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  1. Update version 1.30 Platform PS4 (2013 model). Add ons installed: Both costume packs. Screenshot of game's details. Can't find dedicated servers at all. Hope this data is useful for your tests/research 😛
  2. mike-hannigan

    Love this game

    Hello and yes I keep finding server issues, in fact I can't find games at all on my own except when I play with people from the US. Already reported it at JasonKillsBugs dot com and added all info as detailed as possible. Thank you for taking your time to reply. 😃
  3. mike-hannigan

    Love this game

    Thank you for the warm welcome and the links, will take a gander. ❤️
  4. Not sure if latest update messed up the netcoding or if it's a server side issue but haven't been able to find any matches myself either since the latest patch. Either way hope there's a fix soon cause I want to play this so bad. Haha.
  5. mike-hannigan

    Love this game

    Hello campers, nabbed this game for PS4 when it was free and also nabbed it for steam when it was discounted at (5.99$) been enjoying it so far even though I don't survive much haha. But I'm still happy when I know that at least someone escaped with the vehicle I fixed before dying. Lol. Currently waiting for the next (hotfix?) because haven't been able to find a game at all on PS4 since the update however been playing offline vs bots to unlock Tiffany in the meantime. Either way happy to join the community and hope to meet you all in game. (Sorry for bad english btw). Love ~ ❤️