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  1. bryanp3692

    How is Voorhees possible?

    Dont you just love guys like him !
  2. It seems to only happen on Random , at least so far . I did play just now and it didn’t happen to me and I was Jason the round before . But it’s been 1/2 dozen times to me alone and yesterday to another member and as I signed into the room I heard people asking how he is Jason again . So it’s happening often .
  3. It happens to or somebody in the lobby daily , it must be a new glitch . Not a big deal , i just fond it funny . Lets call it the "Higgens Haven Small" Glitch .
  4. Did anybody notice if you are Jason in a rd then go back to the same lobby with the same group and if the map (on random) goes to Higgens Haven Small you will be Jason again ! Happens to me all the time and seen it with other players as well.
  5. You must really be bored man.
  6. I was being sarcastic about the friends thing . I did start adding friends and playing with them . Two of them play fair but let each other earn badges before they kill each other(lol) I know longer invite them . The other guy cries if he is the first guy i try to kill and ask for time to collect weapons (lol) . Im ranked 150 and have been playing a long time , its just a strange gaming world.
  7. That actually only solved one of them not half. thank you for the advice on this topic.
  8. PS4, im under my handle as well .
  9. Ummm... private matches with friends? *shrugs* Ummm, im a bit older than you guys , I dont quite have friends that play video games , i actually hide the fact that i do from them .
  10. Every game i play is filled with screaming 10 yr old , Jason teams , guys crying because you stalk and shift kill, guys committing suicide before you get them . I can go on and on , great game the players are killing it . PS: Im new to online games , maybe this is the norm.