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  1. Definitely Chad. Easily spooked, fast, skinny/lean, clumsy. I'm not selfish though.
  2. Tested it on Chad. A 14% man at arms (epic) doesn't give you any extra bat uses (5/5) however it gives you additional wrench use (6/5) and axe use (6/5). Looks like an utterly useless perk to me and it isn't worth a slot.
  3. I see... I have a 14% one I'll try it with Chad/Jenny in private matches next time my buddy is online and I'll report to you.
  4. Wow that's bad lol. Maybe try it on Jenny/Chad? It could also be that 15% isn't enough to give an extra bat hit but maybe enough to give more uses to wrenches and machetes. Still useless though.
  5. Wiki says the legendary bonus is "Stumble reduction by 1-3%"
  6. I've an epic +25 -0 sneaky but never tried it myself. Gonna take your advice and test it out next time I play (Maybe I'll replace marathon for the test). If my memory serves me right @Slasher_Clone loves this this perk and uses it to waste Jason's time with Mitch. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Slasher 🤗
  7. Anything that makes you take extra damage or decrease overall stamina and sprint speed is bad in my opinion... I'd say increased fear rate too. I'd take a +8 -0 medic any day over a +10 -2. Did the same thing last night but I only had 12k CP which I spent all and guess what I got? 4 legendary perks and guess what they were? Potent Ranger and Teamwork... LOL!!! Sold the duplicates at least.
  8. Very useful: Medic, Thick Skinned, Marathon, Nerves of Steel. Semi Useful: Grease Monkey, Restful, Swift Attacker, Hypochondriac, Preparedness. Situational: MDIAC, Level Headed, Lightfoot, Sucker Punch. Trash: Everything else. (This is just my opinion of course, usefulness may differ for everyone else).
  9. In the uncharted 4 game if you're lag switching or lagging too bad they kick you out of the match. I think the game gives you like 3 or 5 warnings (ethernet plug icon on your screen) then you'll be kicked out to the main menus. Perhaps the devs should've implemented something like that too? I don't know.
  10. Shame really. There's nothing funnier than emoting a "How Rude" or "Sexy Sway" as you're escaping to the cops. Lol Guess it hurt too many feelings. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Don't think it was intended and it is most likely one of those new bugs that got introduced within latest patch. And lol at Victoria's ass posts, laughed more than I should have. 😂
  12. So uh haven't had a chance to download the patch yet but looking at all these bug reports can't help but feel sad and utterly disappointed. Guess I'll just play something else 😀
  13. Voted Vanessa. She has the speed and stamina to outrun Jason and she also has the strength to demask Jason herself (if needed).
  14. Something similar happened to me as Deborah back in december. Map was Crystal Lake. I'm grabbing a map from the stand and Jason shows up so I sprint to the nearest cabin and while I was barricading the door I get teleported back to the Map Stand while Jason was halfway through the neuter Kill animation and I die 💀. I was like Dafuq??
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