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  1. We are investigating issues on PlayStation platforms where players experience crashes. We will update here as we have more information. EDIT: Late Sunday evening, a backend fix was made in an attempt to stop the recent attack. Please let us know in thread if you continue to have any issues with crashes.
  2. Other than to say that we're on it and investigating, I do not have any news just yet. I'll post as soon as we have news.
  3. And you couldn't kill him? Because there is still some instances of a visual thing, but the player can still be killed. Just want to make sure I'm clear on what happened and what was tried. Perk system requires you to take a beat between rapidly rolling perks and selling them. If done too quickly, it will trip the error.
  4. Yes, agreed and understood. I just know that for folks who maybe aren't as familiar with what sliding looks like and what it accomplishes from the perspective of the person sliding, they often see it as a teleport or otherwise misrepresentation of where the counselor is. This is why the average player report for sliding says counselors are teleporting around the map and cannot be hit. We'll share any info we have on our various other channels.
  5. No, I hear you. I understand. It's a good report, regardless. So thanks!
  6. If you’re referring to the person who is moving, but the character isn’t in a run animation, that’s not the issue we’re referring to. Sliding was a name the community gave to the behavior where a counselor seems to teleport. It’s a weapon swing that makes the counselor move a great distance causing them to be harder to hit. This looks like an animation isn’t showing, which is still a bug, just something different. Regardless, thank you for the report!
  7. Any intentional delay, intentional as in created by the team and not a ping issue, is all part of the larger issues with input spam. As in, mashing buttons and changing states rapidly creating a desync or visual discrepancy between host/client. That input spam is tied to everything from double tap to sliding, etc etc. Please don't drop strange links like that. If you're trying to report an issue, you can attach the screenshot directly to a JasonKillsBugs.com ticket.
  8. You can break the walk by sprinting, but there is a bit of a trade off there.
  9. Just a touch slower than the speed that gives an error. I kid, but in truth, I don't know the exact timing. It's a matter of server hits and the speed at which you hit the database servers. Because perk changes are database server hits. So while it is definitely a bit inconvenient, it's a necessary change.
  10. Patch is live on all platforms. The roll system now requires you to take a beat between actions. If you roll and sell too quickly you can cause the system to lock up.
  11. That's not accurate at all. We're following the same ban process we have followed for my entire time at Gun. And while I cannot share the specifics of any players ban with anyone other than that player, I can share some key info on the process. ANY time we can independently verify for ourselves or corroborate a player report with information and evidence present on our side, we ban the player. We NEVER ban anyone off of a player report solely, and we also NEVER ban players for something we can not independently verify through the actual game account. So in short, keep your game account clean or get banned. That's always been the case. We're not just sitting here watching Twitch and banning people who stream something. That's not how that works at all. Changing those protocols one way or the other would be unfair to anyone banned by those protocols previously. So they will be followed for as long as people play the game.
  12. 1: This is the last patch, so while I have to admit, if something were to go wrong it would only be looked at if it was a very major issue. That said, there should be no way for offline bots to break on their beyond active patches. With no one making any changes to that system, they should remain as they are when this patch launches. 2: The current plan is to address the database servers if they ever need to be turned off. But that is extremely far off. 3: Yes, bots will still function without servers.
  13. Thanks for the info! I’ll check on it with the team to see if it made it into the final patch.
  14. I am sorry, but I’m not going into the legal minefield of the lawsuit and what that all entails. I’ve already talked in depth on why mods in F13 are not allowed. That’s been the case for this games entire existence. That didn’t change just because the game content had to stop. All that being said, we didn’t target and shutdown anything. We used the same ban process we’ve been using for my entire time at Gun. That process is in place to ensure that bans are handled cleanly. I understand how it might look, but we did nothing to change our process or otherwise target anyone. I hope that at least somewhat answered your question. No need to throw any shade at the mods. They close threads in accordance with the rules set by Gun. If you’re angry about a thread being closed, be angry at me not them. Also, I said I DO want to be tagged if you have questions. I don’t know if that’s a typo or if maybe you misunderstood me. I never I said I didn’t want to be tagged. Tag me in every thread you have questions about, that’s good with me.
  15. This is a solid bit of feedback, Tyrant. I appreciate it. I won’t go thru every point because as you noted, they’ve been mentioned and I understand you’re mentioning them again as your point of view. One thing I will specifically note though is mods and licensed IPs. I don’t think enough of the community realize how that’s a rare thing. When you license an IP, the rights holder doesn’t always give you full permission to do whatever you want with their IP. And so naturally that makes mods a tough sell. And that’s understandable that the rights holder might not want to see their property in a tutu on roller skates. Hell, even the development team that has licensed the rights needs to get approval from the rights holder for everything created. Interaction locks are listed by the team internally, but I’d have to go thru to check against a specific one. Generally speaking, reported locks are always investigated. if you can provide some more specifics so that we don’t cross wires, I’ll double check on this particular one.
  16. I’m not sure, as there are a lot of other factors that could be in play. I would recommend reaching out to the support team at JasonKillsBugs.com for some troubleshooting.
  17. They do not fix anything outside of the patch notes. Did the issue persist after restarting the title? If so, please send this into JasonKillsBugs.com As far as I know, that is the case. We've heard reports of this as well. Well, this is why we only ban people if we can corroborate evidence on our side. We never ban based solely off a player report if we can't verify something on our side. What Newman said below applies, but also there are a lot of factors outside our control that go into the types of connections you'll face when matchmaking on peer to peer. For example, matchmaking with people well outside the most optimal region for your connection, matchmaking with friends from other regions, and on and on.
  18. No. The team is going to move onto future projects and revisiting a game that long out, from a development standpoint, wouldn't make the best sense. As for ANOTHER F13 game, I think that would be more plausible than restarting on this one, but again, unlikely for Gun. I assure you the reports are being read and investigated. That is unfortunately all I can say on it. Wow. That's a wall of text and you still aren't seeing my point of view on this. I get it, I get where you're coming from. No one in this thread needs YOU to tell them how they should feel or what they've been through in the course of this game's life. That's not your responsibility. And you're not saying anything remotely new here. Then you end it with "So again, I reiterate... I hope the patch doesn't break a bunch of new things LIKE EVERY PREVIOUS PATCH AND UPDATE and leave us with a broken game that will definitely kill it...." and that is all you had to say in one comment and move on. You've now hammered the same thing how many times in this thread for what? Honestly, you don't need to reiterate anything. I read your comment and I understand your sentiment. Now let everyone else talk. I'm not devoting any further time to your replies and we'll just consider the forums archived for YOU as of today. And for what it's worth, stop referring to your fellow community members as "the uninformed masses" as that's not only insulting to every other user here, it makes you sound like a bit of an egomaniac.
  19. HEYYY! If that isn't an accurate depiction of my time here. 50% response to instigation and 50% response to tough questions. Feels like it's been a lot more than just 666 posts. Love all of you, even the ones that don't love me back.
  20. I'm not so sure we'll be returning to the "official forum" structure for any future projects. As Lead Community Developer, that's part of the plans I'm working on behind the scenes now. I've been filling a few roles at Gun in my time here, and with the recent hiring notice some of you might have seen, I'll be getting some help with the community side and that should open up my schedule some to plan those types of things out a bit more. That's about all I can say at this time, but keep an eye out. There is still a minor delay there, to help with issues of multiple inputs. But it has been lessened as much as possible while still correcting the multiple input issues. I know that answer really kind of sucks. Unfortunately, I cannot quantify the feel of it. It's something that the community will have to feel out for themselves. That said, I'm confident it is a vast improvement over the way it felt prior to the first fix and I'm definitely confident that it is something that even if it requires some adjustment, you'll have dialed in in no time. SIDE NOTE: I totally missed my 666th post on the forums some time today.
  21. That reminds me, I need to join. Gang, fan forums like the one mentioned there can be a great way to keep the community vibe rolling. Also, if you're a Discord user, we have the Official Gun Discord.
  22. I have literally zero obligation to play this game with you. Look at this thread, look at your quick snark reply to every person in here, then read my comment again. It is an unfortunate part of peer to peer, yes. That being said, dedicated servers had to be shut down, peer to peer had to be the way to keep the game up after the shutdown. Ping and connection is not going to be as strong in a peer to peer environment as a dedicated server environment. But this keeps the game available to players well past the dedicated server shutdown, albeit with some of these types of things being a bit more of an issue than previously.
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