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  1. Great! Thanks Matt that’s all I ever needed/ wanted to know but never have got an answer thanks so much
  2. What’s up Matt quick question if u don’t mind me asking are offline saves for our Jason’s kills and skins ever going to happen?
  3. Has anyone ever noticed some kills like knee snap will make the body magically teleport a few feet away? Or when pinning someone to a tree there body will float up or down
  4. Game crashes when playing offline bots now also aren’t throwing knives suppose to make a noise if they hit the ground floor or wall? waiting for them to fix the body animations when throwing someone thru a window or do another type of grab kill they will hit the ground then there body will jitter up for a second lol it kinda hurts the eyes
  5. Hey everybody I’m new I have been lurking this forums for MONTHS looking at everyone’s take on this game and patches I really did try to give gun and illfonic the benefit of the doubt but I absolutely can’t anymore this game is broken interaction lock can’t pick up health sprays open windows open bear traps etc look gun/black towers studios fix the blood and wood effects on pine hurst they said it was fixed for this update obviously it wasn’t fix the floating phone animation when u call the cops fix the no sound effects for opening/closing doors/closets and pushing the door open and fix the climbing thru windows sound sound effect does not play most times when feet touch the ground and fix the body flicker of dead councelors that happens when jason does a grab kill even tho the flicker lasts for a second its distracting and finally seriously for the love of god add offline saves so we can use all of our Jason’s weapon swapping bloody skins and the additional 9 kills we payed for which is 9 dollars here in the us yes it’s only 9 dollars but I feel ripped off what happens when a thunderstorm hits and knocks out my internet I am stuck with 2 jasons and 4 kills smdh I am level 150 do 1 more patch and keep the games servers up and running as long as possible that is it every patch breaks more and more things I swear if it wasn’t for Friday the 13th movies and Jason voorhees I would NOT play this game but it is the only game we have and might ever get that is as close to the movies as it is it is a fun game when it works but a frustrating chore and nuisance when it doesn’t sorry for the long posts everybody this was a long time coming Trust me I had NO intentions of ever making an account and posting here just curios to see everything my fellow Friday the 13th fans were posting but I have had enough nonsense with this game and well obviously I’m here
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