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  1. Sorry , i'm responding on the wrong topic , lol .
  2. lol , yes , i come on the f13 lobby too lie about getting my PHD after killing Jason and still didn't have an eviro kill or two . IF you read a few comments it's clear the phd is glitched .
  3. Yes , it definitely is glitched , this was posted on a Facebook forum as well with the same feedback and stories .
  4. Same with me , and i know i was missing an enviro kill or two .
  5. What makes it even more sad is all parties involved were 150 and maxed out , said Jason had and used Savini ! and we still killed her with TWO people as the other two "friends" refused to help because of rules and two squeakers just hid , sad. Just reading the responses from a player involved you can tell we are dealing with cellar adults , that reminds me too delete of my friends list .
  6. it's the one night a year my wife will dress up as any female i want and let me bang her ! that's about it for me .
  7. In a nut shell a party of 4 , they have an unwritten rule they wont kill each other ! low and behold one comes back as Tommy and decides he wants too kill his "friend" because she has Savini , s him and I go too work as the other friends just watch , as we are doing this said Tommy and party chat friend gets kicked out of the party ! lol , so we proceed to kill her(Savini) and the 3 take off and leave said 4th friend left in the lobby ! lol
  8. This is a conversation with a i had after a game with a guy on my friends list who was in a party playing against me . This took place on another site . Hey , just played a game with your party of 4 , you guys kicked out the Tommy because him and i killed your friend that has Savini jason ! Its mari oo or something like that .Funny shit . The guys in with you until he kills one of you ! come on man . I didn’t kick anyone wasn’t in charge of party not my say so I didn’t participate in the kill cause I’m an stn main so but also the tommy didn’t want to kill any other Jason but her since she has savini which is kinda dirty to do to your friend and not have your preference on Jason where we can return the favor You see thats why people dislike these parties and you guys staying in party chat , all these inside "rules" then when another member of the party wants too play correct she throws him out of the party ! come on . it’s not playing a correct way it’s called not do your friends dirty lmao It's a video game bro . You guys play in a party of 4 but you cant kill each other ? She has Savni and cant beat up the lobby when two of you aren't even helping ! everyone is 150 , who cares . Just strange man , no big deal. well it is a big deal since you mentioned me in a comment it’s called a respect thing I mentioned you because we are on each others friends list and clearly i know you're an avid forum member and noticed you not helping kill your fellow "party' chat member ! Respect? respect the game not party chat members ! Once again this is why people can't stand parties ! We can agree too disagree , kiss savini for me . Edit or delete this
  9. This is honestly the only game i have ever played with interaction and a mic , are they all really as bad or worse ?
  10. I let me kid play all day , how else can i watch Jerry Sprigner and porn ! suck it up too bad .
  11. Did you really create a user name and post just to troll?
  12. Because if you use Vanessa with thick skin and medic you have two health sprays , if you spawn near the main house you hit the life guard stand for another run up too that tiny shack and grab another you now have 6 health sprays before Jason get his two knives off moms wall. You can also get another spray near that barn near the escape and on the island near the boat house those are 100% every game . You can now house hope between 6 houses just feet of each other as well . If you're playing with experienced people this map is super easy as is Higgs Small . Basically it's easy for friends too beat up on Jason .
  13. This comment is one big contradiction if you ask me , if you feel this way BUT still have the time to log on and do this boy would i like your life!
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