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  1. Even though 85% of the time I have to play solo I voted team because I enjoy company better. It's so much fun to coordinate with someone to get repairs done and then escape. Before my friends moved on we'd often scatter to find gas/battery/keys, etc. and then we'd run the parts to the respective objectives and get shit done. Now that I have to play solo it's harder because I have to cover more ground myself, tank traps myself and then repair shit myself (assuming Jason didn't kill me in the process). XD
  2. Most legendaries feel like mediocre perks to be quite honest. I've rolled so many epic perks that were +20 -0 and then legendary versions of the same perk +18 -5 +2... If anything legendaries should have no negatives and the bonus stat should always be +5% or increase the main threshold by like 3-5%. Also doesn't help that most perks are quite useless and then the bonus stat they offer is very underwhelming too... +3% less stumble chance won't make me use potent ranger for example. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  3. Tommy tapes is a rare breed of pokemon for me. I need just one more to complete the collection but I haven't seen one in ages. Pamela tapes however seems to be slightly more common at least in my experience.
  4. It's cool. I figured something of sorts might have happened. Either way I just sent a FR again now, PSN name is Gimme-an-egg. I'll probably edit main post and add my ID there was well πŸ˜…
  5. Mind sharing what "Reds" movie marathon consists of? I'm curious though I don't know if I'll fit nicely in the group? I mean I don't team nor cheat/exploit but I'm not a very skilled player myself to be part of those pro league tournaments πŸ˜‚ also have my preference set on counselor cause I enjoy it more. @bryanp3692 I believe I sent you a friend request months ago when you made a similar thread but you're yet to accept it πŸ˜… Slasher and I played like 2 matches months ago but ever since we haven't had a chance to play again. Gotta love Slasher role playing as Mitch when playing πŸ˜‚
  6. I'll send a FR in a moment. I'm free today if you want to tag along 😁 Of course you can Slashy, we're already friends so if I see you online and in-game I'll send you a PM and an invite. 😎
  7. I really REALLY enjoy this game but everyone in my friends list have moved on already and I don't find joy at all anymore when queuing in QP by myself. So many assholes, teamers and glitchers and it's hard to deal with them on my own. So I'm looking for nice and friendly people to play with, preferably from NA or SA so I don't have a horrible ping and also people who prefer to play counselors (or at least don't want to team 'cause that's not fun). I usually favor repairs but at this point I don't mind if people want to go for the Jason kill long as I don't have to play solo anymore. Lol If you have a free spot for me in your team or if you just want to tag along let me know. πŸ™ Time zone is EST and I have a mic. I'm super friendly and nice. πŸ˜‰ PSN ID is: Gimme-an-egg
  8. Grew up playing N64, SNES, PS1,2,3 and now PS4 and I tell ya it's just natural now lol Alternatively I can't play with K&M at all when I tried to play L4D2 with them I just kept running against walls, my aim was way off, etc. πŸ˜‚
  9. Me? Never and it's not because I don't like the switch or because I care about graphics but because the lack of cross-save. Having to level up and unlock everything again is a big no-no for me. Specially rolling perks AGAIN considering how shitty the system is and how hard it is to earn CP on lower levels.
  10. Next time you're stuck in a choke stance try to get in water. It'll go back to normal.
  11. I nabbed a copy of the clothing pack before they took down the site even though I don't have an X1 lol. Maybe someday I'll get myself one you never know.
  12. Whenever I play almost nobody grab them anymore and to be honest I'd rather have more first aid sprays over firecrackers now....Also doesn't help that a lot of the times they don't stun Jason either even before he gets rage. >_<
  13. Health spray, second would be a pocket knife. I like to repair shit so a lot of times I have to tank a lot of traps and I can't do that without sprays.
  14. Mask Hunter: This is a game mode where Jason isn't around however it's a 4v4. Perks are disabled and everyone has 5/5 stats. Everyone will start with the big map and Jason's mask will spawn somewhere on the map and it will be marked like repair parts. Counselors must grab the mask and for each second they hold it in their inventory they gain 1 point. At the end of the match whichever team has the most points wins. The counselor whom has the mask in their inventory will glow red for the enemy team (Like when Jason uses Sense). Counselors respawn upon death and friendly fire is on by default of course. Randomly an area in camp will have the ground glow red-ish. When the counselor with the mask is in that area then they gain 2x points instead of 1.
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