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  1. Definitely. They absolutely will be, as we like to keep our YouTube as a reference for that info. Now that I'm back from some recent event travel, I'll upload and sort that out in pockets of available time. Just keep in mind, I don't publish them to sub boxes unless they are either bigger news items or brand new (within 24 hours). That way we aren't spamming sub boxes with old uploads. You'll have to check the channel to find them after the catching up. I'll edit this post once I get them done. Most likely by the weekend. If not, definitely before the Halloween TALES stream.
  2. And split our community up further? If we did that, can we point anyone that is unhappy about the potentially longer search times for lobbies in your direction? This "If the devs actually cared..." line is assuming that we haven't been tracking the rage topic since before the change was made. We have, and the split in the community would be almost directly down the middle, leaving each side with half the potential low ping connections they have now. So before you claim that we don't listen and/or care, consider the other side of the coin for a second. While a major overhaul of the Rage mechanic is not something we think will fit in the scope of the project at this point, there is valuable feedback here. I appreciate the post.
  3. I want to prep these as more than a quick reply, so short answer, no. But longer answer: I still plan to discuss at least some of these on a bigger BEYOND stream. We'll head back into the studio instead of the desk setup and have some guests. But to do that, we need to be on the other side of Spooky Month. With everyone flyin' in a different direction through October, it's unlikely until a later date.
  4. I checked on this for verification. Duplicate reports do not help and should not be considered individual reports. The team has looked through EACH of your tickets, some of which were classified bugs and reported on, some were followed up with for in game misconduct, which is something we would not disclose to you. We only ever disclose that info to the offending party. And some were incomplete. Hardly. The team has spent a significant amount of time just following up on your repeated duplicate reports that you have made because YOU THINK we haven't done anything about them.
  5. I was out of town at Twitchcon. This "Vacation till January" thing is just Story Time with Tyrant. It's obviously not impossible, but is not a priority. It would be nice, but unfortunately does not look to be in the scope of the project. We'll update if that were to change.
  6. I must have misread your post. That's a good question, and something I'll ask of the team. But considering where it is in priority I would not want to make any promises.
  7. I apologize for not addressing these on BEYOND. I did skim the section, but for one reason or another they weren't really live topic material. If it's something production heavy, I usually try and stash that away for a potential focus episode or whatnot. I did give them a read, but felt they didn't translate well to the live environment. I'll comment here, and specify where I think we can hold something for a Production Focused episode. As for kills, that's dangerously close to looking as if we add new content. That is walking a razor's edge on the situation, and would not be in the best interest of Gun, even if it were plausible at this time and in the scope of the project still. As for music, that's part of the authenticity that I think would be one of those decisions that falls back on "core design" and what that is in this game. Messing with the icon of a specific intellectual property in such a way is not something the game is intended to do. That's why Jason doesn't act in a way that is outside of the persona and essence of the character. This is feedback that has been brought up, but definitely lower down the scale. I'm not sure what it entails from a dev standpoint, but I will re-raise the feedback if the scope allows for it. Considering we have bug work to do, I am skeptical we'll see this tuned instead of some other areas that could use tuning still. This is a perfect example of something that would require a guest spot and specific focus for an episode. I would not want to detail that without a member of the production team on air with me, as we would need the level of expertise that can only come from one in that specified department. Current priority is the Environmental Kills. Full stop. That's a bug that is not just unfortunate but changes the core design of game play and will be investigated next. Reaching out to the social sites will still be me you're talking to. I think a lot of you guys underestimate just how many channels I operate on. And reaching out to Wes directly is assuming that I don't have these talks with the entire team, which is incorrect. Every decision is a team decision and I'm the messenger, not the evil curmudgeon wagging their finger and saying NO. Won't be a chance for that. There's far too much to do around here still to suffer that level of hostility. Let it be clear to everyone here that these forums are not a right that comes with the purchase of the title. This is an opt in space, run by Gun. Keeping your cool is imperative. Right, wrong, or indifferent, we're all human beings and should conduct ourselves with the level of respect for each other that we expect in return. And if that isn't in your capability, then you do not have to participate here. EDIT: Almost forgot to mention, there will be no BEYOND streams for the next two Tuesdays. No TALES either. Streaming will return on October 8th.
  8. The Patch Notes for our latest version of Friday the 13th: The Game on Switch (Version 1.02.00) are here and the patch is currently rolling out to Switch users! Patch Notes - Update 1.02.00 - Friday the 13th: The Game on Switch TUNED - Thumb stick input for the Switch Joycon has been tuned to be more in line with our other platform versions. REMOVED - Emotes NOT INTENDED for release have been removed in compliance with the status of content in Friday the 13th: The Game. FIXED - Interaction Issue that was allowing Counselors to access unreachable areas, such as the roof. FIXED - Interaction Issue that was allowing Jason to access unreachable areas, such as the roof. FIXED - An issue allowing Counselors to interrupt animations such as jumping from windows. FIXED - An issue causing the car to sometimes remember forward input, after a crash and restart of the car, causing the car to become stuck. FIXED - An issue causing players to be unable to join any online activities in game after a failed attempt to join a Quick Play lobby. FIXED - Various locations where counselors could become stuck in the environment. FIXED - Various locations where counselors could fall through the environment. FIXED - Various locations where Jason could become stuck in the environment. FIXED - Title Crash - When a driver is pulled from a vehicle while starting it. FIXED - Title Crash - Incorrect button press as Jason to break walls. FIXED - An issue causing animation to lock up if button press removed too soon. FIXED - An issue causing an Interaction Lock after drop item animation was interrupted. FIXED - Various floating objects in game, including a police car. No more flying cops. FIXED - Counselors being able to be healed while in a vehicle or hiding spot. FIXED - Props with incorrect properties, such a wooden immobile vehicles. FIXED - A portrait in a cabin that would disappear when you approached. Spooky. FIXED - Various counselor “Safe Spots” on multiple maps. FIXED - Hologram wood pile is now solid again. FIXED - Double shotgun spawn in single location on Higgins Haven Small. FIXED - Offline Bots - Fixed an issue that would cause the bots to become stuck if Jason hits them during an animation.
  9. I'm checking up with Support on this. Let me know if it's persistent or cleared up.
  10. Sure, a jab. Cause that's the first time in the history of film where Jason has been hit with a weapon but unaffected. You should make sure to stretch before you reach that hard. Don't wanna pull a hammy.
  11. Sounds like something that was reported with certain inventory items being used and deleting the pocket knife from the inventory. The team has been investigating and trying to reproduce the issue, but it is not a 100% reproduction rate bug.
  12. EDIT: Extended for 24 hours! Get those tapes! Celebrate this special, special day with a special, special event! DOUBLED XP and CP... AND Guaranteed Tape Spawns in every match. The Friday the 13th Tape Chase is now LIVE!
  13. We've got something planned, not perks, but something outside the usual double event.
  14. While being able to hit Jason for damage before he can react is not ideal, this is still a rigged environment. You have a Buggzy with very specific perks, rolled to be high attributes, with a shotgun sitting next to an ax, and still need a Tommy and a Sweater Girl. And you keep calling it a "1 hit indefensible de mask" which isn't entirely accurate either. There are clearly a lot of parameters to set up in order for this to be a thing, which is why you shared a clip of it from a private match. It's not as if every round you can strut up to Jason and take his mask with an actual single hit. You'll still need the shotgun, ax nearby, and specific perk set, etc. Is it possible, sure. But this isn't the undeniable proof you think it is.
  15. After catching up on the thread, there's a couple of points I need to make. While I agree, comparing Rage and the Mask topic is not a 1:1, our community will do exactly that. Look at some threads and discussions outside of this echo chamber and you'll see people suggest a change that could be seen as a buff to Jason and be met with outrage and replies like " Does Jason REALLY need another buff?!? After the Rage update he is already OP." I read one such reply on Reddit earlier today. So while I realize there is more to the topic than that simple comparison, part of my job is to anticipate the reaction to these proposed changes. As far as making the change and why Gun "won't" listen, it's just not the case. This group needs to understand the difference between not listening and not agreeing. We HEAR you, we DON'T AGREE that the team should make a change that affects the entire player base to try and balance for the smaller percent that can take out a Jason on demand. And the idea that a forum built hit squad to try and crash a TALES from the STREAM episode so that you can "show me" is not only unnecessary, it also feels a bit short sighted. First off, there are ways to record footage other than live, so I guess what you're saying is that you want to crash a stream designed to spend time with the community. That's rude and bordering on toxic to try and take an event meant to be in good fun and turn it into a hunting party for the ComDev's head. Secondly, it's assuming that I'm the blocker for this change. As if it is all my decision and I'm just refusing to flip the switch. Third, it's assuming that this topic hasn't been covered in house here at Gun, when it has, repeatedly been discussed. And finally, it is again ignoring the fact that the team has stated why it is not something we're looking to do just yet. We don't see this as a need to tune for the entirety. Last thing to cover, yes, the team did originally intend for the Jason Kill to be rare. And if this were happening earlier on in the game's life, we would probably take that into account when deciding what to do for balance going forward. But there is, especially at this point, some consideration that needs to be given to the fact that players have been playing this way for a long time now. This would be a potentially big shake up and while the team is not against shaking things up, we do pay attention to that angle. We prepped for the Rage change and how that would shake up the community and decided in the end that it was important to the core design of the game. Topics like this one are super tricky. There is a skill gap in the player base. There is no way around that fact. But changing things based solely off one end of that skill gap or the other is not a smart way to balance the game. And any potential option that can cover the most experienced players without alienating the newer, less experienced players will have to be explored before pulling the trigger on a change like this.
  16. This will definitely require a good amount of prep work from me but I love the idea. Gather up more questions along these lines and I’ll see how we can present this stuff to you in a structured format. Maybe a deep dive BEYOND stream or something.
  17. Hey everyone. It’s the weekend so I’m out of office, but I wanted to stop in and let you know I’ve skimmed through the replies and will check out your footage once I have a few solid minutes to sit and get through it all and put together a real reply. Bit of a busy weekend but didn’t want you to think I walked away from the thread. One quick thing I wanted to say was it’s not about me “opening my eyes” etc etc. It’s important to understand the difference between refusing to see your point and trying to see all points. I know a lot of you in here have been great at seeing both sides of the coin and I thank you. There’s also still some that seem to think I’m sticking my thumbs in my ears and singing lalala instead of hearing them. It’s not the case. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this and will jump back in with some thoughts when I’m not on my mobile and at my desk at home.
  18. Yes, I am drawing the two items closer than is completely fair, but it's still reason to pause at the least. These types of skill gaps are tricky to navigate, and definitely require more than a snap decision, though. I think it requires significant testing and analyzing the specifics though. Because if a mask coming off starts to require enough hits to push a Jason into Rage, we're going to see an opposite effect. Sure, players realize that different Jason characters have different values to the mask, but how many people will get tripped up into wailing away on a mask and pushing Rage? Will this affect the picks on Jason? How will this play to mid tier players? Maybe players who don't run the very specific parameters and combos of counselor and perk will be back to beating up on Jason, pushing Rage in an attempt to de-mask? There's a hell of a lot more to this than just add mask hp. That's more my point. This may well be more frustrating to newer players than occasionally running into a kill squad, especially since they can adjust to the kill squad encounter a hell of a lot more likely than a hard value change. Because if you're a newer player running counselor trying to fix a car, and some mid tier player who is going for a kill is going to push Jason into Rage, say maybe before Tommy is in or what have you, I think that would be pretty infuriating as well.
  19. First off, there is no accounting for what damage Jason took in the process of the 3 kills he did get in this match. As for the rest of the points I'll make, I'll share that at the end of the quoted section. You do realize how perfect the parameters are in the scenario you detailed right? Not to mention the coordination of a squad? It's not that we aren't listening, it's that we're trying to account for ALL of the player base, not just some of it. Do you honestly feel that the ENTIRE player base finds it too easy to kill Jason? Because we can show ten times as many reports from players saying he is unstoppable post-Rage. The people who don't agree don't always feel welcome to voice their opinions due to the reactions of those who do. It tends to turn into ridicule rather quickly. Don't shame other forum members for their opinion here. I play as Jason, I watch a ton of footage. I watch a ton of videos from people saying it is too easy. More on that after quotes. Again, specific parameters. Here is the real issue with the topic. Those same new Jason players also play as counselors. See where I'm going with this? Again, though. They represent a portion of the player base and not all of it. Again, there's players here who disagree. Shaming them with "get good" rhetoric is not going to earn anyone favor in this topic. Varying degrees of experience, etc. Again, look at the Rage topic for a hint into where the community as a whole is. No, I would simply say that if it were the case. What Jason nerf are you speaking of? Against an inexperienced Roy. Fun fact, Roy and other "Human Jason" characters have the least "health" (for lack of a better term) and are the easiest to knock the mask off of. So the shorter replies are so that I can keep this confined to one blurb at the end of the comment. Here goes... This forum is NOT representative of the entire player base. I know that sucks to hear, but you guys are more the minority at this point. Even if the entire active forum agreed on something, they wouldn't represent the majority of the player base. This isn't said to insult or sound shitty, it's vital to understanding my role at Gun. If my job were as easy as reading the forums and making recommendations based solely off that, I'd get to spend a lot more time with my daughter. All jokes aside, there is a lot more that goes into decision making in game. The topic of the mask plays into the greater topic of Jason and his power level. We recently made a major change to the power level of Jason by way of the Rage changes. The community is still in an adjustment period off of that change and making another sweeping change to Jason's strength is not an easy choice. We run the risk of potentially alienating the middle tier of players who may be on their way to killing a Jason or two, but not quite finding it as easy as some of you all do. Furthermore, I have yet to see one of these "It's too easy to kill Jason" videos that do not have some kind of particular parameters involved. Human Jason players, such as Part 2 or Roy have a much lower threshold to the mask, skill gap differences, optimal kill scenario off the jump, and on and on. Saying things like find an axe, find a pocket knife, find firecrackers, then bam go kill Jason is not proving the case. These are specific parameters. And yes, I've watched kill squads go and kill multiple Jasons in an evening. But those details are always in line. Are the kill squads always matched up against similar skill level players? Are they running across primarily Human Jason players? Are they in a coordinated group? Etc. And this is not even accounting for the decisions you see these Jason players make in the clips. A Roy Jason or Part 2 Jason walking up on a Sweater Girl, Tommy, and two strong counselors is already enough to tell me it's not a good representation of the situation because why. Why would the Jason player walk into that fight? So please do watch these supposed evidence videos without the bias glasses and tell me if you truly feel they are illustrating your point as clearly as you claim. Because they aren't. Running down an inexperienced Jason and saying we should make the kill more difficult is not proof of anything more than a skill gap that is unavoidable this late in the game's life where we have new players every sale and old players sticking around since launch. There is still, even then, a significant amount of chance involved, and overcoming that chance for some vs others is not a crippling balance issue. Using particular counselors, with particular perks, with particular weapon pick ups still requires getting the Tommy call, getting a best scenario Jason adversary, and completing the process. While that is not necessarily difficult, these videos showing it happen quickly or people claiming to do it in minutes are usually a fair amount of those parameters coming up quite lucky. Acting as if it is a simple button press is reductive, and actually weakens the argument. It's like saying becoming a millionaire is as easy as depositing a check for a million in your bank. There's much more to the process. It's tough to hear, and tough to admit, but YOUR experience in game is not EVERY player's experience. And just because there is an echo chamber here that says it should change, doesn't mean it actually should. AND EVEN STILL we haven't said flat out NO, we won't change anything with the mask. We're simply saying this isn't a snap decision we'll make without giving it more thought. It's definitely not the "No-Brainer" that some claim it is, and certainly not a majority request.
  20. These aren't topics we're ready to share more on at this time other than to say that Gun is not going anywhere, any time soon. Considering how much that would entail, it's unlikely at this stage. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news for you, but that's the honest truth. That said, we will still aim to have the game be playable by our fans in some form or fashion, including counselor gameplay. Whether that is P2P matchmaking or private lobbies, it is the goal and the plan.
  21. I cannot provide exact details until the team is working through that aspect, but as we've said in the past, we're not going to leave players without access to their content and their game. As for servers and what happens once we hit that point, there are options to fall back on to allow players to still have a functional multiplayer game. Part of that is offline, yes. Part of that is p2p, etc. So once we get there, we'll discuss more openly what we're looking at. But this is too early still to assume that we're going to shut it down and lock people out of their content.
  22. I'm not going to bicker with you, Tyrant. You've made it clear that you're more interested in pushing YOUR interpretation of what is going on than actually hearing and understanding what is going on. And that's your prerogative. And as far as whatever our next game may be, you are totally within your rights as a consumer to not buy it. No need to inform me of that decision. Anyhow, to anyone reading this, no, the game is not going to go through any major rework in the near future. But will the game be the same in 6 months as Tyrant seems so sure? No. So please do take his ill informed assumption as exactly that.
  23. Possibly. We need to have a few more internal discussions on that, though. Context/Environmental Kills are next in the priority list at number one. The car situation definitely needs a thorough investigation before I could honestly say. Mask I covered above. Perks are something we're looking at as in alternatives to an overhaul. More likely would be addressing some pain points, though we're not 100% sure on what that looks like for possibility yet. As far as I know, offline bots are not ruled out for the pathing fix. Meaning, the bots not moving in some offline play. That's something we have yet to investigate fully, but we do plan to look at. That's thinking far down the line, but as I've said before, we'll be looking to protect the players from loss at the end of the line. What exactly that will look like is still in discussion as we're not there yet. I also want to thank everyone here for the level headed discussion on this. I appreciate that.
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