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  1. I spoke with support here and while this is something we've seen reported, it is not all that common, at least in report volume. Unfortunately, I was mistaken on the workaround, so please do reach out to the support team at JasonKillsBugs.com, if you haven't already, and provide any details you can.
  2. I know this has been reported and I think there might be a workaround. Let me check in with support.
  3. Oh the tape chase. Yeah, we can do that. Right now tapes are actually well over double, also.
  4. Do you mean perks? Only if the team can get to the bottom of the perk investigation I described prior.
  5. Not just yet. Team is working away and we'll have more news closer to the new year.
  6. We can't allow mods in a game with a licensed IP, unless it were through a map editor and handled LONG ago where every potential map asset were approved by partners prior. To develop that now, and not be able to charge a dime for it to recover development costs is foolish and unrealistic. We're working with a small dev team, with minimal incoming revenue stream to fund even what work we are doing already. To say we don't deserve paychecks because we're not doing enough is absurd. You do realize if we did what you are saying we couldn't be paid for it right? That sentence about items or in game features being "already commercially available by normal means" refers to nothing new being able to be sold. So what you're proposing, just for the sake of transparency and honesty is that we develop features and release them all for free on a 2 year old game at the risk of drawing heat from the partners who are arguing over the rights of the game currently? And do all of that with a team that is already working to untie some of the knots in the underlying code that they didn't originally write themselves. That's your take on a "Good Idea" for a game at this stage and a team of this size? That's a good business decision? Right. We have the Environmental Kills issue the team is working away at and we're investigating some other things may take some time, as the team is going to ONLY approach these items similarly to how we approached the roof fix after the bad patch. Which is to go through with a fine tooth comb and make sure the entire system is gone over before release to the public. As for the double event, it is really great that you may have reached 150 and got all the tapes already. But not everyone has. It's something fun we can do and we can be flexible with, so we thought it would make for a fun event. We recently launched on Switch, we have sales going on PS4 and PC, and we're free on Xbox. That's a lot of players who could use the 2XP and Tapes. Perk drop rates and such are something we're looking into, but it's a tricky thing. We don't have IllFonic on hand for that and we want to take time to be cautious and know what we can and cannot do, rather than introduce an issue. We'll have more info on where we are as we get closer to the new year.
  7. This could definitely be due to an influx of players for the free period on Xbox. Have things settled down as far as connections go or is this still happening?
  8. Definitely. They absolutely will be, as we like to keep our YouTube as a reference for that info. Now that I'm back from some recent event travel, I'll upload and sort that out in pockets of available time. Just keep in mind, I don't publish them to sub boxes unless they are either bigger news items or brand new (within 24 hours). That way we aren't spamming sub boxes with old uploads. You'll have to check the channel to find them after the catching up. I'll edit this post once I get them done. Most likely by the weekend. If not, definitely before the Halloween TALES stream.
  9. And split our community up further? If we did that, can we point anyone that is unhappy about the potentially longer search times for lobbies in your direction? This "If the devs actually cared..." line is assuming that we haven't been tracking the rage topic since before the change was made. We have, and the split in the community would be almost directly down the middle, leaving each side with half the potential low ping connections they have now. So before you claim that we don't listen and/or care, consider the other side of the coin for a second. While a major overhaul of the Rage mechanic is not something we think will fit in the scope of the project at this point, there is valuable feedback here. I appreciate the post.
  10. I want to prep these as more than a quick reply, so short answer, no. But longer answer: I still plan to discuss at least some of these on a bigger BEYOND stream. We'll head back into the studio instead of the desk setup and have some guests. But to do that, we need to be on the other side of Spooky Month. With everyone flyin' in a different direction through October, it's unlikely until a later date.
  11. I checked on this for verification. Duplicate reports do not help and should not be considered individual reports. The team has looked through EACH of your tickets, some of which were classified bugs and reported on, some were followed up with for in game misconduct, which is something we would not disclose to you. We only ever disclose that info to the offending party. And some were incomplete. Hardly. The team has spent a significant amount of time just following up on your repeated duplicate reports that you have made because YOU THINK we haven't done anything about them.
  12. I was out of town at Twitchcon. This "Vacation till January" thing is just Story Time with Tyrant. It's obviously not impossible, but is not a priority. It would be nice, but unfortunately does not look to be in the scope of the project. We'll update if that were to change.
  13. I must have misread your post. That's a good question, and something I'll ask of the team. But considering where it is in priority I would not want to make any promises.
  14. I apologize for not addressing these on BEYOND. I did skim the section, but for one reason or another they weren't really live topic material. If it's something production heavy, I usually try and stash that away for a potential focus episode or whatnot. I did give them a read, but felt they didn't translate well to the live environment. I'll comment here, and specify where I think we can hold something for a Production Focused episode. As for kills, that's dangerously close to looking as if we add new content. That is walking a razor's edge on the situation, and would not be in the best interest of Gun, even if it were plausible at this time and in the scope of the project still. As for music, that's part of the authenticity that I think would be one of those decisions that falls back on "core design" and what that is in this game. Messing with the icon of a specific intellectual property in such a way is not something the game is intended to do. That's why Jason doesn't act in a way that is outside of the persona and essence of the character. This is feedback that has been brought up, but definitely lower down the scale. I'm not sure what it entails from a dev standpoint, but I will re-raise the feedback if the scope allows for it. Considering we have bug work to do, I am skeptical we'll see this tuned instead of some other areas that could use tuning still. This is a perfect example of something that would require a guest spot and specific focus for an episode. I would not want to detail that without a member of the production team on air with me, as we would need the level of expertise that can only come from one in that specified department. Current priority is the Environmental Kills. Full stop. That's a bug that is not just unfortunate but changes the core design of game play and will be investigated next. Reaching out to the social sites will still be me you're talking to. I think a lot of you guys underestimate just how many channels I operate on. And reaching out to Wes directly is assuming that I don't have these talks with the entire team, which is incorrect. Every decision is a team decision and I'm the messenger, not the evil curmudgeon wagging their finger and saying NO. Won't be a chance for that. There's far too much to do around here still to suffer that level of hostility. Let it be clear to everyone here that these forums are not a right that comes with the purchase of the title. This is an opt in space, run by Gun. Keeping your cool is imperative. Right, wrong, or indifferent, we're all human beings and should conduct ourselves with the level of respect for each other that we expect in return. And if that isn't in your capability, then you do not have to participate here. EDIT: Almost forgot to mention, there will be no BEYOND streams for the next two Tuesdays. No TALES either. Streaming will return on October 8th.
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