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  1. The Exception Access Violation in Windows usually means the game is being blocked by antivirus software. Has support troubleshooted that aspect with you? I can't really go through the full steps of troubleshooting, as it's not my expertise. But usually a temporary disabling of the a/v software will help identify if it is actually the culprit. In a lot of cases, the basic Windows defenses will cover you for that period so it's not as risky as it might sound. But I wouldn't be so quick to rely on the allow feature in a/v software. Regardless of that, I'm sure support didn't just turn you away. But without knowing where that troubleshooting went, I can't really direct. You should follow up with them. Thanks for the tag!
  2. I would recommend reporting this to JasonKillsBugs.com as this is the first I'm seeing of any issue like this. The team will investigate accordingly. @Sythalin The team is taking a look, but we need that ticket in order to discuss with you further and troubleshoot the issue. As this is the only case like it we've come across, we'd need more info from you to troubleshoot accurately.
  3. No, we're still talking last patch. This iteration process is still a part of that last patch as we'll be building off that regardless. When we released the patch we assured players it wouldn't be released and then the team runs from the project, we needed to allow some room for potential issues, emergencies, etc.
  4. A lot more great info to share here. I've worked on more than a few games at this point in my career and one thing that is a constant: Multiple inputs registering at once, or even too close together, causes unintended effects. When those inputs can register while an animation is ongoing, it makes even more potential for issues, like trap bypass for example. That all said, the team will dig into this. I have to give them time to do their investigation based off what we've sent over. I'll keep the community up to date as soon as I have more and we can hopefully continue this discourse then. I may reach out via PM to some of y'all. Many, many thanks.
  5. The bots still work without dedicated servers. As for a separate patch for offline items, we simply ran out of time. These are smaller issues in priority for a game based mainly on multiplayer and as such, reworking pathing issues wasn't in the cards. For offline bots, please see above. Perk system was not able to be reworked, as we investigated and found that we would either need to completely rebuild the perk system, which is a massive undertaking at this point, or not tinker with it. It's too much of a touchy area of the game to risk breaking in order to make minor changes, and making major changes like a whole new system are out of scope at this point and have been for a while. Offline save data is still not impossible. We haven't done this yet as the database servers are far lower impact to maintain and therefore we don't see that end in sight. Offline counselor play was never on the table, if you recall going back to the days of the BEYOND streams, we covered how an AI Jason would not be high enough quality to make it worthwhile. And if we were to do that, it would be a massive chunk of work to create a passable AI Jason. It's simply not in the scope, and never truly was.
  6. Submitting to JKB for a ban has a whole set of rules involved before we can act on something. It's a wholly separate topic to bug reporting. I just want to note that because if we're in a discussion revolving around the effectiveness of the support site, we should be clear to keep these things separate. All in all, this has been a good discussion. I've got info to the team, we're in the investigation phase and while that may seem like things are slowing down, it's just the work taking place. I'll share more on our findings as soon as I have it. I've been in close contact with a few players that have some keen details on these things. And things like what we've discussed here have some other wheels turning for the future of Gun and our processes for reporting this stuff. I appreciate this discourse. Thanks, gang.
  7. Keep in mind that it can still be possible to make it LOOK like you bed glitched. But the counselor is able to be killed normally. This is partly due to ping, if I'm not mistaken. So some folks have gotten it to happen like the bug and claimed it's not fixed, but they're kill-able.
  8. Hey, I don't mean my reply to sound directed specifically at you or at the OP or Tommy. I am sorry if that was how I made it sound. It's a big problem across the community, as you even said. Every player is coming out of the woodwork with new info, holding back info, or flat out bargaining for bugs. It's crazy right now. This info here has been forwarded, if you think any details have been omitted, please do send it over to JKB. But I've already shared this as well with them, as it sounds like we may be able to 2 for 1 it with what we are looking at right now. And I also want to note that I appreciate this being shared AT ALL. I don't mean to sound like I am not appreciative that at the least we now have the info. So thank you to @GeneiJin @Tommy86 and @Somethin Cool Your insight is much appreciated.
  9. Cool inflammatory post. Add yourself to that wall of fame.
  10. I've shared all this info with the team. I'm going to bring it up here again, though I know the response it will get. This is why JasonKillsBugs.com is so damned important. I don't know how many different ways I have to illustrate that, but we need this type of stuff as it gets uncovered, in detail. It's incredibly simple to submit a report, then the team has the details, has the ability to follow up with players who've uncovered these things. We have tracking and documentation and details instead of simply having screaming players going "FIX SLIDING!!!" with zero info on the issue at hand. We even have players trying to withhold info as a negotiation. This is absurd. In testing and reporting the best we could identify was that combat stance rapid status changes were playing into a whole host of bugs, which we are still investigating in tandem with new info. But as for why any of this info should be new at this point, I can't begin to speculate. To this day, we have ZERO tickets on this "bulldozing" issue mentioned here. And the tickets on sliding that we did have prior to the patch have not had even close to the level of detail that we see now being shared, after patch. This is an issue and a cooperation problem born out of wanting to protect these methods, despite them infuriating the common players. So average joe gamer who runs into a guy sliding reports the sliding with no idea how it's being done. Whisper networks of players who know these moves crop up, but don't want to share with the team. More and more public lobbies see these behaviors, report the players using them for cheating. The issue hits a critical mass where we need to act. We take a bug or "tech" as you call them and have to try and repro internally as best we can. The result is the Combat Stance changes. Now, we have a pile of new info to sort through only because the players using these techniques are suddenly motivated to share this info because they feel we made the wrong change. I'm not pushing this responsibility onto players, what I am saying is that we need to cooperate better, for the sake of BOTH you as players and the team trying to tackle these issues. All of this means very little considering where we are with F13 and the final patch being what we're working out. But consider this my plea to just report the info you might have into our system so we all can stop running in circles around each other. I've sent this thread directly to the team, but again, without a ticket it's a copy paste of a thread link, not a ticket in a system DESIGNED to facilitate these interactions. EDIT: I understand that some of you might have thought you were "protecting" a tactic like "bulldozing" by not reporting it. You weren't. Plain and simple. Just as "sliding" was a protected tactic that we couldn't source reliable info on, it inevitably became widespread in matches. What happens when it becomes widespread in matches? The community that isn't in the know reports it to us as players cheating with zero details. That raises it up the food chain of issues until we have to make a change to mitigate it. We have to make that change with limited info and limited details. That should highlight the concept I'm trying to illustrate about "protecting" a "technique" actually working out worse for all.
  11. Your ticket. We'll need this in the ticket system.
  12. Hey gang, while this may look serious, our backend should be able to distinguish between these spoofs and the actual account. The support team has been made aware and is awaiting the tickets with details.
  13. This is not a possibility, nor something we would consider doing. We've explored every possible avenue to keep servers up in some form or fashion. Peer to peer is the only way forward from here.
  14. And again, being honest, I'm sure what all can be done on the topic of the perks and database issues. The team will follow up soon and I'll get that info out. There's some aspects of the game that are simply too embedded, too baked in to fully turn around. So while they'll try and sync with partners to see what all can be done, I don't want to get any hopes up.
  15. As to the first two points, I brought them up again with the team after my last reply. They're going to dig into it again and see where we stand on that before I speak too concretely on the status. Give me some time to hear back from them and I'll get back to you all. The pak file situation is definitely an issue that has been an ongoing one in F13. We've worked in the past with our partners at EAC to limit as much of it as possible, and it's still an ongoing effort. I have to be honest here though, it is something that will inevitably exist without significant overhauls made the game. And I totally understand the context in text thing. Thanks to the whole thread for staying in this conversation patiently.
  16. Is it persistent or a once in a while situation? I've personally tested this since your report and do not see this behavior. Weapon swinging, picking up throwing knives, grabs, all worked.
  17. Can you elaborate on this, because I've not seen any other reports, so more details would help us identify the issue.
  18. First off, I understand you're frustration, but let's take a breath here before we get too heated. There are two issues at play, and two issues I've been trying to respond to that sound extremely similar. There is an issue where players were blocked from buying new perks and had their perks wiped out. That is separate from a database login error on an account. Since reporting of the one issue bled into reporting of the other, we needed people to contact support to identify what issue they were seeing. The issue of being unable to purchase new perks, etc has been resolved to the fullest we can resolve it. We cannot restore perks, but we've done what we can, via support, to get them as close to where they were prior. The issue of the locked out accounts is a bit trickier. I do not believe at this time that there is a "fix" so much as a workaround. That will need to be resolved with support, though. I cannot resolve that from a mention on the forum. And as far as the hackers being able to repeat what went on prior to the server fix or unban each other, that simply isn't true. The work done to correct the server issues stands.
  19. If you've been affected by this, please reach out to JasonKillsBugs.com and the support team will walk through it with you. While you may or may not be able to access the account again, depending on what was actually done to your account, that is the vital first step. On the topic of this constant back and forth with the people responsible, please do not engage. There is a reason we keep reports private. Locking yourselves into these arguments in the comment section of YouTube videos is like saying "Hi it's me, the person who reported you." The privacy we keep on reports is there for a reason. All that said, no, no one should ever have to deal with this and I'm not trying to excuse any of it. I am asking that we don't make it any easier to be a target by blasting the hackers publicly every chance we get. Please reach out to JKB and I'll give the support team a heads up to expect the tickets.
  20. On Switch, this is due to how quickly the system accesses the save and game info, if I'm not mistaken. That's an interesting turn for some of the things you've seen improve, like intros. I think at best this is something that can absolutely HELP in some of the issues you mention, but I know it isn't a FULL fix. Not trying to be negative, just want to illustrate that clearly for anyone reading. Thanks!
  21. Random counselor is a tricky one. The team could never get correct repro in house on it, despite the community experiencing it a lot. That's not to say it doesn't happen, just that without reliable repro it's tough to diagnose. That said, we think there is an element of it that pertains to the dedicated servers and connecting to them either late or with higher ping. So there is a very good chance that it won't show up in peer to peer connections. We didn't list all this in the patch notes because again, without solid repro we couldn't confirm. Perk roll bug is listed in the patch notes. While you still will see an error if rolling/selling too quickly, the game will no longer crash. The backend needs ample time to keep up with those changes when rolling and selling so the error still will pop. But the game will not lock up. The blood on Pinehurst is going to stay as is. It's an issue that is deep within and the amount of resources it would have required would have pulled from other more pressing issues affecting game play. The perk system was deemed off limits after investigation into it. We had wanted to rebuild it, but other persistent issues had to be addressed first. The short of it is we would need to either completely rebuild the perk system or not touch it. See above. As for our prioritization, it's important to understand that issues like a sound sync are never going to override issues affecting the experience for say, a whole lobby of players. It's just a hard fact. We tried to focus our efforts on items that would have the widest impact for the most players possible. While some issues, like the perk system potential rebuild, have a chance to affect all players, that system is far too deep in the game to start poking around.
  22. Come on now. You'd rather have all the bugs and host migration? I doubt that very much. I get that you aren't keen to go back to peer to peer, but this is pure hyperbole. Because that isn't a bug. If Jason is affected by the sweater and you hit him but he doesn't kneel, it means you didn't get a stun hit on him. Try a higher stun chance weapon. I personally see the baseball bat work 99% of the time.
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