14. All things must come to an end, eventually. And while that statement might sound ominous, there is a lot to cover and a lot of news to highlight, so please read on. Dedicated Servers for Friday the 13th: The Game will be decommissioned in the upcoming patch, set to roll out this month, November 2020. What this means is that the game will revert back to peer to peer matchmaking for Quick Play lobbies. The Database Servers, however, will stay active and continue to house all player progression and unlocks, so users can continue to play Friday the 13th: The Game via peer to peer Quick Play and Private Matches. The patch that will go live in November will also be the final patch for Friday the 13th: The Game. The team has been hard at work completing fixes for a long list of player issues to include in that final patch, and the community can expect finalized patch notes to be released in the week prior to the patch going live. The official forums will be archived in a locked state, so that players can still reference the information that lives on the various boards. As for the online presence of the game and official channels, we will be switching to a more minimal approach, keeping our social media channels active for any necessary announcements only. The game will continue to be available for sale, and as such will continue to receive the full support of JasonKillsBugs.com as a resource for troubleshooting. Please do continue to use the support site for any assistance needed. As for the Double XP, CP, and Tape Drop Rates that we set in the start of the pandemic, the team will opt to leave this active indefinitely. The team at Gun wants to thank each and every player and fan that has made Friday the 13th: The Game what it is today. We know this news is hard to hear, despite being inevitable. We appreciate each and every one of you. Stay tuned on what is next for Gun by following along on the Official Gun Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  15. The team is working on a patch as we speak. Details on that patch will come as soon as we have it confirmed.
  16. That's a forum update for the forum backend. The icons are still clickable, but the image is missing. I'll look into it.
  17. That should be the case. By removing all other variables, you should see the performance of the stun resistance variable. Now, I'm still awaiting further detail from the team to be sure, but that is my understanding. I, unfortunately, do not see that being in the scope of the project at this time. It is a lower than intended impact on game play, but it is not something that is game breaking to the point of elevating it in priority, especially at this extremely late stage in the game's life. If I'm being as transparent and honest as I like to be, I have to admit that the stun situation in game is something that evolved over time in a way that lead to these variables stacking in directions that were not always intended. Stun is tied firmly to a wide variety of factors in game, and touching all of that now would not be wise. That said, it is definitely a solid basis to report on, in the post mortem sense.
  18. From my understanding, the stun resistance stat is supposed to be a variable of the likelihood to BE stunned, not the duration of the stun. Where this gets muddy is the amount of variation of stun chance on different weapons, as well as different perks applied and counselor strength. If I'm not mistaken, and I've already sent out a query for more info to verify, the reason the trait seems unreliable is due to the heavy amount of variables applied to stun chances. But stun resistance should act as the opposite, counter power to stun chance.
  19. I'm going to look into this. EDIT: Spoke with support and it seems you've stopped responding to the troubleshooting ticket with them. Please respond to their last and continue the troubleshooting steps they've already sent you. I will say this though, if your ping is comparable to the rest of the lobby, and you aren't experiencing any other symptoms of ping, there is not a lot to be concerned with other than the little number on the screen. According to your ticket, there is no poor connection behavior reported other than "ping number is high" but the entire lobby falls in the same ping range as you. So unless you're experiencing some type of latency related issue, or are matched up in lobbies where your ping is drastically higher than the rest of the lobby, there is nothing to worry about. Having a 100 ping in a room full of 100 ping players, all without experiencing latency is not something we consider a problem. Again, though, if an issue comes up, please do inform the support team of the latency related behavior you're seeing.
  20. We would love to hear what you want to see in a game. But you don't need us to rush an announcement to share that info. C'mon, Strigoi, you're trying to make impatience sound like it has a solid reasoning. You can share what you want, and you can even speculate, as someone has mentioned later. But pushing us to announce something and then throwing a fit that we won't announce it yet, then moving on to "They must not be making anything, they're going out of business" nonsense is bordering on a tantrum. This "got a response" is childish. A development studio putting out a call to hire developers isn't uncommon, you're right. Gun isn't a development studio, so we aren't hiring developers in that same sense. Misinformation isn't. And shouldn't be. The main reason I commented here is because people want to try and push a fabricated tale that Gun doesn't care about the players cause we have been quiet on the next thing or Gun is going out of business because there's no new Kickstarter. Speculation? Good with me. Wishlists? Good with me. Trying to convince the community of doom and gloom because you want it now right now instead of letting the dev cycle take it's course? Not ok with me. Not ok here on the forums. And no, we certainly aren't going to announce the next thing because @Alien_Number_Six double dog dared us. That's just plain goofy. Oh and PS. @Strigoi's tag is what got a response. We've been clear that we're working on things. We never lied or hid that. That's exactly what we mean when we say we aren't going anywhere any time soon and we're sticking with horror games. But that's all the news we're going to share right now. We don't need to spill the beans for you all to offer feedback on what you want to see. Hell, the entirety of the life of F13 The Game has been feedback and learning, and that's all a part of everything Gun does moving forward. But there's a massive gap between speculation by fans and spreading intentionally dismal misinformation for the sake of dragging the community down.
  21. News about who we hire for a game would have to come once we announce said game, correct? I'm figuring with your extensive knowledge and understanding of how game studios function, you'd realize that much. When, in the history of ever, have you heard a studio announce who they're working with BEFORE announcing the title they're working on? The voice of reason rings true as always. What exactly are we buttering someone up for if, as you say, we aren't making any games. Your own statements contradict each other. As for the "only fact you know right know" is we supposedly aren't doing anything. How does that logic work? Because we haven't announced something? Layers of Fear 2 was only a year ago. We're not a Triple A studio that cranks out a title a year. But that hardly means we aren't doing anything. And as for me telling Strigoi to stop bringing up future projects, it's simply because we aren't ready to announce anything yet and those posts cause turmoil within the community. Once again, thank you for being a voice of reason. LOL. Again, this confidence despite no actual clue what may or may not be happening is ridiculous. This thread has become nothing more than speculation from supposed armchair experts on a topic that there is clearly very little understanding of. Games take years to create. They take even longer at small studios. The reason you see some places crank out a game every year or every two years is because they have multiple studios working in a cycle that allows releases to still take years, but be staggered in ways that keep their launches up. Gun does not, and probably never will, function in that way. We keep a lean team, and that's by design. As for other speculative doom and gloom like we haven't announced a Kickstarter, have any of you stopped to think that maybe development of the next Gun project will look almost nothing like the development of Friday the 13th: The Game? No Kickstarter? No advanced (too early, really) announcement? So instead of whipping out a crystal ball and pretending as if we know something, let's all take a breath, and think rationally. PS. This, right here? This entire hypothetical conversation filled with assumptions and speculations, this is why we ask to stop creating these posts. When Gun is ready to announce what's next, we will. That doesn't mean we don't care about our community. It simply means it isn't ready to discuss yet.
  22. I'm going to break the rules and bump this thread. Don't tell @Kodiak or @JPops Updated as of today. Check the original post.
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