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  1. haha , you win the debate Skippy ! My parting thoughts are you compared slashing to how somebody is in bed in a prior post on this thread , now you tell me when you're bored you take a break but then you'll return to the same game that gets 0 new content and do the same kills over and over again and complain about slashing on message boards ! Then you'll tell me how " I take my time seriously " haha , okay man have a great F13 time .
  2. Yes , because after 3 years of the message board and the game (just a guess) you haven't seen or done every kill already ! Come on man , it's just game !
  3. Did you ever think or feel you take video games way to serious ?
  4. It's amazing how many experienced counselors forget about the knife throw , they love to stand 15 feet away from you and dance till they figure out you know the 1 tap knife throw ! It's really such a great weapon . I'm also amazed at the amount of Jasons that don't use it . I think its one of Jasons best weapons .
  5. You cant listen to any of this crap , people take video games way to serious this stuff is meaningless entertainment . You slash they complain , shift grab they complain , knocking a guys head off is not a real kill , if you're ranked 150 and kill a lobby you're wrong for doing it as a lvl 141 told me , I had one counselor alive and a car ready to go so i stalked and waited by the car and caught him i was a loser for doing that .....It's endless !
  6. I'm sorry but is this a serious question ? You cant wait 6 seconds to be killed before you need to search for a new game ? haha
  7. Seems to me it’s a possible glitch . Seems some of us get all the kills as Jason then it unlocks after a Jason kill . According to another thread more people achieved it that way than with Jason himself . Again this is just according to people I spoke with not say it is or isn’t.
  8. That was part of my argument yesterday , i had mentioned perhaps you had to kill each Jason once , as mine came after killing Roy ! It's just two local trolls who ironically enough are platinum players that disputed you can't get it by killing Jason .
  9. Thank you , on another site i made the unfortunate mistake of posting a photo of it and was accused by the local F13 "gods" of doctoring the photo ! it caused quite a stir .
  10. Been playing for 3 years now and have everything except my PHD in murder , had no clue what i was missing so toady i came back as Tommy and was able to kill Jason and i received my phd in murder.Is this some sort of glitch ? I thought i could only get it as Jason but i finally did killing Jason . PS: This was not my first time killing Jason !
  11. Same as you just stated , BUT the last two times i did trap it i was killed . lol
  12. Have to agree with Tim ! With the style people play with these days and thats about none just use the guaranteed like Thick Skin , Medic , and so on .
  13. I feel your pain , I’m done to 4 or 5 games a week and think I leave about 4 of them for various reasons such as glitching , teaming and so on .
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