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  1. Whoa, easy. I see you tagged me in, thanks. This is fixed in the next patch, and will not continue to happen beyond that. For anyone affected, please continue to report the issue to JasonKillsBugs.com as we're keeping track and will work to restore anything lost once the patch is live. The JasonKillsBugs.com ticket is what we'll use to create a list of accounts to fix up after the patch goes out. The patch with this fix is in process and we hope to have a timing for you very soon. But this issue is confirmed fixed with the patch. Some of the delay on this fix is due to the fact that we need to roll it out for all platforms simultaneously. Usually with a patch this important, we'll deploy it as each platform is ready. In this case, we cannot. So we have to prep all platforms including Switch at once. I know this situation sucks. But we're almost clear of it, and we appreciate the patience and reporting.
  2. Hey! Thanks for the tag in @Fair Play This is a known issue the team has on their list to investigate having to do with the camera. If the player rotates the camera a lot while calling it can cause the call to hang, or disconnect the interaction. Are you seeing this happen even if you just make the call, without moving the camera?
  3. JasonKillsBugs.com can field this report. Also, I'm editing the profile out of your post as that's against the rules. Please submit the ticket/report and the team will investigate. But for the sake of safegaurding against false reports and witch hunting, we do not allow forum posts to share profiles/names of people they suspect of cheating.
  4. This was one of the emotes that never made it to the game. Because the pack had not hit the storefronts prior to the content stop, the pack is unreleased content and cannot be added.
  5. Environmental Kills? Bots? That must have been before my time on the project. Sometimes, the part of the issue you see is the same, but the cause is different, also. For example, the door barricade issue or Car Interactions. Regardless, yes, it is true. Games experience regressions and they can be frustrating.
  6. No, those are disc related, not entitlements. So you'll need to play the disc version for those, plus the entitlements from backing the game.
  7. @aurllcooljay If I'm not mistaken, you can just grab the disc and install the exclusives. You'll need to install the disc anyhow, and the exclusives are in that initial install. I'm going to check with our support team though to double check. Sit tight and I'll edit once I've confirmed. EDIT: The backer exclusives are an entitlement on your account, so they'll be there. But for the physical exclusives you'll need to use the installed physical and disc. If you do that, your backer exclusives will work with your physical copy.
  8. Yes, this is the Switch Update. @JED This is a Switch Update.
  9. The original code sent to you via the backer email is the best bet. That code would still be active, if you've never redeemed it.
  10. Hey! You'll need to reach out to support and see if anything can be done. We have a dedicated support site at JasonKillsBugs.com that you can use to submit a ticket. I will say, however, that we need to be able to verify the email that backed on Kickstarter. The code originally distributed to that email is the only code that will work for your skins. We do not have or offer any replacement skins by way of code. This is most likely the response you received when initially reporting the missing skins.
  11. Unfortunately, no, there is not a set of data like that for us to view. This goes back to before my time on F13 when data was causing some issues with server storage, etc. If I'm not mistaken, it couldn't be tailored finely, to include some and not all. So it had to be limited. It's really unfortunate, because data is the first stop on any debate in the community such as this. But there are ways to work around it. I think we're at a point where we can confidently say our investigation has provided us with a pile of data on how effective different counselors are against Jason in different ways, and now the process of tuning that can be done to ensure we're in a good place. More news as I have it.
  12. I'm not sure of the cause, and I would suggest hitting up JasonKillsBugs.com to report it. If there is any troubleshooting or workaround, they'll be the best to walk you through it. And if not, they can track and report it.
  13. Rage isn't the topic here. And Rage isn't being tweaked right now. But anything we change is going to be carefully balanced, taking Rage into consideration.
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