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  1. I don't speak Spanish, but I feel your pain Nefestio. I'm in Canada, on PS4. Quick play has been broken for me since the November patch. I had no issues connecting to a quick play since dedicated servers were release until this patch. Got into a quick play game successfully only once since it came out...there were only two of us in that game. I also get a screen that pops up with this error in two scenarios: as soon as I join a lobby and after I finish an offline bots game.  The only solution right now that I'm aware of is to create a party or join a friend's session. This blows for me as I don't have many PS4 friends who plays F13. Add me ppl please so I can play again: shatteredjay Anyone else having issues joining quick play on PS4? If so, what country do you live in?
  2. First post. I've been reading this site since the launch of the game.
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