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  1. As soon as we have confirmed the date and timing, we'll share the date and details.
  2. I wouldn't say it was too hasty, keep in mind, I'm not confirming yet that we'll be able to do anything more on the situation. But the situation has escalated to the point where we need to explore every possible option. See the major disconnect here is that you're not hearing everything I'm saying. And I take responsibility for that, I can try and explain this better. The game is WAY too far along to completely restructure something like matchmaking. That's still entirely true. There are other factors inhibiting that than just time, but that's a whole other side of the issue. I also didn't say anything remotely as widespread as you quoted here. You said I "issued a blanket statement that the game is too far along to fix an issue". I never said that. Hell, the upcoming patch has the fix for giant weapons in it. But what I need you to understand is that this isn't simply "an issue" in the game. This isn't a wonky integer that needs an adjustment and all will be right in the world. To make it sound like a broken pinky finger is way short of what it actually is. This is the spine, the core of a multiplayer game, and it's a system that was not built by the current team working on the game. I hope that explains things better, feel free to follow up with any questions and I'll do my best to elaborate further. JasonKillsBugs.com won't do anything if you don't report anything. That's a fact. Support sites only work if players send in reports. While I report on things from the community, they will be able to keep tickets open and discuss in an ongoing fashion any details the team might request more info on and so on. They also will be able to quantify incoming issues to properly illustrate the level of impact within the community. It goes back to what I said earlier about working with you all.
  3. First off, I do not have anything new to report on the situation on PC just yet. Currently, the team has a patch submitted for certification that was worked on prior to the lobby problem getting this far out of hand. That patch has a lot in it that the community has been looking for and so we will not be holding that patch back just yet. We'll proceed as planned while ALSO looking into the situation on PC and what our options are there. What does that mean? Well, it all depends on what the team uncovers for PC. Until they dig into it fully, we won't know more and I'll have nothing more to share on the topic. I know that is frustrating, I get it. You think I'm not frustrated by the current situation as well? But we have to look into things and see what's what. F13 is in a very unique spot, having been shifted from one team to another and the collaborative effort required to make fundamental structural changes to the game is not to be understated. Another thing I want to address, the toxicity and attacks at myself and Gun in general. This will not be tolerated. Period, full stop. That includes sharing others' toxicity in some kind of half assed attempt to say the thing without being the one to say it. I have always tried to speak to the community on this game as adults, as equals, with civility. But I'm also going to be brutally honest with you all, as that's a stance I have always taken in this line of work. So here goes: Calling us names will do you literally zero good. Kicking and stomping around because it's taking the team time to get through these things will also do you no good. The simple truth is, this is not a massive team working on a triple A title around the clock. Hell, this is a game that has been suspended in stasis for YEARS. These things take time, and calling me lazy or unwilling is not changing that fact. While I can understand frustration and can empathize with the players dealing with this situation, Gun, and me as a representative of Gun, are not here for you to take your frustration out on, we're here to try and help. I'm not a tree stump for you to kick. I'm here to work with you all, and if that's not possible, nothing gets fixed. Be aggravated, be frustrated, of course. But recognize that our discourse is about getting things resolved, not taking out frustrations. And lastly, let's stop with the "credibility" nonsense. That's lowest priority to worry about right now. No one at Gun is looking at issues plaguing the game and thinking of credibility first and when you reference it in your comments it just reads as a threat and not a concern. All that being said, I will provide any updates to the issue as I have them. I appreciate your patience and fully see how this issue is impacting the PC player base. I've expressed that gravity to the team, and they are exploring every possible aspect of this in the hopes of resolving the situation. However, it is far too early to have anything more on it, as matchmaking is probably the most temperamental type of fundamental structural system in the game (as I mentioned previously in this comment). While the team investigates, my only remotely plausible suggestion to try and alleviate the strain on you all trying to play on PC would be to utilize the Private Matches by way of Looking For Group posts, in the meantime. I know, that is not ideal, but it is all I have at this time as a confirmed workaround.
  4. If you have information on the subject, send it in to JasonKillsBugs.com
  5. I understand that you're aggravated and frustrated. And I'm not asking anyone to kiss ass, but you will have to maintain some level of civility in here. And putting words in my mouth is not the way. I never said we "didn't care" and you know that. Saying "basically abandoned" and "basically saying" is not "just stating facts." As I said I know the situation is frustrating, but trying to stoke the fires is not going to do anyone any good. I don't think that they've done something to force folks back into the lobby. I think we're more likely seeing it become more and more prevalent. But again, I can't really do anything more than speculate until the team has a chance to look things over.
  6. For a first post, you're comin' in awful hot. If you back out of a match, it's best to give it some time before searching again, otherwise there is a high likelihood you'll land back in the same lobby, hacked lobby or not. That being said, thanks for providing details on location. I'll get it over to the team with the rest of the info.
  7. I don't have anything further on it at this time, but I will forward the info on to the team again. Please do let me know if more of you experience this repeat matching or not. I would like to gather up as much info as possible, including regions and such. It's worthwhile to rule out low player volume at the time of matchmaking or in that region, etc.
  8. I don't want you folks to think that the info from that discussion was passed on. We took that to the team, they evaluated and the upcoming patch reflects those notes. I said it then and I'll say it now, we really appreciate the detail provided there. Using the methods that came to light from that discussion, as well as others across Discord, socials, and so on, the team is confident we have sliding as minimized as possible without dramatic changes to how the game will feel for players. I use the term "minimized" because again, ping is always a factor at some level in these types of bugs. Ultimately, sliding is part animation bug and part discrepancy between what you see and what the lobby or server sees (back when servers were active, now it's the host and connected players). The resulting changes are much more in line with how the game felt pre-patch. But I need to temper that line of discussion otherwise we'll have people thinking it was a 100% revert to the last patch. And it wasn't. We didn't start the steaks all over, we tossed em back into the oven. I don't want to over promise and then potentially under deliver, but I think you will be very happy with this latest iteration, as any delay has been minimized to it's lowest point, while still protecting game play, and sliding could not be recreated by our team at Gun and our testing partners, even with the detailed method described by yourselves in that previous thread. As for why we even touched sliding, you have to have some perspective on the scope of our community at this point. While it can seem like no big deal to you, there are a wide variety of players and there will continue to be a wide variety of players in game. New people pick it up every day, some play for fun, some get competitive, etc. The amount of strain on the community due to sliding is evident in reports to the support site, conversations across all of our official channels, and so on. Just like any change made to our game, we need to try and cover every potential sub-category of the greater community while making these changes. All that said, I want y'all to know I speak for the casual community and the competitive community in these discussions. I do my absolute best to stress the importance of weighing ALL player types when evaluating potential changes. But in the end, both sides need to give a little to meet in the middle. Yes, that leaves me in a position where no one group is particularly happy with me. LOL. But that's the gig. Some day over beers I'll tell you about The Division community and the "Division Dads" drama. Community Management is a tightrope.
  9. This is a tricky topic to put into short replies. I'll explain as in depth as possible and if you have any follow up questions, we can keep on this topic. But I think getting the build on your console or PC and seeing it for yourself will be the best way for the community to feel the changes. Things like sliding, as well as a multiple other unintended in game behaviors, are possible by manipulating multiple inputs and essentially "confusing" the game and the animations. Mix in varying ping and how that can affect what you're seeing vs what others in the match are seeing, and you have these unintended mechanics. So button spam, for lack of a better quick term, has to be resolved. There's a couple ways this is achieved. We can set cancels and things that will make one animation override another, etc. We can also limit how rapidly inputs can be made. So, yes, there is still, for lack of a better term, a delay on how rapidly you can enter and exit combat stance. But that "delay" is minimal. Exiting combat stance and slashing or grabbing is still entirely possible, and we've cut the feeling of a delay as much as we can. So that sounds like a long way of saying it, but it is important to note why this change has to happen, as well as how we can look at the change and its impact on game play. It is not just about sliding, as those rapid inputs and animations can break more than just a movement animation. As for impact on game play, it is minimal enough in this current build where timing will have to adapt, but the end result is not impossible. So players can still achieve the same, intended game play behaviors, without the unintended ones. Does this mean players will have to adjust to the new timing? Yes. Definitely. But we are confident that that adjustment can be made. Changed does not always mean broken. EDIT: It is worth mentioning that I am in no way a top (or even mid, lol) tier player. Not even close. I felt confident in my ability in play testing to grab out of CS and slash out of CS. Partially due to the fact that I never had a pinpoint, split second timing and muscle memory. So I think the biggest hurdle will be adjusting the timing and getting those new beats down. Then players will be doing all the things they always did, without the crazy animation/interaction breaks like sliding.
  10. Sliding was again investigated heavily as well as other combat stance issues introduced like Jason moving at run speed in CS. As is the case with a lot of visual discrepancy types of bugs, like sliding, ping plays a role in it and may still be possible at exceptionally high levels of ping. But the team has spent extensive time testing at varied ping levels and have not been able to further reproduce sliding, not by any of the various methods submitted to JasonKillsBugs.com
  11. No, not "everything" as that's pretty subjective and, if I'm being honest, simply not possible at this point in the game's life. For example, the perk system could not be touched. Or, for a second, different example, there can be "safe spots" or other areas not yet discovered in testing or by the community. The end of the game's active development cycle is already, technically, past us. And so it would be dishonest of me to try and say that everything is fixed. I cannot in good conscience ever really make that claim though. There is no moment in game dev where you can guarantee the game is entirely bug free. All that being said, we have patch notes coming that will have the full list of what has been worked on this patch. Expect those as soon as we have a final build certified and a date for it to deploy on all platforms.
  12. No not in a continual capacity. This is a patch that started life as a hotfix for the last patch. But as we got into the work of the hotfix, it quickly grew to be more than a quick turnaround hotfix. So we have one final patch coming soon that will have the elements of the hotfix, plus a few other key issues resolved, like giant weapons.
  13. That is the plan, though the database servers are not going to go anywhere any time soon.
  14. As stated in the "Future of Friday the 13th: The Game" thread, JasonKillsBugs.com will remain active and support can be reached there. Public matches will not receive the same custom options as private matches, so that players can still search for a traditional lobby. If those toggles were in public matches, then every lobby would be at the mercy of whatever the host felt like toggling on and that leads to a terrible user experience for anyone not on host. You'd also see even more people leaving the matches and trouble filling lobbies because toggles they don't prefer are turned on or turned off, etc. It's not a viable solution to the issue with PC lobbies, and it's a net negative for the majority of the community in general, especially when those options exist in private matches. Fan organized "Looking for Group" messages to fill private matches are the best way to orchestrate a match with toggle options. Yes. "Not supporting their own game even just a little bit" seriously? You're right, there is no guarantee that after 4 years the next game will still be receiving new content and stay out of sunset. But think about that for a second. Lawsuit aside, literally NO game has a promise of content 4 years out. So I guess by that logic, no game is safe? Is that what you're saying? How many years will make you more comfortable with your $40 investment? Hell, Anthem is seeing sunset now. I don't mean to sound like I'm kicking them while they're down, because I genuinely feel for them and their community, but look at that as a point of reference. And I'm not saying compare the two games or anything like that based on their game play, or any criteria other than timing alone. So are you saying you aren't going to buy games anymore then? If you feel that the last 4 years of F13 was not worth the $40 price tag, by all means, speak with your wallet when we launch our next game. I'm not a salesman. That's not my goal here. But your comment lacks perspective, self awareness, and vision.
  15. I've responded to folks on ANY channel with questions about the patch or PC build. As long as I'm tagged I NEVER ignore a tag, question, topic, or discussion, no matter the context or situation. Implying I've ignored you is wholly incorrect. As for the issue on PC, I understand it can seem like every lobby is one of these lobbies, but it simply isn't the case. I know that's not a great answer to the issue, but as said prior, we are well outside of the end of service to the title. The team has held on to get the final patch fixed up, but the truth is the game is heading into a different stage of it's life. Major overhauls like what would be required here are simply no longer an option. Hell, even these forums were supposed to have been archived by now. No, I think the patch will be communicated the same way every other patch I've worked has been communicated to you. When the patch is finalized, and I can compile patch notes, the community will see those patch notes. When we have a date for the patch to go live, I'll inform the community. But no, I do not intend to pop into the forum and simply say "still working guys" once a week for the sake of it. If there is a question about the patch, simply tag me and I'll do my best to answer. As said prior, No I cannot expand at this time on the date or contents of the patch. When that info is finalized, I'll be sharing it with the community here. Just as I have with every other patch. If I missed a quoted response, I apologize, genuinely, for that. That said, misrepresenting the situation as the community having to attack the ComDev to get an answer is not only incorrect, it's designed specifically to stir up trouble. The information at this time is simply as said prior, the next update is the final update. It turned out to be more work than a quick hotfix and will be communicated on as soon as we have it finalized. The game is outside of it's planned cycle, and the forums are set to be archived with the launch of the last patch, as Gun has to shift focus to upcoming projects. I notice you still, after two full years of me working on this game, refuse to address me in a reply and only talk about me. I'm not sure why you do this, or why you refuse to acknowledge any of my replies to you, But here goes. "Personal vendetta" is an odd choice of words. Your comments are always more of the starting trouble for the sake of it variety than any personal vendetta. If you expect answers, ask questions. Because as said before, I'm not going to pop into a forum and say "Working on it" 1000 times in the interim between when we confirm we're going to take another stab at the last patch and when we have confirmed patch notes. That's simply pacifying and not providing any new info to the topic, and is not something I'm going to do. If asked, I'll give any info I can, and HAVE. But a non-update just so I can say I sent an update is a waste of everyone's time and only leads to frustration for the community. I'm not a non-answer answer type of person. And no, that isn't "the only info relayed to the community lead". It's the only info the ComDev can share with you at this time. Just as has been the case with every prior patch, when we have confirmed patch notes, you'll see them. When we have confirmed a date, you'll see it. Substituting your own theories in places where you feel like they fit is not facts. You posted your comment after hours in my local time.
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