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  1. Jasons who team up with other counselors (probably friends) and don't kill them. Friend bias is one of the most annoying things in competitive/co-op games. Just the other day I was in pinehurst and was repairing the phone, sadly I screwed up and Jason immediately shows up. He goes after the Vanessa next to me and the guy says "Hey wait it's me, don't kill me, go after him instead"... so the tunneling begins. Got chased everywhere by Jason with their buddy Vanessa next to him. After like 5 minutes of constant running from cabin to cabin and dodging shift grabs I get grabbed and died. Jasons who flip the car with knives cause they just used their morph/shift. Seriously if you do this you're just as bad as those counselors who giltch on roofs/rocks. Jasons who trap doorways and windows kind of annoy me too but if he does it early and I somehow die at least I know that he wasted like all of his traps on me and now my teammates have a better chance of repairing stuff and leave.
  2. I doubt the devs even check exploits/hacks reports anymore. I've reported at least a dozen of glitchers with screenshots and videos. The videos are still at 0 views (unlisted).
  3. Honestly we should've had a better perk collection IMO. Probably a 999 limit and have the option to sort our perks in alphabetical order, rarity, ownership, percentages and recently acquired. Perks that we don't own should still show up in the collection but greyed out. Sadly this won't ever happen.
  4. 1- Vanessa 2- Tiffany 3- Deborah 4- AJ 5- Fox 6- Adam 7- (Debatable) Here's where the meta characters have been picked already so you probably gonna pick the left over characters that kind of suit your playstyle.
  5. Voted for the option one. I just wanna get shit done and help others and escape, I never start a match with the intention to kill Jason and in fact I have only killed him once ever since I started playing 5 months ago (Did it for the gold trophy), then never bothered again. If you got a mic and tell me that you want help to kill Jason then sure I'd try my best to help UNLESS you're an asshole who's spouting nonsense and rudeness out of your potty mouth and belittling Jason which in that case I'm not gonna help you at all.
  6. Can't wait to have additional slots to roll some more Quiet Swimmer, Easy Listening and Aquanauts!!! 😂 (Voted yes).
  7. Haha but hey you probably play way more than me. I only play this like 6-10 hours weekly. =D
  8. Around 105 ish. I just got the "You died a lot" trophy like a week ago.
  9. Were you playing on a server that wasn't from your region? Because something similar happened to me when someone invited me to play with them on the Australian server and I had like 350 ms , my hits were going through Jason and didn't register. Also I warped a bit when running... Like I'd stop running and then my character would teleport a few meters ahead. Could be the Jason was lagging, too.
  10. I'm so biased in favor of Kenny but I wanted to be honest for this poll so I voted Chad. That 9 speed is really good to keep a steady speed while jogging away from Jason and then that 10 luck helps to replenish more stamina in case you need to outswing Jason during Rage. That 6 stealth means that you can safely walk towards windows while inside a house without giving off noise blips so Mr. Voorhees can't exactly pinpoint your location from outside. Having Tommy in this poll is unfair though since he's the hero and has maxed stats 😂
  11. This is the reason I voted Tiffany. Jason can see Vanessa's noise blips when she's jogging towards a window or when trying to hide. However Vanessa's speed is still godly to dodge shift grabs.
  12. I love L4D2 custom maps! They're the reason I keep going back to that game.
  13. I've thought of that too. To make it even more interesting, Mitch and Chad both have (6) Stealth but Mitch seems to generate smaller noise pings than Chad when sprinting but not as small as Jenny's. So maybe Composure secretly boosts counselor's stealth a bit? Those screenshots were taken when all 3 counselors were sprinting and not wearing lightfoot. Now I'm hankering to do more tests lol.
  14. To the person saying "People don't play the useless counselors they pick the same five always". Isn't it obvious? 🤦‍♀️ The reason the same 5 are picked every single match is because they're the strongest. Why would you ever pick Lachappa over Deborah or Buggzy over Vanessa or Chad over Jenny or Kenny over Fox? There's a reason why people request to rework weak counselors, so that there is more variety in QP and you don't end up seeing "the same five" over and over. I disagree about buffing Vanessa though, if anything I'd lower her luck by 2 or 3 points and bump her stealth by the subtracted amount. After all, stealth is utterly useless unless it's 9 or higher.
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