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  1. Definitely Chad. Easily spooked, fast, skinny/lean, clumsy. I'm not selfish though.
  2. Tested it on Chad. A 14% man at arms (epic) doesn't give you any extra bat uses (5/5) however it gives you additional wrench use (6/5) and axe use (6/5). Looks like an utterly useless perk to me and it isn't worth a slot.
  3. I see... I have a 14% one I'll try it with Chad/Jenny in private matches next time my buddy is online and I'll report to you.
  4. Wow that's bad lol. Maybe try it on Jenny/Chad? It could also be that 15% isn't enough to give an extra bat hit but maybe enough to give more uses to wrenches and machetes. Still useless though.
  5. Wiki says the legendary bonus is "Stumble reduction by 1-3%"
  6. I've an epic +25 -0 sneaky but never tried it myself. Gonna take your advice and test it out next time I play (Maybe I'll replace marathon for the test). If my memory serves me right @Slasher_Clone loves this this perk and uses it to waste Jason's time with Mitch. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Slasher 🤗
  7. Anything that makes you take extra damage or decrease overall stamina and sprint speed is bad in my opinion... I'd say increased fear rate too. I'd take a +8 -0 medic any day over a +10 -2. Did the same thing last night but I only had 12k CP which I spent all and guess what I got? 4 legendary perks and guess what they were? Potent Ranger and Teamwork... LOL!!! Sold the duplicates at least.
  8. Very useful: Medic, Thick Skinned, Marathon, Nerves of Steel. Semi Useful: Grease Monkey, Restful, Swift Attacker, Hypochondriac, Preparedness. Situational: MDIAC, Level Headed, Lightfoot, Sucker Punch. Trash: Everything else. (This is just my opinion of course, usefulness may differ for everyone else).
  9. In the uncharted 4 game if you're lag switching or lagging too bad they kick you out of the match. I think the game gives you like 3 or 5 warnings (ethernet plug icon on your screen) then you'll be kicked out to the main menus. Perhaps the devs should've implemented something like that too? I don't know.
  10. Shame really. There's nothing funnier than emoting a "How Rude" or "Sexy Sway" as you're escaping to the cops. Lol Guess it hurt too many feelings. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Don't think it was intended and it is most likely one of those new bugs that got introduced within latest patch. And lol at Victoria's ass posts, laughed more than I should have. 😂
  12. So uh haven't had a chance to download the patch yet but looking at all these bug reports can't help but feel sad and utterly disappointed. Guess I'll just play something else 😀
  13. Voted Vanessa. She has the speed and stamina to outrun Jason and she also has the strength to demask Jason herself (if needed).
  14. Something similar happened to me as Deborah back in december. Map was Crystal Lake. I'm grabbing a map from the stand and Jason shows up so I sprint to the nearest cabin and while I was barricading the door I get teleported back to the Map Stand while Jason was halfway through the neuter Kill animation and I die 💀. I was like Dafuq??
  15. Welcome to the internet. Sadly there will be always desperate people out there, in this case being those college guys you mentioned. Best thing you can do is to communicate with the friends you're playing with in a party chat or in discord chat maybe. If you want to stay in game chat then I suggest you to mute the people harassing you or just ignore them and shrug their toxicity off. Regarding the report thing, I think it's more of a Sony/Microsoft/Steam issue rather than the game's fault y'know. If they send you nasty and sexual messages you can report them and I'm sure that Sony will take action.
  16. I have a legendary speed demon (+23 vehicle speed -2% repair speed +1% faster sprint speed) haven't used it because the bonus stat is a measly 1%. Legendary perks are already hard enough to get because of the moronic perk-a-lotto system and then you have to be REALLY lucky to roll a good bonus stat which in this case is +3%. Obviously I was unlucky to roll a +1% bonus which I don't think will help me much. I did however use an uncommon (blue) speed demon before but mostly because of the - repair speed penalty. It helped me to repair as Kenny with less pressure because he averages way too many QTEs with very short to short time to react to them.
  17. Responding to the OP I don't think you'll glow red when Jason activates sense (pre-rage) it works like a hiding spot so you should be completely fine. However if Jason's in your camp your fear rate will skyrocket significantly because your flashlight is off and eventually your counselor will speak up very loudly saying stuff like "I hope he doesn't see me" or "Please don't come over here" and that's how Jason will pin point you. I noticed that counselors can gain fear significantly fast if someone spots Jason with a flare gun from across the map. Say you're at the north end of crystal lake and suddenly Jason's red icon shows up on your mini map but when you check your big map he's at the south end chasing someone. If you look closely to the edges of your screen, you'll notice that the black tint will grow super fast. It's even more noticeable if you're someone with <5 composure because they'll immediately enter Stage 2 of Fear (If your counselor wasn't already spooked).
  18. Getting run over by a car should be like an initialization ceremony. "Here, this is what you should expect often" 😄😅😂
  19. @JennyMyers1984 Do you think that Jenny will benefit from a legendary speed demon with a bonus stat of (+3%) faster sprint speed? Curious to hear your thoughts.
  20. Can I vote for all options? 😂 Joking aside, few things that also grind my gears; People who refuse to drop their shotgun to deliver parts or those who waste shotgun shells for no reason pre-rage. Speed looters whom grab like every single first aid spray and don't bother to "tank" traps from objectives. Bear traps behind glass doors too. Too many times I opened a door just to step on one in Packanack or in Crystal Lake 😐
  21. Let's just say that both marathon and NoS serve a great purpose. I have an epic (+15% -0%) marathon and I equip it on everyone but I'd run an epic NoS too if I had one. Current one I own is a rare (+8% -2%) and don't equip it because of the sprint speed penalty. Regarding thick skinned though, 17% is enough to take an extra hit when it comes to weapon strength Jasons. A 19-20 % will prevent you to limp after 3 regular weapon strength slashes. (Currently own a rare +16% -1%) 😭
  22. I'd love to have a collection like yours. I can't even get a good thick skinned or Nerves of Steel to save my life. Lol
  23. Maybe with the perk overhaul/rework that the devs are supposedly working on, some perks will get new effects/properties and might diversify more the meta? Problem with current perk capacity is that once you're sitting at 38-39 perks and you want to try your luck with perk-a-lotto you'll have to roll a perk, sell the unwanted perk, roll perk, sell, roll, sell, etc. and it gets tedious after some time. If you're fine with your current collection though then it's cool.
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