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  1. Don't tunnel the first counselor you see unless it's LaChappa 😅. Instead set a trap in front of your shack then trap the rest of the objectives, after that it's hunting season.
  2. Sorry for bumping this thread but wanted to share that it is still possible to get to the packanack roof. Don't know how this person did it cause I died super late into the match and she was already there. Scratched the name of the exploiter out since I don't mean to witch hunt or anything but you can bet I'm so gonna report his ass on jasonkillbugs dot com.
  3. Hello campers! So ever since the latest rage patch the meta's been shifting significantly. More and more people are getting rid of their combat oriented perks (Sucker punch, swift attacker, man at arms, etc). So I've been thinking why not share with others every loadout that you are currently using that's worked the best for you? I'll start myself: Jenny and Mitch have the no fear build (Nerves of Steel, Preparedness and Medic). I've been thinking to take out medic to replace it with Marathon but can't decide yet. Everyone else has Marathon, Restful and Medic. Also I've been thinking to give Deborah/AJ Mason Level Headed and Low Profile since the main idea is to avoid Jason and get stuff fixed pre-rage while Jason's sense range isn't too wide yet. What do you guys think? Also what combination of perks you found yourself working best for you post-rage update? Looking forward to see your loadouts if it isn't a secret 😉
  4. mike-hannigan

    GamePlayingGuru's video.

    This is me lol I'm probably the chillest and nicest person you'll ever meet in-game. 😅
  5. mike-hannigan

    Fastest Escape.

    Mine was like 3 minutes I think. I was playing the Steam version like 2 months ago, map was higgins haven and I was Chad, I spawn in front of a small shack, I quickly go inside and find Battery for the car and the keys so I quickly sprint to the closest car and surprisingly found Buggzy filling up the tank with gas, I install the battery and we bolt. On the way out we pick a Mitch that was being tunneled by Jason and we all 3 escaped.
  6. mike-hannigan

    Favorite way to survive?

    I voted Boat because they're fun and dangerous. Also gotta love seeing Deborah's hair go crazy when leaving on boat 😆
  7. Haven't played much since the latest update as I've been nerding RE2 up however I voted Kenny since I play him like 85% of the time. Not surprised to see AJ on the lead to be honest since she has 10/10 stealth plus that 7 repair which helps you avoid Jason and get shit done undetected before rage. (Pardon my language 😝).
  8. mike-hannigan

    how can i know if i been banned from the game ?

    Welcome to camp and glad to hear your problem's been solved!
  9. Flares don't stun him anymore post rage either, don't know about firecrackers.
  10. Been like this since november, some days I find servers after like 10-15 minutes, some other days I don't find servers at all even after trying for 30+ minutes. Hope they fix this soon as it's been over two months already.
  11. Happened to me the other day when playing with a member of this forum. I specifically picked Deborah and then when the match started I was Vanessa.
  12. mike-hannigan

    Any News on the updates?

    I have this game for steam as well and the few times I tried to play it online I can find lobbies within seconds however it's not the same thing on PS4. I just don't play the steam version much because my laptop isn't strong enough to run this game, barely meets the minimum requirements so I have to play it on console. About the perk system I think Matt said they're still working on it and that it will most likely not deliver in the future patch. (He'll have to answer that again).
  13. mike-hannigan

    Any News on the updates?

    They said they'll give us news regarding the new update towards the end of the month and guess what month is about to end already, we can expect news on the 31st I guess. 😅 Also hope they fix the dedicated server issue on PS4/XB1, it's a nightmare to find lobbies.
  14. Don't really remember the names but from my experience (And note this is just my personal experience) I've noticed that most lvl 150s Victorias are the most experienced/team players I've encountered i.e they fetch parts to objectives and even repair them themselves. Would help you if grabbed and even heal you when injured. Often they blow emote kisses at you as well. lol
  15. I play with Kenny a lot and I have marathon 15% on him so I can sprint longer when running parts to objectives (And then repair them). Speed Demon because the negative effect actually helps me repair better with Kenny because it makes the mini game's wheel move 6% slower. Lastly sucker punch at 21% because I can't stand when I'm cornered by big ol' Jason and my hits don't stun him and I end up dying. Sometimes I'd play Jenny with Preparedness at 10%, Nerves of Steel at 8% and Restful at 10%. Helps to keep fear levels extremely low and restful speeds up stamina regeneration on her because she almost never panics. Looking forward to see what others' fun builds are.