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  1. I agree with you , my playtime has gone down big time , played 5 games yesterday , had two roof glitches , had a guy in Crystal Lake get on top of a piano , you could kill him with knives but still . this was also playing with 3 other friends so 4 of us were legit and still had 3 cheating games .
  2. I have and i have also gone on the mic and gave it to many a Chad and Vanessa that have just abused a clearly new Jason.
  3. Yes, they don't get Jason usually they quit . Played a game yesterday , the lobby quit 3 minutes into the game it was just jason and I , so we had a nice conversation about the game and i dropped my knife and let him kill me to start another game , the next game he(jason from previous game) quit . LOL
  4. I did hear people talking about the trap method , that must be it . Something about the balcony and a trap.
  5. Had a player get on Pack roof today , he even announced he was going to do it PS4 game .
  6. Great tip about the knife /grab ..........I started using Roy for his running and knives so that is an idea.
  7. Ive tried that , im usually the Jason that loses . Im in the same boat as you , been playing for ever but yet to master Jason. Thank you for the tip.
  8. How do you counter the old stutter step and stun when following a player as Jason ? I follow some players and they do a light jog and just stun my every god damn time , how do you counter that as Jason ?
  9. bryanp3692

    I'm a level 150 Jason.

    Thats funny , i do the same . If its set to Pack off the bat ill check everybody's level and if they are 90 and better ill leave .
  10. Thats a great point , who the hell and why the hell did they come up with stupid dancing emotes ? I understand the basic commands for staying silent but dancing !
  11. Had a game today where two counselors and Jason went up after he killed his non two friends ........
  12. I understand . The problem is the people that go up on the roof actually think its playing the game and winning so in my time i have never seen one player climb down . If im Jason i aid the lower level players in escaping to get points , if its a troll game in general i just leave . As a counselor i try my best to prevent them going up and a fair percent of the time Jason will kill them first if not only them.
  13. Have a feeling you just really want to win the “ how do you stop it debate “ . Anyway , I’ve never had a single player get off the roof once they go up as Jason or a counselor . You stated you want to play and you’re not going to police but your only option once they do it is sit for 20 minutes or quit . You don’t have to police it for long the main house is always patrolled by Jason numerous times in pack you just get on the mic and point these losers out to Jason . The broken window alone does nothing , everybody that plays like that has thick skin and health spray to start , as they know Jason can only throw knives .
  14. Just played a game , Vanessa got on the roof with one try WITH the window broken . Only way to prevent it is to stay and block the path.
  15. Thats why if i feel its going to be one of those games i stay in the room , i don't think just breaking the window stops it . I try to get a cb first and inform Jason who is trying to glitch , if its a legit Jason he will kill them first before he removes me from the room .