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  1. @Ahab I can't remember in which exact thread I made sure to clarify that my tips aren't guaranteed to work every time (what kind of fucking idiot even needs such a disclaimer anyway?) And i'm not inclined to track it down just to appease you. What is TRULY funny, to me, is that my initial reply which started this back and forth was more of a backhanded statement directed at all the whiners who complain incessantly that this game needs to be changed for reasons which ultimately boil down to "I suck at this game in its current incarnation and therefore demand it be changed." I can't stand those crybaby whiners. Get better at the game or piss off and play something else. Not sure what your issue is with me, bro, but it is getting tiresome. Oh and since you speak of odds, and math etc. Show your work: what are the EXACT odds and how did you arrive there. Oh, you don't have actual data? Didn't think so.
  2. @Jason Todd Voorhees sarcasm, I didn't think that disclaimer was necessary.
  3. Ah, yes, the landmark Supreme Court ruling which outlawed the use of turbo controllers. I believe that was piggybacked on the recent ban on bump-stocks. ๐Ÿคจ
  4. No, I don't. I explicitly said it doesn't work every time. Perhaps you should read more carefully. Yes, yes you are. You made an assumption when you said: The assumption is that I have never played against people like that and been successful with my strategy. And that assumption is as false as it is baseless.
  5. Just popping in to say I've seen my first confirmed hacking in this game on PS4. To get more specific, I saw a vanessa teleporting around Higgins Haven small as if she had Jason's morph ability with zero cooldown. Unfortunately I predict this trend will only get worse and will drive me from the game completely. Sad day.
  6. @Ahab you assume a lot... and have absolutely nothing upon which to base your assumptions. Good luck in life with that.
  7. Well then, I must be particularly lucky because I have never once killed only one counselor. There have certainly been matches where some escape but more often than not I get the "no survivors" bonus. ๐Ÿ˜•
  8. @Fair Play well yeah, that last one was a tongue-in-cheek jab at the players who hide from the counselors once being killed is a possibility. Divide and conquer is the name of the game.
  9. Did you know that Jason has the ability to make it exceedingly difficult for counselors to kill him? Step 1.) Familiarize yourself with the maps and their various iterations; the spawn locations of the cabin with the CB used to call Tommy Specifically. Step 2.) Jason's first tactic should be finding the power box which supplies power to the aforementioned cabin and shutting it down and trapping it. Step 3.) SITUATIONAL AWARENESS! Did the trap spring? Listen for they telltale noise -- it's quiet if a counselor uses a PK to disable it but it does make a noise. Check your map frequently to see if the trap has been sprung, the icon changes when it has. If you're quick you can often re-hit the box before Tommy can be called -- optional-- - trap the entrance to your shack - kill the women first - hide like a pathetic coward, totally inconsistent with how Jason actually behaves.
  10. I'm gonna take a hard stance here and say that killing Jason should only happen a fraction of the percent of a time. This is, however, merely a personal opinion and there is no fair way I could think of to implement it. Too many variables at play
  11. @Ahab whoa there, buddy. I was just asking a simple question. I wasn't trying to be hostile or doubting you, just seeking clarification. Personally i'm very happy with the change in gameplay since this most recent patch was released.
  12. @Ahab I've seen you mention in multiple threads that counselors escapes have increased since this last patch.... is this anecdotal or is there some database i'm unaware of which actually keeps track of such data? Just curious.
  13. Let's give the counselors jet packs, missile launchers, and mech suits. Also, J-dog should be a quadriplegic sans wheelchair. There is no conceivable way I could ever survive a match otherwise so I demand this game be changed in manner more suited to me abilities. Or lack thereof.
  14. Composure - 10 pretty fearless person Luck - 1 FML Speed - 7 but only cause of adrenaline Stamina - 3 i'm a heavy smoker Repair - 5 decently mechanically inclined but not a mechanic Strength - 10 years upon years of manual labor Stealth - 10 escape and evade is a specialty The best way to play my character would be to attack Jason. Yeah you'd die every time but he have to earn that kill. Others would escape but not because i'm a hero -- i'm just a fighter. If it weren't for my stubbornly aggressive mentality, my selfishness would cause me to escape in a car, alone. Cause if i'm being honest, none of the in-game counselors are people I'd be likely to be friends with.
  15. In my experience your best chance of finding a lobby is within the first 15 seconds. If you don't make it into a lobby within that time, just restart the search. This has been my method for awhile and I seldom have to restart the search more than 3 times.
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