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  1. Drop.Dead.Cynical

    FvJ: the ending that never was

    I'd like to take a look at that script., just to see how they had planned on telling the story. My most favorite thing about that franchise was how Pinhead was never truly the antagonist; he was a prisoner of that realm himself, he had just been there for so long and had endured so much torture that he lost touch with his own humanity (which was touched upon in later films). one of my favorite lines in the 2nd movie -- and there were many throughout the entire franchise -- illustrates this perfectly: "it is not hands that summon us, it is desire."
  2. Drop.Dead.Cynical

    Jason is weak

    Cool, I'll be on after work and other responsibilities of adulthood are attended to.
  3. Drop.Dead.Cynical

    FvJ: the ending that never was

    I watched a documentary a few years ago, can't remember which one, but in it a proposed alternate ending to Freddy vs. Jason was discussed wherein the final scene was to feature Freddy and Jason down in Hell about to go at each other for another round when chains shoot from offscreen, blinding both characters in place and then Pinhead was to step out from the darkness and say "gentleman, what seems to be the problem?" Apparently this was scrapped because they were unable to obtain the rights to use the character. Personally I think this would've been a much better ending than the one we actually got. On a somewhat related note: years ago the was supposed to be a reboot of Hellraiser but Clive Barker wouldn't allow it because they wanted to replace Doug Bradley as Pinhead. As a lifelong fan of that franchise, I applaud that decision.
  4. Drop.Dead.Cynical

    Jason is weak

    Um...kay... if you're on PS4 add me and we'll see if your claim can hold water: dr0pd34dcyn1c47
  5. Drop.Dead.Cynical

    Jason is weak

    Pro / Jason is too weak.... pick one. Step up your game.
  6. Drop.Dead.Cynical


    She runs Tiffany. When I play counselor I lean towards Kenny, Chad, or Vanessa depending on what strategy I decide to run. As Jason I rotate between 4 and 7. I've completed the majority of the office challenges but offline play doesn't intrigue me as much as online.
  7. Drop.Dead.Cynical


    I guess since I am apparently going to be posting on this forum considerably more than I initially intended I should introduce myself. Greetings, all. I am a fan of horror movies, video games, horror video games, and video games based around horror movies. Though I have yet to see a decent attempt at turning a video game into a movie. Definitely not Doom. That was complete garbage and I still feel like I am owed a refund. But I digress. My wife and I play this game a lot -- when it actually allows us to get into an online game -- she prefers counselor and I prefer Jason. It has been a great bonding experience for us because prior to this game she couldn't really enjoy any of the other offerings for PS4 which I played. This game gives us something both to enjoy and has provided hours of entertainment as well us made us both some new friends. Not sure what else to say...see ya on the boards, I guess.
  8. Drop.Dead.Cynical

    My Problem with Part V "Jason"

    You're right, that isn't very satisfying. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But if that's all we get then that's all we get. As for the rest: As the writer of the original writer for the first Friday the 13th put it (and I'm paraphrasing) "In my story, Jason was dead. Period." The following installments were ultimately just an attempt to cash in on the success of the original and the numerous changes made to the writing staff, cast, etc. are what account for the discrepancies from film to film. Which is why I thought the most recently released film did such a great job of wrapping this story into a neat little standalone package; you have basically the first 4 original films all rolled into one. I just wish Kane Hodder had been able to reprise his role as Jason once more, especially given how he was passed over for the Jason role in Freddy vs Jason. Not to say that you're wrong about the lack of mentioning of Jason's name in part 3 -- I never really noticed either way -- but I think that, if true, it's more likely the result of an oversight on the part of the writing staff than a nod to deeper yet-to-be-revealed mythos if the F13 Universe since Jason's identity is strongly implied from the part 2 recap at the beginning of part 3. Still an interesting notion, to be sure. And since New Line decided to tack on a whole bunch of new concepts for part 9 I suppose anything is possible at Crystal Lake or Forest Green or whatever it will be called next.
  9. @Ahab If you ask me, if anyone is the asshole it is Jason for showing up to kill these counselors who did him no wrong. 😂 Seriously, though, I stand by my previous comments regarding Jason "bullying." Whether or not these players are "assholes" or just have a mind for offensive tactics is ultimately a matter of opinion and ours are clearly at odds. But I do thank you for your input.
  10. As anyone who is true fan of the F13 franchise should know, Friday the 13th Par V: A New Beginning did not feature Jason as the killer. This role was filled by ambulance driver Roy Burns who, upon arriving on the scene at Pinehurst discovers the mutilated body of his son, begins to seek revenge on the locals under the guise of Jason (presumably to keep suspicion off of himself -- which never would've existed in the first place because no one knew the murdered guy was his son until AFTER he is dead and the sheriff finds his photo in Roy's wallet.) That being the case, why does this wannabe start the match inside Jason's shack and why does Pamela speak to him? This makes no sense. About the only thing that was done right was the cut-scene at the end of the match which shows him escaping into the forest rather than returning to the shack like all the other Jasons do. It would make more sense, to me, if this Jason spawned either just in a partially dynamic location sans Jason's shack or the shack was replaced with an ambulance outside of which he would spawn. And Pamela's voice could be replaced with either the voice of his deceased son pleading for revenge or his own disembodied voice speaking to himself. Call me a nit-picking purist but this bothers me to no end every time a player chooses to play as the wannabe.
  11. My positive outlook on the game is most likely a result of my recognition that this game is exactly that: a game. If I were to get all pissy every time I come across someone who either possess greater skill at it or just for lucky it would defeat the purpose of playing to begin with. I like playing against the "hard" boys to practice my shift-grab as well as target leading with throwing knives. The pocket knife/fire cracker combo is a little annoying to me for the simple fact that the AI uses it more often than not. The predictability of it makes it easy to counter (as you explained) but the banality of it leaves much to be desired. As an aside: is there a perk which allows players to spawn with a pocket knife or is that reserved for AI only? If the former is the case, it must be extremely rare cause I've yet to roll one.
  12. Well judging from all the complaining I am certainly in the minority for being of that opinion. I remember the first time I came across one of these "bullying" groups; I had 4 counselors successfully push me into having tunnel-vision to the point that in the time I spent chasing them around that I didn't notice someone had entered my shack and retrieved the sweater until it was too late and they killed me. Did I rage quit or berate them for "bullying?" No. What I did do was commend them on employing a successful strategy. And that's what they did: employ strategy. A gamer playing to their individual strengths and exploiting the weaknesses of their opponent(s) is not "bullying" or cheating or anything other than smart gameplay. The best way to counter this? Play smarter as Jason or don't play Jason at all unless you're in offline mode playing against retarded bots. Just don't play on the normal or hard difficulty settings lest you encounter counselors who spawn with pocket knives and fire crackers who will deploy them both simultaneously and leave you cursing the AI as opposed to players who are just better at a game than you.
  13. Am I the only person who thinks these "bully" groups are useful in that the counselors can be killed much quicker than if they were spread out across the map? I'll often bait the counselors into taking a swing and dodge their attack by making Jason do a little 360 then countering with a melee attack of my own or a grab. This method isn't 100% effective but with practice and proper timing it will often make the counselors rethink their offensive approach.
  14. Drop.Dead.Cynical

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    I agree there, and that is what is so frustrating to me. Aside from the bugs, I absolutely LOVE this game. The devs did an astonishing job of recreating the environments in the movie for this game, along with some clever (and necessary) artistic licensing. I suppose I am being a bit too hard on them with my criticism considering the facts that I wouldn't know the first thing about creating a video game so I could do no better and as far as I know this is a small company with limited time/resources/ employees etc. The more I think about it, the more my previous posts sounded like they were written by an entitled jackass. For that I apologize.
  15. Drop.Dead.Cynical

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    It may not have been intentional, but they obviously don't care that they did...as is evidenced by the complete lack of response to people having these issues with regard to any sort of fix in the works. I've waited well over 20 years for a passable Friday the 13th game and when I finally get one it is full of more bugs than the house of a hoarder who moonlights as a meth cook. As a lifelong fan of the movie franchise and avid gamer I am incredibly displeased. Do the dev's care? Of course not, they've already got my money.