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  1. the new patch sorted it out for a bit until last Saturday since then it's been putting me in empty lobbies after about 5 mins of "looking for dedicated servers". (EU). but yea the team have been working on it for what is it now three months? aye not the sharpest tools are they. oh well
  2. so this still hasn't been fixed lol... absolute amateurs the lot of them
  3. It's beyond a joke at this point. The last patch has fully ruined the game for ps4 users In the EU, it's as if they binned the dedicated servers altogether, QP normally puts you in a lobby by yourself after about 6-7 mins of "searching for dedicated servers" then you just wait for it to fill up which takes ages and if you're unlucky and get put in a lobby where the host is a **** that quits once they're killed you lose all xp, kills etc, Ahhh the good old days... ive also noticed issues with the gameplay that weren't there before the last patch, eg Jason's knifes sometimes won't damage counselors, looting drawers etc takes at least 1 sec longer than it used to, which is a potential death trap if Jason's on you and you're looking for that pocket knife/spray etc. But the main issue is the matchmaking I could live with the glitches in game if that actually worked as intended, and the worst thing is the developers haven't addressed it at all, be nice if they could come out and let us know they're working on it, that it'll get fixed soon etc but for about a week now they've been dead silent. Hopefully it gets sorted soon but I won't be holding my breath.
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