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  1. They'll request the needed info. It's really depending on the case and what the user is reporting. I know this is late, but we do not have an ETA just yet. I'll be checking up on status again tomorrow.
  2. If you've changed your PSN name, as per the PSN site, you'll need to reach out to them. They'll probably need to revert the name change to restore your progress. This was listed as a potential issue for name changes by PSN.
  3. Definitely something we'd need reported to JasonKillsBugs.com so we can get all the details. I'll share this thread with the support team, but please report on the bug site so they can follow up via email.
  4. Unintentional. Microsoft fixed this up already. Unintentional, 100%. As we've said before, we wouldn't intentionally offer backer exclusives to people at this stage.
  5. All those tags are open as tabs and I'm always combing through. But priority one is getting this roof nonsense sorted out once and for all. We would like to get back on our track of what we're fixing once we do. So cars/knife physics, a second look at balancing, and some other items we've been poking around at. But things are getting back to normal around here and I'll be popping back up more frequently. Thanks for hanging in there and tagging me in. Please do continue to. Even when I don't respond, I use those tags to create tabs to keep them in my active routine. Totally understandable.
  6. Working on getting the VoD of yesterday's BEYOND stream up on YouTube, but we had an issue with our local recording. I'm going to pull the broadcast from Twitch to upload soon, but can give the basic update here as well. First off, we appreciate the patience. We're working to fix the issue that allows counselors to reach unplayable areas in game, but at a root level. So we've identified the issue allowing the bear trap method, and fixed that. Internal testing was done by our usual testing partner, as well as internally, and then a follow up by our testing partner again, for the sake of being thorough. But through the process of figuring out and fixing the bear trap method, we came across the underlying bit of the issue that could be present elsewhere in the game, just not yet uncovered by us or the community. So we have the predominant method figured out and fixed, but are taking that knowledge back with us to inspect other areas of the game in an effort to be done with this method entirely. Pushing out a fix for the bear trap method now, then investigating further and potentially needing to push a second fix will take longer than just holding onto the bear trap fix while we work through any other potential instances. On top of this, we've refined some of our internal processes to aid in the detection and recreation of issues, as well as to test more thoroughly not just via our testing partner but also more thoroughly internally as well. We've always tested our patches, but we wanted to improve and expand on the process. Now, with extra redundancy checks, we feel we're getting a much better view of the patch in it's pre-certification state. We've also added another CS agent to the team here at Gun. He will be helping with all things CS, including but not limited to JasonKillsBugs.com As for Database Login Errors, please continue to submit reports to JKB. This issue is not very widespread and all the details we can find would be incredibly beneficial.
  7. UPDATE: The team is testing a new fix for the "Bear Trap Method" counselors are using to slingshot themselves onto structures. Given the nagging resistance of this issue, the team is running additional testing on this fix, but hope to have it out to you within a week.
  8. mattshotcha


    I've replied on a few threads, but will drop one here too. I'm hoping for a status update early next week.
  9. Family sharing is fine and will not cause any type of ban.
  10. Hey gang, expect some news early next week. Tuesday most likely. I wanted to get you a status update before the weekend, but it's not firm enough right now to do so. We're working on sorting out what happened with this patch, but also some of our processes here so that we can minimize this happening again. As I said, news/status update early next week, fingers crossed with an ETA, but at the least, a status check in.
  11. Expect a status update coming in Tuesday. I'm pretty confident we'll have more by then. Would have loved to get you guys something by the weekend, but until we're concrete, I'm not going to get hopes up. We've put effort into not only sorting this thing out, but sorting out some of our processes here to minimize these types of things happening again.
  12. I think you'll see less and less of these right now as our "banned for no reason" reports go up and up... Still at work on more though.
  13. This has been reported, and I'll add your video to the bug list. I do not have a status at this time, but I know the team is investigating.
  14. The team is combing through what has been reported since the patch rolled out and we're investigating each case. We're not only looking at what has been reported as a new issue or regression, but also any problem areas where the patch should have fixed an issue, but it is still being seen/reported. It will take a day or two to have a more detailed update than that, but we're looking into it as quickly as possible. I wasn't accusing anyone of lying. I wanted evidence to identify if it was the method fixed so that I could take that back to the team to look at it. I need the evidence to make the case as well. I believe this has been reported, but I will ping it to the team again. We're looking into the patch and identifying what went wrong. Death animation issue is under review and investigation. There is always testing with our patches. What went on here was definitely a misstep but we're investigating righting the ship, as well as ways to limit this type of misstep in the future. No, this was a patch. We will be looking to submit a fix as soon as possible, outside of our planned patching schedule. While I wasn't present in the discussions over the weekend, I assure that all the information has been reported to the team and we're looking into it. I will not have a status update for another day at least, though. Sure, because we're the size of Valve, EA, Ubisoft, etc. I understand this is a tough situation, but with a team of this size, turnaround time is going to take a little more time than some of these massive companies. That does unfortunately leave us all in limbo at times like this while the crew works on things. I will have a status update as soon as we possibly can. Reported these to the team for investigation. I do not, unfortunately have an update yet. I don't know that it's time to "hang em up" as that's a bit serious talk for what is going on here. The weekend was a bit of a scramble, but as I said earlier in this reply, I have no update just yet. The team is hammering away and I should have an update tomorrow, even if it is a smaller status update for you all. The patch did not go as planned and that is definitely something we're reviewing, both as issues with the game, and the process. But I don't think anyone deserves to be hanged for it. With the transition and subsequent work put into the game to sort through some existing issues, a rollback is not ideal. Better to work forward, as much as that seems counter intuitive. This has been noted and is on the list for investigation.
  15. This is intentional. This way, counselors can try and help defend.
  16. Going to pass this over to the support team. Thanks for the heads up!
  17. I'd like to see some confirmation if possible if you see players on the roof. Something I can send to the rest of the team like a screenshot or clip if possible.
  18. Victoria's butt is in this patch, perk system is still on the table, but proving to be more work than expected due to how it was originally created, and stance glitch? I need more details. I know we fixed an interaction lock or two dealing with combat stance. Thanks, Slasher. I believe this is fixed, but will need to double check. A minor joke to lighten the mood. Fixed. Team is still working on several car issues, but we wanted to get things like roof and rocks fixed up as soon as possible. So rather than delay those fixes while we work on the cars more, we pushed. Boom. Contact support at JasonKillsBugs.com for assistance. The sweater/shift issue was definitely grey area. Once the sweater is used, Jason should lock up. If you are still able to shift, that means you dodged the sweater. By that logic, Jason shouldn't be brought down to his knees by a hit 6 cabins over from the sweater. That's the fix we aimed for. The interaction locks listed below each header (Counselor/Jason) are fixed. If you uncover others, please do let us know.
  19. As discussed on BEYOND, this patch is coming in as soon as it completes the process. The patch is rolling out to certification now and should be on it's way to players soon. Keep an eye out here for the date, or on our social media channels. EDIT 1: The patch is now live on Steam, rolling out on PS4, and on the way shortly on Xbox One. PATCH NOTES: GENERAL & FINE TUNING Various Quality of Life fixes implemented to the Virtual Cabin 2.0. Removed helium from various floating objects on all maps. Resolved an issue with environmental kills not displaying on Higgins Haven Small. Fixed an issue with the Emote user interface. Dance like nobody's watching… Various Quality of Life fixes for Menu items. ENVIRONMENT AND COLLISION Resolved multiple issues that allowed players to reach rooftops on all maps. Resolved multiple issues that allowed players to reach areas that Jason could not reach on all maps. Made areas where players were stuck less sticky. Fixed an issue where the Shift ability would allow Jason on rooftops. Cars no longer damage players through walls. Fixes applied to prevent counselors from parking the car and blocking Jason from reaching them. INTERACTION LOCKS Corrected several scenarios that caused players to suffer an interaction lock including: COUNSELOR: During bear trap deployment or interaction. While performing blocks. While weapon swapping. While weapon swapping and entering combat stance. During small item use. While dropping items. After using the map. After aiming the flare gun or shotgun. Dodging while dropping a weapon. JASON: When shifting and interacting with items, environment, or counselors. When shifting into water. (He really wasn’t a good swimmer.) JASON SPECIFIC CHANGES Using the sweater to stun Jason while he is already down will not activate the next phase of the kill progression, and will not allow players to kneel him directly from the down state. This was an unintended effect where players were able to stun a stunned Jason, leading to the Tommy Jarvis kill on Jason. Fixed an issue where Jason shifting to avoid the sweater stun animation still allowed counselors to bring him to his knees without the stun.
  20. I would need to look into this. Hang tight and I'll ask around.
  21. To an extent, yes. Part of the problem with this topic is how tricky and twisting it is. I defer to the folks that are trained in these matters for more specifics. But this covers the gist of it. Uber Jason was never complete, and never available through standard means. You could even argue that the addition of Uber Jason, free or not, could sway people to make a purchase and if so, here we are back at the start and the cause of the legal issues to begin with. It's more of a spider web than I think most realize. It's also based on balancing. Which plays a part in this as well.
  22. It's similar to the idea of having a kill volume up there. Basically, it's problematic as those volumes/areas then can bleed and have really tricky issues on the floors below, etc. BUT, we are getting the methods through reports, and if we can patch the methods, we can stop people from not only accessing roofs, but also other, yet unknown areas that may pop up. Whereas changing the roof only fixes that location.
  23. Just cause Wes mentioned it and shared a pic doesn’t mean it’s top priority. It also doesn’t mean that it’s anywhere near as involved as the suggestion here. It also doesn’t mean that it’s stealing resources from other items the team is working on.
  24. Easy, Slasher. That's an awfully condescending tone and it's uncalled for. What you all have gotten from me in this thread is a real and honest answer. And that may frustrate you, but if you think about it I feel you'll understand and appreciate the fact that I'm not going to come into the forums and make you an empty promise just to get the short term moment out of the way. In the long term, that does more harm than good. So I attempted to answer this thread in a realistic and genuine manner. I like to think there are still people in these threads that appreciate being talked to as it is, without empty promises and false hopes. People who want to hear realistically what can and can't be done.
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