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  1. Welcoming our new PC players thanks to the Steam Summer Sale by hosting a Double Event on all platforms! Starts tomorrow and runs through the weekend!
  2. While what you propose may seem simple, I'd need to check in with our team on what can and cannot be done here. Let me look into this.
  3. First off, we don't ban players for the roof glitch. I've said it a million times here on the forums that the team is focused more on fixing a glitch or bug than punitive actions taken. If it were a hack of the game, that's different. But banning a player for a bug we have in our game is problematic, and it's a waste of resources dedicated to verifying and taking action on reports rather than working on our game to eliminate the bug or glitch. So this idea that a YouTube creator gets away with it because they're more popular and the community is being banned is entirely 100% false. Secondly, the grave stone in game has been there since launch. Well before any videos were made of anyone on any roof in our game. The two things have nothing to do with each other. Third and final, the last video I could find that sounds even remotely like what you are upset about is from 2017. This looks like a necro of a topic designed just to rile folks up. I'm locking the thread, as there is zero benefit to the community from continuing this discussion.
  4. So you think the team behind Battlefield, or Call of Duty, or Apex, or Fortnite, or any other modern popular multiplayer game are the top players of that game? C'mon now. As for how you're going to be on a team and not find or make time to play as many hours of the game as our top players being "lazy and pathetic" that's so incredibly shortsighted it's unreal. I spend somewhere in the range of 60-75 hours a week just reading and reporting on the community side of things as well as the other core functions of my job here at Gun, as well as maintaining a home life with my wife and 3 year old daughter. Between those things, I don't have the same amount of time to commit to ALL games as some of the top tier players have committed to JUST F13. NONE of that, however, is an indication of a "lack of testing" as we have a dedicated test partner whose core function of THEIR job IS testing. And on top of that, we've adjusted our build check processes to add an extra layer of redundancy to verify builds. This is part of how we were able to diagnose a few related, but unreported issues with similar slingshot methods like the bear trap one. The team is working through them as we find them as well. As for the reports and videos, I share an office space with the folks who review those reports and can tell you that do view them, document them, and follow up on them. In all of the gaming industry, there are reporting options for players. This isn't unique to Gun because we're "lazy and pathetic" it's all studios that have support sites. It's ludicrous to think that because we have a site with options for the player base to report things they uncover in game that we are passing the buck off to players. EVERY SINGLE STUDIO will tell you that the community will always inevitably find something that the team missed in game, a bug or break not found by testing. As for bunny suits and emotes, yes. It's a liberty taken. Put those on one side of the scale and all the 1:1 elements from the franchise on the other. And no, the counselors aren't from the films. Only using counselors we could secure likeness rights to would drastically limit the amount of counselors we could have in game. Calling liberties taken to actually create gameplay elements and calling them lazy is again short sighted. A game needs gameplay mechanics, and that means having to go off script in some places. And lastly, "took the money and ran"? Are there not still dedicated servers? Am I not still here answering you on a forum? Are we not still working on the game? You can argue and question the details like patch issues and frequency, but the word itself "ran" indicates abandoned. That's an entirely false narrative. You might see this as bickering, but I don't. Still, I find it odd that you argue that we've abandoned the game, then get upset when I reply to provide the developers side of things. If this type of communication is not acceptable for you, then I would ask that you keep the comments to something constructive and rooted in facts. No conspiracies, assumptions, speculations, or unfounded opinions. Then we can have a dialogue free of all differing opinions and work only off of facts. Comparing Friday the 13th: The Game to Street Fighter was honest and reasonable criticism that I should have addressed differently? Or was it acting as if we have brought shame to the franchise by having a few laughs while playing? What I see is a team working their best within the confines we find ourselves in to still try and hold up this title, despite the strict cease of all new content. I also think that if you think about it for a minute, you'll see that there are not a lot of studios that would do this without the potential for a revenue stream generated by new content. We're past the one year mark since our End of Content post went up on these forums. Now I don't expect high fives, but I think the fact that these forums even still exist is evidence to the contrary of the "take the money and run" narrative. Are we working with a much smaller team than we would if we had the content plans still rolling along, I don't know. I can say it's what we can do. And we're still here, doing our best with it. There are people in this community that see that. And I'm going to continue posting here and trying to help as best I can, for them. I'm also going to continue to reply to the false narratives and misinformation because that is literally not helping anyone. If our live stream upset you that badly, I'm not sure what to say. We're going to keep having fun in game, bunny suit and all. I'll be doing the Poppin' Robot on Switch in August. Hope to see you in camp.
  5. Oof. I will have to check on this.
  6. I am SOOO terrible with any thumbstick, but I'll join in sometime. I don't fire up the consoles often, but I will try and at least get on later to accept the FR.
  7. How dare we have fun in game. As for our "skill" and lack of play time, all I can say is that making a game and maintaining it doesn't mean we're the experts in game play. We play and enjoy ourselves, but we're not the best players out there, and that's ok. And I think that saying our game is not a faithful recreation of the F13 Franchise is absurd. You may not like the fact that we shared a few laughs while playing, but that doesn't mean the game was not created with care for the franchise we all love so much. Street Fighter? C'mon. That's absurd. The game on Switch will have a system in place to allow you to use unlocked content offline. You'll have access to your unlocked stuff offline, but items earned offline will not then transfer up to the online save. This is to eliminate potential issues there. So the online save is always the authority, but unlocks can then be used in offline mode.
  8. If I'm not mistaken there is a flaw in the testing method here though. Staying in a lobby increases the probability of becoming Jason. So bouncing match to match is not the best bet. I'll do some further digging and get back to you on it to be sure. Regardless, we aren't looking to shorten the requirements for this. It would be a slap in the face to all who earned it already, no matter how small a group that is. For offline, I don't think that's a possibility either as you can load up minimal counselors and just jam out matches. But like I said, let me dig around a bit.
  9. This might state by developer, but I believe it is still EAC. Regardless, we don't discuss bans in public, so you'll need to contact JasonKillsBugs.com
  10. For the mic issue, let me check in with the support squad. I remember reporting on this, but we may have had an inconclusive outcome on it. For the Tommy Jarvis dialogue, that has definitely been reported previously. The support squad is going to bump the ticket as it may have gone dormant with some of the other items we're working on. But we'll try and resurface the ticket, see what can be done. It's def low prio in comparison, but if it's not a landmine of a fix, we'll see if we can get that repaired quickly.
  11. Friday the 13th: The Game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 13th! For a live gameplay demo of the Switch build, watch the past broadcast of our latest episode of TALES from the STREAM below!
  12. They'll request the needed info. It's really depending on the case and what the user is reporting. I know this is late, but we do not have an ETA just yet. I'll be checking up on status again tomorrow.
  13. If you've changed your PSN name, as per the PSN site, you'll need to reach out to them. They'll probably need to revert the name change to restore your progress. This was listed as a potential issue for name changes by PSN.
  14. Definitely something we'd need reported to JasonKillsBugs.com so we can get all the details. I'll share this thread with the support team, but please report on the bug site so they can follow up via email.
  15. Unintentional. Microsoft fixed this up already. Unintentional, 100%. As we've said before, we wouldn't intentionally offer backer exclusives to people at this stage.
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