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  1. Bulk up with another Friday the 13th: The Game Double Event! From now until the 20th, get double XP, CP, and Tapes!
  2. Cinematics we'll have to investigate. Support may have already seen reports, but this is the first for me personally. Random Counselor is a known issue dealing with late joins to the lobby. Team will investigate across all platforms. Framerate could be down to hardware, but I'd need to investigate a bit further. Emotes not saving has been reported to support earlier today! Environmental kills is another known issue that is high on our list in terms of priorities. I saved the sticks issue for last because there is a bit of a misunderstanding with this one. The sticks on a Switch behaving as players are reporting is not a bug, rather it is a characteristic of the hardware. When using the left thumbstick for movement and the right thumbstick for steering, the character moves as normally expected. The zones in the stick travel on Switch create the behavior you're seeing when using left thumbstick for movement AND steering combined. That said, the team can definitely at least investigate to see if there is any options for us there. I'll report back after we have those talks internally.
  3. Because it was never officially launched, and should not have been now. I'm not a lawyer, but I can say this, we need to remove it in order to be in compliance with the situation regarding content in F13.
  4. It is! We're keeping an eye on a few things here and there, but we'll have a fuller picture of where the Switch build is after a full weekend with players in. Because it did not exist prior to the situation affecting the game and content halt. It's not the only post, as I have been trying to keep up in the patch notes thread with a focus there, really. But this needed to be addressed. As for bugs, the team is working on a fresh look at our existing list, and we'll be reviewing and prioritizing accordingly. Currently, the team is taking a more specified, focused approach to our patching plans so as to be sure to tackle things with the focus and attention they require. At this point, a lot of what is being seen in the game is deep in the code and super tricky to start poking around in. We are going to err on the side of caution with our patching plans and not bite off more than can be chewed.
  5. You say that, yet here we are, with more replies accusing us of just "not feelin' like" doing it. We're aware, and are going to do what we can to fix this up with our next patch. However, we don't want to burn a rapid patch just for this, so we're letting the Switch build live in the wild for a bit and we can then address any issues that crop up in the same patch as the emote removal.
  6. You took the swing as he morphed, a little latency made it look like a miss, but the weapon broke like a hit. Seeing something happen once and demanding "Melee issues need a fix now." is unreasonable, honestly. Latency can be tricky looking. But please don't rush to rile everyone up with the doom and gloom like it's been happening with every weapon, every hit. And more importantly, before demanding a fix, can I ask if you even sent this video in to the support team? We have a resource to get these things looked at immediately and JasonKillsBugs.com is still the best way to report a bug, or any other strange occurrence in game. No, that was a Kickstarter back exclusive and must remain that way. No, not with this patch. In order to keep the patch rapid, we had to focus on the top issues that emerged after the interaction fix. Car is on the list to investigate, but we anticipate that being a major undertaking. Deep rooted, similar to the roof and interaction issues, but even deeper in the code. ^ Right here. EU servers are not down or dead. The game takes time to ramp back up post patch and this rapid patch left us with multiple build versions making the transition over to new build and the ensuing server shift. This took longer than it has historically, but we anticipated that. I see folks connecting again and we're continuing to monitor. Hey, thanks a lot for stopping in and saying so. I'll get this forwarded over to support and we'll see if we can repro it here. So you're saying we're only pretending to work on the game in order to sell copies? How does that make sense? Spend money on a team just to fake work? Ludicrous. Believe me, I understand that things have been pretty frustrating, I can be frustrated too. But this isn't it.
  7. This is 100% false and you know this. This type of misinformation is incendiary and inflammatory.
  8. Those emotes are not intentionally in the Switch build and will need to be removed in compliance with the current status of content in Friday the 13th: The Game. As they were not offered prior to the rights disputes, they cannot be offered now. Literally cannot add them in. I'm not sure how else I need to say it, we legally, literally can't. LITERALLY, cannot. LIT-ER-ALLY CAN-NOT. Gang, I don't think the concept of a legal dispute is being conveyed properly here. It is our mistake that they made their way into the build, but our hands are tied on this, 100%.
  9. Servers are up and shifting after the patch as normal. This is just the process coming out of a patch deployment and despite seeming longer than normal, it's not an issue so much as an inconvenient delay. This will normalize in the hours to come. PC we did have a hiccup with the build and we're taking care of that now.
  10. That does seem longer than normal. Let me check in with support if there's anything strange going on with servers.
  11. ? I'm used to people not including all the details in a bug report, but this is next level. Do you have any info on what? That's always the case immediately following a patch deployment. The servers still have to re-populate and so on. You'll see longer matchmaking times for a bit, then it will level back off. Bots on Jarvis weren't fixed for this. We'll work on that at a later date since it is not as big a concern as some of the other issues.
  12. Edited the original to reflect the patch is starting the roll out. Expect deployments across all three platforms by end of day.
  13. I don’t develop the game, I develop a strategy on the community side. The post above is not meant to be a Ted Talk on game dev. It’s also been verified by our team, specifically a Senior Producer. As far as whether or not they’re described correctly, I’ll defer to the word of the producer that’s working on our game. Part of the work done on interactions involved Jason’s Shift ability, and if I’m not mistaken, that’s how the issue there came about. But just like I did with this OP, I would need to verify with the team. Hasn’t been done yet, so we’ll hold off on details until it’s a work in progress.
  14. Yes. This was fixed on console, but the PC patch was held up. This update will handle that on PC as well. The team has already stated that before we think about any shutdowns, we'll make sure players are able to access the game after dedicated servers are no more. And a note to all in this thread. This is for discussing this particular patch. Stay on topic.
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