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  1. Today, the final Switch patch for Friday the 13th: The Game has been deployed.

    This patch includes the following:

    • FIXED: Multiple matchmaking issues related to peer to peer matchmaking.
    • FIXED: Title crash when attempting to host a Private Match after leaving a public lobby.
    • FIXED: Multiple audio issues related to VOIP, including Spectator joins, and mute behavior.
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  2. On 11/4/2021 at 11:57 AM, Fatal Error said:

    For the past two days, I have not been able to join a real match. Also, when I try to host the lobby I don't get any other players joining.

    Couple things might be playing into why you aren't seeing players join. It will really depend on player volume in your region and timing. 

    On 11/1/2021 at 2:42 PM, TimDuke 01 said:

    Sun set along time ago,they only "TRIED" to fix it because they had to do something before they closed the forums which I'm surprised it's still up. They couldn't leave PC players hanging with no recourse but to host private matches.Now you are basically "forced" to host in order to play normally because choosing join a public lobby will 95% put you into a modded lobby.Once the influx of noobs dies down in about a week or 2 good luck getting anyone to join your hosted lobby.Wait and see.


    On 11/5/2021 at 1:36 PM, TimDuke 01 said:

    Why am I not surprised? My theory is being more accurate all the time.All incoming player traffic is being funneled into the fake modded lobby servers instead of connecting to the lobby you are trying to host.You may get the overflow if they get full but that seems few and far between. This patch was a total waste of time as I predicted it would be. Instead of actually fixing the problem they took a easy way to TRY and find a way around the problem which has failed miserably. I have the same issue I've waited on players to join my lobby and it could be a hour before I see 1 person. That is ridiculous. We are stuck now as they WON'T attempt anymore fixes so your only recourse is to find enough friends and play private matches which is what people were doing before the patch.


    On 11/5/2021 at 6:31 PM, TimDuke 01 said:

    I know I read that before,my point is their "FIX" would have had some affect IF all the incoming player traffic wasn't being directed into the modded server lobbies,They are bypassing all the people that actually want to host a public lobby except the "overflow" when those get completely full but that doesn't happen very often in my experience and I'm NOT the only one  as you read Fatal Error is having the same experience as are many others. Everyone on PC should report this to the BBB.

    Tim your posts are becoming exceedingly negative. I understand being frustrated by the situation on PC, but that doesn't mean that there is some voodoo going on where players are "funneled" into modded lobbies. If legitimate lobbies are present in your region, they're able to be connected to. By adding the host option, we add a variety of lobbies hosted other than the modded lobbies. That should help balance out the types of lobbies available to you in your region. But that doesn't mean we have control over how many hosted lobbies are in your region at the specific times of day you log on. As for your "theory" about the influx of new players dying down and lobbies being more sparse, that's hardly breaking news. If player volumes drop, lobbies will have less people trying to connect to them. That's just math, Tim.

    Now if you feel you have to take this to the BBB, you do as you feel necessary. But you'll have to do that somewhere else as this forum isn't for that.

  3. 19 hours ago, KOOLLAYDTAC said:

    If we are being totally honest mate that is because in F13 modding was never supported in the very first place and it was a banable offense even. There is a big and huge difference in the type of game Doom is vs the type of game F13 is. The day and time if modding were ever to be supported then I'm sure it wouldn't be so bad if it is done in a way where people can have the option to choose between modded and unmodded games. As it stands now it's not so unfortunately they were bleeding on top of one another. If modding were actually to be supported then it would help this games legacy tremendously.😎

    Modding in a game like F13, with licensed IP is not nearly the same as modding in an original IP. Working with the intellectual property of others requires care, and many approvals. 

    18 hours ago, F13 Seppuku Squad said:

    It really is a shame that this workaround hasn't been deployed across all platforms. I stopped playing the game on PS4 several months ago due to inevitably becoming fed up with joining back-to-back-to-back lobbies where inconsiderate hosts would end matches without consequence. That being said, seen as Gun were unable to/chose not to take measures (such as implementing host migration) to ensure that a P2P setup wouldn't disrupt gameplay too heavily back when the dedicated servers were decommissioned, surely someone on the dev team is able to see that the ability to opt to be host would benefit matchmaking for console and PC players alike, no? I'm sure adding the option to host has even been suggested multiple times within this forum. At present players who quit as host don't actually choose to be host in the first instance. So to some extent if a player doesn't want to stick around after they die, you could say it's their prerogative. Yes they can back out of the lobby every time they are selected to host, but that too is a bit of an unnecessary process when all you want to do is get into a game asap. Also, I am fully aware of how to become host on PS4 as things stand, but hosting a lobby is not ideal for everyone due to the ridiculous drop in framerate, which I can safely assume won't be optimised now that support has all but completely ceased.

    So my question is: Is this workaround something that could be rolled out to consoles in order to increase the chances of players finding a lobby with a host that knows what being host actually means? Of course trolls will always be trolls and salty players will still up and leave, but that's just part and parcel of P2P gaming without host migration. But even I have been willing to persevere through poor framerates just to play full matches on numerous occasions back in the day. Additionally, do you not agree that this update across all platforms could also serve as a preventative measure should the hackers find a way to attack the console versions of the game in the future? There have been occurrences such as the connection timeout issue quite a few months back.

    There's a couple of reasons as to why this wasn't done on console too, when we did the work for PC.

    Number One reason being, it doesn't really solve hosts leaving, in any sense. Hosts can still quit early. On PC the change was landed on due to the specific situation on PC with hacked lobbies most often being the ONLY lobbies players could find. Host options like these can also split up the playerbase. Basically meaning, more hosts, less clients. That can lead to longer wait times to fill a room, as everyone wants to host and not as many want to join. So you have a ton of lobbies with 1 or 2 folks sitting in them. On PC, this potential risk was still well worth it considering the alternative was players could not get into traditional lobbies. But on console, it is much harder to justify a potential split of the playerbase like that without more dire circumstances.

    And before anyone says "just bring the feature over to console! should be an easy fix!!!" it isn't. This is work that needs to be done individually per platform, not ported.

    8 hours ago, Greg290 said:

    The lobby's are again like before update.

    Directly after searching i'm in the game with lot peoples and with bots.

    Tomorrow the game was good but since few hours they are like before.

    I'm going to paste in the convo from Discord this morning:

    "Here's the thing with the recent change, we're not going after the hacked lobbies. If we did, they could always just change their methods and be back doing the same thing again. Considering the game is going into sunset, we pushed this workaround so that if you find yourself getting illegitimate games, you can choose host and hopefully have some folks in your region populate the match. So it's not that "they're back" more that they never left. The change is basically trying to populate the game on the PC platform with more legit hosted matches."

    So if you find yourself in an unofficial, illegitimate lobby, please give the host lobby option a try.

    4 hours ago, Laotian Lam said:

    Is there any chance the option to choose to be host will be added to console at some point?  Not only would be be a welcome feature to consoles that would help curb the amount of games ruined by the host quitting, but it would also get ahead of hackers who are attempting to hack console lobbies as well.


    Please see my reply above. But to add to that, the console "hacker" situation is never as serious a situation as PC. PC has a tendency to be far more Wild West than console, partly due to MS/Sony/Nintendo protections against hackers.

    1 hour ago, WARRIC said:


    Please see my previous reply.

    29 minutes ago, Christopher Newman said:

    It wasn’t meant to stop hacked lobbies. The patch is just a workaround to become host and hopefully have more players join a legitimate lobby.


    25 minutes ago, Christopher Newman said:

    The patch is just a workaround. It wasn’t meant to stop them .. just to become a host, and minimize the possibility of joining a hacked lobby.

    And THIS.

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  4. 1 minute ago, TimDuke 01 said:

    Apparently this is true as according to the person on the Steam forum there is a way you can see what Black Tower is doing via Steam somehow, so if true then yes the hackers are on top of any attempted fix.They'll find a way regardless, Gun can't stop them seemingly.

    Hey Tim, this isn't true. At all. 

    What you can see via Steam is that there is a dev branch of the game. They have absolutely ZERO insight into what is on that dev branch currently.

    Stop posting rumors and theories as facts. This community, and more specifically these forums don't need that. No more threads about "you heard from a guy who thinks..." cause it's all just nonsense to whip up the community here, and I'm not going to allow it to continue given we're in the waning days of the forums anyhow.


    To all else in this thread, news on the PC situation EXTREMELY soon. In the meantime, don't believe this "hackers already know what is coming and are a step ahead" nonsense. The change we have been cooking is more of a workaround, and should be a viable workaround for the PC community into the future, as long as there are players looking for a standard match.

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  5. I know this lawsuit has been the marker for folks who think when the lawsuit ends, the world is right again. But as you can see in the articles written on the topic, the lawsuit ending does not necessarily equal franchise activity returns to normal. A lot more to do there before we see films and fun stuff like we used to, not even speaking in terms of our game. The franchise in general.

    That being said, our position remains the same. After years of being stuck in limbo, Gun has moved on to future projects, and that is where our focus is now.

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  6. 22 minutes ago, Strigoi said:

    Could you give us a small hint or hope that Gun media may have something planned or an Announcement for the fall season,October or Halloween.

    Im excited about the new Gunmedia t shirts that have been made available.

    I Cant wait to see the new adventures that Gun media will be venturing on to next.

    maybe Gun media is in talks with multiple Horror franchised games.

    Will Beyond the Stream Return for a last broadcast episode before the pandemic gets worse.

    What are Gun media's plans if The Delta Variant gets worse this winter.

    No hints at timings, sorry.

    Appreciate the support on the shop! 

    Appreciate the hype for Gun's future as well!

    Can't disclose any talks that may be happening at this time. I will say this, it's common knowledge that Gun is not focusing solely on one project, as Wes has made clear his pursuit of The Crow, while we also have been at work on our next title separately for some time.

    BEYOND and TALES will both be back. We have also massively updated our streaming and broadcast setup, as that is an area we intend to expand on in the future. Our commitment to live content stands, and it is a major part of all of our future plans.

    As for the variant and overall situation with Covid, we are just doing what we can to stay healthy and safe, and will continue to evaluate the situation as it changes. We have done a lot of work in a lot of different disciplines over the last two years of this, so we don't feel that it is hindering us terribly, despite the fact that we would definitely love to get back to normal.

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  7. Time for the obvious question: Did you report this to JasonKillsBugs.com? Cause you CAN share the video there.

    Tim, you know this, you know that we need a ticket and details before we have a thread with zero concrete information other than "I heard on Facebook" whipping people up into worry.

    I'm locking the thread, you know where to go with this info, if there is any real info, and this is not it.

    And considering the fact that I know you know exactly where this does and doesn't belong, I can only think this thread is here simply to try and cause a reaction, get people upset, get people worried over what you read on Facebook. And so I'll be sending over an infraction for it as well. 

    Use the SUPPORT site, it's literally what it was built for.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Fatal Error said:

    Well I personally haven't broken any rules. I have only complained about the game being broken. I hope that this thread doesn't get closed, so we can at least have a dialogue on this issue, which is a glaring catastrophe for the PC platform. I know it sucks to have to listen to us complain, but what else are we supposed to do? Not play the game? I bought it to play online with people, as it was intended to be played. I'm older, I don't have 8 friends who have free time to play private matches. Please understand where we are coming from.

    I'm not even speaking on complaints. You're well within forum rules to complain, and I'm not saying otherwise. I was referring to the antagonistic back and forth happening prior in the thread.

    43 minutes ago, TimDuke 01 said:

    Amen,The main selling point of the game was/is ONLINE multiplayer and it's FUBAR. Not many give a rats butt about Virtual Cabin,Challenges,or the bots since their AI is total garbage. If they were even a tiny bit of a challenge maybe then online wouldn't be such as big of a deal to an extent.

    I think we're getting a little too hung up on one sentence from my comment. I'm not saying "hey everything is awesome, everything is fine." I'm simply stating that the game is not being pulled from stores because there is functionality there other than just public matches and the team is still working on a solution for the public matches.

    And this, this back and forth about what functions people care about, is irrelevant to the greater point that the team is still working on a solution for PC lobbies. 

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Fair Play said:

    At this point, a lot of people need to take the agression down a few levels, on all sides of the community.

    The game will not be what it once was for many people. Let's all agree (or agree to disagree) on that, and move on with our day.

    I'm not being aggressive, FP. I'm being honest. And honestly, I stand by what I said. If your only reason for visiting these forums, as others have stated in this thread, is to sow negativity and mock anyone who isn't at the same level of hostility as you are, then go do that elsewhere. You struck that line from the quote, so I'm assuming you are disagreeing with it. That's fine. This forum is still Gun's forum. I know, that's a bit jarring to think about, but it is, as I stated in the comment. By opting into these forums, you're opting into the rules of the forums. If those rules don't work for you, by all means carry on elsewhere, easy as.

    To answer the other questions:

    "Under control" meaning to a point where people can play the game as intended without being shoved into hacked lobbies. That is looking more like a workaround than a straight forward fix, as I stated later in my comment. What that workaround will be, I cannot share at this time. The team is exploring an option and hit a bit of a snag. We'll know more soon and I'll share more when it's definite.

    The two statements don't contradict each other. Active development, as I've explained prior is the usual development cycle of a game, ongoing. We are outside of that and having to treat things like PC lobbies or Switch issues as one off issues to deal with on a single issue basis. We are outside of development contracts, timelines, and commitments. As you know, Gun does not employ in house programmers, engineers, etc. We work with our development partners. This means we cannot stop/start on a dime. F13 is effectively sunset and we are returning to work on one more thing, one more thing, one more thing. That is not the same as active development at all. I keep saying the end is already here, I need you all to hear that.

    Every PC game eventually loses effective anti-cheat support. Then it's just up to hackers to be motivated to tamper with it. But I assure you, they are all equally vulnerable eventually, once sunset. Jump into any outdated Call of Duty on PC and you'll see what I mean. And that's a franchise that prints money.

    Why would we deploy it if it isn't at least helpful?

    I don't understand nitpicking the analogy, but my point stands. Scream cuss words in Burger King, they'll throw you out. That's not censorship.

    Criticism being misconstrued as destructive is something I'd need to see to even begin to debate. I know in my time at Gun, no one has been banned simply for being a certain user or for being critical while staying civil. I say that with confidence and certainty. I've given plenty of second and third chances even to people who were cast out prior to me getting here as well. So this narrative of us banning critics cause we think they're destructive or because of who they are is something I feel is unfounded. You can feel free to prove me wrong.

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  10. 15 minutes ago, bryanp3692 said:

    Hey Matt , how many emails are you going to fill my inbox with ?   “ Community Developer “  lol , that’s slang for having rich parents and hanging on social media forums or living in a tent city in Seattle breaking windows of Bank of America buildings .  Hopefully now I’ve earned enough points for a permanent ban rather than 5 silly emails or warnings from you . This community has kissed your ass for nearly 5 years all of you have done nothing but make money off us suckers . 

    LOL emails? That's the forum auto emailing you, Bryan. I just did the moderation, the rest is automated.

    Rich parents, Bank of America buildings? What the hell are you even talking about?

    Expect another email for the most recent point very soon.

    The community kisses my ass? When? 5 years? I have only worked at Gun for 3.

    I get you're upset, but try to make sense.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Soulsister said:

    @mattshotcha Stop talking that much, fix it! I play this game since day one! I've never seen such an incapable development like that! Sorry but to be honest, its a shame! You are not even able to close the door for hackers, EVERY development can do it but you! You disappoint a whole community which supported you since years and even defended you, like me. Sorry but I will never buy any game by you again. You are not worth to be called developer!  And now ban me if you think that fix your issues!

    So much so wrong in such a short post. I'm not going to ban you for that.

    Let's unpack this one too.

    I'm a Community Developer. I don't actually fix the game. 

    "EVERY development can do that" -Wait, what? Are you implying we're the only game with hackers? Really? Never mind that, we are working on it. It is going to take some time though.

    And if you think that's worth a ban, then you should have read my post. I'm not going to ban you for that. Hell, I haven't banned anyone in this thread yet.

    But if you're going to stick around for more than your current 2 posts, just try to add to the conversation some. Critical is fine. 

  12. A lot to cover here, but let's start with this:

    On 8/2/2021 at 8:18 AM, Kodiak said:

    Stop the bickering please. Forum rules still apply.

    What Kodiak said still applies. Also, giving Kodiak trouble for moderating here is going to get you nowhere. We need to keep the peace around here right up until the day they're locked.

    Which brings me to my next point:

    "Why aren't they locked yet?"

    Because contrary to all the keyboard lawyers in this thread, we are working on getting the PC situation under control, in some form or fashion. We are also working on a pair of nagging issues on the Switch.

    I saw someone mention in here that the game is "close to the end" and I have to point out once again that is incorrect. The game is PAST it's end. We are well outside of active development on this title. I don't know how much clearer I can be on this. We are no longer actively working on F13.

    "What does that mean? I thought you just said you were working on two Switch issues and the PC situation?"

    We are. But we are doing so outside of active development which means we're stringing together work on a title that is no longer officially supported in hopes to resolve these nagging issues for the community. THIS TAKES A BIT MORE TIME THAN USUAL. This title, for all intents and purposes, has already hit sunset. The work we are currently doing is beyond and outside of that. I'm not expecting anyone to bake us cookies over it either. I'm simply highlighting the fact that we are no longer in a normal development cycle. 

    "It is unplayable! Take it off Steam."

    I'm no lawyer, and neither are you. That's first and foremost. But more importantly, we are still working to get the situation resolved. That said, the game is not unplayable to a point that would cause us to completely remove it. Do private matches function? Do challenges function? Do bots function? Ok. So public lobbies are in a state right now, the team is working on getting a workaround done.

    "A workaround?!?!?!? Why not a straight up fix? Stop the hackers for good!"

    That's a wonderful long term goal. Unfortunately, as stated earlier, we are well beyond long term goals. I'm going to be brutally honest: Hackers are going to continue to tamper with the experience on PC well after we are fully sunset. This is true of all multiplayer games on PC. Eventually, things like player hosted lobbies or private matches will be the main way to avoid a tampered game experience. So a workaround is important because down the line, however long it takes them, when they do hack the lobbies again, we can't keep coming back to work on F13 for the rest of our lives.

    And now the final point to make. The censorship topic. 

    It is not censorship to be told you are not following the rules of the forum and be removed from said forum. You are still free to say and think what you want, but this forum has rules. Follow them, or leave. Those are the only two options and it has absolutely nothing to do with censorship.

    This is a forum created, curated, and run by the makers of a damn video game. Stop claiming censorship over showing images of unreleased content or otherwise ill-gotten content. That is against the rules. Just like when you go to 7-11 you gotta wear a shirt and shoes. That's not censorship either. Or how you can't scream expletives in line at Burger King. That's not censorship either. 

    And as for being overly negative, no one is saying you need to be our biggest fan right now. No one is saying that constructive criticism isn't welcome. Because it totally is! But what will not be tolerated is showing up in here just to try and start trouble with people who are still following along to stay informed. Forums are a mini community and if you're here to agitate the community here, you are not a welcome part of this community. Be critical, be cynical even. But starting fights with people who aren't as aggravated as you or aren't as cynical as you is not welcome in the least. And guess what? There is no rule or law against that! Because this forum is a completely optional space. This idea that you have a RIGHT to be a jerk in this forum is ridiculous and honestly, wholly incorrect. You purchased a video game. You receive the game and support for the game, which is always available through JasonKillsBugs.com. ALL OTHER ELEMENTS of the community efforts Gun provides are completely optional and not owed to you in the least. This forum, chatting with us on Twitter, chatting in Twitch streams. That's all optional and you can be banned without even being given a reason. Because those are not rights you've purchased by buying the game. Sorry you had to find out like this, but this and all other Gun Official channels have rules and if the rules aren't followed, you have to go. Regardless if we're in the waning days of the forum or not.

    And that, my friends, is STILL NOT censorship. It's community management.

    The community is a garden and if you choose to be a weed, expect to be plucked. You can still be toxic, just be toxic elsewhere. The internet is vast, find someone else's garden to go be a weed in. Because I can guarantee you we didn't build this house and keep it running even now for you to be a problem to the other members here.

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  13. I get what you're going for with this. It's definitely a fun idea. The title needs to be the right fit though. 

    At Gun, we take a lot of pride in authenticity and recreating film environments and characters down to the smallest details. It is kind of the polar opposite of having characters that are out of place in the environment, for example, like Pinhead at Crystal Lake. So for a traditional Gun game, I don't see that level of DLC coming to any of our titles, save for if Gun were to make something that is based off the greater horror universe and not one property.

    All that being said, for the sake of having a fun chat with my statements here having no implication in anything Gun is working on, I always loved that little Xbox Arcade game Gotham City Impostors. Man, would it be cool to see a Horror themed version of that. Deathmatch between horror icons from a wide variety of films. But also, as Kodiak mentioned, that's no small feat as far as licensing, even if you are making a slightly more cartoon inspired character.

  14. On 6/19/2021 at 2:03 PM, F13 Seppuku Squad said:

    @mattshotcha. Has something changed in the back-end recently, specifically in regards to rolling perks? I've recently noticed that when rolling or deleting perks, after the third or so time, the game will give the following error: "Error updating perks: Too many requests." regardless of how long I wait between rolls/deleting. Once that happens perks cannot be deleted (if a new one was rolled) or no more perks can be rolled (if a perk was just deleted). Now you suggested to "take a beat" but it would seem that even counting 10 Mississippis between actions is not long enough. Therefore the error message that was incorporated to prevent the game from locking up is not a fully viable solution if it activates no matter what and the perk system locks up. And should you persist to try and roll or delete perks, the game will remove all your CP and perks and reset your level back to 0. Thankfully this is only a temporary bug and you can get around it by refreshing the connection to the server by going into a private match. This also allows you to start rolling/deleting perks again. But obviously it makes perk rolling an awfully drawn out and extremely painful process. Any help at all?

    I will bring this up to the team to see if they can look into what might be happening. The perk roll "cooldown" system, for lack of a better term is necessary and a byproduct of a separate fix. Problem is it has to be aggressive in order to handle the bigger task it was implemented to fix. So we've tried to dial it in where it is functional for rolling perks, but still functional at protecting the other areas of the game backend.

    Obviously this current setting is causing some frustration and we'll have to take a look. But the need to slow down will always be a part of the game from here out, as it is vital in other areas and far too late to rebuild the backend to handle this differently.

  15. Ok so going back to the earliest design of the counselors, they were not assigned ages and birthdays, but were all assumed to be in their late teens. So 18-19 years old. One exception being Kenny, who is in his mid 20's.

    Added characters do not have ages either, but can be assumed to be in the same relative range, with another exception being Mitch.

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  16. 10 hours ago, F13 Seppuku Squad said:

    Apparently SPRAY SLIDING is now the (not so) new weapon sliding!!! 😩

    Did hope that by patching spray cancelling it would have removed this as well, but I guess not. I don't doubt it'll be long before it starts to catch on and become more rife in a similar fashion to how weapon sliding did. Only saving grace being that the counselor must be injured to use a spray and they will inevitably have a limited number of med sprays - up to 6 max with Medic... Until they find more spray cans, that is.

    Here is a clip of spray sliding from the counselors perspective. From Jason's perspective the counselor is spraying up as normal, but then teleports from their spraying spot to wherever they have actually ran to by the end of the healing animation, hence the whiffed grab and slash by the Jason player.

    @mattshotcha do you think you guys will be able to nip this in the bud before it becomes more widespread? Granted it is not an unlimited resource, but it definitely can be a game changer if damage is purposely controlled and sprays are managed properly.

    We'll have to keep an eye on it. I cannot make any promises at this point, though. 

    The team is currently looking at Switch voice and matchmaking issues, and still looking at the hacked lobbies situation on PC. Not only are those higher priority, but we are past active development. If I'm being brutally honest here, I don't think something this situational will see a fix at this stage in the game.

    EDIT: I also have to note that I wouldn't be able to confirm this without seeing the encounter from the Jason players viewpoint. 

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