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  1. Currently, there are no plans to implement cross platform play for Friday the 13th: The Game.
  2. screamer, or scremmy as he's affectionately called, is an old bud of mine from saving NYC.
  3. I know it's frustrating. We're trying to get a status update as soon as possible.
  4. The team is exploring as many options as possible but other than fixes and balancing, we don't have a lot to communicate on at this time. Stay tuned. That said, we have some really interesting feedback on balancing and giving Jason his "teeth" back if you know what I mean.
  5. 1.30 is our most up to date version. The error is indicating something else, mislabeled as an out of date version. For the time being, keep submitting tickets to JasonKillsBugs.com with the Region, Game version (physical or digital), and installed DLC. The team is using those reports to try and find common denominators, but it's a process. As soon as I have more I'll update you all.
  6. Let me look into that for you @Slasher_Clone. Not sure what can be done.
  7. Hey! Thanks for tagging me in here. I've spoken to the team and we're getting these reported now. This, at least in my short time on the job, the first I'm hearing of it. So if anyone knows of others, please do let us know. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. This is something we are investigating. We do need some details posted in a report on JasonKillsBugs.com so we can properly track the info coming in. If you can, please submit a report on that site with a description of the server issue, for redundancy, and the following info: Base Game Type: Physical or Digital Region DLC: Which DLCs do you have installed The team is trying to sort through the reports to find common denominators. I meant for all to see, and give context to my previous statement, but yeah. I goofed and should have also tagged them. Thanks for the assist, Slasher! Believe me, I'm sad the patch isn't coming too, but it needs time to bake before it's ready for consumption. I'll check out that thread and follow up there. Thanks!
  9. These audio desyncs are an issue the team is aware of. Problem is that currently we have some bigger fish to fry, so to speak, as far as issues. While these are not in any way something we're ok with, we will have to focus resources on some other, high player impact issues first. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. Just setting the expectation and giving some insight.
  10. The stun issue described here is definitely one we've reported on extensively. Interesting stuff. So they need to get in around the grabbed counselor to break the grab with a strike? Counselor LOVE! That is somewhat rare, with stealth being one of the biggest mentions on counselors. I don't know if just straight hit points is the way to go, but I get where you're coming from. Stuns, again, are a high mention topic. The team is looking at ways to tune this. These Jason points are pretty large scale, but definitely interesting ideas. I see how, for lack of a better term, skill based matching could help. But that's a big goal to bite off in this round. As for counselors and the talks of Perks with Wes, I revisited this with him today and he confirmed that it is all still being evaluated. So, despite me not being able to clarify what it may look like just yet, it's still on the table. I dig it. I dig it two times. Yeah I don't know about showing the house if that's necessarily the best route to balance, but I get where it's coming from. Planning and strategy is ruled out with the randomness, but the counter to that should be the strength/resilience. Great feedback! Sorry for the long list of quotes. I planned to trim some down, but wanted to leave the full context at the end of the thread since we had a minor derailment breaking it up a bit. I can say I'll be sharing this thread around a bit and would love to see it keep going. Thanks everyone!
  11. I am very sorry to say, but I can't spoil anything just yet. On the balancing side, we have a lot of feedback that's being incorporated and we're fitting that into the design and creative side of the game. A lot goes into the balancing of a title like this. We have to respect the IP, the existing design, etc. But! I would like to know what, in particular you want to see from the counselor side as far as balancing. I hear a lot about Jason being easy to kill. Let's keep this topic rolling.
  12. Hey gang! First off, without pointing any fingers, let's try and get the civil back in this discussion. I know there are a lot of heavy, heated opinions currently, but we want to hear them ALL. So let's make sure we keep both sides feeling free to discuss. That said, balancing is a major part of the update the team is currently working on. We have various fixes and balancing in this next coming update and I think a lot of voices in this thread will be pleased. As stated elsewhere, however, this update does not yet have a date set for it. I'll fill you all in on that as soon as I have something concrete.
  13. Another Hellraiser fan! I had recently read both of these news pieces too. The Barker Remake was mentioned again recently and I thought it was being released as a script. Could be wrong.
  14. Welcome! If you keep encountering an issue with finding a server, please head over to JasonKillsBugs.com and fill in a report. Make sure the report includes the following info: Base Game Install Type: Physical or Digital Region What DLC is installed
  15. Ok so I promised a follow up and I have one. 1. In game development, a lot of seemingly unrelated decisions are made to help the performance or stability of the game with minimal impact to the player. While we originally planned to have a skip prompt for the scenes, we encountered an issue with how they had been architected that would have required extensive dev time to reverse in order for the Challenges to function properly after the scenes were skipped. This would have required significant additional resources, and likely would have delayed release of the Challenges. Afterwards, we felt that there were more pressing needs for the team to work on, and for the current team to address. Can it be done? Sure. But it is not as high priority/high player impact as some of the other more urgent items we continue to look at in Friday the 13th: The Game. 2. This is an item that we've brought up to the team, but will be lower on the list than actual fixes at this time. 3. This one was clear cut in the first reply. 4. We will not be seeing an update in December. As for how long after December, we cannot yet confirm, but we're not far off. The team has an extensive update in the works including fixes and balancing based mainly off player feedback. We'll share the details of that as soon as possible. I hope that helps clear some of these things up and feel free to keep the convo going.
  16. Hey all! Thanks for tagging me in. After a quick peek into what's up I can confirm the art books are in process. It is definitely tricky due to the time of year, but they're in queue with our shipping partner. This means that they are ready to go as soon as their number is called up. As soon as I have confirmation that they have been fired off I'll update you all.
  17. Rambles sometimes need pins too, Slash. Hey! Thanks FP, saw that. No worries, gang. This is not my first time around the Community Management block. I actually have a bit of history repairing relationships between the community and teams. But I don't see that here. I think we have a solid foundation of core fans still playing, still interacting with us. If there are fans willing to talk to us, we need people here willing to listen. Enter Me. Expanding the team of community professionals at Gun is only going to improve our response time and level of involvement here. Bottom line, there are plenty of ways for you all to spend your day. If any sliver of that time is spent with us in chat, in game, or just on social, we thank you.
  18. 1. This is an item I'd have to look into for you. I don't have the specifics here, but generally in my experience in game dev, there is always a reason for the scene playing out. I'll see if I can get a more concrete answer for you on this. 2. Again, something I'll have to look into. 3. Absolutely. I can't fabricate information when there is nothing to say, but I am here to interact with you all as a core part of my function at Gun. Short version, I'm the voice of the community to the team and the voice of the team to the community. I'm still ramping up, but you can always feel free to reach out to me via PM anytime. 4. As far as timing for fixes, please stay tuned. For now, let's focus on getting as much reported as possible and as soon as I can pin down a timeframe, I will. That info will be shared here, there, and everywhere when it's time. I guarantee it. I realize there is some non-answers in there. I wanted to get a reply over to you as soon as I could though. I'll add these items to my list and follow up as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience while I get up to speed around here.
  19. Thanks, Slasher! As a ComDev for Gun Media, I will be speaking for all the titles that Gun publishes. So I speak for Friday the 13th: The Game, which is a collaborative joint effort. That said, I'm a conduit for communication to all teams involved and can certainly function in that capacity here. Thanks, Fair Play! Right at home...
  20. Hey gang! My name is Matt, but you'll find me in game and all over the internet as "mattshotcha" and I'm a new hire here at Gun Media in the role of Lead Community Developer. While I'm brand new to the Gun Team and Friday the 13th, I have a history in managing online communities that spans a variety of titles and platforms. I'm looking forward to jumping in here, as well as social and Reddit. While the bulk of my experience in the gaming industry is in the shooter scene, I'm a lifelong horror junkie. Now that I've found my professional home here at Gun, it's time for me to get to work, with you, the community. And on that note, we'll keep this short and sweet. Feel free to reach out to me via the forums here, or anywhere you choose to discuss Friday the 13th the game. Community Development is a two way street, and I firmly believe that open and accessible communication between the players and the team (by way of the community team) is vital to the development of a healthy and thriving community. Let's work together towards that goal. And with that, I'm going to get back to work. Talk soon, campers.
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