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  1. This is odd. I'm still catching up on things after the holiday break, but I'll check in with support on this one.
  2. There is no truth in that. Those groups are fan based groups. If we were to end support via JKB, we'd message the community on our official channels, like forums, Twitter, Discord, etc. But we currently do not have any plans to end support via the site.
  3. No, as this isn't another patch so much as a hotfix for the last patch. We're only tackling issues that have come up after the last patch or were fixed in the last patch but still occurring in some cases.
  4. The team is working on an updated patch with work being done as we speak. I also want to point out that creating a new account to evade a ban is a ban offense.
  5. Hey I really appreciate the reply! And never apologize for being critical, critical is good. There are some folks who think critical is uncivil, and it isn't, or at least doesn't have to be. Civility in criticism is important, as it helps us all be a part of the discussion without any of the hostility. I don't think I've ever seen anything less than civil from you, so no need to apologize. I appreciate the understanding and support for the game, and really for all of us at Gun.
  6. No I don't see that being in the scope. Considering there were technical reasons behind it, it wouldn't be the type of can of worms we'd want to open now. I know that sucks to hear and I don't mean to sound too frank with you here, just trying to shoot you straight on this one.
  7. Yes and no. Here's the thing, it was left out for a reason. But at that time it was IllFonic still. So tracking down the reason behind it is a little tough. But I'll let you know if we hear anything on it. As for Gun, we can't recall the exact reason well enough to comment and potentially misspeak. We're fairly certain it has to do with bot behavior and potential issues with how they interact/use the boat.
  8. Hey, apologies. I would have to check with the team on that. I'm pretty sure there was a reason for it, but don't want to misspeak.
  9. I'm quoting myself because I apparently wasn't clear in this. When I say "first I'm seeing it" or "only case like it" I mean SINCE PATCH. We had plenty of info on it prior, then made the change. This is the first I'm seeing it since the patch came out. We've got the continued issue reported to the team. I understand how my words could be interpreted as "too hard" to make an AI Jason. I don't mean that it's too hard, just that it's not a simple implementation and would have required a significant amount of work, prior to where we are now. Hell, prior to where we were even 2 years ago. We didn't prioritize Jason AI as the offline option because the game is built around playing as Jason. We also knew that a truly smart Jason that wouldn't play as a cruel joke would take much more than a whim of programming. My second issue here is "Trust me, I'm a programmer." And host migration being "easy" is just completely false. Without a look under the hood of how our game handles matchmaking, there's no way a random "programmer" could or should be making that claim. There's a reason why the folks who do the matchmaking side of games are very unique and highly skilled. Other than that, "a game of this budget" is again, something that points to a lack of understanding and experience in games. I know a lot of folks think that Kickstarter and sales have lead to us all swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck, but games are more expensive to make and maintain than I think almost ANY gamer realizes. All that said, I'm not trying to attack this person. They sound somewhat knowledgeable and maybe just frustrated with the situation. Which is fine. I just can't let misinformation fly around from "Trust me, I'm a programmer" guy. What it boils down to is people are pissed about the game seeing it's end of development. I get it. I know when I have hard news to deliver to players. Hell, it's a large part of my job. But reacting to tough news by calling us incompetent or liars isn't going to change anything. Honestly, games go through this CONSTANTLY. ALL games eventually sunset. And while we would have liked to implement some things to ease that transition for players, they ultimately weren't possible. Not because we're stupid, and not because we're lazy, and not because we're lying to you. Impossible within the confines of the game, what is already built and can't be rebuilt at this point, and what is realistic within the timeline and resources we have left on the project. At this point, it would be 1million percent more realistic to take this feedback into a whole new game then try and plug these pieces into the old project. Talk to anyone who has worked in games and they'll all tell you that at a certain point you realize implementing the "thing" is destruction. By two methods: Destruction by breaking the fragile framework of something or destruction by having to start from scratch with that in mind. At a certain point, the cake is in the oven. You can't go back and start whipping an extra egg white in. Unless you toss the whole thing and start fresh. Is where we're leaving F13 perfect? No. But we're trying to leave it in a place where people can still enjoy what is there. I see in your other replies you feel I've ignored you. I apologize, these patch notes threads get big quick and I'm running on fumes since the patch dropped. Offline saves would be the contingency plan for the day the database servers shut down. But we aren't there yet.
  10. The Exception Access Violation in Windows usually means the game is being blocked by antivirus software. Has support troubleshooted that aspect with you? I can't really go through the full steps of troubleshooting, as it's not my expertise. But usually a temporary disabling of the a/v software will help identify if it is actually the culprit. In a lot of cases, the basic Windows defenses will cover you for that period so it's not as risky as it might sound. But I wouldn't be so quick to rely on the allow feature in a/v software. Regardless of that, I'm sure support didn't just turn you away. But without knowing where that troubleshooting went, I can't really direct. You should follow up with them. Thanks for the tag!
  11. I would recommend reporting this to JasonKillsBugs.com as this is the first I'm seeing of any issue like this. The team will investigate accordingly. @Sythalin The team is taking a look, but we need that ticket in order to discuss with you further and troubleshoot the issue. As this is the only case like it we've come across, we'd need more info from you to troubleshoot accurately.
  12. No, we're still talking last patch. This iteration process is still a part of that last patch as we'll be building off that regardless. When we released the patch we assured players it wouldn't be released and then the team runs from the project, we needed to allow some room for potential issues, emergencies, etc.
  13. A lot more great info to share here. I've worked on more than a few games at this point in my career and one thing that is a constant: Multiple inputs registering at once, or even too close together, causes unintended effects. When those inputs can register while an animation is ongoing, it makes even more potential for issues, like trap bypass for example. That all said, the team will dig into this. I have to give them time to do their investigation based off what we've sent over. I'll keep the community up to date as soon as I have more and we can hopefully continue this discourse then. I may reach out via PM to some of y'all. Many, many thanks.
  14. The bots still work without dedicated servers. As for a separate patch for offline items, we simply ran out of time. These are smaller issues in priority for a game based mainly on multiplayer and as such, reworking pathing issues wasn't in the cards. For offline bots, please see above. Perk system was not able to be reworked, as we investigated and found that we would either need to completely rebuild the perk system, which is a massive undertaking at this point, or not tinker with it. It's too much of a touchy area of the game to risk breaking in order to make minor changes, and making major changes like a whole new system are out of scope at this point and have been for a while. Offline save data is still not impossible. We haven't done this yet as the database servers are far lower impact to maintain and therefore we don't see that end in sight. Offline counselor play was never on the table, if you recall going back to the days of the BEYOND streams, we covered how an AI Jason would not be high enough quality to make it worthwhile. And if we were to do that, it would be a massive chunk of work to create a passable AI Jason. It's simply not in the scope, and never truly was.
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