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  1. I disagree. Tommy's main objective is to save other counselors so what's the point of Tommy showing up when there's nobody left to save? Not everyone plays in a kill squad.
  2. Barely if not at all in my experience. Whenever I play it's always me the one having to carry parts to their respective objective and then repair them myself. If my friends aren't being tunneled by Jason they help me by running parts sometimes.
  3. My post wasn't aimed at you by the way. I probably would've ran over those 2 people whom were blocking the way too. And I understand you were trying to school that Adam player for being rude and possibly a bigot (?) too. Hmm I guess someone running over Tommy or the sweater girl to prevent them killing your Jason buddy could be considered teaming, yeah.
  4. Can a counselor who purposely run over other players be considered a teamer though? I mean, Jason doesn't get any points if other players they die by someone else's hand if anything it'd be better to call them trolls I guess. I consider teamers to those who snitch out other player's locations, take the sweater and pair of keys with them, bonus points if they have the fuse as well. Trap you in shacks with Jason by body blocking your way out, etc. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Depends on the region and time you play I guess? I don't wanna publicly say where I'm from but man the amount of teamers and trolls I find in my area/servers is crazy (PS4). And to make it more ironic they're mostly grown up men lol. I've had some fun lobbies playing with 10 year old kids who actually try to push objectives and escape. Teamers and trolls is the reason I don't play solo anymore.
  6. If they do a sequel they should bring characters from other franchises too. I wouldn't mind seeing Nancy from A nightmare on Elm Street or Laurie Strode from Halloween or Sidney Prescott from Scream, for example. If they follow the 35 stat point rule distributed on 7 stat categories I'd balance them like this. Nancy Thompson Composure: 7/10 She was a brave girl. Luck: 5/10 Final girl and survived the 1st nightmare. Repair: 7/10 She was crafty with her traps. Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 4/10 Stealth: 7/10 Strength: 1/10 Laurie Strode Composure: 4/10 Luck: 8/10 She was attacked multiple times and survived. Repair: 2/10 Doesn't seem to be a repairer. Speed: 6/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 6/10 Strength: 3/10 She fought back Michael multiple times. Sidney Prescott Composure: 5/10 Luck: 9/10 Self explanatory she survived every scream movie. Repair: 2/10 Speed: 7/10 Stamina: 4/10 Stealth: 6/10 Strength: 2/10
  7. I'm not a camper so chances of me being chased by good ole Jason in the woods are slim to none. If anything he'd have to come after me at work (which would be a bad idea because the company I work for is just in front of a police station). Or come to me at my place. Either way I'll probably ring the cops and GTFO of there, I've got good endurance so I'll probably run like hell. But first I'd take my doggo with me cause she a good girl. As to which Jason I find the most terrifying? Hmm probably none. However I find Part IX to be extremely disgusting and ugly AF.
  8. Sorry about that. Chad's 1 composure accelerated fear gain the moment I got snared by that magical trap which causes the screen to go dark and black and white-ish fast. I was so shocked by WTH just happened I even forgot to mash X to escape and to turn my flashlight on. Lol
  9. Can certain perks get some reworks to make them more viable? For example; - Lightfoot: You make less noise when walking, jogging and sprinting (Currently only works when sprinting). Which is only useful for AJ. - Tinker: Makes repair QTE windows slightly bigger (Currently all it does is speed up the repair wheel which gives you less time to react to QTEs). - Lone wolf should get a better effect or greater fear resistance. - Potent Ranger should get reworked as well. - Pyro: Should let you start the match with a flare gun and the Jason spotting effect should be a side benefit.
  10. I didn't even know there was a perk suggestion thread. Where can I find it?
  11. I love no fear Jenny build, she's my favorite girl. I wouldn't necessary say I do great with him since I'm not a pro like those seasoned Lvl 150s players but I feel more comfortable playing as Him than playing as Vanessa or Buggzy for example. My only gripe with Kenny is his stealth. He's a loud boy, seriously he makes noise even when walking and it pisses me off lol wish Lightfoot worked all the time not just when you "Sprint".
  12. Something like this? This happened to me last saturday lol.
  13. It's cool my dude. I mostly play during the weekends now 😊 Crawling through a broken window does slightly less damage than jumping through a broken window.
  14. I've seen what you can do as Mitch before 😁 Sadly we never played again ever since 😭 Proud to be a Kenny main 😎 If you equip a 15% marathon he can sprint for slightly more than 25 seconds, he can repair and has better composure than Tiff/Nessa which make him good. Put a Rare+ restful on him too and he'll be running for days.
  15. I'm sorry that your game got sabotaged by teamers, we all hate it but I fully disagree about removing the white circles off counselors minimaps. Not everyone plays in a squad/party or use mics. Hell 80% of the games I play nobody talks to me through mics when I ask if anyone has seen the phone or where is the car located at because I don't have a map, etc. Like DeadDuck said even if the devs remove the counselors locations in the minimap (Which I think will do more harm than good), teamers will still find a way to sabotage the game if they want to. Be it by holding the fuse/ set of keys, pamela's sweater hostage, or have their buddy kill them so they expectate where everyone is located at and what they're working on. And then there's a chance they come back as Tommy to do absolutely nothing (again).
  16. It is possible to hack games on PS3/PS4 I've seen players cheat in resident evil 6 and RE revelations both for PS4. They had unlimited rocket launchers for online play. Also people hex editing save files to have the typical 999999 scores in the leaderboards. I don't know how they do it but it's possible.
  17. I think most of those people cheat or exploit not because they don't want to get good but because they find enjoyment by making Jasons rage quit or just want to troll plain and simple.
  18. Sorry for replying too late but I wanted to tell you that I played some games with friends yesterday and rolled a common (Blue) Speed Demon with a penalty of 11% slower repair. Equipped it on my Kenny and I can really tell the difference. This is a godsend literally!! 😊 I can only imagine the benefits of a 15% slower repair. 🤤
  19. Composure 2/10 I'm not particularly a well composed person. I get spooked easy IRL, not in videogames/movies though. Luck 5/10 Hey at least I'm healthy! Repair 2/10 I'm somewhat smart/clever but I'm clumsy AF. Speed 5/10 I'm a hasty walker but not a fast runner. Stamina 9/10 I got good endurance. Stealth: 10/10 I'm the quietest person you'll ever meet. People often don't hear me walk in. Strength: 2/10 I'm not particularly strong.
  20. I play Kenny 80% of the times and always focused on escaping even before the patch so I didn't change my playstyle at all. However what I did change is the boosters I used before... I took out sucker punch and swift attacker for Marathon and Restful. Other than that I don't whack Jason at all unless it's completely necessary like to save a counselor or get a quick stun to help get the car going. The amount of trolls, team killers and people who don't want to help in QP has taken my wish to play the game though so I'm taking a hiatus for now.
  21. Ted from Part II Composure: 4/10 Luck: 6/10 Repair: 2/10 Speed: 7/10 Stamina: 4/10 Stealth: 9/10 Strength: 3/10 In the movies he was never attacked by Jason and also survived the night so high luck and stealth. Average speed and slightly below average stamina to sprint in bursts (Kind of like the C h a d).
  22. Paula from Part VI Composure: 5/10 Luck: 6/10 Repair: 4/10 Speed: 5/10 Stamina 4/10 Stealth: 9/10 Strength: 2/10 Also Bill from the first movie. Composure: 6/10 Luck: 3/10 Repair: 7/10 Speed: 5/10 Stamina: 5/10 Stealth: 5/10 Strength: 4/10 Edited some stats by suggestions of @He's Killing Me
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