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  1. I tested this long ago before the Mask HP buff so I don't think that affects strength at all. If anything, I think that they lowered damage certain sharp weapons do to make de-masking harder. Also I heard that you must hit Jason 4 times minimum to get his mask off now. So basically if you already did 100% damage on him on the second hit, the mask will not come off until the fourth hit. (Someone talked about this on reddit so this isn't my theory). You will have to excuse my poor google sheet abilities lol. Either way. Number on the left represents the # of hits that weapon gets without the perk on and number on the right the # of hits with the perk on (15% Man at Arms). As you can see AJ, Tiffany and Vanessa barely get any extra hits with weapons whereas the other counselors get an extra hit with like every melee weapon. Also forgot to test 2x4, branches and frying pans. But you get an idea already.
  2. Unfortunately they don't make the increments bigger. When you're tapping X,A or E to break free, the autofill pauses so escape artist isn't even working when you're mashing buttons to break free. You can check this by letting your friend grab you, mash the break free button until the gauge is halfway full then stop. You'll notice that the gauge will freeze there for like 2-3 seconds until the auto fill catches up then it will continue to fill itself up. I used to believe that he had the fastest escape speed too until I tested this in private matches, thoroughly. Count the taps it takes to escape before and after rage and you'll be surprised. It seems that composure is the most important stat to break free from a grab and then strength adds some bonus to it. Also stronger and weaker grip strength seems to give a boost/penalty of 7-10 %. For example against Roy, Kenny escaped in 22 / 44 taps (Almost like AJ) but then against Part 3 it took him 27/54 taps. Yeah Jason's hearing sense gets weaker during rage. All counselors still make big noise pings in the mini map but Jason has a harder time hearing them. However Part 7 Jason seems to have a greater hearing sense. He can hear AJ and Tiffany jogging from a considerable distance.. it's like all counselors get a (-) Minus 2 Stealth penalty when playing against him. Because of his perfect composure and luck and stealth, Tommy secretly has a much higher stealth just like how Jenny and Mitch are way quieter than Chad and how AJ is quieter than Tiffany. Tommy only makes noise when he swims but it's not that loud. Maybe he still makes noise against Part 7 when he sprints but I haven't tested that because you need a somewhat big party to get Tommy to spawn in private matches. hehe If anyone is interested I also tested a 15% Man at Arms on all counselors, AJ, Tiffany and Vanessa benefit the least from it. If you want I can break down the number of successful weapon hits everyone gets with and without the perk on.
  3. When Jason enters Rage mode his hearing sense gets significantly weaker to compensate for his increased sense radius and shorter cooldown. While in Rage, assuming it isn't Part 7 Jason, these counselors can jog silently: Adam, Fox, Kenny, Chad, Mitch, Victoria, Lachappa, Sheldon, Jenny. No matter how close they are they cease to make noise at all for Jason but only when he's enraged. These can sprint without making any noise when Jason is enraged: Chad, Mitch, Victoria, Lachappa, Sheldon, Jenny, Deborah, Tiffany and AJ. Kenny can sprint silently as long as he's outside of Jason's music cue. Tommy does not make ANY noise when he sprints before and after rage. He's way quieter than AJ.
  4. Escape Artist and Scout perks do not reduce the amount of button presses required to escape from Jason's grab or a bear trap. Instead they make the gauge meter speed up 1-15% faster when you're not pressing any button. So basically they're even more useless than I thought they were. I tested default grip strength in private matches and these were the results; Tommy Jarvis: 12 Button presses to escape / 24 when Jason is enraged Jenny Myers: 16 Button presses to escape / 28 when Jason is enraged Mitch Floyd: 17 Button presses to escape / 28 when Jason is enraged Adam Palomino: 17 Button presses to escape / 34 when Jason is enraged AJ Mason: 22 Button presses to escape / 45 when Jason is enraged Kenny Riedell: 25 Button presses to escape / 50 when Jason is enraged Deborah Kim: 33 button presses to escape / 52 when Jason is enraged Vanessa Jones: 38 button presses to escape / 60 when Jason is enraged Tiffany Cox: 47 button presses to escape / 64 when Jason is enraged These were all tested against a neutral grip strength Jason. Also the Spatial Awareness Perk doesn't seem to work either. I tested it on Tiffany and she stumbled 9 times without the perk (I jogged in circles around Jason until her stamina depleted) and then with the perk on she stumbled 8 times. Perk in question was Epic with a bonus of 25% and no penalties.
  5. Tiffany, Eric and Kenny get 3 swings out of Baseball Bats, Axes and Wrenches.
  6. Your math is not wrong but the way the game works is odd 😂 Like I pointed out each counselor has a hidden stat behind the UI we see. So even though Deborah has 3/10 stamina in the UI in the customization screen... that translates to 99 stamina points so basically 99*1.15=113.85 SP so her stamina pool gets boosted from 3/10 to 6.9/10. Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938559619 (scroll all the way down to Stamina category).
  7. All counselors have a hidden stamina value behind the stats we see in the UI in the customization screen. So to break it down from lowest to highest; LaChappa 95 SP Deborah 99 SP AJ, Mitch, Adam, Chad, Sheldon 100 SP Kenny, Jenny, Fox 105 SP Victoria 115 SP Buggzy 120 SP Vanesa, Tiffany 125 SP Tommy 130 SP Now when you want to calculate how much stamina bonus you'll get from marathon you just gotta multiply the perk value % with the base stamina points (SP) each counselor has and then divide by 100. So basically Debbie will go from 3 stamina to 6.99 and AJ will go from 4 stamina to a perfect 7. Also if I recall correctly. Counselors burn 0.95 SP per second when they jog and 5 SP when they sprint. Restful does work even when your counselor is scared by the way, however 15% is not a really high value to make a HUGE difference. It takes 25 seconds to fully regain your stamina when whoever you're playing as is scared. 21.25 seconds if you have a perfect 15% Restful.
  8. I tested low profile (25% legendary) in private matches with a friend long ago and it only worked when I crouched.
  9. +3% faster sprint speed. Sorry should've clarified in my first post. I kinda regretted selling it but ran out of slots and needed to roll more perks >.>
  10. I rolled an epic +25% -15% on PS4 but sold it once I got a legendary one with +22 -5 +3 %.
  11. Most likely she was victim of the environmental kill glitch "the died but still alive glitch" and then sometime later in the match since for the game she was already dead, she re-spawned as Tommy while her character was technically still alive.
  12. Definitely... She'll probably sprint in slow motion or something lol
  13. Sorry to hear you are experiencing connectivity issues (can't connect to dedicated servers). I know exactly how you feel because after the 2018's november patch I could not find any dedicated servers at all too (for 3 months) until they finally patched it on february. And whenever I did find servers (usually after trying for 30 minutes or more) they were from the US. Funny thing is when I went and tried the steam version I found servers in a heart beat. 🤷‍♂️ hopefully they get it sorted quick so you can enjoy the game again.
  14. Yeah I noticed this hours ago when some people uploaded switch footage... So much for no new content... even though these are already in game they've been data-mined before.
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