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  1. Probably the funniest excuse I heard on this thread ! Cabins and bots work ! Lol .
  2. They will never beat the hackers man , it was fun while it lasted .
  3. Amen , it's amazing that some people will still twirl their baton for this company . No one is coming on here and being negative or cynical over a brand new game or brand new issues any fan knows damn well this is an issue going on 5 years now and just filled with excuses . Again this company is still selling this game as we speak ! People are making money .
  4. Funny , it was your worthless post that provoked a comical " HaHa" that has you so upset clearly we can all read what Matt stated but when you lead the forum in # of post i guess you just need to chime in . No feelings hurt at all i enjoy an open form , I'm just strictly pointing out the pure hypocrisy of you not adding negativity as you name call a sentence before .
  5. Respect your love for the game but think you're insane thinking the mods , developers or who ever it is gives a shit about this game anymore .
  6. Are you playing against good players / teams ? Jason stands 0 chance against them .
  7. If i find a lobby and it has several 150 Vanessa in it i switch too part 5 . A) He runs b ) The # of knives he has , even with that said some players are just insanely good at the 1/2 jog sprint shit as looking back .
  8. Just played 6 games , 1 game lasted as i was Jason and left the host for last ! I'm as die hard as the next , it's over , just a matter of time !
  9. Have to agree with you , it will die a slow death , between host rage quits and new glitches it will be impossible too play without 8 friends and thats hard with time and gets boring .
  10. That's great , you're lucky you muted him . Gonna-Get-Got(Jason) is legit one of the biggest dicks i ever played against , granted i never seen him team .
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