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  1. Don't really remember the names but from my experience (And note this is just my personal experience) I've noticed that most lvl 150s Victorias are the most experienced/team players I've encountered i.e they fetch parts to objectives and even repair them themselves. Would help you if grabbed and even heal you when injured. Often they blow emote kisses at you as well. lol
  2. I play with Kenny a lot and I have marathon 15% on him so I can sprint longer when running parts to objectives (And then repair them). Speed Demon because the negative effect actually helps me repair better with Kenny because it makes the mini game's wheel move 6% slower. Lastly sucker punch at 21% because I can't stand when I'm cornered by big ol' Jason and my hits don't stun him and I end up dying. Sometimes I'd play Jenny with Preparedness at 10%, Nerves of Steel at 8% and Restful at 10%. Helps to keep fear levels extremely low and restful speeds up stamina regeneration on her because she almost never panics. Looking forward to see what others' fun builds are.
  3. mike-hannigan

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    Platform: PS4 ID: Gimme-an-egg Team player here always looking to escape so expect me to fetch parts to objectives and try to repair them long as Jason isn't around. Chill person, don't get salty if friend gets to be Jason and kills me (I don't team with Jason either). Looking for nice and chill people to play with (I got a mic but accent isn't great). Send a friend request and say you are from here and want to play Oh and I mostly play during evenings or late at night after work round 6-8 PM (PT).
  4. mike-hannigan

    Best Jason Music?

    Part 5, 8 and 9 for me. The last one sounds so hopeless and panic inducing when he's relentlessly chasing you.
  5. mike-hannigan

    Escape artist perk question

    Roy has [- Grip Strength] so it is even easier for Jenny players to break free when grabbed. If you're a fast tapper you can escape from [- Grip Strength] Jasons in less than 2 seconds I broke free many times as Jenny even from Part 3 Jason and I don't equip Escape Artist at all. If you have a friend invite them to a private match and have them pick Roy as their Jason and you pick Jenny and try to break free you'll see that it's fast.
  6. Yes I play as default Tiffany but with fuchsia shorts and white shirt cause it's cute, I feel like her DLC costumes are way lower poly than her default one. Also default Kenny wearing a blue flannel shirt once in a while too.
  7. Hello kinda newbie still here, so I rolled some perks that I'd like to ask how they work and how to use them correctly. Low profile (24% sense avoidance): Says increased crouch speed and a chance to avoid Jason's sense. So I've made some research myself and there's a debate saying that you don't need to crouch to get the sense avoidance bonus while others say you NEED to crouch. I did some testing in private match with my friend and we came to the conclusion that you have to crouch for the perk to work (My friend used sense like 10 times when I was standing still and I glowed red), then when I crouched I was invisible 3/5 times. Obviously could've been bad RNG so if someone knows for certain can shed me some light? Pyro (Jason spotting effect and firecracker radius): Do I need to fire a flare to Jason's face or Fire at the sky to spot him? Confused how this one works. Marathon (Overall stamina increased) so let's say that I equip a 15% stamina boost on someone and then die/escape and come back as Tommy. Does that mean he'll have 11.5 stamina or perks like this don't work on him? Sorry for so many noobie questions. 😅
  8. mike-hannigan

    Question regarding certain perks.

    Funny I tried out a 13% rare heavy hitter with slugger last week on Chad and didn't seem to notice any difference in stun time. Maybe I need to try more. 🤔 Thanks for the explanation now I understand (I think) how spotting works. 😊
  9. mike-hannigan

    Question regarding certain perks.

    Yes I've read the suggestions regarding sense avoidance. But still was curious how this particular perk works (Low Profile) because the wording is ambiguous. Also as it is Pyro is utterly useless? Like why would I want to increase the spotting effect (don't even know how it works) by 18% when there are like 3 flares only per map. Wouldn't be better if the perk allowed you to start with a Flare? Would that make that perk OP? Just sayin'. Currently I run Medic/Sucker Punch/Swift Attacker/Marathon on most of my counselors but I'd like to try certain fun builds as well once in a while to spice things up. Thanks for the tips BTW! Appreciate it. 😊
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    Anyone ever see this glitch?

    I had that first glitch happen to me when I was playing offline vs Bots. Kenny was doing the same thing Buggzy did in your video. I had to leave the shack to kill other bots and when I came back Kenny left his hiding spot and was killable. Apparently it happens when you press X to kill them at the same moment they exit their hiding spot.
  11. mike-hannigan

    Finally All 30 Legendary Perks

    Incredible. Would love to get myself a marathon and restful those two perks are incredible hard to roll (for me).
  12. I see. On monday, matchmaking was miraculously working for me but it wasn't pairing me with people from my region but with people from the US which resulted in me having a yellow ping color. Tried again today and matchmaking does not work anymore (for me). Played the restart matchmaking game for 20 minutes then gave up.
  13. I too wanted to play a bit after dinner and all I came across was a group of 3 Lvl 150 players (2 Vanessas and 1 Fox) running everyone over with the blue car. Luckily enough I fixed the boat by myself as Debbie 5 minutes into the game and bolted, otherwise these trolls would've run me over. Also in another match a Vanessa was purposely laying down traps in front of the car when an AJ was trying to repair it, Another Deb player and myself kept defusing the trap so that AJ can repair the vehicle... What's the deal with these trolls during Christmas? Needless to say I stopped after because ain't nobody got time foh dah!
  14. Before the patch it was never a problem (for me) to find games, it usually took 30-60 seconds for the game to put me in a lobby but now doesn't matter how many times I restart the search it just won't work at all. Funny thing is I own the game for steam as well and I can find games problem free there. So the patch messed something up with the console netcode (for some people outside of the US).
  15. Same here playing on PS4 but unable to find dedicated servers. It just goes from "Searching for Dedicated servers" to "Searching session for room" to "search cooldown" rinse and repeat until it puts me in a P2P room that nobody ever joins.
  16. mike-hannigan

    Double XP Right Now

    For anyone who has trouble finding dedicated servers on PS4/X1 like myself, the double XP/CP also applies when playing offline vs bots. So at the very least you don't miss out on the juicy XP
  17. mike-hannigan

    Mystery of the week

    Yeah seems weird. I personally am not a good Jason player myself so can't give you any insight but I've been stalk+shift grabbed inside buildings before haha. Maybe someone who is more skillful at Jason than me can give you a better answer of what happened.
  18. mike-hannigan

    Mystery of the week

    Stalk + shift maybe?
  19. mike-hannigan


    Welcome to camp blood! Hope you enjoy your stay 😅
  20. mike-hannigan

    Can't find game on PS4 (Issues)

    Still haven't been able to find games on PS4 since latest patch however when I play it on Steam I find games within 30-60 seconds which means there's nothing wrong with my internet but in the PS4's netcoding / EU-SA Servers. Just a bummer that I have so many mediocre perks on the pc version because had to start over. Oh wells.
  21. Thiccfany with Medic (10%), Sucker Punch (15%) and Swift Attacker (12%). Medic so I can tank a trap or two for my teammates (specially where the phone is), sucker punch because lately the baseball bat hasn't been stunning Jason at all (There were games I whacked Jason like 2 times in a row and he wasn't stunned at all, and no he wasn't blocking either). And swift attacker because of the extra swing speed ofc.
  22. Update version 1.30 Platform PS4 (2013 model). Add ons installed: Both costume packs. Screenshot of game's details. Can't find dedicated servers at all. Hope this data is useful for your tests/research 😛
  23. mike-hannigan

    Love this game

    Hello campers, nabbed this game for PS4 when it was free and also nabbed it for steam when it was discounted at (5.99$) been enjoying it so far even though I don't survive much haha. But I'm still happy when I know that at least someone escaped with the vehicle I fixed before dying. Lol. Currently waiting for the next (hotfix?) because haven't been able to find a game at all on PS4 since the update however been playing offline vs bots to unlock Tiffany in the meantime. Either way happy to join the community and hope to meet you all in game. (Sorry for bad english btw). Love ~ ❤️
  24. mike-hannigan

    Love this game

    Hello and yes I keep finding server issues, in fact I can't find games at all on my own except when I play with people from the US. Already reported it at JasonKillsBugs dot com and added all info as detailed as possible. Thank you for taking your time to reply. 😃
  25. mike-hannigan

    Love this game

    Thank you for the warm welcome and the links, will take a gander. ❤️