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  1. He can, but it's very close to Rage. And I understand that the perfectly timed hit is still going to be a thing, but that hit doesn't rely on the timing to deal the damage anymore. It used to be that you were guaranteed full damage since it wouldn't stun. But by fixing how damage is dealt when Jason gets stunned, it's not as important anymore. The only side of it is that Jason cannot defend that hit. But again, we've also tuned damage for this reason.
  2. Not with the balance that took place after sorting that side out. I think you'll find that while it did swing in the other direction significantly, we then brought it back down to a comfortable spot.
  3. Yes, the team dug into the system there and balanced that out. So damage is not tied to whether or not the hit stunned Jason. That's a big part of what lead to what some would call a damage nerf for counselors. Once we had that tackled, we had to then evaluate and test different counselors and tune damage dealt with different weapons, etc. EDIT: To provide more detail, the next step was to get the feel correct for hits, then add the fail safe. All in all, this was what went into rebalancing for the mask coming off. Again, that's why I say I'm really excited for you all to get hands on with it. A lot went into this. Not just "throw some more mask HP in and call it done."
  4. No this is not completely accurate. Hits that stun still do damage, but the stun vs not stun doesn't affect the amount of damage dealt. So if you hit Jason, and stun him, you still deal the same damage to him that a hit without the stun does. So stun perks still have their place in game, especially if trying to buy yourself a step in pre Rage. The stun itself is not dealing damage, just the hit.
  5. This wasn't a "sandbox mode" it was a dev environment, if I'm not mistaken. And no, we cannot open up the dev environment for players.
  6. While the roll for a mask coming off is still chance based, in testing we weren't seeing an incredible deviation from the hit counts. 1-3 hit variations at most. So before anyone gets too upset at this chance aspect, please keep that in mind. The hit counts play into that "feel" I mentioned. We didn't want it to feel as if you have to wail away and use every weapon on the map to get the mask off. Sharp weapons are still the best bet for removing his mask, which is due to, if I'm not mistaken, their damage value and achieving the threshold amount the fastest. While their probability is not as high as blunt weapons, the small deviation in hit counts means that their superior hits to threshold still leave them as the most viable option to remove the mask. And strong counselors, like Buggzy, with good perks and a sharp weapon will be the baseline for fastest removal of the mask still. Interesting anecdote, in testing we had one point where Deb ran out of weapons in the map and the mask still wasn't off. Needless to say that was the end of the test session and the team dialed the change back from there to get a comfortable spot. Deb can absolutely remove a mask, just not nearly as easily as a stronger counselor. Looking forward to you all getting the patch later tonight. Can't wait to hear thoughts. For anyone looking to tinker with the changes right away (tonight) in a test environment, remember that you can use private matches to check out the change, with a Rage toggle to see both before and after the Rage hits. Run a standard match with no toggles changed, then a follow up with Rage at start.
  7. We've had this discussion internally a few times, and in detail. But we feel it has become something that is relied upon as a mechanic. The thing about Stalk is how powerful it really is, and how powerful it would be if it could be drip fed like Sense. But for Sense, without it being more freely available you end up with Jason players lost in the map. It would make Stealth have more of an impact, but it would be a heavy pendulum swing to too much of an impact. For day one, top skill players it would be interesting, as the Jason would be able to use all skills to effectively still control the map. But it's not optimal for the entirety of the player base. This is why we made it an option for toggles in PM for post Rage, though. So players could tinker with that feature to get a game setting they like for their skill level. It's something we have definitely considered in QP, but just too common a mechanic to disrupt it for the wide variety of players and after it having been as it is for so long. @Ricardo Marins please stop posting with that massive text. The health spray issue you mention is under investigation for the patch after this one. Anything Offline Bots issues that are not complete blockers, like the Challenge issue, are not going to be any higher priority than a QP issue at this time. It's just not a good use of resources with open bugs elsewhere. A complete blocker would be something that renders completion of the match or challenge impossible. But, we are aware of the requests in your post. I absolutely can submit them as wishlist items, but being realistic I wouldn't count on them getting implemented.
  8. No. For the perks topic, I don't think it's on the table to tinker with them at this point, just as a perk rework isn't. As for why the changes made were made that way, I'd have to follow up with the team as that was before my time on the game. But as others have mentioned, certain perks not being the best for certain counselors is always going to be a thing. There's going to be certain counselors, due to stats, that do not see as big a benefit from certain perks. Which is not completely the case here, but definitely part of why this might fall under a lower priority than some other things on our list. I don't see meatshielding coming back. And double XP is still indefinite. I'll update you all when an end date is determined. I will absolutely pass that along. The chance is a dice roll moment, but players previously could overpower that roll with builds that would minimize the chance to not remove and maximize the chance to remove. This is why you see some players reporting static numbers of hits to remove the mask, while others hit counts can vary case to case, even with the same parameters. It should be noted, though, that we didn't want to make too drastic a change. So some players will still see static numbers. But that number should be much higher. I believe this is currently in investigation too, but I do not have an update at this time. This is being investigated, though it has been tough to reproduce in testing. I will check in for a status update, but if you have more details on the process, by all means please send them over to JasonKillsbugs.com It's been a topic of discussion for a while, and the team is always exploring options. But we have not come to any end that wouldn't be restrictive to people playing correctly. As for more elaborate means of punishing players for teaming, it is a significant resource sink to create a new system or rework the current penalties and a significant cycle to follow up and eliminate any tack on issues. It is outside of the current scope of the project, given the list of next steps we have the team focusing on. Those would be major gameplay changes though. The things you mention are changes to the process and that's much more of an upheaval for players than a change that ultimately will feel like a value change. Bots getting stuck in closets is different than the pathing issue in the notes. The pathing issue fixed is for a challenge that would break, causing it to be impossible to 100% the challenge. Bots getting stuck in closets and hiding is something we wanted to look into, but definitely a far lower priority than the things on our list. After all, hiding from Jason is not exactly unexpected behavior. This is a solid breakdown from someone who has spent a lot of time in our game, and I mean in no way to discredit or argue it. When I said that was as clear as I could be, I meant it. I'm not the person under the hood of the game. Add to that, the people who are under the hood of the game are under a whole different work at home scenario on the other side of the world. I'm not going to comment in too much granularity because it's not my expertise. And things are a little extra tricky these days with everything going on both in the world and in game. Normally, I would have liked to have a stream, with guests from prod, that could answer questions and highlight this change in greater detail. But that's not in the cards right now. As for what I do know and can comment on, I'll provide as much context as I can. There's a spiderweb here that was built in the game from launch, so some of these things, like stuns and damage and mask HP had to be separated and detached in order to achieve a better base to build around. While strength, in regards to damage on Jason, damage that only affects the mask state, has been lowered, across the board. This is to keep the variety between counselors. If we lower damage output on only strong counselors, they get too close to other counselors. That would make their stat bar for strength irrelevant, since those are really only based off a comparative scale against other counselors. Stun vs Non-Stun is not a factor anymore. The team dug in and made sure damage was it's own stat and stuns would still be chance based, depending on variables, but would no longer draw from or add to the damage pool. That was step one. Step Two required a closer look at baseline counselors, of a wide variety from Deb to Buggsy. Chance to Remove is not stun chance, as you speculated. The chance to stun modifier is applied to chance to remove mask, but it's separated from stun in that a certain amount of damage has to be applied to Jason to get to the roll. The damage dealt gets the mask to a point where the roll can happen. The roll takes placed and the probability is based off stun chance. But that damage is not tied to stun anymore. I would call it earning because those rolls are at the cost of in game experience earned. The above changes I outlined also explain why the timing of a hit to deal damage but not stun, is not a concern after this patch. Now we'll need to see it in the wild some, because in games, everything in the wild is going to look a bit different once the community has their hands on it. One last note, for the average player with average perks, we're confident in the tests we ran with what it took to remove the mask, the actual and the design. The "feel" is important here, too. And we feel that it "feels" right. That said, we added an additional fail safe where Jason cannot have his mask removed prior to hitting a certain threshold. This includes damage taken from traps, etc. So regardless of your build, and how top notch it is, his mask should never pop off too early to achieve the designated feel and pace of the match. I mean this sincerely, I'm really excited to have you play after the patch and hope you'll share your thoughts after a few matches after the 16th. If you do, please create a thread for specifically this, and I would love a tag. From there, we can continue this and I can try and bring some info from the core team into the picture in due time. In the meantime, I'll compile a list of things needing more clarity and fire it over to the team. Once things settle with this patch launch, and you've all had it in your hands a bit, I'm sure they'll be happy to needle in further than I can. Stun chance plays a part in kneeling him. That's why it isn't 100%. A pan or bat is a good bet to have nearby. Things like sliding are definitely deep in the game. Usually, fixing an issue with something like that is more about creating a way to negate the effect than cracking open the entire system and rebuilding it. Perk system is off the table, unfortunately. The entire system would need to be redone to safely make some of the changes we've seen requested. Interaction locks lock up counselor or Jason control, they can also freeze a player in a state. Usually caused by interacting with something in the environment, like a door or window or other usable object. This is incorrect. Bugs and design decisions are completely separate. And while one may lead to the other, or same in reverse, Rage is a design decision brought on by an issue in game. A change like the mask is about balance, but that also needs to fit in the design of the game. Taking off his mask prior to this change isn't broken, so it wasn't fixed. It was redesigned. Flying cars was never intended, so that was fixed. But it's important to understand that design and bug fix/balancing are all the same. A lot of times, the game's core design is the ultimate back stop of changes made. It's why if you said "Jason is too slow" we wouldn't give him a bicycle. That would be outside the design. Rage as it is now fits the design of the game. EDIT: Let's try and trim the back and forth here. Low effort posts with a sarcastic smiley are not contributing to the conversation, and neither is name calling etc. It's worth noting that the bulk of people calling for the change to the mask came from the Jason killing camp, not the Jason Main camp as some have tried to say. And even then, we did everything we could to make sure that this change didn't create too much of a skill gap for counselors who maybe have struggled to kill Jason, or are just getting their feet wet. We took this as an opportunity to tune the kill process, not make drastic changes to it. You can see our stance on this even in the reply I'm editing right now. We didn't want to do something heavy like highlight the Tommy CB Radio or otherwise make elements of the game that have multiple purposes harder to achieve. I need to remind everyone, again, that killing Jason is not the only way to win the game and definitely not the primary way, as per design. It has gotten easier over time, but that's something we intend to TUNE, not completely shift. But in the design of this game, escape is always what the counselors should be working towards primarily. I'll also add that Jason hiding in a lake is not something we're going to drastically alter the game to eliminate. Jason hiding in a lake to not be killed is lame. But you can walk away from the lake, start a car, and escape. Because escape is still the primary intended win condition.
  9. Sorry I missed your first, @t-btk While I think there could be a usefulness for the name identifiers, it's not a fix, and would require work better allocated to other things at this time. Also, ban info exists elsewhere and in game is something that requires a decent amount of work (like localization) and that work leaves it unable to be edited easily. That's generally why infractions are hosted elsewhere, for the ease of updating, etc.
  10. This is reductive at it's best, pedantic at it's worst. We could go around and around all you want on it. The idea of Buff vs Nerf is a silly thing to bicker about though. You could argue that every buff is a nerf elsewhere. If you have a game with 5 weapons in it and you add damage to one, you effectively reduced the damage out put and usability of all the others. Now if you want to discuss the actuality of the change, meaning where the change was actually applied, the one weapon that got changed is the one that identifies buff or nerf. We didn't tinker with the values of weapons individually or even as a whole. We didn't tinker with specific perks or all perks. Turning damage values down would be a nerf. Adding extra HP to a traditional HP resource would be a buff. It all plays into game balance. And the end result and how you get there is determined by game play. Because if a weapon is OP, do you bring other weapons up closer to it's values or bring that one down to the other weapons? Well that depends on where the game balance sits. Does that one weapon crush through enemies too easily? Or does that one weapon do what's an acceptable damage amount to targets? And on and on. What I can say is that we evaluated the counselors and how they interact with a variety of Jason characters. We took their stats as baseline, with all types of different weapons, in all types of different scenarios, pre Rage, post Rage, etc. and tried to determine what values fit well into the game design. Normalized as much as we felt was needed to move the needles to a better place for counselor variations, and Jason variations. Tweaked and tuned how damage affects Jason's mask and the chances to remove it, as well as added a fail safe for the highest end builds to not remove the mask too quickly. Some players with well built counselors will find reliable hits to remove the mask, despite the chance applied to the mask. We felt that was ok, as they've earned those builds. But we also made sure we didn't make too subtle of a move, as to feel like nothing changed. We also didn't go too heavy handed with our tuning as to not make it near impossible for players who aren't quite min/maxed to kill Jason. I'm not a programmer, so that's about the clearest I can be. As for the thunderous applause you mention in your comment, have you read the thread? I'd say we're sitting at about a 50/50. And that's ok, but don't try to make it out like we're playing word games to try and win people over.
  11. 3 total posts and 2 of them are low effort and argumentative. "I look forward to your constructive contributions to the community here on the forums."
  12. IllFonic built the game initially but have been off the project for almost 2 years now. We're working with an exceptionally small team at Black Tower. Our last patch was in March, one prior was in January. While that's still "months" it is understandable for a team of this size, working with PC, Xbox, PS4, and Switch.
  13. None of this post makes any sense at all. The team working on Predator is not the same team currently working on F13. Gun has nothing to do with Predator. And IllFonic is no longer working on F13. The lawsuit only stops us from adding new content, not bug fixes and balancing, which this patch is. Also, this patch is not the first patch since the lawsuit issues. And finally, we definitely had absolutely nothing to do with where Predator is available to you.
  14. I will bring this up to the team. Nothing has been tuned for her character that would affect the composure stat though. Again, I'm not sure that I would recommend expecting to see any further Rage changes. But I will note the feedback. I'll raise this with the team. It's none of the above. We slid the entire scale back so those parameters still have variety, and can still affect the mask coming off. But the mask will not come so quickly. But it's handled on the Jason side, so the different weapons, perks, and counselor combos retain variety. The Jason characters also retain variety, as some are easier to take the mask off than others. Some would say it's Mask HP, but it's not so simply stated, as there's some chance applied to the mask coming off as well.
  15. If you want to create a hide and seek mode, consider a private match with "Rage at Start" set to on and "Rage Causes Sense Loss" on. Then Jason will start with Rage and no Sense ability. Obviously, he'll be in Rage. But if you want to play hide and seek, that will work. We did discuss this, but the decision was made not to, for design reasons. The team felt it was already displayed well to players that Rage has started. Anything more would be very "tutorial" style and a bit of a heavy handed crutch, eliminating the need to pay attention to the game state. Counselors should be aware of what is happening and if not, they might face an untimely end because of it. That didn't seem like something we needed to remind the players of repeatedly.
  16. Please do not post like this. Expanding the size of the text is obnoxious. I'm reading and responding frequently here, there's no need for that. As I've already stated elsewhere, I would have to check on this with the team. I don't know that such a toggle can be done in a similar fashion to the other toggles in Private Matches. Also, I'd like to point out that a lot of options exist in Private Matches to swing the balance different ways.
  17. I would have to report on this to the team and see what even could be done in regards to what you're requesting. The Rage change is a s much a design change as a balancing one, and the team feels strongly about there being a consequence for smacking Jason. Even if those hits are there to put distance and survive, there should be a consequence for them. While the issue you mention is frustrating, players hitting him needlessly and then quitting, it doesn't mean we should build around one scenario alone. The game is about escaping Jason. Not fighting him to the bitter end. The kill sequence is there, but it's not the primary option. Escape is. If we make it where pre-Rage hits don't accelerate Rage, then we just have bully parties for half the match again. Some counselors are going to run into Jason when he's in Rage and get killed. The other counselors should be using that time to further their escape. Not all counselors will make it, but if you prioritize the escape, a lot will. Rage or not, Jason can only work on one counselor at a time, assuming they aren't lined up waiting for a slash. It's a big change, and I don't mean to understate that. But the game has layers of teamwork involved and that's going to be the difference between success and failure. Online MP always has a problem with players not "playing the objective" and it's frustrating. But when you build around that, you end up with a cake walk for players and groups that do play the objective.
  18. The risk is that you are effectively enraging a homicidal killer, who just might become more powerful, due to his anger... his... Rage. If you're playing the game to make it last longer than 10 minutes instead of playing the game to win, I don't really know what to say.
  19. I have to check with the team about PM toggles and what options are still possible. Thank you for the support! But a sense of reward for hitting Jason? That's a little strange to say since we're talking about a single swing, activated by a single button press. And if players only swing on Jason when necessary, Rage won't be accelerated. It is MORE than possible to escape or kill Jason before Rage ever comes into play.
  20. Thanks @makred78! We feel the new change to Jason is a solid in between for all parties in our community. It is more difficult, but not so much more difficult that it will feel like we've made a dramatic buff to Jason. Rage, on the other hand, is staying as it is. Players have already illustrated that they can adapt to the new Rage standard, and that means that while there may be a new learning curve to game play, it's working.
  21. EDIT: Patch is rolling out on all platforms now. Please be sure to download the patch and fully restart the game before matchmaking. On Tuesday, the 16th of June, we'll be rolling out a patch for all platforms simultaneously. This patch will be deployed in the evening in the US, 10PM Eastern US Time. As with every patch day, as servers repopulate with players on the latest version, some matchmaking delays can occur. Make sure you have updated to the latest version once the patch is live, and completely restart the game. Support and Community teams will be standing by to monitor any potential issues. **Patch 1.37 (PC, Xbox, PS4) Patch 1.04 (Switch) - 6.16.2020 - 10PM Eastern US Time** Overall Car Improvements Jason or Counselors Attempting to Interact with the vehicle (Interaction Lock). Counselors entering and exiting the vehicle (Interaction Lock). Jason throwing knives at cars no longer causes catastrophic rocket cars. Jason morphing to the car no longer causes catastrophic rocket cars. Catastrophic Rocket Cars are non-canonical and should be regarded as such. Random Counselor Players Should No Longer Spawn as Random Counselor (Unless Selected) Players Should No Longer Spawn as Random Jason (Unless Selected) Residual Issue: Some icons may not appear correctly in limited circumstances. This is a UI bug only, and does not affect the selection. Team is investigating. Various 'Stuck Spots' and Hidden Spots Fixed This includes but is not limited to Pinehurst Stairs. Offline Challenge - Snuggle By the Fire Tiffany Pathing Issues Resolved Various Interaction Locks Fixed Includes, but is not limited to: Use of firecrackers Entering/Exiting vehicle Shooting Flare Gun Multiple presses while using windows/doors Various Exploits Fixed This includes but is not limited to a recent vulnerability causing perk/CP resets. Damage, Mask, and Balance The team has monitored feedback present in the community regarding the mask removal as part of the kill process. We wanted to adjust this in a way that would eliminate one or two hits being capable of removing the mask, while still preserving the effectiveness of perks and builds that took players significant time to develop. We’ve shifted the damage values needed to remove the mask to make this process a bit more difficult, even for counselors with high stats and perks, but kept it in a range that will not alienate newer players. Removing the mask will still vary depending on counselor, perks, weapon used, and attack type. The team also would like to provide some insight into what the team is currently investigating. While the following items are under investigation, our next patch is not limited to only these items. These are high profile, community requested items, and the team is already in the investigation stage of identifying the cause and potential correction. **Under Investigation for Next Patch Cycle** Combat Stance - Various uses that manipulate stamina, "sliding" etc. Health Spray Break Free Issue Ability Unlock/Recharge Rate Toggle in Private Match
  22. You just read everything I said and then still proceeded to use hindsight as the basis for blaming Gun for not releasing content that effectively actually resulted in lost money for Gun. It is still hindsight as you play race the clock, towards an outcome that people did not expect to be this time consuming and complete. And when it becomes the firm advice of counsel to not release anything further until they get the situation sorted out, you stop then and there. Then you can look back at all the what ifs and think about how it could have been done differently. THAT is all hindsight. Regardless, at this point, this conversation is just an argument for argument's sake. There is no change that can come of it, and no point in constantly bickering back and forth about what could have been.
  23. We were told to hold, we held. We worked on a major community concern instead. Hindsight is 20/20 and it's easier to pick apart every detail of timings, but the simple truth is we didn't choose to not release content. The idea of that makes zero sense. Honestly imagine that: "We could sell this content and potentially recover some of the cost associated with developing it but nah, let's let it go to waste." does that sound probable to anyone? Throughout this entire process, the lawsuit, everything, looking back it all looks like a crystal clear timeline. But I assure you, that's hindsight. If you think the situation was as certain as it is in hindsight, while it was happening, you are wrong. It's all much clearer once it's in the rearview mirror, but that wasn't the case while we were knee deep in it. Hell, no one predicted that years later we'd still be in this state with regards to the license, either.
  24. Patch notes are on the way. Should be good to share tomorrow. Including patch date.
  25. Xbox has a program in place for game sharing. That's an Xbox policy. It is worth noting, however that sharing your Xbox account outside of your family/household is an infraction on their game sharing service and against their ToS. You run the risk of losing access to not just our game, but your Xbox account, if I'm not mistaken. But again, that's not a policy we enforce, it's the platform that enforces it. Ebay is full of hacks or people selling access to their accounts or selling access to their game sharing. All of which is against terms of service for the respective platforms. Copying content onto a USB drive and redistributing it is not only bannable, it's illegal. Just like bootleg movies are illegal when you buy them on burnt discs out of a trunk.
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