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  1. That was 100% genuine. We appreciate that people are passionate about the games we make, even when critical. I am being completely sincere, there's just not a lot more for me to say on the topic of "What's next for Gun?" at this time. I apologize if my shorter answer seemed rude, I did not intend to be.
  2. While I'm 99% sure it falls under the category of balancing, which is ok with the current status, I'm not sure about priority right now. Reason I say so is because as you all know, we have some things we're putting at priority one right now that are more about improving the experience overall and squashing some bugs. But, it can be tabled for the moment and revisited as priorities shift and change.
  3. We don't have those exact details just yet, but will update the community when we do.
  4. We don't have an ETA at this time. The team has made some adjustments in the backend restoring player connectivity, but the ranks and items are going to take some more time to diagnose and repair than the connection. In the meantime, no further damage can be done by logging in. So while it is unfortunate that your rank is not accurate, you can still join and play without fear of damaging the save further. For this reason, we've opted to leave the double event live indefinitely. The event will eventually end, but for now we felt it would be best left on. We'll be giving players at least 24 hours notice before ending the event, when we eventually do decide to revert back to standard XP, CP, and Tapes.
  5. Currently, we're looking at a couple different ways to resolve this, and the issue has not affected everyone equally. So plain and simple, it is going to take some time for us to work through. As for what is being restored and what isn't, we're trying to restore everything possible but I have no exact details on what that will be just yet. We'll be discussing this today on BEYOND, and I'm in no way simply trying to plug our live show, but I do realize that the live interactive format will be beneficial to this topic. I'll be joined by our Senior Producer and we'll discuss the issue, the possible steps to reverse it and all the things in between. There, you can raise questions and we can elaborate with more detail from the expert here at Gun.
  6. This is in line with reports we're seeing today. We've updated the team with this info and will update you all once we have more. As always, let us know if it returns to pre-outage stats and numbers.
  7. We believe this is tied to the server issue that popped up last night. We have made some adjustments on the backend and are keeping an eye on it today. Let us know if the issue persists.
  8. Hey everyone! Yes, we've had some issues over the last night, but the team has updated with some adjustments on the backend. Please let us know if the issue persists throughout the day. EDIT: And as far as the Double Event, we're not turning it off as scheduled today. As for when we'll turn it off, just give us some time to see how the issues shake out and we'll have a better idea of the extension when the bigger issue is resolved fully.
  9. There are a lot of potential variables here. But best bet would be to send this over to JasonKillsBugs.com and provide as much info as possible. We'll need some additional details like region, ping etc.
  10. We have another DOUBLE EVENT going on now! From today, April 11th and running until April 15th, get Double XP and CP! We'll even throw in tapes. Have at it, Counselors. EDIT: After the recent issues with servers, we're leaving the double event live for an extended period of time. We currently do not have an end date, but will update you all once we do.
  11. Because we'll need to add an area for users to edit those clothes and create customs. Or am I misunderstanding the request?
  12. That's a much bigger topic. Not only does it start to get intertwined in the greater content topic, but it also is not a switch flip and would require some type of interface, UI, etc.
  13. Low priority, but something to discuss. I'll mention it to the team.
  14. If you have an existing ticket, you can update that ticket to ping the support team to the case again. I can assure you they'll respond. I'm not sure, outside of a troubleshooting session and potential fix what type of "official response" you're after. If it's something to be patched, that just accentuates the need for fresh reports on JKB.
  15. The methods for getting him unofficially will lead to a ban.
  16. For all issues mentioned in this thread, we need you to submit reports through JasonKillsBugs.com to troubleshoot with our support team.
  17. So for private matches, you can earn all achievements. Offline modes are a bit trickier. There are some that can be earned offline, but we do not currently have a comprehensive list. I do know the kills on counselors offline count towards the totals though. Thanks for your understanding with my absence as I have been traveling for PAX in support of Layers of Fear 2. I'm back in office and will be catching up throughout the day.
  18. I would love to try and help, but there is very little info to go on here. My recommendation would be to submit a bug report to JasonKillsBugs.com and provide as much info as possible.
  19. I can look further into this, but if I'm not mistaken it's due to the text being a tool tip, not a creative piece.
  20. Hey gang! Thanks for your patience as we all return from PAX East. No, we will not be sharing patch notes until the patch is not only finalized, but ready to just about roll out. The reason for this is that we typically do not hold patches outside of the certification process. So finalizing the patch comes on pretty close to launching the patch.
  21. I don't see that making it into this next patch. The team has been focused on the list of bugs that are a bit more urgent for our community. But I have reported on the item.
  22. This might be outside the scope currently. Considering that the environmental kills would require a counselor to need to interact with the item, since you won't be catching them off guard like bots. That means we need to motivate counselor players into using the items in the first place. So this is probably not something you'd see implemented at this time.
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