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  1. I thought that with 10/10 stealth you didn’t make soundpings while jogging? Cause AJ does for me
  2. I only ever use Kenny and AJ, ten stealth is a fucking blessing, I also use Roy as Jason, but who do you think is the best counsellor and Jason?
  3. My main character oscillates between Trap Money Kenny and AJ May also my main goal is to stealthily repair parts, if caught in a fight, stun quick and then melt in the background. I play equally alone and with one/three friends who all have the game
  4. Thanks! Man At Arms is legendary, Slugger is only rare pour moi.
  5. I decided to write down a list of perks a while back of which perks for which counsellor. What do you think? Change or keep? VANESSA: Level Headed, Low Profile, Slugger AJ: Man At Arms, Slugger, Marathon JENNY: Grease Monkey, Slugger, Man At Arms VICTORIA: Grease Monkey, Slugger, Level Headed FOX: Man At Arms, Lightfoot, Sneaky CHAD: Level Headed, Grease Monkey, Slugger KENNY: My Dads A Cop, Hypochondriac, Medic TIFFANY: Man At Arms, Slugger, Level Headed BUGGZY: Level Headed, Man At Arms, Grease Monkey DEBORAH: Man At Arms, Slugger, Marathon ADAM: Lightfoot, Marathon, Man At Arms ERIC: Marathon, Slugger, Restful SHELLY: Man At Arms, Marathon, Restful MITCH: Man At Arms, Slugger, Marathon
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