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  1. First of all, we ran more than 25 episodes of each show, with each episode being roughly an hour or more. Bare minimum, that's 500 hours of streamed content for a game that is in it's late stages. The live content from Gun requires a significant time sink for multiple people and while we haven't announced what we're working on next, we're still working on what is next. Short answer, Friday the 13th: The Game is in the very late stages of it's life cycle. Layers of Fear 2 is a single player narrative experience that we covered, but don't stream in it's entirety due to spoiling the game for our community. At this stage, even with only me on camera and our support reps in chat, the time investment for live content with minimal news, no new F13 content, and no "Next" announcement just yet is not an optimal use of time. As it stands, I'm more than just "stream guy" here at Gun. I have various responsibilities aside from just clicking the live button. Tyrant, we've gone round and round with each other a good bit on the forums. But this post is not just intentionally stirring up trouble, it's also willfully ignorant to things that have been discussed in great detail and presented as a pointed, underhanded insult. Just looking at your assumptions shows that you're making the thread to take a shot at us. Just letting you know that I see what you're doing and it's not going to last. Wesker, it has nothing to do with ass kissing. There is little to no time spent working on F13 where all we do is get our asses kissed, believe me. This is again absurd due to the fact that we put out 500 hours of content on a title that is stuck in the legal purgatory that F13 is. Gang, I've streamed for brands my entire Community career. Thousands and thousands of hours. Chat and awkward questions don't bother me. They're a part of the live environment and they present an opportunity to answer and have a lot of people see, hear, etc. They also present opportunities to have an archive of those answers, thanks to VoDs and clips. But I feel like, as crazy as it sounds, that I need to remind everyone here that F13 is over 2 years past a stoppage in content. Streaming is a part of our greater content strategy at Gun. But the live content is on hold until the next project is public and ready to discuss. Dev is short for development. Are you waiting for the bug fix and balancing diary? We're well past that. I was not here when the Dev Diaries were done, so I cannot comment on why they halted without more info. But this is a bit of a stretch gripe to bring up now. Lashing out? I don't feel I ever "lashed out" at you for the discussion. That topic has a tendency to turn in circles and that can become repetitive. Still, I think in time you'll realize that I have advocated for that group in our community to the fullest extent of my position. I've read, replied, reported, and researched the topic to an extent that I feel has covered it fully. I can't imagine a scenario where silence would be better than having an advocate at the studio behind the game you're playing.
  2. It's on the list for investigation, but I don't have anything more to confirm at this time. I would have to look into this. I suspect it is not as simple as it may seem. Mainly due to different body types, etc. I also would suspect that it's outside of the scope, considering we have to allot our resources to some other, more vital issues in game still.
  3. There are currently no plans to create any type of punishment system. And the ideas mentioned by @Wolledc might be a little too far outside of the scope at this stage. But I'll note the feedback for the team.
  4. It has been discussed, but to fill you in: Offline Counselors require an AI Jason. AI Jason is not going to be as dynamic as he should be without a significant build up. That's the type of thing that needs to be developed heavily in order to be worthwhile and engaging. To that end, the team is more focused currently on squaring up existing issues in game. We are towards the tail end of the game's life cycle, and working out more of the kinks in game is far more important at this juncture. EDIT: It's also worth noting that the game is designed around the concept of taking control of one of the most iconic slashers in history. That is why the game is built, primarily, from the Jason perspective.
  5. This is not in any way indicative of anything related to Gun. Our mods here, JPops included, are community member mods and not employees of Gun. Locking thread.
  6. That's not what he said. We'll discuss what is next for Gun when it's time. That time is not now.
  7. There is a difference between some players choosing to push Rage and the game mechanics motivating players to push Rage. The pause comment is in reply to you saying once he hits Rage he knows he's vulnerable. Giving Jason a vulnerability during Rage is the exact opposite of what Rage should be. The rest of your reply is very contradictory. For example, you say it would be unwise for players to try and push Rage on a skilled Jason. If it's so unwise to push Rage on a skilled Jason then why is it not also unwise to try and kill Jason so quickly? That doesn't line up. Either one or the other, but you can't really make both arguments clearly. The solution you provide also does not ONLY effect the kill process. Not at all. As I said previously, it will motivate players to get Jason to Rage quicker. Then what happens if the Jason player squashes their kill attempt? The rest of the lobby is stuck with a Raging Jason and a busted kill process trying to escape. It's not a good call.
  8. Possibility, yes. But it's a slim one. The team will investigate and evaluate in time.
  9. Cristiano, please do not quote your own post in this manner, as it is against general forum rules. Also, please don't use massive text like that. It's not neccesarily a rule infringement, it's just kind of obnoxious. You can feel free to tag me in if you want something answered, but this text is not going to get extra eyes on your post, tagging me will. A community member did already answer this, and I'll confirm. No date just yet, but the team should have this sorted and out on Switch very soon. The different platforms just have a staggered approach to patches.
  10. Moving the mask coming off to only after Rage will incentivize players to push Jason into Rage, which then, if they fail the kill, leaves every counselor at an earlier disadvantage. I don't see this as a viable option for tuning mask or Jason Kill scenario. You also note that it would give Jason pause when he gets to Rage, making him vulnerable. That is the antithesis of the Rage design. I also disagree that experienced players will suddenly be more motivated to fix cars and things because the kill is delayed. I think in the structure you describe, kill squads will just prep for the kill and maybe have a few sacrificial lambs smack on Jason in an attempt to push Rage sooner rather than fix a car. I think the answer here is not going to be something that takes a roundabout way to attempt to drive players to other options. This topic has received a lot of feedback and discussion, and if any change were to be made in terms of the kill process, it would be more straightforward and only affect the kill process, nothing else. Rage can't be a casualty of the mask situation. That was not in this patch, but will be investigated next. More news as soon as I have it.
  11. Glad they got you sorted out already. And thank you for updating the thread!
  12. Player level wouldn't cross over. They are entirely separate. That isn't a blocker, necessarily. EAC should still be cleaning up the PC side, as well as Gun and our bans and sanctions. What Dragonfire said. It would be nice, but at this point, it's simply unrealistic. We have other things we need to focus on and something this huge would not be the best way to use our remaining resources and time.
  13. Two boat spawns would probably be tricky, but a potential timer toggle could be interesting. As always, I'm not sure we'll get more toggles other than the one for Ability Unlock, but I'll note this one for the team. Thank you for the support! The bots that we fixed were the totally static ones on Jarvis. The bot pathing issues (like open/close on same door) are still to be investigated.
  14. No, you tried to troll and spam and got called on it. Now you're derailing a thread. And you don't have to believe me on the bugs either. You're free to think I'm absolutely full of sh.. if you like. But that doesn't change the fact that what you said had no bearing on the conversation here other than wanting to be negative. OH and PS for anyone reading this back and forth, not everything mentioned is guaranteed to be fixed. We have said we are keeping a priority list and going to tackle as much as possible. But, for example, Blood on Pinehurst may fall off the end of that list. I'm actually not promising fixes, I'm promising investigations. It's different, but some folks don't read what is written and instead interpret my replies in ways that feeds their narratives.
  15. Those are on the list for investigation as well! I don't have more info to provide at this time, but they are known issues with the team.
  16. And those are all in the list and will be investigated in the order of priority as we’ve said. It’s not working in circles because we didn’t claim to have them fixed for this patch, we explicitly said we were focusing our efforts from now on due to the need to weed through code. Those issues also have nothing to do with Patch 1.36, which was more my point. You’re on a thread for patch 1.36 and those issues are not relevant. I understand the frustration at bugs popping back up or bugs that have been repeat offenders, but they aren’t relevant in this context. They weren’t introduced with this patch, and while they are on our list, they don’t make this patch “working in circles” or anything else. Let’s be honest, you’re venting frustration, and that’s fine. But let’s keep it to a thread that is relevant to the frustration. EDIT: Roof glitch is gone. If you’re going to sling snarky insults, at least try to keep up. I can’t help but feel like this thread is a lashing out over other unrelated issues you’ve had here in the forums and that’s not ok. No, unfortunately, development in that regard has been on hold for far too long to just resume.
  17. Or... you could just try and have... fun? I don’t know what to say other than try to find a middle ground with your friends. Private matches should be fun, and not worth getting worked up into rage quitting.
  18. Car is being investigated next but I don’t have any update just yet. We also have to get the Switch version up to date first. The car never was claimed to be a part of this patch, with the exception of some counselor interactions that the team tackled. I also think you might be alone in wondering what this latest patch does. I’d hardly call 1.36 “working in circles” but I would like to hear more on that. I know patches in the past have been rocky, but are we talking historically or lately, because this comment doesn’t seem to apply to 1.36 in any way.
  19. No where did I mention effort. It’s not a matter of putting in effort or not.
  20. While that would be interesting, it is definitely outside the scope of the game at this point. My recommendation would be to possibly explore with the team the idea of a random button inside the private matches, but I'm not sure what is and is not possible there. I can check though. As for populating private matches, I'd recommend Looking For Group threads. We also have a L4G section on our Discord server.
  21. Car is going to be looked at next. It’s going to be a major one so we didn’t want to investigate that at the same time as say environmental kills. Switch version coming soon. The Switch is a step behind due to launch, patching cycle, etc. Have not heard any other reports of this. Possibly a hardware/device thing? Have you tried swapping out controllers, etc?
  22. Thanks, SlasherClone! Appreciate it. Thanks, Shodan! That's why they are not in quick play. And it isn't "unofficial DLC" as we have just taken settings/parameters that exist and given control over them to the private match host.
  23. These are known, and we'll continue top investigate in priority order.
  24. Jump in and play, no worries. The team is looking into it, and tracking down a lead. The team will update you by email if they need more info, on the email you used to submit the ticket.
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