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  1. Funny that i found this topic , just yesterday i see Tommy is called , i grab the sweater said Tommy returns . Keep in mind the cops are called and the boat needs the propeller installed and its on the dock next to the boat . I see Tommy headed towards me and think great he's not running to the cops , so i run towards him as well like a love story , only to drop my ax and have Tommy run right past me ! So being Vanessa , i know hes headed for the boat and i'm able to beat him to the propeller . Keep in mind i'm now furious, i pick up the propeller and run off with it and bolt for the cops . Said TOMMY and another player are killed . At this point i figure I'm not interested in playing in a lobby like this so i leave . I'm then put right back into the same lobby where NOW the Tommy player can find his mic and tells me "He needs one boat escape for a badge and had no interest in killing Jason " Now keep in mind when he was trying to do this two of us were left alive and we had the sweater , I told Tommy now you have a mic but you cant tell me this as we're playing ? Bottom line , you come back as Tommy and somebody has the sweater screw the stupid badge and help the players !
  2. The video has already hit the net of how to do it , also how to get under the stairs of course one involves using a damn trap !
  3. You know , I recall seeing your name on this forum and thought of that while posting . Lol
  4. Just singed off a game where two Vanessa's where doing this to a low level Jason , so i was able to start the car and run one of them over . So fast forward to the lobby and we get into the great debate over it , said glitch bitch then tells me if i don't like people that transport glitch " You must be one of these people that hates Trump too" WTF , this game is strange man.
  5. You can't win because when you do catch them they rage quit !
  6. God damn , well done . I've been lucky at getting it but this helps.
  7. No shame at all . I was using an exaggerated example of how I believe by his mom jokes , his I'm telling it the way it is and thats it is border line stereotypical of what i would assume a person that over plays video games would be . It's like the guy on the microphone that is telling his three friends how good his weed is and in the next sentence he tells his sames friends how his unemployment is running out the same week , you cant help but "stereotype" it's only human .
  8. He is an example ok , an example of why i don't tell people i play video games lol !
  9. HaHa , i'm bryanp3692 I was in this game , yes it was weird as she was listed as a seek and destroy but the game stayed playing even after you killed Tommy ! I'm seeing this more and more but cant tell if its done to cheat or a legit glitch ?
  10. Take a deep breath , use a paper bag if you must , i'm going to fill you in on a secret ! It's a VIDEO game !
  11. lol, am I the only one that gets a bigger kick out of his responses than the topic itself ? Clearly nothing you tell this guy matters and he is not only complaining about slash , but also choke and knocking off heads . Whats your user name on the game , ill gladly slash you to death every game so you quit .
  12. All that tells me you're way into this video game ! I'd like to offer you a day in the spa on me .
  13. You're way to into this man , you die you die who cares ! Watch the movies if you want to see kills . plus you still use Mom jokes , even worse than slashing !
  14. Ok, so i've been around for two years and counting i'm very run of the mill at both Jason and camper , along came an opportunity to "try out" for a team against tourney players . A) First game i was Jason against 6 "team members and 1 random " needless to say i killed all 6 besides 1 random . Other than allowing them to call the cops because i was defending the Tommy power box they accomplished nothing even with 4 Vanessa . B ) Now i'm a counselor and " leader" is Jason , low and behold we call cops , call Tommy , get car started and two of us escape. Now as stated i'm very run of the mill , does this team just suck and i'm wasting my time or are tourneys run different ? just looking for some insight as i'm an out of the loop player .
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