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  1. LOL, so everybody is great at every counselor they use . Lets just end the argument. A team of Lachappas lol . I main Lachappas , you have to be kidding me .
  2. Catching any counselor one on one with rage mode is a joke , like i stated before when you get 4 or 5 to start the game with perks and they are using the game objectives to escape they render your traps to simply notifying you but that doesn't last when they are working both cars and a phone and possible Tommy box . Any good Jason knows when its one and one destroy doors and windows as she cant hide because of ping . I'm strictly referring to teams that actually play together she is by far the best to use .
  3. I bounce back and forth between her and La chop , its getting very boring , half the Jason's don't respond to any alarms so ill use Vanessa and just hope to land a set of keys . As far as Jason and chasing them if you get a GOOD TEAM of 4 or 5 with Medic and thick skin they will just negate any and all your traps , i do it now as a run of the mill counselor. She is tuff . Like the Chad killing teams prior rage .
  4. Send me his address , ill go buy a hard copy for $20 and send it to him ! If you guys are jerking me off god will judge you .
  5. If you play public lobby's and are a decent Jason the rapid shift is a joke , lobby's are getting cleared in 6 minutes . If i get a window glitches i just save them for last , its a joke .
  6. Thunder , it might be time to quit playing the game. Basically , you kill yourself because Jason was/is good and or you got stuck with shitty players ! And you would rather kill yourself than give Jason a cheap kill , who the F really cares , its a video game , wtf do you care if Jason ends up with 9,000 kills or 80 over his playing time . You guys act like video games look good on job resumes .
  7. I was stunned by a flare gun and i think it was after rage not at lapse but could be wrong on the timing but was 100% rage or in the lapse .
  8. Ok, so i get up there as Jason and we now have two Vanessa left , they jump off and make sure not to touch me , now as Jason i'm still stuck in glitch and you cant even break a door down ! How do i know get out of glitch with out contact ? This idiots now know just to avoid contact period .
  9. I tried stopping a guy from doing it on Pinehurst , so i stayed on top of the stairs landing and prevented him for a while , but he was able to do it from the 2nd or 3rd step down from the landing , i never knew that .
  10. Pack Small , brand new Jason , kills one loud mouth punk with a mic , said punk complains that he only targeted him . Cops get called car gets a battery , i have a key and gas . said loud mouth punk now comes back as Tommy and heads direct to the roof along with two other players , cops are called, i'm hiding in the house on the hill right above pack , i now hear said punk tell his buddies lets get off and go to the cops . I now check my map and shit you not the 3 got off the roof and are now headed to the cops , so i dash for the car and figure i'm going to run these punks over . As i'm putting the gas in Jason remember he is new grabs me after the gas is in but i had a knife and was able to still get the car going in time . Now i pin it for the cops and sure enough the 3 of them are just about to escape until , you guessed it i get all 3 at once . LOL , my best moment ever . Go back into the lobby and i tell said punk why i did it but he didn't care one bit all he did was complain Jason targeted him and thats why he glitched to the roof as Tommy .
  11. Due to the way the game is played now i use La Chap and just go solo . Once in a blue moon ill get a Vanessa to run with me understanding she should be getting the goods but i"m installing , but those days are few and far between .
  12. I'M sorry , whats your handle , send again or ill look . This is my sons PS , he is not allowed to play F13 unless im in the room so he might have very well deleted it or its still in limbo. Anyway what handle is it , ill look today.
  13. You can add me Mike . Bryanp3692 Rust is on my list as well as is Slash but him and i have never played.
  14. I'M more pissed off and upset with the player base than the bugs . I posted a story of my 150 adult group yesterday and we really don't need to get into the rest of the horror stories of playing random or with groups that just get bored . I tried a few quick games before bed last night and it was impossible to enjoy .
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