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  1. HaHa , I'M on the same boat as you , m on and off in between kid stuff . I'll catch you soon.
  2. Add me as well if you don't mind : bryanp3692 Many of my old friends have left the game .
  3. people will bash him or say "Bye" but he is 100% correct , just logged off played 4 games 3 with the same 4 people, lobby never filled but we had fun , go into lobby for 4th game and here comes 3 150 players in a party chat , i let out the warning cry to my normal randoms and sure as shit they get the car going , only pick each other up and try to run each other over . LOVE this game its the only game i play as my son plays the rest but its done .
  4. I usually don't play on the weekends but played 5 yesterday , i out right quit 3 and took the car and escaped myself(using Vanessa) no less the other 2 . Point is every lobby i played in was a joke filled with kids or jerk off 150s using Chad to try and find new glitch spots . Call me out , tell me to leave , what ever you want , the players have just about killed this game. As a matter of fact one kid was telling jason to suck his you know what and his mother this and that , but the second i drove near him he wanted ride , needless to say he quit after i drove past him .
  5. Anytime i'm in a lobby with 4 or more Vanessa , i pick a Jason with good slash and i set 5 traps by the shack . Then ill manhunt the Tommy house and collect knives and do battle , its annoying but i enjoy the challenge .
  6. PM me , ill tell you where and what i seen......Not much to tell but i can fill you in.
  7. Yes , very odd . First time I’ve seen it since starting . He had a side kick with him in party chat oddly enough he didn’t or couldn’t do it as I was able to kill him during the game but after his buddy went on the roof . And he was able to get on the roof but using a structure not connected to the house at all .
  8. Maybe I should ask if it’s a new or old glitch? My first time seeing it .
  9. I played yesterday and when the 150 Jason had 0 kills at rage i went looking for him and sure enough he was doing this and was able to do it threw walls also with out busting them down in rage .
  10. Maybe i'm behind in the times and i'm not talking about the knife in the closet glitch . I wont post it but seen how he did it , but he did climb one object with 0 items(in hand) and glitched to the front porch roof .
  11. Funny you say that , i fee the same way , as a matter of fact i just argued with two 150 ranked vanessa that ONLY insisted on fighting me and getting killed rather than help people escape. I had a lobby this morning with 4 and i just left .
  12. To me its not so much the patch , although once i have hit rage i have not had one person survive other than cops or cars . To me its more about the amount of good players that have left the game and the amount of bullshit that now enters the game , not sure if they were always there it just seems the level of play has completely left the game after the patch.
  13. I hear ya Mike , that seems to be the norm . Im on PS4 bryan3692 if you want to add me , again i had some great online friends but they have all quit besides one or two.
  14. 16 out of my 18 have quit because of teaming , glitching and so on . had a nice group too.
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